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Traffic Tail is the #1 agency offering the best SEO services in India. We help you to generate organic traffic for your business. We commit you to build trust and authority among your clients in cost-effective methods.

SEO services with Traffic Tail

From growing businesses to expanding teams, our clients have enjoyed every type of service with us.

Choose our services today, and we are assuring you to give an unbeatable success experience in your industry.

Search Engine Optimization services that can 10x your sales

In this rapidly growing era, every firm is required to strengthen its online presence. But the fact is, most of the businessmen are not technically sound for these services.

According to resources, 91% of the content does not get traffic. Rest 9% of the content that gets are the websites that fulfill all the required conditions. These essential conditions are the composition of various steps.


We provide you with exceptionally well-designed meta tag optimization services by proper editing and researching for the customization of snippets.

Content optimization is a part of every successful content marketing strategy. We provide you with the right content optimization service that is mandatory for the successful functioning of content marketing.

It refers to the process of adding a link to the keywords on your web page that is closely related to the written content on your website.

Our specially designed Google Webmaster service advantage you by maintaining the up-to-date health of your site and by notifying you regarding all the website related issues.

We assist you by fulfilling the need for image optimization for your business. We reduce the file size of the images related to your business without diminishing quality so that your page load remains low.

We benefit your business by using our exclusive Header Tag Optimization Service to differentiate the headings & subheadings of a page from the rest of the content.

We commit you to provide our incredible services of XML Sitemap Submission. Our services act as a roadmap for your website to tell search engines what content is available and how to reach it.

According to some researchers, a piece of content should only cover 1-3% of its total length. Our service of Keyword Density Analysis helps to maintain proper keyword Density measurements approved by Google.

Our exclusively performing google analytics service offers you the proper track and complete reports of website traffic.

Our Search Engine Submission services benefit you by listing your website with search engines.

We understand your need for fixing broken links for the proper functioning of your website. Choose our services to avoid the bounce rate due to the lack of a responsive website.

India's Most Affordable SEO Service Company

We Love To Put You On Top OR We Grow Top Ranking More Qualified Traffic, Bring Leads Through Google

You must be wondering about these conditions and in a search of a reliable agency to perform all these steps for you, isn’t it?

Traffic Tail offers the best SEO services in India. We help you to gain online visibility & increased ROI. Our team facilitates all the services starting from website creation to SEO and many more. We have significant experience in SEO services for every kind of business. We assist our clients with the most innovative and challenging projects.

Opt-out for our best SEO services to grow top in search engine rankings, getting more quality traffic, and generating more leads through google.

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Our SEO Services

  • Keyword Research 

Keyword research is considered the primary and significant step in SEO services. It refers to searching for the appropriate keywords related to the topic of the content.

Our team of SEO experts gives a tremendous performance in keyword researching. We design the set of keywords by proper analysis of the related niche.

  1. Competitor Analysis

It is important to know competitive keywords related to the topic. According to researchers, it is required to bid on less-competitive keywords to set a monopoly in the market.

Traffic Tail is the only best organization for SEO Services in India. We do a proper analysis of your competitors to have a clear report and provide you with a set of the best keywords to remain ahead in the competition. 

  1. Web Page Optimization

Web page optimization refers to the process of improving the functioning of the website using various tools and strategies. We are considered the best SEO agency in India because our motive is to upscale the value to society not just to provide SEO services for Google.

Contact us immediately for more information.

  1. On and Off-Page SEO

Worry about SEO services for your company? Well, you don’t have to. We provide incredible On and off-page SEO services for your website.

Our elite SEO team develops a proper list of keywords after research and generates healthy backlinks for the increased traffic.

  1. Tracking Progress

It is a wish of every businessman to have a proper tracking of the progress but not every one of them gets. Traffic Tail understands your need for it and provides an exact and proper track of your progress.

Also, we develop various strategies for the progress of your business.

  1. Timely Reporting

Every agency ensures to provide a good quality of services but no surety for timely reporting. According to us, a professional SEO services company in India that believes in beating the deadlines and providing timely reports.

We commit to deliver on-time reports with no compromise with the quality of services.

  1. Technical SEO

Technical SEO refers to the website and server optimization that help search engine spiders crawl and index your site effectively.

We are the top SEO services providers agency in India that helps you to provide a secure connection, a responsive design, a fast loading time, fix duplicate content issues and create an XML sitemap.

  1. Local SEO

Every business, whether small or big requires the service of local SEO for their businesses. Local SEO helps to spread awareness among local audiences regarding products or services offered by a business.

It enables them to increase sales from the online platform to the permanent stores of the particular brand. Use our customized services for the growth of your business.

  1. eCommerce SEO

E-commerce SEO refers to the process of making your online store more visible on the search engine result pages(SERPs).

We help you with our premium e-commerce SEO services that involve optimizing your headlines, product descriptions, metadata, internet link structure, and navigational structure for search and user experience.

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Things That Make Us Different

Technology upgrades daily and Traffic Tail too. We believe in adopting new technology to serve quality service. We are the best SEO providers agency in India that helps to grow your business with new technology.

For many SEO agencies, developing SEO data can seem enigmatic but not for us. We are focused to deliver data-driven content to our clients. Data-Driven AL-Based SEO refers to the accumulation and analysis of both quantitative and qualitative and quantitative data for use in strategy development. Get our Data-driven services where we use data as a primary component for developing an SEO strategy. We do a complete analysis of the collection of data.

Customers are the key to the growth of the business. If you are not giving your customer the best experience, you won’t do well. Everyone knows about it but no one knows how to implement it. If you are the one who wants to improve your digital presence with better services than don’t hesitate to choose us. We are the best SEO agency in India providing you with all the services at affordable prices.

Google loves speed. A website that has a responsive design and loads quickly has more visit rate compared to websites with slow speed rates. We help you to design higher speed websites at low price rates. We are ready to assist you 24*7.

Voice Search Optimization is another crucial service offered by Traffic Tail, to improve the user experience of your business. Voice Search Optimization refers to the process of optimizing your pages to appear in voice searches. It gives you the chance to have your pages read out loud by a voice search device.

How can our SEO services make a difference to your business?

  • More profiles

SEO is an integral part of the business. Any business, whether big or newly established, requires SEO service for growth. One of the most essential features of SEO is that it improves the visibility of the business.

It helps in making your site more visible by improving search rankings on Google. More visibility to interested customers will help more awareness of your brand. When customers visit any site relevant to their choices, either they buy immediately or sign up for later use. Hence, SEO is necessary to drive more profiles to your business.

  • Organic Traffic

Every business needs traffic for expansion on a bigger scale. There are many ways to generate traffic for the website. Still, organic traffic is the best. It is the practice in which a user finds your website naturally on Google. SEO inbuilt organic traffic.

We offer the best SEO services in India at an affordable price. We help you to improve the ranking of your site to attract more visitors to your site.

  • Online Recognition

“If it is more visible, it is more likable.” Generally, a customer gets attracted to a more visible brand. SEO helps to improve the image of a brand which eventually helps a brand to grow.

We offer you the best SEO services which help to create awareness of your brand with the best utilization of resources

  • Higher sales

We assist you with the best SEO services to generate higher sales. Sales are essential for the growth of every business.

SEO helps in improving the search rankings of the website that increases its visibility for potential buyers. If SEO practiced correctly by an expert, it ultimately results in higher sales.

  • Faster growth

SEO helps any business to grow faster than any other marketing mode. Above mentioned points automatically explain how SEO enables faster growth of your business.

Discuss your vision with us to make it a reality.

  • Performance Tracking

Every business owner needs a performance tracker of the investment he made. Our specially designed systems keep you up-to-date on the real success and impact of the campaign.

We help you justify investment & examine positive ROI.

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Grow your sales!

We believe anyone can get a successful business with a strategy.

Why you need SEO marketing services

SEO marketing services are the essence of every business. In 2021, no one can resist the benefits of SEO in business. SEO offers numerous benefits to your business.

  • SEO is more cost-effective than paid advertising.
  • SEO receives 90% more clicks than PPC.
  • SEO will help to gain more market share.
  • SEO increases the value of your business.
  • SEO is laser-targeted.
  • SEO helps in decreasing the cost per acquisition.
  • Top SEO rankings provide 24*7 promotions.
  • SEO significantly influences purchasing decisions.
  • SEO gives smaller businesses an edge over larger companies.
  • SEO integrates all the online marketing activities.

SEO Process


We do the proper discovery of your project and the current scenario of the market. We discover all the needs and demands of the market related to your industry. In this discovery period, we do team session meetings to understand and develop the Key performer indicators(KPIs) for your business.


Analyzation is an integral factor for the success of any project. We do a deep analysis of every segment of your business. We give time to analyze every small detail regarding your project. Also, we analyze our best-suited services with your business to expand on the desired level.


After doing the proper analysis, we formulate all the creative strategies by using our out-of-the-box ideas. We have a team of specialists for every service who understand the need for developing different execution methods.


Now, the next step is execution. After designing the strategies, we immediately switch to the execution part. In this step, we combine all our efforts to give your business an exclusive leading image for presenting. We provide a list of services to fulfill all the requirements of your business. 


One of the major steps of our process is to calmly measure the qualities and functioning of the services. We measure our services to keep a regular check and for providing a better user experience too.

Traffic Tail is the best company committing you to the best SEO services in India in a way that you would like to acquire again and again.


Every enterprise needs a proper and updated report of all business-related services. Traffic Tail provides the track of all the activities performed on the website at the end of every month.

It also includes traffic improvements, ranking improvements, and goal conversions. It helps a client to measure the benefits of SEO services we are offering to them. 


We work in such a cooperative manner that will amaze you again and again.

We adjust and modify our services according to your project business to maximize the profitability of our business. We are offering the best SEO services in India at affordable price rates.

Meet Our Clients

They Believe In Us

We are here because of our clients who believe in us! We’ve served over 100+ clients ranging from Individuals to Multi-National Companies!

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Why Search Engine Optimization is a Great Investment?

All business owners prefer to invest in more profitable deals. One of these investments could be search engine optimization. SEO gives the long-term that will continue to increase over time. Consider it as a household property that you brought once several years ago. Visit and discover its current market value. You will realize that its value has increased over some time. SEO works in the same way.

Consider SEO as a brain that is never off-work. It even works while we are sleeping. Similarly, SEO works 24*7 and is never off-duty. 

We’ve spent years polishing our SEO strategy. We do not perform these strategies only to our clients but on our website too.

Why Traffic Tail SEO Services Are Better Than the Rest

Traffic Tail is titled the best agency for providing SEO services in India. We are the 360 Degree view Digital Marketing Agency in India. We initiated our functioning with a clear mission to help brands & individuals to make their online presence at an affordable price and win in the digital space. 

What is different about Traffic Tail that makes it better than the rest?

  • Elite and up-to-date skills
  • Mature processes
  • Predictable results

We are a prominent name in offering the best SEO provided by our experienced team of professionals that delivers incredible results. Our motive is not just to provide a service for Google rather we love to serve our customers to increase value to the society.

  • We help you to get an organic search result.
  • Our services help you to improve the loading speed that is required for a better user experience.
  • We provide you with the best & optimized content for your website.
  • We enable you the full control of your marketing efforts.
  • Our team does a proper analysis of your business for strategy formation for the maximization of profits.
  • We help you to improve your visibility.
  • We enable you with data-driven content.
  • We provide SEO services at affordable price rates.
  • We help you to make SEO a revenue driver for your business.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Search Engine Optimisation refers to a list of services that help a company improve its online presence to increase its organic traffic quality and quantity using search engines.

Search engines crawl (or scan) your website to understand the niche. The best SEO practices help search engines to understand your website more easily. SEO increases the organic website traffic and the quality of your site visitors at no additional cost. It doesn’t include any paid media or placement and it excludes direct traffic. With a robust SEO strategy implemented on your website, Google will identify it as an authority site and point users in your site’s direction.

There are lots of variables that affect the results of SEO services. According to some sources, SEO shows visible results in 4 to 6 months. SEO results grow over time. The traction you will have at 6 months will be less than what you should be experiencing at 12 months.

SEO helps to generate organic traffic to your site. Also, it is cost-effective and gives long-term value to your business. It helps in building trust and authority of your business and also to capture the local audience. It acts as a saviour for the growth of your business. That is why it is very important.

Blogging helps to boost your SEO strategy only when crafted with optimization in mind. Search engines prioritize contents that answer users’ questions. By creating and sharing high-quality and in-depth blogs that address pertinent topics within your industry, you’re likely to be identified as an authoritative source of the searched topic. On-Page SEO tactics help search engines to find your blog more easily.

Yes, all the work done on the website also gets shared with the clients at the end of every month in the form of a report. It also includes traffic improvements, ranking improvements and goal conversions. It helps a client to measure the impact of SEO services we are offering to them.

Website authority improves with proper content optimization, creating backlinks and doing on-page optimization of your website.

The answer is yes, SEO truly works. It provides inbound traffic. If done ethically, it helps to increase the count of conversions and sales. Even if you don’t spend much on it, you will see a constant streamline of interested visitors.

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