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December 6, 2021

8 YouTube Analytics Tools that can give you the most accurate insights!

December 6, 2021

Can you imagine a day without YouTube? Not me. YouTube has become an integral part of our life. Every time we need video content on any topic we straightaway open YouTube. And there is no chance of not getting a video.

YouTube analytics tools

YouTube has crossed the stage of being an entertainment channel. People use this platform to earn money by uploading videos of a particular niche. When we use a platform to make money, we are constantly bothered about our performance.

There are tools that give you accurate insights into your performance. These YouTube analytics tools guide you in planning your future strategies. Before we dive deeper, let’s talk about what is YouTube analytics and why it is important.

What is YouTube Analytics?

YouTube Analytics tools

YouTube Analytics helps you in knowing about your content performance, audience. It helps you in comparing your current performance to previous results. Using these insights, you can make valuable plans for the future of your business.

You can compare content performance metrics and easily export data. It also acquaints you with watch time, gender, and geographic distribution. This can help you in understanding your target audience effectively.

Without having YouTube analytics, you are like walking blindly on a road. Let’s how important it is to have YouTube insights and why these tools are important.

Why YouTube Analytics tools are important?

Any YouTube analytics tool can provide you with insights but the question is how accurate it is. Choosing the tool that can provide you with the most accurate insights is very important. It helps you in understanding the response of your target audience.

You have a clear idea of what kind of content is going to work. Several metrics that actually matter includes watch time, average view duration, average percentage viewed, audience retention, number of times a video gets re-watched.

A good YouTube analytics tool can easily provide you with these insights. Let’s check the list of the best YouTube Analytics tools.

Best YouTube Analytics Tools

Unbox Social

Unbox social is the best YouTube analytics tool as it helps you in tracking your YouTube campaigns. Using this tool, you can know the right time to post a video. This is a versatile tool as it tells you about the number of shares, retention, and the growth of subscribers.

Unbox Social dashboard

You also come to know about the distribution of content based on gender, age, and location. You can repair or plan the entire strategy again. You will also have the support of the team of Unbox Social.

This tool can multiply the growth of your YouTube channel.


Klipfolio is counted among the best YouTube analytics tools as it helps you in tracking your performance on YouTube. Using this tool, you can get video marketing insights and your performance on YouTube.

Klipfolio dashboard

It has a TV dashboard that reveals your insights and allows you to create customized charts and visualizations. You can create your dashboard according to your needs. For example, you can create a dashboard that shows the most viewed videos at the top.

You can check the number of views on your videos in the last 30 days. If you are looking for a tool that can help you in customizing data and getting accurate insights, Klipfolio is the best choice for you.


Socialbakers is one of the most commonly used YouTube Analytics tools. It has some amazing features that make it the best in the crowd of YouTube analytics tools. It has a reporting system that supports exporting data.

Socialbakers dashboard

This tool is considered the most accurate YouTube analytics tool. It has three amazing features that are increasing its demand continuously. It has a content intelligence tool that helps you in knowing the right time to post videos.

It collects data from unique sources and shows the distribution of content based on gender, age. You can know consumer behavior through this tool.


Tubebuddy helps you in creating video content by keeping all YouTube guidelines in mind. This tool also helps you in creating interesting titles and descriptions for your videos.


This is one of the most affordable YouTube analytics tools as prices start from $7 per month. The most advanced plan costs only $39.20 per month.

It provides amazing customer support with options like Twitter, Email, and phone. You can create high-quality video content to increase the engagement of users.


One of the most effective as well as accurate YouTube analytics tools that can improve your YouTube marketing effortlessly. It is an easy-to-use tool that helps you in doing competitor research and analyzing your videos effectively.


This tool can help you in preparing a better strategy for YouTube marketing. It is dynamic and one of the most efficient tools in the field.

Pricing starts from $29 per month (basic)

Professional $99 per month

Corporate $299 per month

Enterprise $799 per month


Vidyard is a one-stop solution for video management. This tool helps you in video creating, video marketing, video personalization, and much more. This tool can help you in creating and managing all kinds of video content.


You can use this tool to measure metrics on YouTube. It can add videos in emails. If your business relies strongly on Video marketing, Vidyard is the best choice for you.


The list of the best YouTube analytics tools is incomplete without Vidooly. Vidooly possesses some amazing features like competitor tracking, video tags, suggestions, comment management, upload timing, behavior analysis, and many more.


Using this feature you can get YouTube insights and ROI reports effectively. You can also find the relevant hashtags using this tool. If you consider their suggestions, you can strengthen your user base and increase engagements easily.

You can also find the right keyword for your video that can help you in improving your ranking. You can get track of the content your subscribers are consuming.


Last but not least, in fact, it is an amazing tool based on artificial intelligence. It helps you in analyzing your YouTube marketing strategy to impact the growth of your business directly.


It is one of the best YouTube analytics tools as it helps you in understanding your competitor’s and subscribers’ behavior. You can check the relevancy of your hashtags and keep the track of the number of people who watched your videos.

As we already said, it is an AI-powered tool so it processes raw data into meaningful insights. If you are looking for a tool that can deliver automated performance, this is the best tool for you.


YouTube analytics can add a lot to your business. It can provide direction to your YouTube marketing. We have curated the list of YouTube analytics tools that are performing well and are used by both small and big businesses. All you need to do is understand the requirements of your business and choose the tool that can give the best results.

Which tool do you think is going to work the best for your business?

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