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We’re India’s one of most affordable news portal development agencies which provide unbeatable services and support at the lowest price possible! Traffic Tail is the Best News Portal Website Development Company that facilitates its client’s custom needs with dynamic sections and categories like business, lifestyle, international and regional news, entertainment, sports, etc.

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News Portal Development Company in India

Best News website development services that can help your news reach more people

With thousands of people who are regularly scanning news portals and websites for the latest news, you are assured of a huge audience that will visit your website on a daily basis. Whether it is news on a topic or profession, industry news, or community news people want to know and read more about all topics.

We at Traffic Tail, News Portal Development Agency in India are indulged in the creation of a News Portal Website or you. We can create your website according to your requirements, your design, and your brand. We are experienced and holds specialization in designing the website as per your topics or content and creating many dynamic sections and categories for each topic. Your website will be completely dynamic and you will be able to edit your news portal and it will automatically show on the homepage of your website.


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Get this deal without any risk and No Hidden Charges.

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Traffic Tail is India’s No. #1 News website Development Company which helps reporters & journalist get their own news portal website at the most affordable pricing with premium quality and an unbeatable support system. Our aim is to provide the best-in-class service to help you kickstart your dream project!

We’ve served 800+ clients and successfully completed over 1500+ website development projects including News Portals, Business Websites, eCommerce Websites, Multi-Vendor eCommerce Websites, and many more. 

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India's Most Affordable News Portal Development Company

News is very necessary and everyone is desired to read the news and want to get updated on what’s happening. Whether it is community news, global news, or local news, every person wants to get updated on what is trending and new, so that they would not miss out on anything.

If you are an Editor and have the desire to make some money through writing news or with the help of advertising, then a News Website Portal is an ideal platform for launching your entrepreneur business.

Advantage of online news website in india :

Given below are some of the Benefits of a News Website which you can read here as under: 

One of the Biggest Benefits of a News Website is that majority of the online newspaper is free of any cost and users are not required to pay anything to read the newspaper and hence it results in saving of cost for every person who is reading a newspaper.

Another advantage of the online news portal development in India is that it assists in saving the environment because due to it there is less usage of paper that results in the least cutting of trees which is very good for the sake of the environment. Hence in times of global warming, the small contribution of online news portals towards saving our environment cannot be ignored. 

Once you get quick and updated news on an online news portal which is not the case with a normal newspaper where a person has to wait for the next morning to read the news about the world. Hence in simple words, if a person is looking for quick and updated news then an online news portal is a preferable option as compared to a traditional newspaper.

An Online News Portal Solves Several Purposes

The world is in a race to be more digital, and digitization is the requirement of every business and every industry. News Portal Development in India plays a crucial role in informing and educating Mass with the latest updates and current happenings around the globe. People in today’s times are not having much more time to read the Printed newspaper with the happenings of yesterday. So they always follow electronic media or web portals for getting the latest news.

There is a certain problem like Costing of On Air is higher, and every person can’t be in front of Television set, but they can access their social sites, Whatsapp, mobile, Facebook, etc. so they will definitely update themselves very fast and with less time-consuming methods. Social media and online news websites can serve you with the fastest news updates. Now every person is required to build their web identity.

A News Portal Website solves several purposes which are given below:

Features of News Portal Website Traffic Tail Provides :

Here are the 15 features every online news portal or website must have :

Traffic Tail – Best news portal development company in India serves you with a complete News Portal Solution with all the features that facilitate you to publish articles, blogs, columns, press releases, publications, and other news related contents. Your portal will have a control panel for updating and adding all the content on the News Portal. The contents on your news portal can be managed by multiple authors with the help of their respective control panels assigned by the super admin. 

It’s very crucial to point out the fact that simplicity in the user interface is a shared characteristic of networking websites and news portal websites before getting into the specifics of the attractive user interface. News websites are rather simple in terms of graphics and color scheme. 

The News Website Portal made by our News Website Development Company is very easy to maintain and support. It is easily customizable so you can change and edit anything according to your own choice. And if any problem occurs then our support team is always there under your assistance.

Here you get the opportunity to upload and post unlimited images and videos on the news portal developed by our News Portal Development Company. We serve you with an unlimited server for the storage of your content, images, and videos. So, you are not required to worry about the unlimited posting of images and videos.

News Website Portal designs that are easy to navigate are more likely to be visited by your users and readers than those readers who are without it. The navigation of any news portal should be simple and also in the right position. Most of the news portal websites practice putting their primary navigation menu just above their content and below the header. Some other people make use of the left sidebar as well and both of these positions are easily seen by the visitors. 

News Website Portal designs that are easy to navigate are more likely to be visited by your users and readers than those readers who are without it. The navigation of any news portal should be simple and also in the right position. Most of the news portal websites practice putting their primary navigation menu just above their content and below the header. Some other people make use of the left sidebar as well and both of these positions are easily seen by the visitors. 

Every news portal developer should always note this very distinctive feature that is responsive design. A highly responsive design make your news website portal to look nice on the screens of any device from mobile phones, laptops, and tablets. It enables your readers to access your content and view it in the way in which people love to do it.

Monetization features are as important as service features and content in the news portal. It is important to integrate advertisement in the right part of the design which is very important for the monetary benefits of the news portal.

Here you will get a full-fledged admin control panel in which the whole control is under you. You can manage anything, anywhere and anytime as you want and when you want. You are not required to see another’s face to manage and give information to you about anything related to your news portal. You are able to manage anything and see your performance.

It is another necessary distinctive feature of an awesome news website portal development. Instant and latest breaking news updates with some unfolding stories of popular interest are powerful enough for keeping the news website portal dragging readers all day.

In today’s times, online news websites or news portals can’t even be in existence without social media integration. Breaking and exclusive news spread more on social media sites like Twitter and Facebook than news portals. By doing social media integration, news portals can reach a very large audience in a blink of an eye.

Daily News highlights and updates with some stories of popular interest are powerful enough for keeping your readers engaged all day on your news portal. The news website portal that used to bring the shaking and breaking news to the readers in the first place, readers are more likely to visit your news website portal.

Unless you are a spiritual entity or an ectoplasm, you are somewhere. It means journalistically speaking, that you might have a genuine interest in what happens actually around you, in the town where you are living, for example, or in the country that you are visiting at a given point in time. This is the reason that local news has been invented, and because of this, it is crucial for newspapers to find a way to keep their readers updated about what is going on around them.

Role-based access control (RBAC) prohibits network access based on the role of a person within an organization and has also become one of the main methods of advanced access control. The roles in Role-Based Access Control refers to the levels of access that employees have to the network.

Newsletter Subscription form facilitates you to easily collect your potential readers email and create a mailing list which you can use to send them regular news updates from your news portal. 

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You can start your news portal online with the help of the best news portal development company with the following step :

  1. By getting your domain name registration on your adhaar card
  2. By choosing premium hosting with unlimited space and bandwidth
  3. Installing perfect newspaper design theme 
  4. Customize your design accordingly
  5. Update daily articles
  6. Promote your news portal (by doing advertising and making a presence on each social media network.)

WordPress will be the best Content management system for a news portal that helps to update brilliant content for publishing news and it helps in planning, drafting, editing, publishing, schedule, block-wise modification of pages and posts, and best for a news website.

WordPress helps you download all the content in XML format and make it easy to move on a different system in the future

The best cost of getting a news portal website by a news development company will be in the range of Rs. 5999 to Rs. 8999 and also depending on features, requirement, functionalities, etc. 

So, perhaps it is quick and easy for you to select our plans for new portal accordingly and contact the sales team for queries and pricing.

News portal is a digital way of sharing news to the world. Through a news portal anyone can publish publications, press releases, columns, articles, blogs and other news related information.

Traffic Tail is a the best News Website Development company in India, provides super satisfactory work. 

To register newspaper in India you to submit an Application form for title verification and approach called RNI Registration to the Regional Magistrate Court.

Know more about How you can apply for RNI Registration For Online News Portal

Follow these steps to start your news portal:

  • Get your domain name

  • Choose web hosting service

  • SSL Installation

  • Choose technology(CMS)

  • Install wordpress

  • Choose Design templates

  • Install the newspaper design

  • Install Necessary Plugins

  • Customize your design

  • Add features

  • Do Security Measures

  • RNI Registration

  • Publish articles

  • Promote on social media

  • SEO

  • Collaborate with Social Media Influencers

  • Website automation(optional)

Know more in detail – How To Start News Portal In India

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