8 best marketing automation tools

8 Best Marketing Automation Tools You Should Use In 2022

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December 6, 2021

Best Marketing Automation Tools

marketing automation tools

Marketing automation refers to software platforms that are developed for marketers to market their products on multiple channels online and automate repetitive tasks effectively. Undoubtedly, it adds to the productivity of the company but it also comes with several benefits. 

Nowadays most organizations are using marketing automation tools to automate their tasks that otherwise needed to be done manually.

This can be done using different marketing automation tools. These tools are available in abundance but choosing the right marketing automation tool is more than important. 

In this article, we have brought the list of the best marketing automation tools. Before we begin with the list of the best marketing automation tools, let’s talk about the benefits associated with using marketing automation tools.

Benefits of using marketing automation tools 

  • It adds to the marketing efficiency of an organization.
  • It helps you in generating leads and increases Return on Investment. 
  • It facilitates better alignment of sales and other marketing goals. 
  • It allows marketers to have a clear view of the prospect behavior of customers. 
  • It enhances their ability to generate better and qualified leads. 
  • It adds to the productivity of the business. 

These are the benefits you are going to enjoy after choosing the right marketing automation tool. But what are you going to miss by not using these tools?

Let’s talk about the drawbacks of not using marketing automation tools. 

before after result of marketing automation

Drawbacks of not using marketing automation tools

  • You can save time by automating repetitive tasks which you would have to do manually otherwise. 
  • It helps you in generating better and qualified leads which you can miss by spending time on tasks that can be automated. 
  • You can use marketing automation tools like chatbots for increasing engagement. And by not using this you are missing a chance to win the trust of new users. 
  • Your competitors are already using marketing automation tools. By not using these tools you are allowing your competition to move ahead. 

The above-mentioned points are to be considered when you are ready for marketing automation. There is one thing you need to know before choosing a marketing automation tool is that not every company needs marketing automation. 

And if you really need marketing automation, these are the two points that are to be considered while selecting a marketing automation tool.

  • Knowing that you are ready and what kind of tool you require.
  • Understanding your case and needs

Best Marketing Automation Tools

Now let’s check the list of the best marketing automation tools. These are the most commonly used tools and allow you to monitor, automate and manage tasks of the marketing department. 


“The jack of all trades is a master of none.”

This statement is enough to describe Hubspot. It does everything but nothing at a deeper level. If you want CRM, marketing automation, sales management everything to be done in one place, Hubspot is your go-to option. It is often described as “inbound marketing software”.


This multitasking nature works the best for small businesses. It doesn’t cost too high. If you are looking for an “all-in-one” tool then Hubspot is the right choice for you. 


Pricing starts at $200


Marketo is a top-rated marketing automation tool used by marketers to manage their work. This is a one-stop solution that consists of features like email management, sales team management, lead generation. It has a marketplace called LaunchPoint with dozens of integrations. 


Marketo is neither the cheapest nor the most expensive marketing automation tool. The main feature of this tool is you can begin with basics and move to advanced level features on the same tool. It prevents you from shifting to other tools in the near future. 


Pricing starts at $1195/ month


It has another name called Exact Target. Exact Target/ Pardot is counted among the best market automation tools. It is able to target communications over multiple channels. Most marketing automation focuses on emails but Pardot helps you in targeting mobile notifications, messages to the dashboard of a customer’s car. 

Pardot dashboard

Also, the term Pardot is used for the tool used by B2B companies while Exact Target is used for B2C companies. 

This tool is used for companies who want to make the best use of their marketing automation tools. The business that wants to connect with their customers over many different channels can use this. 


No information available

Active campaign

Can you afford to miss this marketing automation tool? The answer is no. The tool does an amazing job as it empowers the salespeople by managing their tasks thus adding to their productivity. 

active campaign

The cost of the tool var based on features and number of contacts. It starts from $9 per month. You can also call it an affordable marketing automation tool. 


Pricing starts from $9-$400+ per month


Omnisend is marked as the best marketing automation tool. It provides a free trial for its clients. What makes it better than others is omnichannel functionality. It allows you to add several channels to the same automation workflow. The customer will directly get the message from the source they chose out of Facebook, SMS, push notifications, and many more. 


The user experience of Omnisend is amazing. The price of Omnisend is not too high. It can be used by all kinds of businesses as it is a one-stop solution for all marketers. 


The company provides a free trial version. The price ranges from $16per month to custom enterprise pricing based on features and number of contacts.


Userfox is not an old marketing automation tool. It is a new player that offers a good user experience. It is one of the most affordable marketing automation tools. This tool has a lightweight user interface. Like other tools, it focuses on email management. If you are looking for an affordable marketing automation tool, this is the right choice for you. 


This tool is often used by tech companies. Also, you can consider buying userfox if you own AdRoll this is going to multiply the performance of the marketing automation tool. 


Pricing starts from $49 per month


Customer.io is the right choice for subscription-based businesses. It is counted among the best marketing automation tool. It focuses on email automation to increase engagement of customers. It allows several integrations. 


This reduces the workload of marketers as they can automate their tasks and focus on other matters. This tool is not so cheap and should be chosen by businesses who are ready to spend more than $300 for a marketing automation tool. 


$150-$1000+ per month based on features and support


Eloqua has emerged as one of the best marketing automation tools. The USP of Eloqua is they guide and teach their users and get the most out of their product. It provides exceptional services and is used by big businesses. 


Eloqua is a perfect choice for big businesses as it is one of the most expensive marketing automation tools. They are going to guide you a lot. If you are looking for a team of vendors that can guide you effectively, Elquoa is the best choice for you. 


Pricing starts at $2000 per month


After checking the benefits of using market automation tools and the drawbacks of not using you must have decided to use marketing automation tools. 

The list of the best marketing automation tools has been created after thorough research. The market is flooded with marketing automation tools. It is up to you which tool you have to choose after checking with the requirements of your company. 

Which tool do you think can add the most value to your marketing department? Share the name in the comment section. And If you want to know about our Digital Marketing Services you can contact us.

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