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Starting something, you always wanted to do is easier than keeping it in the right shape. A business should not lose its fame, it must be on the lane always. To keep it on track, you must want to have modern website designing services. The website designing services can help you grow your business online. We are Traffic Tail’s best website designing company in India, we are here to provide you with every kind of website designing service. 

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Website development services that can help you grow your business

If you don’t want your customers to move somewhere else other than your website then contact Traffic Tail today. We are the best website designing company focusing only on customizing the website to gain the trust of your audience. 

Every aspect of your website is to make your customers trust your services. We keep the organizational goals in mind to give you, what you desire. We mold the website designing services in such a way that they best work for your business.

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Website designing services with Traffic Tail

We at Traffic tail provide many website designing services which are quite compelling. We focus on the objective of making those websites that leads to the right results for our clients. Every website designing has a purpose and our team focus on that purpose while creating a captivating website.

Pleasing to customers

We focus on making it more pleasing to your customers. We use different designs, colors, fonts, etc. It grabs the focus of customers on your website. We use animation, picture, or logo which is soothing and attractive to the customers. And use a more readable font. Our team knows the best about everything. 

Keeping Simple

We believe in simplicity. We don’t make things difficult to understand either we try to mold them into something difficult to understand. We try to make it as simple as possible because that is what the majority of the customers love. We organize the important information in such a way that it directly clicks the mind of customers.

Compelling content

We create compelling content which urges customers to read more about it. We use professionally written content that leaves a quality mark in the minds of people. We use a simple tone and simple words to grab their attention. Customers don’t like to read tricky things, so we make everything straightforward. 

Types of Website designing services at Traffic Tail


E-commerce Website Development Services

E-commerce website is that website where people do buy and sell transactions. It is the online portal that facilitates the transaction of goods and services over the internet through the transfer of funds and personal information.

We at Traffic Tail, design an E-commerce website for our multiple clients. The e-commerce website is the first step in starting an e-commerce journey. On the website, products and services are displayed with a CTA button like “buy now” which compels a customer to take action. All necessary details and information about the product including the reviews of existing customers are given on the e-commerce website. It is made in such a way that it engages customers’ trust in you.


The rising business of E-commerce after the introduction of digital marketing has seen a surge. Today, almost everyone goes through an e-commerce website at least one time a day. We make your e-commerce website completely customer-friendly. 

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Mobile Website Designing Services

The mobile website is a website that is mobile-friendly and mobile-responsive. These websites are easily accessible on mobile devices. Mobile-friendly websites are taking all over the market due to their easy accessibility at any time.

We offer mobile-friendly website designing services which adapt to the screen size of the mobile and the font is generally larger than the website. We make it in such a way that people would take quick and easy action on your product or services.

With the mobile being the best friend of a human, the need for mobile website designing is increasing each day. People don’t prefer to open a desktop for searching for something, they directly search on google on their devices. If your website would not mobile responsive then your customer would leave your website and move to the next which would be easily accessible.


Business Website Development Services

The business website is a website that is made for different businesses. Your business could be anything such as a coaching center, a shop, a mall, a café, etc. but the thing you need is your business website. A business website that defines the nature of your business, pours out important information to the public and pitches your customers.

We are a top website development company that provides business website services at affordable prices. A business website is a vital part of the business. A business website only talks about you and your business. It talks about how you can create value in your customer’s life. And the people who made it to talk about you are US, Traffic Tail. Businesses like small businesses get a lot of help from a business website. It changes their business perspective.

Programmers and developer teams are coding and developing software.


Static and Dynamic Website Designing Services

Static in general terms refers to fixed, while dynamic refers to change. A static website is a website that doesn’t change its information. It is the simplest form of the website; it contains the same data which has been stored in it. On the other hand, a dynamic website is a website that changes its information and content depending on the viewer of the website. It changes according to the time, place, etc.

We provide the services of designing static and dynamic websites according to the needs of our clients. For some clients’ static is comfortable, while for others dynamic is the need. We work according to your preference. The website is the link between you and your customer so choosing the right form of the website helps a business.


News/Blog Website Development Services

News portal websites are those websites that are designed for the news industry. These websites are designed to provide news to newsreaders in a digital form. Newspapers are no longer the favorite part of the morning; news portals have taken that place. We at Traffic Tail design compelling news websites that grab the attention of your newsreaders. A news portal is one of the widest websites which almost contains everything concerning the news industry. We give space for everything in a news portal so that your reader doesn’t feel a shortage of anything. We provide the following features of the news portal website.


Below are the things we kept in mind while building your customized website;

Secured socket Layers is an internet protocol for securing the exchange of data between the user and the website. The Internet has a lot of secured and important information of users, which cannot be released. Hence, it is secured by SSL. We provide Free SSL services to our clients, which is an important part of a website.

Mobile-friendly designs are referred to mobile-friendly websites that can be accessed by mobile users on their devices. It refers to make a website mobile responsive. We offer mobile-friendly website designing services which are quite worth having. It doubles the traffic because these days everyone prefers to open a website on their mobile device. 

Live chat functionality is a very new and innovative feature of website designing. Under this feature, the customers can chat to customer care support anytime they face any problem. We introduce this feature while designing websites for our clients so that they have a satisfied customer base.

Inquiry forms are made to gather the personal information of a customer or visitor. These are made for different purposes in a website like knowing what customer wants, why they are here, and what they would like to know. These forms are also made to take a call to action. We provide this feature to our clients keeping their products or services in mind.

SEO set-up is used to make the website SEO friendly so that they can index on the google database. It makes Google and other searches crawl inside the website and access the data efficiently. It increases the traffic on the website by optimizing the website design. We offer our client SEO website designing services to attain huge traffic.

You already know the importance of having a mobile-friendly website. It creates a long-lasting impression in the mind of your customers. We are the affordable website designing company that provides you with mobile responsive website services. A website that is compatible with mobile devices has the greatest number of customers. Because today everyone wants to have a simple and easy way to access the website on their devices. 

Navigation is one of the important features of a website. It lets customers find the right website, which they are looking for. Most of the customer search with some keywords, which is included in your website would help it to reach the right customer. We give special focus on this feature because it is that feature which will lead you to so many customers. We add this navigation feature on the website at the right place, so that customers can find you for what they are looking for.

You know what makes us the best website designing and development company? Our designed websites quickness. We made websites that quickly load. Today, people are always in a hurry if they don’t find a website that is loading quickly, they will shift to next. And in this way, you will lose a visitor. So, if you want your website to work quickly and load pages quickly then take our services. 

Your Content defines whether your audience will take an action or not. They want quality content, not quantity. So, we at Traffic Tail provide the best content quality possible to your customers. We make sure that they take action on the thing they have read or analyzed. 

The world is going ahead and if someone is not walking along with it, then they probably going to lose. The use of the latest tools and technology makes your website looks advanced and highlighted. We use advanced features and technologies while designing your website. It makes your customer keen to use the latest features. 


How it likes to work with Traffic Tail

Here I am going to tell you how your experience would be to work with us. We are entirely goal-oriented and give importance to nurture the relationship with our clients. It is always going to be one amazing experience; you would ever have. Not just that we nurture a relationship with clients but we also focus on giving the best services. So, here are the following things which you would love about us;

  • Innovation– Have you seen how the world is developing? It is only because of innovation people are coming up with, every day. We also believe in that. Our team is young and innovative. They always indulge in creating something new, something out of the box. We keep innovating to not lose the jest of competition. Innovation is what makes us differ from everyone else, it is something that makes us Traffic Tail, not everyone else. 

  • Creative knack– Our team is full of creative ideas. They always come up with something creative to attract the interest of the audience. Creativity matters when you are in a field where there is high competition. So, we pour every creativity into your project to make it different and amazing for everyone.

  • 24*7 support– Keeping our clients updated with our 24*7 support is what makes us different. We don’t let our clients wander in doubt. We always provide them 24*7 support, so that they can have a solution anytime. We ask them to just contact us whenever they feel any kind of difficulty. We don’t just help during a project but also after the completion of the project.

  • Cost-effective– Our services are very affordable. People knew us as an affordable website designing company in India. Because we don’t charge unfairly, we believe in providing the best services at the right price. That’s why our existing clients find our services cost-effective. 

  • On-time delivery– We deliver our projects on time. We focus on quality keeping in mind the deadline of the project. That’s the motto of our company and that’s what makes us the best website designing company in India. Everyone is running out of time but we make sure that we are not, so we provide on-time delivery of the project.

  • Team of IT professionals– Everyone who is working with Traffic Tail is professionally well qualified in their area of work. They have appropriate skills and knowledge in the field they are working in. We have a team of IT professionals who design and develop amazing websites for our clients. This is the difference we make in the potential market.

  • Latest technology– We are more focused on providing the latest features than galloping over old ones. Our services are always highly technical and professional. This is all because we use the latest technology and give our clients an experience of advanced technology.

Why Traffic Tail is the best choice for you

There is no doubt that how Traffic Tail is reigning in the market with its services. But still, people need to believe how we are the top website development company in India. For that, you need to read these highlighted points;

  1. Client satisfaction– Serving our clients with satisfaction is the aim of Traffic Tail. We satisfy our clients with our services. Whoever has taken our services has always been satisfied with our work. We just don’t work according to us; we also make our client part of the project by updating and taking their approval on the project. We offer the best services and desired results.


  2. 1500+ projects– We have worked on more than 1500+ projects, which means we have a proven classic record of our quality services. All of the projects we have done taught us to do better. We have learned and practiced everything in these projects. It made people believe that we have a high potential of achieving the best possible results. Every project was a different challenge with different things which taught us to be versatile in our services.


  3. Increase traffic– The website we design increases the traffic by 100 times. We know all the tools and tricks which increase the traffic to a website. We engage more people in your business by designing and developing the best website. We don’t trick our clients into false notions. We make it possible for them to look at a better side. Increased traffic is what everyone wants. And it what we provide.


  4. Potential growth– What makes Traffic tail the best website designing and development company is providing potential growth to a business. We make our client’s business achieving potential growth. Potential growth is what makes a business foresee a better picture. 

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Grow your business online with a modern website design service

Here is the list of things we can do to grow your business online;

  • Build a reputation in the market– Who doesn’t want to have a reputation in the market? Everyone wants it. So, we are focused on building a healthy reputation for your business in the market. It enhances your customer base and will give you a healthy customer base. Your website will talk about you and your business, we will make it to build a reputation.


  • Create brand and awareness– A website is a right way of creating a brand and spreading awareness about your business in the market. We make sure that your audience knows you better every time they see your website popping on their screens.
  • Widen the customer base– We are very sure of the fact that once you will take our services your customer base will expand. We bring a lot of traffic to your website by designing it with highly advanced features. We always believe in two-way communication, where we will connect your customers to you.
  • Mobile-friendly website– Reaching more and more customers is the aim of every business and we are here to make that aim come true. We provide mobile responsive website designing services. We make your website open on mobile devices without any hindrances. Today, everyone uses mobile phones and it is the right place of taping more customers.
  • Enhances the business image– A website talks about a business. A website has all the information about the business. A website is the right platform for showing the best side of your business. And it will only be possible if you will take our services because we have an expert team who is highly experienced in creating the best websites. We create websites that enhance your business image. 

Why choose Traffic Tail as your website designing company

Choosing the best website designing agency is a tough task because you have to find the best. And when you are talking of best, then don’t forget our name. We at Traffic Tail can be your website designing pal. Here are the following things which make us the best;

    • Affordable pricing– Our services are completely affordable and price-effective. We don’t charge extra but we do provide extra services. We believe in gaining your trust with your services rather than charging high and not giving what you want. We are an affordable website designing company in India. Our clients have told us how cheap and cost-effective our services are.


    • Client satisfaction– As we have told you earlier, we believe in gaining the trust of our clients. We don’t indulge in high competition and providing inferior services. We take care of every need of the client and what they are expecting from us. We work on their instructions and ask for their approvals when needed. We at Traffic Tail nurture a healthy relationship with our clients. We try to create a long-term relationship with them. This is what made them feel belonged.


    • 24*7 support– We are always ready to help our clients at any time. We have a technical team who looks after the issues our clients face. We don’t say no to anything. We make ourselves available to their services. Our support team helps our clients with every query or problem they have. They provide an instant solution and work on their needs.


    • Generate huge traffic– At Traffic Tail, we completely focus on generating huge traffic to the website. We use different techniques through implementing SEO, sharing quality content, replying to queries of customers, etc. We know the importance of having a huge traffic on the website. So, we design the website in such a way that it engages more people in your business.


    • Expert team– We have a team of experts at Traffic Tail, who is indispensably working on creating an efficient website. They are skilled, professional, and experienced in the work they are doing. They design and then put everything in the front. They know how to deal with every kind of situation during tough times. Our team knows what will work for you and what will not. So, they design and develop accordingly.


    • Customized approach– Customized approach refers to work on the client’s needs and demands. We don’t work on the assumption of what might or might not work for our clients rather we ask our clients what they want to have. We ask our clients about the purpose of their business, what it needs, and the kind of results it demands. We meet all the requirements of our clients to make their website look exactly what they wanted it to be. This approach attracts more visitors and turns them into permanent customers, because it is all they need and what the business wants to give.


    • 100% quality results– We have a great track record of proven results. We provide 100% best results in a short time. We keep on juggling what is the best thing for you. We work on your desired results but without inferring the quality of the work. Our prime focus is always on quality than anything else. It is something that comes first and leaves an embarking mark on the customers. 

Our Clients

Why website designing is important?

Website design is an integral part of engaging your customers with you. Website designing lets your audience take an action on your products and services. People always want something to trigger the button in them. And website designing does that part. Your customers tend to judge your business by the kind of website you have. So, giving proper time to the designing of a website can create a difference. We are here for creating the best website ever.

Brand Image

Website designing creates a brand image in the market. It sets an image in the mind of your customer about your business. We build a brand image of our client’s business that talks about them. Creating a brand image is not an easy task and neither unworthy, it is important and difficult. Because it sets a pace in the market. So, our team gives a special focus on creating a brand image.

Search engine optimization

SEO-friendly website creates a lot of organic traffic into the website. Search engine optimization is the reason for all the organic traffic a website generates. We have a team of SEO experts who work hard to generate such organic traffic to your website. It also makes sure that the website rank on Google results. All of these things are possible only with the use of search engine optimization.

Build trust among the audience

When you make a website of your business, it builds the trust in the minds of your customer that you are not a fraud. A lot of people tend to check a business by putting its name on google and going through the business websites. If you will have such an interactive and attentive website, your audience would love to connect with you. We design such interactive and trustworthy websites to gain the trust of your audience.

Competitors are doing it already

Your existing competitors in the market are already designing great websites which are earning them a lot of people. If you also want to earn people to your business, you need to get your business a website. We are here to offer you the best website designing service at affordable prices. We design competitive websites which gain traffic from a lot of people and tend to grow your business online.

Creates consistency

When you have your website, you tend to do things with it. Keeps it updated with everything going on in your business. It makes your customers updated with new things they can get from your business. It persistently works for the betterment of your business. We create such website features which can help you create consistency in the market. Consistency is all about keeping going and that’s what your business deserves to have.

Leave a long-lasting impression

There is no doubt that a website creates an impression in the mind of your audience. An impression that keeps their trust in you. If you will have a website that is perfectly designed to attract the attention of your audience. Then, it will leave a long-lasting impact on their decision to choose your products and services, time and again. We create some amazing eye-catching website designs that embark a long-term impact on your customers.

What else Traffic Tail Provides you with?

Traffic Tail has so much to offer if you are the one who wants to take it. We provide such valuable services to our clients and our prospective leads, that they attain quality results. That’s why we are the top website development company in India. After knowing everything about us, do you still want to know more? Then, here are the following things we also provide to our clients and leads;

  • Website pages– Website pages are part of the website. Website pages tell you the story of the business. In simple words, website pages are those pages that contain important information about different products or services of a business. We at Traffic Tail provide you with different website pages of a website. During the designing process, we make sure we give you everything your business needs. Following are the web pages we add to your website;

1. Home page
2. Feed page
3. Menu page
4. Search page
5. About page
6. Blog page
7. 404 page

  • Customized style– We use customized design to style your website. We don’t use templates to give you already known experience. We believe in putting creativity forward. So, we design the new style using different fonts, typography, and using different colors. All of these things together create a customized style website. It attracts more customers than a simple template-made website. 

  • Responsive design– Almost every customer these days wants their mobile devices to be multi-useful. So, they use their mobile devices for everything. Making responsive website designing will fill this wish too. Having a website that has a responsive design will boost your career even more. And we are here for that only, that is to boost your career to the next level. We create responsive website designs that can be open and be dynamic to every kind of customer you may have. Isn’t it a great way of winning the trust of your audience? A website that will be automatically adjusted to the needs of your customer would not be a bad idea.

  • E-commerce functionality– A website with e-commerce functionality would make your e-commerce business more fruitful than anything. We add all the e-commerce features to a website so that it can help you to make the process of e-commerce much easier than ever. It flattens the e-commerce experience for a customer. Here are the following e-commerce functionality features we add;

1. Promotion tools
2. Discount tools
3. Easy to checkout tool
4. E-mail marketing 
5. Multiple payment options

  • Website copywriting– We write compelling digital content for different pages like a landing page, blog posts, product page, and every page that needs content. Compelling and crispy copy keeps the visitors coming to your website. It engages their interest in you. Also, website copywriting helps your customers in taking fast decisions. It promotes your business without spending money on advertisement. We have a great team of website copywriting, who write compelling copies for different clients.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, we customize every kind of website designing. We build a completely customized website. We follow the customized approach. We focus on what best fits you. If you have any idea of customizing design, you can tell our team and we will make it happen. Otherwise, we use our creative approach while designing a website

Yes, we do offer 24*7 support. If you want to modify or change your website design you can contact us, we would help you get a new one. We respect our clients and their choices. You will have access to our designing and development team, who will help you with your query. You don’t have to have any knowledge about designing, all you need to tell us what you are picturizing or expecting. 

You don’t have to focus on money if you are working with us. Because we don’t charge high. We charge the right amount. We don’t either charge extra. We believe in providing affordable services so that anyone can afford these important services from us. The exact amount of cost depends on the services you are taking from us. But it will not be out of your pocket plus you will get all the after services as well, in case you need anything else.

Traffic Tail believes in providing on-time services, you only need to give us a deadline and we will be up for you. We don’t take much time to build a website because we have a team of professionals who are experienced and work very quickly. We work according to your deadlines. If you need it fast, we will design it fast. If you need it slow, we will take our time.

All the websites we create wholly search engine friendly. We don’t design websites that are not SEO-friendly. SEO is the main character of an ideal website and we create an only ideal website. SEO-friendly websites attract more websites than non-SEO-friendly websites. 

Yes, completely yes. Especially, when you are a small business, getting your website developed and designed would help you in gaining a lot of customers. Website designing is helpful for a small business. It triggers a growth potential in their business. We at Traffic Tail create amazing websites for all kinds of small businesses. 

First of all, we don’t let this thing happen. But if in certain circumstances it happened, we would make it better for you next time. We would ask you to let us design it one more time and there you will be going to have the results you want. Also, we always take approvals from our clients before finalizing the design. So, that it could come out better in one go.

The static websites always have the same content and they don’t change rarely. They don’t change according to the needs of a customer. On the other hand, dynamic websites are always changing their content according to the needs of customers. Dynamic websites are more customer-friendly than static ones. 

There is no limit on the number of pages you can have on your website. You can choose the number of pages you’d like to have on your website. Even the more the pages would be the more ideal your website would become. You can have a search page, menu page, about page, feed page, the home page, etc. 

Yes, we do provide web copywriting services. Whenever our clients ask us to write on their landing pages, home pages, products description, or blog posts, etc. We do it with all our hearts. We write compelling copy to attract the attention of your customers. 

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