Top10 Must-Use Video Editing Software

Top 10 Must-Use Video Editing Software

Author :
Ritika Rakshit
| Updated On :
November 23, 2022

There are a lot of people that are thinking about the professional video editing software available. the answer at any time? In the end, everything depends on what you want to accomplish. Is it acceptable to assume that you require free professional video editing software since you have a limited budget? Is it accurate to say that you want to use the expert programming for personal use or just for business purposes?

A smooth and advanced video editing setup is necessary for various activities such as Facebook Marketing, Influencer Marketing, Social Media Marketing, Video Marketing etc.

Moreover you can help your marketing video go from rough to smooth and clean by using the best video editing tools. The best programming typically requires experts to invest more money because it is more expensive. However, a less expensive programme that is easier to use and less complicated would be much better suited for beginners who may only need to make simple adjustments to their vacation movie or basic clasps for online entertainment.

Lets scroll down to know about the top 10 Best Video Editing Software 

Maybe you’re looking for something free to download that’s easy to use, or maybe you want to get your hands on the trickiest video editing programme you can find.

We’ve conducted a thorough investigation into what some people consider to be the ten best professional video editing programmes currently on the market, and we’re here to share what we discovered.

Adobe Premiere Pro

adobe premiere pro video editing software

Many people in the world of professional video editing rely on Adobe Premiere Pro, a specialised video manager. It features a variety of high level components that are well recognised to experts and skilled video editors alike. You are always welcome to start with a free trial to see if you enjoy it.

Key features:

  • Adobe Premiere Pro is designed for the post-production workflow of a video manager. It is equipped with a collection of powerful editing tools that content creators and producers may use to organise and change video files as well as enhance and calibrate sound.

Price details: Users can choose to pay $20.99 per month to use Debut Star and no other Adobe projects, or $52.99 per month to access everything.


canva video editing software

Canva is a well-known web-based realistic planning tool for video editing. Its vast array of beautifully designed formats help you quickly create your ideal plan! You can create a wide range of plans using Canva, such as social media posts for virtual entertainment, wedding invitations, blog standards, resumes, logos, twitter pennants, business cards, introductions, flyers, Instagram tales, and much more.

Key features: 

  • It includes the ability to create and retrieve all of your plans anytime and anywhere you like because it is a cloud-based gadget. Canva even provides robust, flexible and smooth video editing throughout the process. 

Pricing details – With the updated estimates, customers can spend more time in Canva Expert with their groups. Clients and their group can access everything that Canva Master has to offer for just US$12.99/month, for up to 5 people.


filmora video editing software

In order to create and distribute white-labelled promotional videos, businesses can use Filmora which is an amazing and advanced video editing tool. The streamlined connecting point can be used by marketing professionals to import, organise, and create a visually appealing schedule from media components.

Key features: 

  • Filmora enables staff members to send made recordings in several document formats. 
  • It enables users to incorporate custom text and alter text formatting options including size, line spacing, opacity, and colour.

Pricing details: For companies with one client, Filmora has an annual cost of $155.88 and a monthly cost of $7.99 for individuals. These include free technical assistance and all of Filmora’s features. Furthermore, understudies can spend up to 28% on Filmora’s outstanding instructional contributions.


iMovie video editing software

A tool for creating and editing videos, iMovie helps businesses of all sizes find and select footage. Chairmen can use pre-established formats to post personalised trailers on various online entertainment platforms and websites. The arrangement enables directors to vary impacts across visuals on a connected point that is joined together while adding titles, music, and actor names.

Key features:

  • It is actually very much affordable for all types of clients.
  • It’s simple to use the schedule connection point.
  • Regardless of their level of experience with editing, clients may quickly generate beautiful recordings thanks to formats.

Pricing details – iMovie allows us to use its programme completely free of charge for all Macintosh users.


cilpchamp video editing software

With the help of Clipchamp, anyone can tell compelling stories on video and share them with others. Nearly 14 million people worldwide use Clipchamp to easily edit recordings for business, educational, and creative purposes. Colleagues are given the ability by Clipchamp to add royalty-free video clasps, images, and sound to various recordings. It enables video creators to add backgrounds, alter tones, embed channels, and set up advancements to create video slideshows tailored to their specific requirements.

Key features:

  • Our manager gives clients access to effective tools and features, like simple management and editing, fruitful web-based screen recording, and additions like Green Screen. Trade your recordings for renowned sharing platforms with a variety of purposes and viewpoint sizes.

Pricing details: Digital Maker costs $6 each month. $13.00 per month for business. Business Platinum is available for $27 monthly. Additionally, ClipChamp provides a Free Arrangement with time-limited promotions.


lightworks video editing software

Everything a skilled proofreader could need for improving film is available at Lightworks. It offers a polished user interface with a variety of features for adjusting tones and changing sound. It is a well-known professional video editing tool for Macintosh, Windows, and Linux used by filmmakers and producers.

Key features: 

  • You may quickly edit your recording for YouTube with the help of this product, combine cuts, and quickly publish recordings online.
  • A remarkably useful option in the Lightworks programming is to create an immediate clone. Customers can use another PC for video editing while continuing to work with all of the records from their actions saved to one organiser.

Pricing details – Lightworks Pro costs $24.99/month, $174.99/year, and $437.99 for the full version (once)

VideoProc Vlogger

videoproc video editing software

A comprehensive video editing program for Windows and Macintosh was developed by Digiarty under the name VideoProc Vlogger. Vloggers, game decorations, advertisers, and robot pilots are all unaffected by the free programming’s cutting-edge approach to a natural undertaking. It creates artistic records for everyday fantasy, unusual minutes, or pranks. Continually or fluidly alter the video speed, and use speed sloping to brighten your records.

Key features:

  • When the product is opened, a device scanner is run to determine what functions your framework can perform. This takes into account the codecs it supports and the rate of equipment speedup.

Pricing details: Both Windows and Macintosh users are free to obtain VideoProc Vlogger. There are no better redesigns and all aspects are open. No record is required of you.

Avid Media Composer

Avid media composer video editing software

Enthusiastic Innovation developed the non-direct altering framework (NLE) known as Avid Media Composer for use in cinema and video editing. The application, which was first made available in 1989 for the Mac II as a disconnected changing framework, has subsequently evolved to take into account both disconnected and web-based altering.

Key features: 

It provides editors with the creative freedom and flexibility they need to produce better stories thanks to its cutting-edge new design, simple user interface, and next-generation evolutionary toolset.

Pricing details – This software costs you around $35 on a monthly basis.


openshot video editing software

An award-winning open-source video management called OpenShot Video Supervisor is available on Windows, Mac OS X, and Linux. With a straightforward interface and a wide range of features, OpenShot can produce stunning recordings, videos, and motions.

Key features:

It has a sound modification module that enables businesses to create sound records and generate waveforms as a part of recordings. Experts can alter, converse, dial back, or accelerate movement in records by using an embellishing motor.

Pricing details – It is totally free of cost. 


headliner video editing software

With an app for Android and iOS, Headliner is an online video manager primarily targeted at producers and advertisers of web journals, digital broadcasts, and public broadcasts of various kinds. However, it can also be applied to online advertising and virtual entertainment. Customers can now navigate past basic audio content while web recordings are elevated to address their shows externally with the use of recordings, expanding their own promotional strategy. Prior to making any changes, clients must first capture reasonable audio, video, or text files as raw materials.

Key features:

Before a document is exchanged and shared on the client’s virtual entertainment channels, Headliner enables the addition of liveliness, images, subtitles, GIFs, and music.

Pricing details – It provides free services to the users, and it has some premium prices 

ranging from $9 on a monthly basis.


We hope that this list has helped you make the best decision possible regarding the purchase of excellent video editing software. While by no means exhaustive, we intended to provide you with a summary of the information on capable video editing software to aid you in selecting your key to success. 

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What tools are used by YouTubers to edit their videos?

Naturally, Final Cut Pro, iMovie, and Premiere Pro are the applications that a large number of YouTubers use. Because it comes pre-installed on Apple devices and accomplishes the majority of what you truly need for fundamental video editing, iMovie is frequently used.

How much easier is Filmora than Premiere Pro?

Comparatively speaking, Filmora is much simpler to use. You have plenty of space for other items because it only has one window. The course of events is displayed at the bottom, and impacts, media records, and clasp options are displayed on the instrument’s left side.

Which video editing programming is best for amateurs?

By and large Powerdirecter is the best video altering programming for the fledglings, since it is easy to use and practical.

Is Adobe video altering free?

Any place you are, from your telephone to your PC, you can shoot, alter, and share great recordings.

Is video altering hard to learn?

Similarly as with numerous imaginative abilities, it isn’t difficult to get familiar with the devices engaged with video altering. Understudies can get the essential elements of Premiere Pro or Finished product in a couple of long stretches of preparation, and the high level strategies will just require half a month to learn.

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