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When you entered the online marketing world, you must focus on how your business is being displayed online, and how people are perceiving your business online. To ensure this, top reputation management consultants pay attention to it. They make you understand how you can make a positive impact on your audience by just cleaning up the negativing and promoting positivity.

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Online Reputation Management Company in India

As a businessman, you must think of how your business is being perceived online among your targeted audience.

Sometimes, you may get anxious that you must not have shared something which may hamper your image online. To solve all these worries, Online management reputation services have come into the picture who takes care of your online activity and timely monitor your business online.

Online Reputation Management

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Online reputation management Company aims to showcase a positive image of your business to gain your targeted audience. No one wants to take a chance when it comes to the image of a business online.

That is why people are mandatorily getting their business managed by an online reputation management company like us. We are primarily focusing on removing any kind of negative items online which may affect the mind or decision of your audience.

Our processing of ORM

Identifying the negative mention

We make sure that people are not poking you negatively online. We monitor their activities by identifying who has mentioned you in a negative comment. If someone has mentioned you in a negative comment, then we find out whether we can remove it from the platform or not. If there is a way, then we will approach that and remove it as soon as possible, so that you can exhibit your true image. Sometimes, your competitors do negative comments to hamper your image.

Develop a positive reputation

We make sure to develop a positive reputation for our client in the market. We can do it by putting forward all the relevant information on the website for our customers. In this way, your business will build a positive impact on your customers. And when your customers would be satisfied with your services, they will come to you again. Hence, you will develop a positive reputation in the market where your customers are happy.

Monitoring your online reputation

When you have that reputation in the market you need to maintain that. To maintain your reputation in the market, we strive to monitor your customer’s every step whether they are taking what you are offering, what kind of image they are creating, and how long they are connected to your brand. We help your company to get popular by crafting plans and strategies to influencing the behavior of your customer.

It gets rid of the space of negative content and spares the space for only positive content.

As we know, how positivity impacts the mind of a person and ORM focuses on that aspect only, it promotes positivity online. 

Online reputation management primarily focuses on conveying the best messages about your business, products, services, or brand. 

We at Traffic tail, follow an online reputation management strategy to monitor the reputation of your business. Where we control and improve how your brand must be perceived by your targeted audience.

Because your reputation must be built, it is not automatically built. For that, we work hard for you.

When you are building an image, it matters how you are responding to your audiences. If at any stage, people get upset with your services, you need to know how you must respond to them. In that case, we are here to help you with that strategy. 

It is important in online marketing that people have access to your business. They must know that you exist and what kind of products or services you are offering. We at Traffic tail use an online reputation management strategy to increase your accessibility in the market. So that more and more people get to know you better.

Reputation management services for corporates

We at Traffic tail provides reputation management services to corporates in the following ways;

  • We make them enhance their customer interaction so that people get to know them and their services in the market                                                                                                                                                                                                                 
  • We help them make their search results better for making their content rank on the google search which will enhance their brand                                                                                                                                                                                
  • We protect and repair their identity in the market for better engagement of people                                                                                                                                                                         
  • We work on their social media sites and news outlets so that people get to know who they are and what value they are adding to their customer’s life


Reputation management for celebrities

As we know, how important it is for celebrities to have a positive image in the market. So, we focus on giving them online reputation management services in the following way;

  • Enhancing their image by removing all the negativity they are having online which impacting their reputation    
  • We build a positive brand image by creating their online identity 
  • We add more followers, likes, and comments to their images online  
  • We make them take defense against any future defamation and libel which is very common in their cases  
  • We remove all the subjective bad reviews about them 

Hotel Reputation management services

We use brand management services to manage the hotel reputation online in the following ways;

  • We monitor the reviews of the hotel, like people, these days are more focused on the reviews a hotel has received from its previous customers
  • We manage those reviews in the favor of hotel so that people can make a positive decision against their hotel
  • Our team track the reviews and ratings of the hotel to be in trend
  • We remove the bad reviews and ratings to be further considered by their future customers
  • We improve a hotel’s online ratings by bringing positive reviews

Restaurant Reputation Management Services

People prefer those restaurants which have good ratings and reviews, we at Traffic Tail helps a restaurant gets a good reputation in the following ways;

  • We maintain their positive social media presence by sharing good images of the restaurant 
  • We respond to their customer’s reviews whether they are negative or positive because it shows that we care about our customer’s reaction
  • We make their website updated with new dishes and events
  • We make them invest in public relations so that they can have a wide reach among their prospects

We sometimes remove aggressive comments which may hamper the restaurant’s image

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More Insights About Influencers - Why ORM is mandatory?

When you have an online presence, it does matter that you have control over your activities and customers activities to lead to healthy online marketing.

Online reputation management helps you in operating with that objective. It lets your customers see the positive side of your business hiding all the negative aspects perceived by a few people. 

It is mandatory to have an ORM digital marketing when you are operating online. It guides you to have a check on your activity while approaching a new audience. It monitors your all-over online performance and tells you when you are going wrong.

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Why Traffic Tail is rated as the most trusted ORM service provider?

  • Build a reputation by reputation marketing- We believe in creating a positive reputation online. For that, we practice reputation marketing in your business to help you in building your brand and generating new leads. Under reputation marketing, we primarily focus on monitoring, promoting, and managing your social media handles.
  • Make your brand more transparent- When you are running a business online, it is important to have transparency. So, we focus on that transparency aspect of your business with your customers to give them every important detail about you. We let your customers have a believe that we are here to respect their needs. 
  • Reviews management- We at Traffic Tail, believe in managing the reviews you are getting from your customers. So, we manage all such reviews online by monitoring them on daily basis and taking action against negative reviews. You can manage the kind of reviews you want.
  • Take control of Reputation- We take control of your online reputation by auditing how people are seeing you online and how you can change that image. We apply different ORM strategies to change your online presence. Are Team monitor your brand and work on the things where needed.

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Frequently Asked Questions

As the world of digital marketing is getting wider day by day, it is necessary to maintain an online presence there. And to maintain that online presence online reputation management comes into the picture. It monitors and controls how your business is being perceived online. It is about maintaining the online reputation of a business by managing its online activities.

Reputation management is important because you are monitoring everything online, so you can counter the negative feedback online. It provides you with a chance to take action against the negative online presence. On the other hand, it also gives you a chance to share your positive mention with others. 

It depends on how much work you have to do, whether you have to work on removals or you have to take down the negative results. Because removals take between 1 to 4 weeks on the other hand taking down negative images would take 6 to 10 months. 

To manage online reputation management there must be a process to follow, which will be as follows;

  • Monitoring the brand by performing an audit
  • Establishing an online reputation management strategy monitoring how often our brand is getting the mentions
  • Establishing online reputation management through SEO for a better ranking
  • Encouraging positive reviews online 

No, I will not eliminate all the negative reviews online because that looks fake. And criticism is everywhere and one or two people will criticize others irrespective of their work. Rather I will reply to those negative reviews positively so that they will make a practical impact on my customers.

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