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Digital marketing has made it easy for people to just look at their computer screens and mobile devices to know about the marketing trends and everything they want. Everything is now accessible to every person in just a few clicks. Isn’t it revolutionary? Before we used to look at billboards and Television to what is trending in the market. But now we have every possible source of knowing the market with our fingers.

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Digital marketing is the foundation of the online marketing world

Internet is the father of digital marketing. As the internet has widened its perks, a lot of things have been introduced. Digital marketing is one such thing. Who knew digital marketing can reign the market like a storm? Everyone was just juggling to handle it, and here it is ruling the internet.

There is no doubt in this saying that “Digital marketing is the foundation of the online marketing world”. Everything, that is happening in the online marketing world is possible through digital marketing only. A digital marketing company in India thriving hard to create a market space for everyone.

Traffic Tail is one such digital marketing company in India, who is weaving ways for different firms and organizations to steer their growth. There are firms and organizations which are dependent on digital marketing for targeting their audiences in the internet world.


India's Most Affordable eCommerce Website Development Company

Are you searching for a highly-skilled designer for website creation?

Or require an artist for creating the diversified categories on your website?

You can rely on our premium skilled designers to formulate the attractive forms of façade. The technical part makes sure the proper working of a website with an easy navigation tool. To build the consumer-friendly website, we work on all the ways to carve out a holistic web infrastructure. We have exceptional E-commerce website designing services, which provide functionally visually attractive and appealing.

We have highly trained web developers, who could propel our responsive and rich website constructed on the latest technical specifications. These specifications lead to websites flexible to the dynamic needs of the customers. With a broad portfolio, we are one of the best business website development companies in India.

Digital marketing has become a necessity

What do you think about how businesses are surviving in the world of the Internet? Let us tell you. A business is approaching a digital marketing company to fight the dying competition.

Numerous digital marketing services help a business to thrive in the market. The name of such services is content marketing, advertising campaigns, pay-per-click services, SEO services, social media marketing, PR services, etc. All these services are performed by different people in a digital marketing company in India, who are keen to make your business digitally advanced.


Our Digital Marketing Services

SEO Service

Ranking on google is what everyone desires and we at Traffic Tail make it come true for them. We use different SEO practices to deliver quality results. Our approach towards SEO includes on-page SEO, off-page SEO, Technical SEO, Keyword research, etc. These SEO services increase traffic to your website and increase conversion rates. We make you believe that it is all there, you just need to choose the right digital marketing company in India.

Pay Per Click

Reaching the front screen of the customers is not an easy job to perform. But we are here doing all of this. We provide you with PPC services where you have to pay for a click. It is a method of paying for the click when every time a customer clicks on your ad. The most common PPC platform is Google Ads, where google allows people to pay for the top google slots. Besides Google, we also choose other channels, like Twitter ad campaigns, paid ads on Facebook, and sponsored messages on LinkedIn, etc.

Content Marketing

Content is everywhere in the market. But the difference is quality and how you are marketing the content. So, we at Traffic Tail work on these two points i.e quality and marketing. We provide you with 100% quality content. And we market your content by extending the keyword research so that it can reach your audience. Content is used on different channels like blogs, white papers, e-books, etc. We also use infographic techniques to share your content. Because sometimes people want some crisp and we take care of that.

Digital PR

It is a strategy of attaining a digital presence in the market to gain several results like backlinks, enhances online presence, builds brand awareness, and improve the website. We at Traffic Tail, understand the need for having Digital PR, for that we have a team who is making sure that you get the desired results. We drive the digital value from PR. We create awareness through influencer marketing, SEO, content marketing, and social media marketing.

Social Media Marketing

Social media marketing does a fabulous job in creating brand awareness, driving traffic, and generating tough leads. All this is possible through social media marketing. And we have a young and enthusiastic social media team, who are making your wishes come true. They are working on different social media channels like Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, etc. We know what you expect from social media and we give you all.

Influencer Marketing

Influencers are playing an important part in digital marketing, these days. Traffic Tail is the top digital marketing company in India, which is linked to many influencers and provides influencer marketing services to your brands. We hold successful influencer marketing campaigns for your brands at very affordable prices. We expand your brand and make it grow in a digital world.

Landing Page Development

The landing page is the simplest way of converting your visitors into your customers. It is the most affordable channel of digital marketing. We make it simpler for you through our digital marketing services. We transfer your landing page into earning machine. Our landing page development team is highly skilled and dedicated to your businesses.

Facebook Marketing Research

Facebook with an audience of billions, opening a different channel of opportunities for businesses. One such opportunity is marketing your business on Facebook. We provide several Facebook marketing services that include Facebook strategy development, Facebook content creation, Facebook page growth, Facebook reporting, and monitoring. We help you reach new customers, build your relationship with the audience, create engaging content, etc.

Online Reputation Marketing

ORM marketing is the way of keeping an eye on how your business is doing in the digital world. If anything, negative is going on about your business, then you would know it through ORM. We provide ORM services and ensure that everything your business does would be perceived positively by people. Traffic Tail is the best digital marketing company in India that is dealing with several ORM services like removes negativity from top-ranking, conveys your best history, and promotes positivity.

Our motive is digital excellence

We at Traffic Tail focuses on providing excellent digital marketing services to our clients. We have a team of experts who are highly skilled and experienced in all the digital marketing services they are working on.

We look for ways to evolve the businesses into something they never imagined. We have provided our services to a bunch of different business verticals and now look forward to work with some more. Our only motive is to assist our clients in whatever they are struggling with. We deliver quality results and ensure a healthy relationship with our clients.

Creating an environment where you can grow as well as you can feel comfortable is the reason behind our digital excellence. We design and advertise your business on different platform like;

  • Social media
  • Company websites
  • Corporate blogs
  • Google
  • Radio
  • Television

There is nothing that our team of experts cannot do. It doesn’t matter on what level you are working on; we provide services to all the industries whether big, medium, or small. We have a different location to spread our digital marketing services in India.

Through digital marketing, you can target the customers who will likely purchase your services or products. Traditional marketing used to be very costly but digital marketing is very cost-effective and more efficient in every way. Digital marketing provides much more opportunities to grow in the market.

Why a business should use digital marketing?

Digital marketing is the new way of leading in the marketing world. If you desire to lead your brand or business in the market among the desired audience, then you must ha\ve to access digital marketing services. If you are still confused about taking digital marketing services, then just go through the following reasons for using digital marketing;

  • Time-saving– Unlike the traditional medium of marketing, digital marketing is more time-saving. It does not just save time but money also. Earlier, we used to go door to door for promoting or advertising a product or service. But now with the introduction of digital marketing, everything becomes easy. Marketing has changed its meaning. There is no better reason than this for using digital marketing, which is saving precious time.

  • High ROI– Under digital marketing, “What you spend is always more than what you receive”. There is a high rate of investment. Spending money on things is always an anxious task because you think of losing it. But in digital marketing, you will always be going to earn. Every digital marketing service is worth every penny you spend.

  • Build a brand– Digital marketing services are helping businesses to build their brands. Building a brand is an important phenomenon for any kind of business. It makes a business stand strong in the market among its audience. More and more people get to know the brand through digital marketing. It builds a strong competitive reach in the market. If you want to build a successful brand then you have to access digital marketing services.

  • Increase engagement– There is no doubt how digital marketing is engaging more people into a business. Digital marketing services create a network of people (customers) who are keen to know your business. And probably going to be your long-term customers. Social media marketing and Search engine marketing are the most common services which increase engagement. If you are new and barely have any customers then contact us at Traffic Tail, we are the best affordable digital marketing company in India.

  • Track campaigns– Earlier in Traditional marketing, we hardly can track the marketing campaigns. But with the introduction of digital marketing, we can easily track every marketing campaign we are part of. You can track the campaign results, and work towards them if they are not very well. We help our clients to track their campaign results.

  • Build strategies– As you might have the idea that digital marketing has several strategies, which we work on at different times. Digital marketing lets us build strategies which most likely to work for your business. These strategies vary from time to time and business to business. We have a strategic team that knows when to use which strategy for what business.

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What makes us the top digital marketing company in India

Traffic Tail is the top digital marketing company in India because we have;

1. Successful marketing campaigns– We have done a lot of successful marketing campaigns for different businesses. All of our marketing campaigns have seen a huge result. The results have impressed our clients. We are providing several marketing campaign services according to the need of your business. We just don’t apply anything without researching about the same. We track the campaign from time to time so that we can derive a more successful outcome.

2. 500+ clients– We have worked with 500+ clients, all of them are happy with our services. Because we have given the desired results. All of them are from different business verticals. Some are individuals and some are multi-national businesses. But what they get is the results they were expecting from us. We have proved our excellence in our work. That’s why they believe in Traffic Tail more than anything.

3. Increased sales– Our clients come to us intending to reach high results in the form of increased sales. Increasing sales is the most common way of analyzing how your business is doing. So, our team focuses on increasing sales and converting leads into customers. We have provided our client’s many increased sales.

4. Potential growth– Every client who has taken services from us, sees potential growth in their businesses. They have told us that how they are seeing some growth in their business, almost every day. Our services are not just ordinary, we are making them extraordinary by experimenting with them. And it looks like our experiments are working in the right direction. Growth is what everyone wants and what everyone wants is our duty to give.

Why our clients trust us?

While working on digital marketing services for a long time, we have understood customer behavior. We know-how and to what customer reacts. Understanding customer behavior helps us to incline our services towards their need. When customer feel belonged to the business, then they most likely to stay forever.

We believe in inconsistency. There is no other way of reaching success without being consistent. That’s why our team is consistently working on your business goals. Consistent efforts lead to greater heights. Our results in digital marketing are consistent, maybe that’s why our clients choosing us, time and again.

Before going ahead we hold proper research on what our client is expecting from us. We gather a lot of information from different sources and try to understand the needs of the market. Then, we move our whole process of getting the best results towards that information. So that we can make a lot out of that information. We only believe in authentic sources, just like our clients put their belief in us.

The major reason or attribute of Traffic Tail being the best digital marketing agency in India is that we work on deadlines. We ensure that we meet the deadlines our client has put on us. So that they can understand our potential to work in any environment.

Producing high-quality content is never an easy task. It consists of a lot of clarity, effort, and information. That’s how our team at Traffic Tail makes sure that we produce high-quality content for our clients. That’s what makes our clients and prospective clients believe in us.

We all do have different experiences, some have bad, some have great. But all we have in common is the lessons we learn from our past experiences. We at Traffic tail, never fail to learn from the work we are doing. We also explore more, create more, and continue to do different experiments. What may have worked for one client, may not work for another. So, we always we this thing in mind while dealing with different clients.

Our Clients

How Traffic Tail analyzes project work?

Now, when you have known us this far, it’s time to brief how we work at Traffic Tail to make your projects successful. We understand your expectations from this project and we entirely focus on what you want to achieve through it. On the other hand, we also expect every kind of support from your end, if we need any. That’s how we work as a team to bring your expectations into a reality. We evaluate a plan in the form of a short process to go step-by-step in this journey. We want you to know the plan so that you can have clarity on us. Here is the list of steps to analyze a digital marketing project work;

  1. Understand the target audience– The very first step we follow is to understand, who is your target audience? Understanding the target audience helps us to evaluate the plan with more clarity. What the customer wants and who are they? Is the most important thing while hoping to complete a project. Without satisfying the customers, the project will reap no results. So, we dig a deep study about the customer persona to understand them better.

  2. Evaluate the marketing goals– When you come to us, you probably have marketing goals in mind which you want to achieve. We at Traffic Tail, evaluate those marketing goals to produce the results which you want to attain. That’s what makes us the best digital marketing company in India. Without defining the goals, no digital strategy would work.

  3. Access the existing data– We never get off from accessing as much data as we want. We always want more. We want to understand what and how a strategy would work for you. And for understanding you and your company better we ask you to provide the data you have. We access data from different sources. That’s what makes us a better analytical team, too.

  4. Understand the uniqueness of your products– We also understand the uniqueness of the products you are selling or you want to sell. We evaluate how the uniqueness of your product will grab the attention of your targeted audience. We ask different people on our team and from your company, to know what they feel about our products. What is that quality which grabs their attention in the product?

  5. Understand the expectations– We identify your expectations from this project and then work on them. Our team knows that we cannot bring quality results without knowing what you expect from us. So, we give a proper time to understand what you want and how you want. This is why we are the top digital marketing company in India.

  6. Make it easy for your customers– We don’t let your customer face any kind of difficulty in reaching you. We make it easy for them to connect with you. Digital marketing is all about eliminating the hardships a customer faces and provide them a better experience.

  7. Use of the right technology– Using advanced technology will make a better experience for your customers, which is fast and effective. So, we try to bring the best technology experience to your brand. So that it can reap the trust of their audience and amplify your image in the market.

  8. Develop a plan and a budget– We focus on bringing results and to bring a result, we must have a plan. So, we develop a plan which works in your favor and makes more conversion rates. We plan in such a way that every strategy we use has a call to action. The project cannot get completed until we have the right budget for the same. So, we also plan the budget for you while keeping your budget in mind. We only want the best for you so we put everything ahead while developing a budget.

  9. Track the process– We have certain digital marketing tools which help us track the status of the project. We constantly monitor its progress and time to time make changes, if needed. At Traffic Tail, we always believe in monitoring our process so that we keep you updated on how it’s going there. We know the importance of tracking and how it can become effective in a project.

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Frequently Asked Questions

A digital marketer is a marketing expert who employs and develops different digital marketing strategies to ensure your marketing growth online. He has every knowledge about the different aspects of marketing and he knows where to use what strategy. He knows what works for clients.

Yes, you can be benefited from digital marketing in many ways. You may see wonder your business would witness in a short span. Digital marketing will give you a platform to excel in your services or products. Digital marketing creates a brand image of your business and engages more customers to your business.

Yes, it is very cost-effective and time-saving at the same time in comparison with the old traditional ways of marketing. You can tap on more than one customer at the same time while marketing, while on traditional marketing this seems impossible. It makes you create a huge customer base. The campaigns under digital marketing are more cost-effective than traditional marketing.

Well, there is no doubt that Traffic Tail is the best digital marketing company in India. If before proceeding further you want to get sure about our services then you check the testimonials on our website. It will give you an idea of what our clients are talking about us. You can also check the number of projects we have done and the rate of success thereon.

Well, for determining which services would best suit your business, we first need to know what kind of business you are having. Without knowing anything about the business you are doing, we cannot claim anything. Every business has its different goals and aims, depending on different factors. But one thing is sure that whatever digital marketing service your business would need, will help in your business growth.

You should choose Traffic tail because it is the top digital marketing company in India providing the following benefits;

  • We provide services at affordable prices
  • We believe in client satisfaction
  • We provide 24*7 support
  • We generate more leads
  • We have an in-house expert team
  • We focus on a customized approach
  • We give 100% quality results

I think these reasons are enough to make you believe that we are everything you want.


Updating people with news and relevant content must be your priority. The period you take to update your website depends on you only. But you must ensure that it must be regular and not irrelevant. Consistency brings more results than anything else. You must be regularly consistent with your audience.

Inbound marketing is a mode of attracting customers by creating content which helps them to solve their problem. It is about creating great content that creates a difference in the lives of customers. It pushes the visitors to become a customer. This helps a company to connect with more customers without running a campaign.

Outbound marketing is the opposite of inbound marketing, it pushes customers to take an action. It is a process of throwing content in front of customers against their wishes. It includes advertisements in the middle of a video, email spamming, Google ads, Facebook ads, etc. All these tactics are used to make a customer take an action, which is no doubt very highly effective.

The list of social media channels is just adding up. In past years, a lot of social media platform has been added. But the most active social media platforms are Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube, etc. Out of these platforms, you further need to decide where your customer spend most of the time. And then choose a targeted platform.

We don’t have a criterion to categorize the businesses. We work with every business vertical. Because our team at Traffic Tail is highly experienced and has worked with almost every business vertical. That’s why we are the best digital marketing company in India. We have experience of so many years working with so many different businesses. We work with and for everyone.

We guarantee you 100% desired results. We understand the diversity of this marketing and we have worked with so many people. With all of this, we have learned so many things from our past experiences and attempted so much more. All of this has helped us to provide guaranteed results.

At Traffic Tail, we are highly focused on updating our clients from time to time. We share a report on every progress, task, and completed the task with you. We treat our clients as a part of our teams. We ask for their suggestions and approval if they have something for us. We also regularly contact our clients before starting anything new on their projects.

Content marketing strategy involves a plan of creating and building content around the target audience, establishing objectives, promoting, and analyzing how content marketing can bring customers.

Marketing automation refers to software that supervises a marketing campaign and processes on multiple channels. It helps in identifying the audience, trigger actions, and create the right content for the audience.