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Pay-per-click Marketing

engage audiences with increased Online Presence

India's #1 & Most Affordable Pay-per-click Marketing Services

If your brand is not recognized by the people you would not win the game. So, the first step is to make your brand known among your customers. In such cases, we strive to give you a competitive conversion rate via our PPC services.

PPC services with Traffic Tail

With everything going digitalized, advertising is also getting into the race. Pay-per-click is one of the forms of online marketing, where an advertiser pays for each clicked ad.

Pay-per-click Marketing Company in India

PPC is being used to market your services in the market through advertising. There are a lot of PPC marketing services, among them the most commonly used is the paid one ad. These PPC ads appear when someone searched online for things, that could be anything from electronics to grocery, all such searches lead to pay-per-click ads.

How do we work?

Pay per click gives you quick results about people clicking on your ad. The more people will click on your ad the more sale you will make.

Pay per click targets the potential audience who is likely to give a click for their ad. The target audience is the one for whom the ad is made.

When you go for pay per click it increases the brand awareness in the ad. People get to know your brand which ultimately helps you grow. 

Pay per click helps you boost your sales, once a person will click on your ad, he will get every detail that may interest him to buy your services.

Premium Benefits
digital marketing

India's Most Affordable Pay per click Company

If you want to generate leads for your business, here how you can do it;

  1. Use Keywords: If you want to lead on the google page you must know the right keyword which people will be going to type while buying. You can make sure that you use industry-related keywords that are related to your business. Generally, when people search for something online, they use the keywords which the search engine has put into google so that potential leads can find you. 
  2. Eye-catching headlines: If you want people to click on your ad, you must have to write some eye-catchy headlines which will grab their attention towards your ad. The headlines must have the information you are putting in their minds, it should not be baseless.

How can we help you grow?

  1. PPC marketing- PPC marketing services are rising as users are searching for everything online for any service, product, or getting any information. Pay-per-click is a way to pay for each clicked ad which helps them to increase their sales. PPC marketing helps you generate a good amount of traffic to your website. But for generating that traffic you have to spend an amount on it. Essentially, PPC would cost you a little high but as soon as you get recognition on your lead’s mind you will get unlimited profit, which will set off all your cost. 
  2. Boost Website traffic- Pay-per-click service providers help you boost website traffic. The more people will find your ad on google search results the more they will click and get to know about your services. PPC is the most genuine way of deriving huge traffic to your website by just clicking on your search engine optimized headlines. It is the quickest digital marketing strategy to increase website traffic. For deriving such traffic, you need to use the right keywords, catchy headlines, and the right call to action. All these things together make your ad visible to your prospects. 
  3. Pay on click- Pay on click in the simple term refers to pay when your ad is clicked by the user. If your ad is not clicked by anyone then you are not liable to pay any amount as its name itself suggests. The ultimate goal of any PPC services company is to let the user who clicked on the ad takes to the advertiser’s website, where the users can take action like purchase the product or service which is being offered in the ad. There is a bid on the keyword whenever an advertiser shows interest in sharing an ad. 
  4. More Leads- PPC marketing agency in India generates leads for its users to boost their sales. These agencies follow a set procedure for generating some prospects. Such procedure includes the use of right call to action which encourages the customers to take any action, use of right keywords which are related to your business and services, by incorporation the ad extensions to your PPC ads which may have few features like previous customer’s reviews, using right headlines which grab the attention of the user, etc. This will ensure you more leads and helps you grow. 
  5. Increased Sales- when you will incorporate the appropriate things into your PPC ad campaign you will see a huge increase in your sales. You can find the best PPC company in India, which will help you grow your networks. That company would take care of important things which are necessary to bring you sales. Because the more people will click on your PPC ad the more sales you will make. For this, there must be a proper call to action that will lead people to your products or services. A PPC campaign would boost your sales if you would make your user see what your competitor is not showing.

Our PPC advertising services

Search advertising is that kind of advertising which lets your business found on search engines. What the best pay-per-click advertising company will do to keep the ad on the front of a customer, to make the search engine process simple. For example, if you are an electronic dealer who deals with mobile phones and has every trending model in your shop. And you want to advertise your new model on the internet, you will make a bid on “new mobile phone”, which will appear on the search results whenever someone will type “new mobile phone model”. If you have used great images, good customer reviews and an impressive headline, then the customer will click on your ad, will visit your site and more likely to buy that product. 

Display ads have a completely different scenario than the search ads, they don’t thrive to seen on google page instead they are everywhere. Display ads are not only confined to a page or website rather it displays everywhere. They can be in the form of text, g-mail, banners and apps. These display ads are basically for growing your brand and making people aware of your brand. Display ads don’t need any search engine to make people know about their brand rather they just directly pop up in front of the customer even they don’t click on that ad. 

PPC remarketing is a way to connect with people who are your regular visitors. It strategically put your ad in front of these regular customers to remind them about their last visit or a pending browse. Remarketing can be done by showcasing images, animations, videos and text ads in front of your previous visitors so that they can continue with what they have left. It is done through a special tracking procedure which lets you know who is your regular visitors. So that you can perform remarketing with them. This is why it is being called PPC remarketing. 

Product listing ads are those ads that generally displays more information to users. In product listing ads, your data feed gets uploaded on Google. It encourages your customers to click on the ad because it shows quality images and the product to be displayed on the content feed. Product listing ads make your product lists separately on Google page to grab the attention of people from standard text ads. It stands out different because it contains images of your products. Product listing ads can get you more traffic by enhancing your visibility on Google. 

Google shopping ads are better than text ads because they let its customers see the images, prices, shop name, etc of the product rather than just grumpy texts. It lets the customers see more detailed and visible aspects of your product rather than just reading about the product. People more likely to make up their mind by watching pictures of the product as to what will fit their need. It helps you to get better leads through google shopping ads. Sometimes, if you are like enough your shopping ad and text can appear simultaneously, which will boost your reach. 

As more and more people are inclining towards mobile advertising; you need to start mobile advertising else you will lose several customers to your competitors. In mobile advertising, the cost is lower than the other advertising. In several situations, people won’t go for their desktops to search for a piece of particular information rather they will pick out their cell phones and search for it. As the use of mobile is increasing so do mobile advertising. Because it is what kept your customers to your services. PPC mobile ads are a way shorter and simpler thing for a customer. 

Our paid advertising management services process

  1. Keyword research and selection- There are few affordable PPC marketing services in India, which offers reliable services at affordable prices. They mainly focus on keyword research to select the best keyword for your PPC which may gain the attention of your desired audience. Keyword research and selection must be according to your business not in general. 
  2. Ad text creation- Creating an ad text helps you advertise your business on different platforms. The components of PPC text ad contains an attractive headline because headlines are the first thing which is approachable, second the display URLs where you can share the website address to make your customer understand what it is about, third is to add an ad description where you can brief about your services. 
  3. Landing page optimization– Landing page optimization under PPC refers to organize pages for visitors and optimizing the page to get more visitors. Landing page optimization leads you to two benefits which are to get more prospects and improve your quality scores. There must be a clear design, a button to click, a headline with the right keyword to yield better results from landing pages. 
  4. Competitors analysis- A PPC competitors analysis finds out every detail of your competitors from what keyword they are using to their landing page quality. It helps you to set up your PPC campaign. In simple ways, it lets you spy on your competitors’ strategies. It helps you know what is already exists in the market. 
  5. A/B Testing- A/B testing under PPC helps to get a better conversion rate through optimizing different variation in the page like images, headlines, call-to-action, layout, etc. It is good when you optimize an already underway PPC campaign. Running PPC A/B testing will help you locate the specific things your target audience wants so that you can make them available for them. 
  6. Campaign Management- The main focus of a PPC marketing agency in India is to derive most of the results from a PPC campaign. PPC campaign management must make sure that you get the most out of the PPC campaign. And to get the optimized results, PPC campaign management has to see how the strategies and everything else is working. 
  7. Conversion tracking- Conversion tracking in simple words mean tracking your visitors on your website. It helps you track who has subscribed or viewing your webpage. Tracking conversion is as important as making conversion because if you won’t track who is coming or who is taking the benefit of your service, it would waste your PPC Campaign. 
  8. ROI Tracking- ROI is the return of investment in the form of net profit from your total costs. Tracking ROI refers to track the profit from your PPC campaign considering all the expenses including google ads or any search engine or social media platform. ROI tracking refers to track of your income excluding all the expenses spent on the campaign.

How we are different from other PPC

  • Easy CRM- CRM stands for customer relationship management. It helps to retain and manage the relationship with your customers by improving your google ads and conversion in a PPC campaign. When there will be the right data CRM can provide you with competent information. It can also generate leads for a PPC campaign. 
  • Dedicated Project Manager- to get the right results, project management is needed. So, the project manager can be anyone doing the tasks assigned to complete the PPC campaign with attaining the right visitors. A dedicated project manager ensures that the task he has assigned or doing himself must be completed on time. 
  • Excellent customer support- The specialist who are excellent are always part of customer support to ensure you highly effective work delivery. They set up a PPC ad account, build your first ad, search keywords, work on your competitive bid and make a budget for your campaign. They are more likely to interested in giving you the best results.
  • Performance Tracking- PPC performance tracking is one of the important tasks which must be ensured by the person handling the PPC campaign because lets you know how is your campaign going, whether you are getting any results or not. It helps you improve the things where you are probably lacking.

PPC Services

Other specialized paid advertising services

  • Facebook Advertising- 

As the use of social media is at the peak, so do social media advertising is rising. Facebook lets PPC campaign to make their ads with Facebook ads manager. The Facebook ads may contain any image, videos, or any carousel. If you have created the ad once, you can use that ad in different places on Facebook. Facebook lets you go through a standard process, like selecting an objective, selecting the target audience, placing the ad, and last comes the budget. Once you decide all this, your Facebook advertising would go successful. 

  • Twitter Advertising

With the rise in Twitter users, it may be a good option to go for Twitter ads under the PPC campaign. The Twitter ads will increase your following, will increase the traffic to your website, will improve brand awareness, etc. Through twitter advertising, you can target the people who have visited your website and retweeted your ad. You can also make a list of influencers who will escalate your message through words to the world. On Twitter you need to set up your account first, then create a campaign, set up your targets, and last launching your campaign. 

  • YouTube Advertising

YouTube advertising is another form of PPC campaign, where the YouTube user gets to see an ad during or before or sometimes at the end of a video. Some ads users can skip but some are no skippable. YouTube advertising is one of the best ways to make your PPC campaign work. You can launch a YouTube ad by linking your YouTube channel with your Google AdWords, choosing a PPC campaign goal, Choosing the ad format whether a skippable or true view, then name the campaign, enter the networks where YouTube ad will appear.

  • Instagram Advertising

Instagram has grown a lot in just a small period from its users to the features. Instagram is being used by so many people around the globe and if you are planning to launch an Instagram ad, then you are on the right track. Instagram ads work the same as Facebook ads, which allow images, videos, and carousels to play on the user’s screen. The Instagram ads pop up in the feed of the user with sponsors written under the profile name. PPC campaign can bear a good number of visitors on Instagram ads, it almost works like Facebook.

Grow your sales!

We believe anyone can get a successful business with a strategy.

SEO Vs PPC: Which is the right strategy for your brand?

SEO Services and PPC services both have their advantages and drawbacks, but depending on your business and your budget you can find out which will best work for you in both ways. 

SEO is about cultivating the organic search engine strategy while PPC is about purchasing your way to be on the top of the search engine.

The main point of difference between these two is the way of generating traffic whether it is generating for free or by paying an amount. Because under SEO you don’t have to pay to be on the top while under PPC you have to pay-per-click to be in front of your customers. They both are part of search engine marketing, in both of them search engine optimization is being used, the difference is that one pay for it and the other doesn’t. 

Another difference between these two is the placement, where SEO tends to fall in the middle of the google page while the PPC ad appears on the top of the page (as you are paying for it). 

I guess here, we can see what is right for your brand in terms of money and engagement. If you have a good budget you must go for PPC but if you don’t have a good budget you must comply with organic search results as they are not as poor as you think, they will also let you appear on the first page if you use it right. 


Key features as per PPC management company

  • Immediate results- best PPC company in India will focus on giving you immediate and effective results under the PPC campaign. Cheap pay-per-click services in India would cost you your brand image. So, if you want to keep your brand image as it is or improve it then hire affordable PPC marketing services in India with a good background. A great PPC management company attains immediate results.
  • Scheduled Advertising- A PPC management company helps you get your advertisement scheduled with google ads and other important platforms. Scheduling your advertisement helps you get greater results because it helps you knock your audience at the right time. You need to check which time of the day is getting you more visitors.
  • Generate Target Traffic– When you hire the best pay-per-click advertising company you are likely to generate more traffic to your website. The company helps you get more customers through the strategies which are being used in the PPC campaign. So, if you want to generate good traffic to your website the hire the best PPC services
  • Custom Budgeting– If you are going for a PPC campaign for falling on the top of the google page, then you must need to set a budget or need to look at whether you can afford the PPC services or not. For that, you need to do custom budgeting where you have to make the budget of all the things you are going to afford. 
  • Geolocation– Geolocation is the PPC strategy to target the audience of a particular area or location. Through this strategy, you can target the right audience for your campaign, in other words, you are targeting the people you want for your brand. In this way, you are letting the specific audience to see your ads. 
  • Brand awareness– A PPC management company helps in creating a brand image of your company. It creates brand awareness among the people you are targeting. Improving brand awareness is one of the important phenomena for any business and PPC lets you focus on that too. 
  • Easy tracking– PPC campaign lets you track the visitors who are visiting your website. It lets you target that audience who are clicking on your ad and making a purchase. Tracking the audience under the PPC campaign is easy through a few simple tools. 

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We strive to give you a competitive conversion rate via Google AdWords

The people who are watching your ads or reading your ads don’t need to likely end up taking an action on the ad. Sometimes, they will just see and swipe without taking further action. 

It doesn’t mean that google ads or display ads are a waste, sometimes brand awareness creates an important role. 

If you are taking paid searches then there is no doubt that you would expect some counter results in the form of increasing conversion rates. It will give you some results but that would take some time. It is also important for you to know that conversion rates kept on changing.

So, there is no second thought if you would fall or rise. Anything may be the case.  

How Influencers benefit brands?Why PPC marketing works for your business

  • Low barrier to entry- There is no barrier to entering into a PPC campaign. Anyone can start the campaign. There are no standard criteria for that. Only you have to see your budget and your means of running the PPC campaign. 
  • Improved brand visibility– PPC marketing helps your brand to become visible among the people. It increases your brand visibility. When people see your ads continuously on google pages, they made a thought that you might have something to give. 
  • Granular Targeting– When you indulge in PPC marketing you target the audience tirelessly intending to get their attention towards your ad. PPC lets you target with powerful ads which ensure your customer’s action. The main focus of PPC marketing is to target the right audience. 
  • Fast results– PPC marketing generally gives fast results than any other marketing. Under the PPC campaign, you would see fast and quick results which lets you know whether it is going well or you have to take some action to make it more fruitful. 
  • Quick experimentation– Under PPC marketing you can do experiments and see their results. You can do different experiments to target the audience. You can experiment with your ads and search engine whichever suits you best. 
  • One-time campaign performance– While you start campaigning you work hard to give your best performance. You take out every best possible result from it. Because starting a campaign will cost you a huge amount so you will try to make your campaign as best as you can make it. 
  • Immediate and consistent traffic– Once you start making results from your campaign you will get immediate and consistent traffic. Once your brand awareness improves people would start to know you from your brand and would visit more to your website. 
  • Expensive transaction– As you know PPC campaign is expensive, so each transaction would cost you a lot of money for which you must have a budget. It will give you results but it will also charge a huge amount for that result. 
  • Trackable data– Under PPC marketing you can track the data of your visitors. Once someone will click on your ad, you will be able to track down their data. So, you can target them next time with other tools. This is how this whole campaign works. 
  • Total customization– PPC marketing is completely customized marketing. You can customize ads, keywords, and everything related to this campaign for gaining the trust of your visitors. You can even customize your budget according to this campaign to get the best results.

Frequently Asked Questions

PPC advertising is a way of interacting with your prospects through different google ads to make sure that people know you and take action on that particular advertisement you have made through different tools. It is a way of making your brand known among people. 

PPC can help you grow your business tremendously. It creates ad campaigns and uses keyword searches to make your ad fall at the top of the google page. Through PPC you can have real-time data about how your ad campaign is performing. You also have control over all the ads to make them worthy. 

Choosing keywords under a PPC campaign is the most important things because it creates a huge difference if you are using the right keyword for your ad. Your keyword must be industry related; it must be related to the business you are doing as if you are into the ice cream business your keyword must be 5 best flavours of ice-cream.

It is a little expensive in comparison to other search engine marketing because here you have to pay for every click. After all, that’s how you going to get a customer. But the expenses on a PPC campaign is worth every penny you spend because it will give you a customer for sure.

I think businesses that have a good budget should go for PPC because irrespective of the price you bear it gives good results. PPC is an effective marketing strategy for gaining the trust of its customers by making them stand in the market.

PPC is essential for any kind of business. You only have to be sure that you want to go for PPC Campaign because it may bring you a huge cost. If you want to grow your existing business or you want to make people aware of your brand, PPC would be the right way.

Yes, we at traffic tail provides every kind of PPC services to our clients around the globe. Nature of business is not the criteria for a PPC campaign any kind of business can start the campaign. 

Yes, pay-per-click is right for your business in every way. You just have to put on your belts and start taking PPC services. It will give you tremendous results and get you a good number of customers in a short period. It is the most effective way of digital marketing.

If the total cost per click bid for a keyword has exceeded the budget you have set for the campaign that will be the reason for not showing that ad when you are typing that keyword. You need to make sure that these things don’t happen because might hamper your PPC campaign. 

Your ad will appear on the google page when people will search for product or services with the right keyword which you have used in your PPC campaign. The keyword you have chosen for your PPC campaign will trigger the ad when used by any person.

You pay for search engine advertising because you want your advertisement to fall in front of your customers, to be visible on the google page so that people can take actions like buying your product or services. You pay for the ad you want on the top of the google page. 

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