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Facebook Marketing SERVICES INCLUDE

Everything works on a strategy, so does Facebook. Facebook strategy development includes a strategy for generating posts, when to post, how to post, what to post, and many more.

Once, we are done with the Facebook strategy. We will go ahead with creating content. We will use creative copywriting and images to reflect the brand.

After creating the content we will focus on building followers. Because without them we cannot judge the growth of Facebook.

Under Facebook reporting, you can see what kind of growth you are making, metrics, and other things associated with the campaign.

We monitor the comments, messages, feedback, etc. on your Facebook business page. Then, we respond to them accordingly.

Traffic Tail

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These days, there are numerous platforms for running a business online. One of such platforms is Facebook, where people are flourishing their businesses. Every day, a lot of people are shifting to Facebook marketing services for the growth of their businesses.

India's Most Affordable Affordable Facebook Marketing Services

Facebook is the most powerful platform for Social Media Marketing Services is To make Facebook work for your business, you need to understand how Facebook’s unique features can work for you. Because every platform has a different way of producing the results. You have to work on different strategies which differentiate the results from others.

Let’s talk about a few of those strategies to expand your business with Facebook marketing services;

1. Reach new customers– If you are planning to expand your business on Facebook, you must know to whom you are talking and to which group of people you are targeting. Then, it will help you in reaching new customers. Without having any audience your purpose of Facebook marketing will be defeated.

2. Create engaging content- You must know how you can engage your audience with your business. You have to continue to create engaging content and post it regularly on the feed so that people would not get rid of you. The content must have a good quality image, creative copywriting, and a fine way of depicting what they want to put on the internet.

3. Building a relationship with the audience– In any business, the most important thing is to build relationships with your audience. And building a relationship must not only subject to the deals it can be irrespective of any business. Because you never know, when and who may become your companion. Having a healthy relationship with people you’re your business expands more.

4. Choose the type of post– When you are sharing your content with a wide range of customers, it is important to decide on hand that in which way you will post the content on Facebook. It can be a Facebook text, Facebook image post, Facebook video post, live video post, Facebook stories, etc. Choosing a post type will help you engage more audience because people like to watch in a certain way, which you have to analyze and perform.

That’s how you can expand your business through Facebook marketing. There are several other ways too.

How our Facebook marketing services work

  1. Facebook Ad audience targeting– We the Traffic Tail, a Facebook marketing company provides you with Facebook ad services to help you hit your target audiences. Despite having amazing ad content, you would still miss out on your audiences if you don’t place yourself in front of your targeted audience. For this, we use the feature of Facebook ad targeting where you can reach your audience.
    We help you get clicks from your ideal audiences who are a perfect fit for your brand. Facebook let us use its feature where we can select our targeted audiences based on information, we provide to them.
  2. Facebook Ad design– People love to indulge in a different design. So, Facebook has this feature to offer where you can tell your brand story using different Facebook ad formats. We have a team of Facebook Ad experts who manage to choose what will be suit your brand whether an image, carousel, a video, collection of images, etc. We choose the best way to share your brand message with your targeted audience to create an impact on them.
    We are having an amazing track record of creating creative ad formats to capture the valuable attention of your audiences.
  3. Facebook Ad copywriting- We know an image is enough to capture the attention of your audience but still, you need to develop an eye-catchy ad copy for your brand to tell your story better. And for that we are here for you, we have a team who work whole handily in preparing Facebook ad copies for your brand.
    The Facebook ad copywriting approach fairly depends on your ad campaign objectives. If your objective is to increase sales, then your ad copy will be about your products or services. Whereas if your objective is to create brand awareness, then your ad copy will primarily focus on telling the value it will add to your customer’s life.
  4. Facebook Ad and landing page A/B testing– A/B testing is the way to determine how you can improve your Facebook advertising campaign. We at Traffic Tail, have a lot of experience in working with Facebook ad campaigns where we decide which test will help improve your ad campaign.
    We also have in-depth knowledge about landing page designs to effectively work on A/B testing and analyzing the results to decide on a better strategy.
  5. Facebook Ad analytics and optimization– If you are doing a lot of things during the Facebook ad campaigns but not sure about its results and the kind of response people are giving. In such a case, we help you in having analytics about how your Facebook ad is running, we help you track the results of your Facebook ad campaign.
    We focus on optimizing our client’s Facebook ad campaign and maximizing ROI. Through this, we make sure that you get more of what you are spending on an Ad.

What makes Facebook marketing stand out?

When Facebook was first introduced, anyone barely had an idea that we can do marketing on this platform. It was introduced to connect with people who are not around or maybe meeting a new one. But we never had a thought of using it as a marketing tool.

Now, after years Facebook has become a giant tool in the world of online marketing. It is being used to cater to the needs of the market and its customers. With the introduction of digitalization, it is enormously expanding.

How Facebook marketing is different from others?
Have you ever thought?

Let us tell you.
We all know Facebook is about social networking and when there are people out there who can be your prospects and customers, then why not experiment with them.

So, here’s how you can use billions of people out there; setting up a business page, sharing business posts, building brand awareness, building relationships, getting likes, getting reviews, creating a Facebook marketing strategy, tracking results through Facebook analytics, and doing Facebook advertising. That’s how you are going to engage with people at large by sharing your products or services, making strategies, and doing advertisements.

Why choose Traffic Tail for Facebook marketing services?

  1. Bring quality traffic– We are a leading Facebook marketing service in India, with the trust of so many people in us. We are here for you to increase traffic to your business and bring you, quality customers. We try to engage people with your brand, we spread awareness about your brand and services. To which people respond in numbers and which results in leading huge traffic to your Facebook page. We know how to manage the reputation of your brand by customizing ads and designing the Facebook posts of your brand. We wholeheartedly focus on engaging your audience in your business.
  2. Suitable Facebook advertising solutions– When we provide our Facebook ad services, we entirely focus on making them suitable for the customers at large. We focus on the value; we create valuable ads for people which leads to value for the business in their minds. Without being valuable you can’t hit the right audience. The suitable ad solution must be to create a great experience for your audience, studying their behavior, and help them to learn about business more organically. When they will feel that the business has something for them, they will invest their time in that advertisement. And we make them believe in it.
  3. Build Customer Audience– Facebook has this feature where you can target your specific audience by using that feature and choosing a place, demographic area, age, etc. of a person. We target those people who already have a relationship with your business; hence it will be easy to target that specific audience you already knew. There are different types of custom audiences like, from customer’s list, from your website, from mobile app, engaging custom audience, etc. For all the type of custom audience, there is a feature on your Facebook page in Ads manager where we can create your custom audience.
  4. Plan and initiate campaign objectives– We first plan your campaign objectives to implement them, perfectly. We don’t go without any plan or objectives in mind because a plan without an objective and a campaign without a plan look absurd. And we don’t want that for you. We focus on making your campaign a hit. Sometimes, you make a plan but never take an action to initiate that plan. But we can make it for you. You can trust us with everything, we won’t let that trust go away.

Our Strategy

We don’t just dive into work directly; we first make strategies and then work around those strategies. Because without making strategies to achieve a goal result in nothing. As we know how Facebook works and you know how your customer reacts, so we strategize a plan to work with pros and cons.

Let us discuss how we work on our strategy;

  • We track– Our Facebook marketing services involve everything you must need at the time of running your business on Facebook. As you know Facebook is not a small place it is one heck of a massive place, where there are billions of people whom you have to track down to see whether you are making any progress or not. We help you track them down.
  • Optimize– By optimizing we meant a lot of things, like optimize your Facebook ad’s likes, optimize the ad schedule, optimize the time when you will post something, optimize A/B testing, optimizing ad placement, etc. because these are the things which will put you somewhere in the front of your customers and we will make it happen for you.
  • Analyze- We analyze how your performance is being appreciated by people. We improve if there is any space for improvement in Facebook marketing. We use Facebook insights to analyze what the customers are liking, towards what they have been bending. Then, we try to persuade them with their favorite post or video.
  • Report– After analyzing the performance of our Facebook campaign, we make a report about it. We look into the performance to make a report on people’s behavior what they are liking and what they are not. So, that we can plan our next campaign around their behavior. We take the help of Facebook insights and Facebook ads manager to analyze and prepare a report.

Our Services

We at Traffic Tail, perform our services in a very planned way. We create a Facebook page for your business, where we post about your brand and services in the form of images, videos, carousels, stories, etc. We add a profile photo to your business Facebook account, add a short description about your services, including a page CTA, organize page tabs, and verify your page.

The next step we follow is to target the audiences you want to have. We either customize your audience and then target them or we directly make an arc on all the people. We do it by posting different things about your brand and services, in such a way that they show their attention towards your brand.

When we are sure that we are targeting the right audience, we start making strategies to enhance the performance of your business. We try to identify the audience through insights, we work on the social media calendar for scheduling the best time to post, and then generate leads to follow.

While creating the Facebook ads, the first and foremost step is to create a Facebook ad campaign, then target and optimize ads using the Facebook ad formats and the last step is to measure the results of Facebook ads. We go step by step not in a hurry.

How we have Generated over 5 million fans and 500k Engagements for a Influencer

Facebook marketing is not as easy as it looks. It is not about making friends on Facebook by sending 2-3 requests on daily basis, it’s about making a team that will support your brand and services. And to make a team of people who are completely unknown to you is one of the most difficult tasks ever. You have to make them understand how you can add value to their lives.

But our team at Traffic tail has done it. We have generated over 5 million fans and 500k Engagements for our client who is one of the national brands. It was difficult at first but somehow, we manage to achieve it by working persistently.

Here is how we have made it happen;

  • First, we developed a Facebook page
  • Second, we posted consistently about the brand and its services
  • Third, we have focused on giving a human face to their business to whom people can relate
  • Fourth, we decided the form of sharing posts whether through an image, video, carousel, stories, etc.
  • Fifth, we have decided the time of posting according to the availability of people
  • Sixth, we have started a Facebook ad campaign
  • Seventh, we have analyzed the performance of the business
  • Eighth, we have made a report on the performance to make it better
  • Ninth, we have gotten the results we were looking for.

Facebook Advertising options

When we indulge in Facebook marketing services, it is important to look into the options we have available. We know how important is a Facebook advertisement for us, we are dependent on it for a better reach of customers.

We will see what Facebook advertisement options are available with us. But first, we will know about the kind of ads we have like, awareness ads where we try to make people aware of our brand, products, and services. Consideration ads are those where we make people understand our products and services. Conversion ads make people take an action towards your products and services.

And if we will go for Facebook ad formats to choose how we can picture our ads on our customer’s mind, then we have to consider a few ad formats given by Facebook. For example, video ads, photo ads, canvas ads, carousel ads, slideshow ads, etc.

This is how we can make our Facebook ad campaign a success by just deciding on a few things.

Our Facebook marketing process is similar to our approach to marketing in general

We don’t take Facebook marketing as different from marketing in general. Facebook marketing is almost similar to marketing, we don’t treat them differently because where there is marketing, there is business. Facebook is just one of a medium or you can say platform of doing marketing.

Let’s see how they are similar;

  • Track– Whether it is Facebook marketing or just simple marketing, we keep track of our activities and the responses of people to those activities.
  • Test– Before starting anything whether it is starting a normal marketing campaign or a Facebook marketing campaign, we take a test ride to see whether it will work or not.
  • Tweak– During the whole process of marketing, we continue to adjust the things which require more attention. To make the campaign work successfully.
  • Repeat- Whatever strategies or plan we have made for a campaign which have gone right, we continue to use that plan until it gets failed. The motive is to keep gaining the same people again.

Different objectives in Facebook advertising services

  1. Brand Awareness- The foremost objective of a Facebook marketing company is to create brand awareness among people. Where we try to indulge people into our brand.
  2. Reach– The next we strive to get is the attention of people into our business. We try to reach people so that our business gets an expansion.
  3. Traffic– When our services will start to reach the customers, the traffic would automatically derive to our Facebook business page.
  4. Engagement- We get a lot of engagement of people in our marketing posts and related videos, only because of Facebook advertising.
  5. App installs- When we advertise our business applications in the ads, people are more likely to get influenced to take the action of installing them into their mobile phones.
  6. Video views– The objective is to get a lot of views on the videos we have posted so that it can help us to find who are the real viewers we have.
  7. Lead generation– Our objective is very simple to generate as many leads as possible for our business to grow. Lead generation is one of the important aspects of any marketing.
  8. Messages– When you advertise your services you get a lot of query messages and appreciation messages, which you need to reply to.
  9. Conversions– Conversions are basically to make people take an action on the advertisement. These are easy to measure the results.
  10. Catalog sales– catalog sales are the most effective way of advertising which leads to good results. The catalog is a template having all the information about your business.
  11. Store traffic– We advertise with an objective and that objective is to gain the traffic and retain that traffic to your business. It will help you grow.

Reasons you need Facebook advertising experts in India

  • Increase accessibility- A Facebook ad experts help you with such critical things which you are not aware of. So, in that case, it is good to take the help of an expert. And for that, we are here for you. We have an advertisement expert team whose entire focus is to increase the accessibility of your business among people.
  • Information exchange and easy connectivity– When you want to exchange important information and connect to people at large, the Facebook advertising expert helps you in that. He makes sure that you will be connected to your audience and your voice is heard.
  • Affordable and provide market expansion– Having a Facebook ad expert would not be going to cost you much if you are hiring our Facebook ad experts team. Also, we would assure you to have a market expansion, where people would know you and your brand. Facebook advertising helps you reach many customers at one time.

Frequently Asked Questions

Businesses use Facebook for marketing in the following ways;
1. Creating a Facebook business page
2. Uploading the posts related to brand, products, and services
3. Using Facebook ad formats
4. Using Facebook insights to know what is in the mind of customers
5. By running a Facebook advertising campaign.

As we know, small businesses are an important part of our society. So, we make sure that they continue to remain that part by contacting the Facebook advertising agency for small businesses. These agencies focus on the advertisement of small businesses so that more people get to know about them.

The cost of Facebook marketing depends on the kind of services you are taking like whether you are going for Facebook advertising, consideration, Facebook catalog sales, etc. The average cost is Rs 9.3 approx.

Yes, we have the custom Facebook marketing packages available on the demand of our clients. We use them according to your marketing objectives and business.

The main role of a Facebook marketing agency is to generate leads for your business. The ways they use to generate leads fall into Facebook marketing, where they use so many techniques to make your business stand alone in the market. So, your lead becomes your long-term customers.

Who says it is not? Today, people are all over the internet and they have this tendency to believe in that brand that has a social media presence. When you will market yourself on Facebook, you will be going to get a lot of customers who will trust your brand and will get engaged with your brand.

Let’s read the following benefits of Facebook marketing;
• Facebook marketing doesn’t cost you a lot of pence
• Gives basic information about your business to your customers
• It provides customer support to help them when they are in need
• It raises brand awareness about your brand
• It gets you a lot of traffic and engagements

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