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10 best alternatives of Google Adsense

10 Best alternatives of Google Adsense

Google Adsense is an advertising program Google launched in 2003 where publishers, website owners, and YouTube creators can put ad code directly on their website.

It is a way to earn money by displaying ads on your website.

Every time a user clicks an advertisement you get a share of the ad revenue that comes in.


There are 10 best alternatives of Google Adsense which help you to generate more revenue through your website or blog-


It is #1 among the 10 best alternatives of Google Adsense but this site is not suitable if your website is new because it approves websites that have traffic of more than 90% from the USA, 5% from the UK, Canada, and the rest 5% worldwide.

That is why your content should be in English. You can reapply for your website if you get rejection.

10 Best alternatives of Google Adsense

02. AdThrive

It is the biggest premium Ad network after Google AdSense and

But AdThrive does not apply to every website. It approves websites that have more than 100k page views per month. Their customer support is very amazing also they manage to place Ads on your website.

They provide you with premium Ads and update you from time to time to replace your ad with new ones which increase revenue from 100% to 300%.

03. Sovrn

In Sovrn you only get money from the impression. Sovrn approves every language content website whether it is English, Hindi, Urdu, or any other language.

If you get rejection the reason must be something else. it supports every website only the condition is that your content is something unique (not copyrighted), not banned by google.

04. Info link

It is a global advertising platform. Info link delivers easy approval on the website. It is a great alternative to AdSense.

Your revenue gets generated based on views and clicks on Ads. There is no requirement on minimum traffic and language only your content must obey rules that contains IP rights and now show any violent content.

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05. Amazon associate

10 Best alternatives of Google Adsense

There are 3 parties involved in Amazon Merchant, Affiliate network, and Affiliate. In this process, viewers have to purchase something through your Affiliate link so that you get a commission from that.

Almost most of the popular companies used Amazon associates like Ola, Uber, Swiggy, Foodpanda, and many more.

You only need an active website, Blog, App, or YouTube channel.

06. Propeller Ads

They provide you with both Pop-up and Banner Ads. Their requirement on minimum Traffic is 0. If you had just started a website then also, you’ll get permission.

You have to just add a value in the meta tag or upload a file from your root directory (root folder). They provide good CPC and CPM.

07. Carbon Ads

Carbon ads can be labeled as the best choice if your audience covers developers or designers. Using carbon ads can help you in generating more money.

You can display the ads that relevant to these niches. You can expect high-quality ads which make your website look good. Many renowned firms also use carbon ads to talk to designers or developers.

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08. Bidvertiser

It is one of the most trusted and reliable ad networks that specialize in helping publishers to make money through content. You will earn money for every ad click. It avails you with the facility of adjusting ad layout according to the design of your website.

Bidvertiser is highly responsive. It can be easily operated on mobile phones.

09. Google Ad Exchange

Google Ad-exchange has supreme quality features. It is also known as ‘Adx’.

You will not get paid for every single click, rather you will be paid for every 1000 impressions. You should choose according to the performance of the ads. If you get clicks you can go for AdSense, but if you are getting views then you should go for Adx.

10. Adcash

Adcash and Add cash are two different platforms. Adcash is an ad-serving platform. It allows you to operate different types of ads.

Adcash offers great coverage. It covers 196 countries and you can monetize your content by sitting anywhere in the world. It is a renowned platform and has 200 million active users. It helps you in generating heavy revenues.

Final words

Adsense is one of the most prevalent method of generating revenues. There are a number of alternatives to Google Adsense that can be used.

If you want to monetize your website above methods are useful, but focus more on the quality of your content because if the user will find your content useful and worth sharing then it will generate you a good amount of traffic from which you can earn in good figures.

All you need to do is choose the right one for your website. We, at Traffic Tail, provide you with complete guidance on AdSense. We provide 24-7*7 technical support and help you in maximizing results.

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