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Traffic Tail is one and only most affordable digital marketing company in Allahabad

In the marketing world, where competition is ruining the expectation of a consumer, we are here to give you several quality services. We are Traffic Tail, a leading digital marketing company in Allahabad that believes in giving affordable and quality services to its customers around the country.

How we work
digital marketing company in Allahabad
Result Oriented

We help digital companies to volume their self-interest and get a space with live results.

Affordable for all

Affordable yet qualitative is our first preference for all. We also have special discounts for small businesses.

Dedicated support

Everyone needs a helping hand, so we provide one to help in handling digital products.

Engage Audiences With An Increased Online Presence

Best Digital marketing Agency in Allahabad

These days, Digital marketing is running the business world. There is hardly any business, which is not dependent on digital marketing. Digital marketing has become a rising need in the market. Everyone is striving hard to make their business fully digitalized to gain traffic. 

We are Traffic Tail, is an affordable digital marketing company in Allahabad, We are making sure that people get what they are looking into a digital marketing agency. We are providing different digital marketing services at affordable prices with full of quality. 

Boost your  Business Traffic

If we want to make our website gets a lot of traffic, we have to focus on building links. Link building is the process of connecting your website with another website to increase the traffic on your website it is a part of SEO services that helps your website ranking. Link building is one of the main phenomena of getting a rank on google pages. You can focus on building a link in the following strategies;

  1. Try to ask an influencer for promoting your product or services.
  2. Create quality content that people would link to their websites.
  3. Ask people from the same industry to link their website with you.

Guest post is a very innovative yet strategic way to be in front of your audience. Through guest posts, you can connect people to your website on other websites. In this way, you can promote your brand and reach your target audience at once. 

How you can increase your guest post outreach with help of our digital marketing company in Allahabad: 

  1. By choosing the right website for your guest post
  2. Develop the idea on which you want to do guest posting
  3. Draft a compelling guest post.

In the world of digitalization, advertisement plays an important role. To make sure that the voice of your product or service reaches its end users, digital advertising is the best way. Digital advertising is the strategy to reach the targeted audience to help them make a decision of buying. It’s like moving them from one stage to another in the buying cycle. 

Digital marketing is far different from traditional marketing. In traditional marketing, the way of doing advertisement was to advertise on billboards, magazines, television, etc. But now with the introduction of digital advertising, it shifts to Google, YouTube, Facebook, and more. we provide best advertisement services as the best digital marketing company in Allahabad.

Search engine advertising happens in the form of images or text which are posted on different search engines. It is a cost-effective way of doing an advertisement. It is generally a part of a marketing strategy or branding strategy. Search engine advertising is not part of SEO, but still, it is considered good for the website of a agency. It is a part of online marketing. It can generate a lot of traffic to the website. 

Application development is an important part of digital marketing. We Traffic tail is the best digital marketing company in Allahabad that focuses on developing an application that can help the customers versed with every new technique. We have a team of the best app developers who effortlessly develops an app for you to gain customer support. 

The app development must only be following the needs of customers, otherwise, the app would not survive in the market. Because at the end of the day, the consumer would be the end-users of that mobile app. 

A landing page is that part of digital marketing where most of the customer lands after clicking on the link they have witnessed. The creation of a land page must be an utmost important task to do because it is where most of the customers are available. 

The focus of creating a landing page is to increase the conversion rates and incurring low costs while acquiring a lead. It can be for marketing purposes or any kind of advertising campaign. 

Traffic tail is the only agency in Prayagraj that is fully focused on maintaining your position in the market. For that, we design and develop your website in such a way that it would gain the attention of your targeted audience and also it will uprise the traffic to your website. 

We have a team of experts where there are web designers and developers, working persistently amazing to make your website works and looks good. They help you build functional, responsive, and user-friendly websites. 

We all care about how our businesses are being viewed online by people around the world. We care about their perspective towards your business, for that, a term is being used and that is Online reputation management. Under online reputation management, we can check how your business is being perceived and viewed online. 

It is about what a customer can analyze and find about your brand, product, or services when they see your business online. To improve your online presence, you have to make a strategy and work on that throughout the process. So, your online presence can be improved. 

Social media marketing is an important tool that helps you connect with your targeted audience. We know how people these days are obsessed with social media, due to which social media marketing is gaining a different hype. 

Social media is being used to make connections and build relationships with your customers to gain a social presence on a different social media platform. We also prefer to do social media marketing, because it is the most powerful tool of digital marketing.  

we have provided services as a digital marketing gagency in Allahabad to many business in Allahabad and all over india the best online presence which has made them a lot of profit and success in very less time you can be the next one through the help of best digital marketing company in Allahabad .(Traffic tail)

Why Traffic Tail?

Creative strategy

Creative strategy is the most important factor which creates stimuli in the mind of your customer about your brand, product, or service. We focus on creating a strategy that leaves visual stimuli in the customer’s mind. It is about impacting the mind of your audience by sharing a message of your brand creatively. 

Experienced Team

We have an experienced team of a digital marketing professional who gives you well researched and authentic services. You can put your trust in our team anytime they will not be going to disappoint you. They are always eager to help you even after completion of the services. 

Guaranteed results

Our company is the top digital marketing company in Allahabad, Prayagraj. Our previous customers had an amazing experience working with us. We have managed to gain their trust because we have provided rich services. They have got the results they wanted.

Strategic control

We work with strategy. We create it and then, we follow that strategy throughout the process. We don’t just lose track while working because it helps us to go slow but steady. 

We have the best team that has great insight into business and futuristic sense and have provided expendable growth to businesses all over the world through our experience and determination, we have become the best digital marketing company in Allahabad and all over India.

Top 5 Digital Marketing Services You Need for Your Business

  • Influencer Marketing– Honestly saying, we know the importance of building a business and a brand online. That is why we work hard for you to make that space in the market for yourself. We use different methods to promote your brand, products, or services. One such way is through influencer marketing, where we contact a social media influencer to create brand awareness of your product among their wide followers.
  • Digital advertising– Being the best is not enough we continue to give the best services possible to our clients. We have become the best digital marketing company in Allahabad due to our timeless and consistent services. Digital advertising is a way we used to showcase what your brand, products, and services are. It gives a brief idea about your business which affects their buying decision.
  • Web development– Web development is an important aspect of any business working online. It allows you to expand your reach to a wide range of customers. It lets you use the techniques which will affect the decision of your customers. It is about the work you are doing beside the screen for maintaining your customer base and attracting more attention to your customers. It makes your website looks great and work persistently.
  • Web designing– Web designing is about creatively developing a website to persuade the customers to take an action. It is about creating the design of your website which is being displayed on the internet to which people are referring. A web designer entirely focuses on the outlook of a website. It is a process of conceptualizing and presenting the content online. We have the best web designers who are focused on your appearance in the market.
  • Guest posting– Guest posting has become an important aspect of digital marketing. It allows you to feature your work on someone else’s website with their audience. It helps you to expand your reach in the market. It must be very well written because that’s how you will create an impression on the audience there. It must be written in such a way that it will give added value to the audience. You would love to hear that we do it all for our client’s guest post, we have gotten expertise in it.    

Our Clients

What do we offer as a top digital marketing company in Allahabad?

  • Link building– Link building is an important element of digital marketing, which lets you build connections to the audience of your other industry friends or colleagues. Link building is the hardest part of SEO, if you get the trick of mastering the art of link building you will be ahead of everyone. Our team has an in-depth knowledge of how link building can impact your business in a prosperous way. 
  • On-site SEO– On-site search engine optimization is a very known practice under digital marketing where we optimize the elements of a website to improve the search engine rankings. It helps you to earn huge traffic to your website. It is also called the op page SEO. We at Traffic Tail know how it is done and what factors to be included. We optimize the headlines, meta description, and images to make sure that your website has a high level of trustworthiness. 
  • Content Marketing– Content marketing plays a vital role in digital marketing. We digital marketing agency in Allahabad, Prayagraj offer content marketing services that provide content that is creative and astonishing to grab the attention of your targeted audience. We help you provide SEO-friendly content. We focus on creating relevant content for your website so that the targeted audience can relate to it.
  • Advertising solution– Advertisement is the need of an hour, if we don’t advertise our products or services, it will never reach the audience it meant to. So, we provide advertising solutions to our clients for making them understand how they can reach many people at one time. We help them with their advertisement campaign. 
  • E-mail marketing– It is one of the rising phenomena of digital marketing where we send an email regarding our services, offers, discounts, information, updates, etc to a group of people. Every mail sent to a group of people regarding the market is called email marketing. It is a way to target your audience to make them take an action. 
  • Press release submission– If you have any new product launch or update which you want to share with the public at large, we can help you do it through press release submission. We make a press release about that product which states every important information regarding the product to be attained by your audience. It is a critical part of marketing. It helps you pitch your audience. 
  • Landing page creation– The landing page is a part of your advertising and marketing campaign, which lets your audience land on your website when they click on that page. When a user lands on your landing page, they are encouraged to take an action. We help you create a landing page that increases the chance of taking an action by your audience. 
  • Local SEO– It is a part of a search engine strategy that lets you rank on local search results. It is designed to improve your search results on Google. We have an expert team at Traffic tail who individually work on this aspect of digital marketing. We have been known as the most budget friendly and best digital marketing company in Allahabad with the best results. 

What makes Traffic Tail the best SEO and digital marketing company in Allahabad:

  1. Traffic tail has been labeled as one of the best SEO agencies in Lucknow. We provide all kinds of SEO services at an affordable price. We spare enough time to hear your goals and expectations.        
  2. We understand your requirements and then build a sound SEO strategy for your business. Are promise a handsome return on investments.     
  3. We do not leave any stone unturned to execute our SEO strategies effectively. We have a team of SEO experts that provide incredible services. We never fail to deliver our services on time. This makes us one of the best digital marketing agencies in Lucknow. We provide 24-7 technical support to our clients. We guarantee 100% secure services.             
  4. One of the best qualities of traffic tail is- fast delivery of services. We hold prominence in delivering supreme quality services within a prescribed time-frame.          
  5. We understand your business type and choose relevant keywords. The web page we design is finely embedded with the right keywords.       
  6. We offer different SEO services like Paid listings, SMO promotion, PPC, brand awareness, forum posting, directory submission, and many more. Our services are inimitable as we focus on accomplishing your goals. Get associated with Traffic tail, the best Digital marketing company in Allahabad.

Our process

When anyone starts something, they know every little detail about that which helps them provide better results. Our team tries to know the concept which our client wanted to work on. The concept gives the clarity of knowledge about the work we are going to indulge in and the objectives we want to achieve.

It helps us make a structure of the tasks we are going to accomplish, building a base on which everything will be based, having clarity of goals to be achieved, and how the process will go. 

Once we got to know the results, we will prepare a map of things we have to do during the process. Our team in Prayagraj consistently making efforts to be prepared with the plan of action to achieve what we are thriving for. 

Preparation before going to the battle filed is important. So, we focus on preparing a quality plan for future action so that everything goes smoothly. And we must know what is the next step we have to follow in the process. 

The final process and the delivery of work come last, where we make sure that we have worked as per your instructions and used the tricks and techniques required. Also, we focus on giving the best results within the time framed by the client for completion of services. 

We take our time delivery very sincerely and work around it to give on-time delivery. Our previous clients have been very happy with our work and on-time delivery. It is the main factor in our growth. We strive hard to stand on the expectations of our clients.

What we do as a digital marketing agency

1. Facebook Ads– We promote Facebook ads of your business for expanding your reach in the market. We are an affordable digital marketing company in Allahabad that is expertise in every work we perform for our clients. Our prices or rates are so comforting that it is hard for people to believe. 

2. Google ads– Google ads are an online google advertisement program that allows its users to create an online advertisement to reach the targeted audience who are interested in their products or services they are offering. Google ads work on a pay-per-click method where you have to pay an amount when a visitor clicks on the ad. We as the best digital marketing company in Allahabad provides you with Google ads services at affordable prices. 

3. Linkedin Ads– Linkedin ads let you exhibit an ad in front of your favorite audience. In other words, you can target the audience you want to show your ad to. You get a lot of benefits from LinkedIn ads like business opportunities, connections with highly professional people, promotion of services, promotion of products, etc. If you want to have all these benefits you can contact us for following up with your LinkedIn ads. 

3. SEO– SEO is a non-detachable part of digital marketing. You can not reach anywhere in online marketing without search engine optimization. It helps you reach your targeted audience to attain growth. If you want to see how it works you can just connect to us and we will show you how it happens. We are a pro in SEO. We have the required expertise in SEO. 

4. Local SEO– Local SEO is one of the parts of SEO where we locally try to affect the decision of our audiences. Local SEO is used for any business which has a physical location in any local geographical area. So, that when people search for that particular local area your business will pop on Google. It is for those who have local shops like, restaurants, grocery, medical, etc. 

5. SMO– SMO stands for Social media optimization. Gaining a reputation on social media has become highly important these days. Everyone is just constantly using social media. So, to make your business fall in front of those social media users has become the next most important thing. It is about finding out which content is being performed well for your business so that you can repeat it for future goals and if you are searching for right SMO service then you should contact our digital marketing company in Allahabad.

6. SMM– SMM stands for social media marketing. As you know how social media is creating wonders for people doing business over there. So, to make it work for you as well, we have to Focus on social media marketing. For that, you can trust Traffic tail at any time for social media marketing. We will mold social media for growing your business in the most tremendous ways possible. We will manage your social media handles for the betterment of your career growth.

7. YouTube promotion – YouTube is the next big thing, which is an uprising in the online marketing world. Most businesses are using this platform for creating brand awareness, introducing new products, and guiding how they can use their services. We have in-depth expertise in YouTube promotion to manage your ads and brand promotion on YouTube. 

8. Lead generation– We know how important lead generation is for your business. So, we specifically work on lead generation for your business to grab a pace in the market. Lead generation is one of the important parts of digital marketing where your business gets recognition among people. 

9. E-commerce– E-commerce is about transacting and exchanging goods and services on an online platform. It is called electronic marketing where people are placing orders and transferring funds online for a monetary transaction. It lets businesses buy and sell their goods and services online. We know the e-commerce aspect thoroughly and we work on it for our client’s business. 

10. Content marketing– Content marketing refers to creating the content for marketing the products and services of a company. Creating content is not enough we have to work on it to make it more persuasive and creative for people to take an action. We also have to optimize for better reach. You would love to find that, we at Traffic tail do all of this. 

11. Web development– Web development is the utmost important part of digital marketing. It lets your business website achieve the results you have set. Web development makes your website looks great and works quickly. Our team of web developers provides your customers with a seamless experience using your website. 

12. Mobile application– Mobile application lets your business quickly expand among more people. A mobile application is made to run on a mobile device like smartphones or tablets. We develop a mobile application for our clients to target the audience who are using mobile applications. 

13. Lead automation– Lead automation is that set up where you can generate leads as and when they enter your sales campaign, like social media, PPC campaign, website, landing pages, etc. As soon as you generate leads automation puts them into their right places at the right time. It is designed to take control of your lead generation. 

14. 2 FA– 2FA is two-factor authentication. It is a kind of extra security to your accounts online that protects your online credentials. It is used to protect the data from getting breach of unconventional things. As the use of digital marketing increases so do its disadvantages rises, and one of such disadvantages is hacking of online data. To cater to this problem, we come up with two-factor authentications. 

15. Campaign management– Starting a campaign is not hard but managing it would be a tough task. So, to help you cater to the management problem we are here to manage your ongoing campaigns. We know how the campaign should be managed with a lot of vigilance and care. We have a separate team of people who only works in managing the campaigns of our clients. 

we can help your business to get on its top through our expertise as the best digital marketing company in Allahabad.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, you should invest in PPC advertising because it gives a high return on investment in comparison to other marketing forms. You can be in complete control of your spending because you can limit the expenditure. Also, it is a very cost-effective way of doing marketing. 

As you already know how effective social media is these days. There are billions of people using social media. So, if you spend on one social media ad there are chances of it reaching a larger audience. Your product or service will gain the attention it needed through the best digital marketing company in Allahabad.

It depends on the kind of way you are approaching to do affiliate marketing. Whether you are doing it silently or you are doing it openly. This form of marketing provides a business with 100% ROI. so get the best services through the best digital marketing company in Allahabad

E-mail marketing can be an effective marketing avenue through targeting the right group of people at right time. Email marketing is much more effective than other forms of marketing. It only takes a lot of time and effort but you will surely be going to see the efforts. You can make it effective by choosing your customer and an email service provider. 

Yes, there is no doubt about this statement that soon video marketing is going to rule the world. Video marketing is the most common form of digital marketing where you guide your customers thoroughly about what you do and what value your business can add to their lives.

Investing in Online Reputation Management is like investing in the image of your business. It helps you improve your online presence on the internet. It lets you improve your customer’s views towards you. 

This statement is true in every way possible. Search engine optimization helps you gain huge traffic to your website. If your SEO is not up to date with new tricks and techniques then you might lose the game. The website and its content have to be SEO-friendly. get the best and relevant content that generates leads through through the best digital marketing company in Allahabad

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