15 Must-have features for Ecommerce website

15 Must-Have Features for Ecommerce Website

Author :
Ritika Rakshit
| Updated On :
June 21, 2023

Your ecommerce website is more than merely an online store; in addition to promoting your company’s name, goods, and services, it also functions constantly. Making a checklist and paying attention in this way are equally crucial if you want your website to communicate the right messages to your visitors. Your online store’s ability to generate revenue is crucial. Ensure that you have included all important elements in your website because even a minor missing component can leave a significant impact.

features for Ecommerce Website

You might be thinking, what are those necessary features? If you think adding your products and prices is enough, you’re mistaken. More things are essential to make your ecommerce website outstanding in terms of looks and functionality. In this article, we will learn about 15 essential features an ecommerce website must have. So, without wasting time, dive into this matter.

15 Essential Features for Ecommerce Website

Here we have listed 15 amazing features which are essential for an ecommerce website. In case if you are planning to start an ecommerce website or already running one, don’t miss these outstanding features:

1. Mobile-Friendly

Your ecommerce websites should be compatible with mobile platforms. It is one of the most important ecommerce website development features, one should definitely have this on the e-commerce website. It doesn’t matter whether you have an online app or not. Most of the population access the internet through mobile phones.

There is one more point to consider, people love to surf or buy things while coming back from the office or in bed at that time; more than 50% of people don’t like to use laptops at this time. A large portion of your audience will access your website on a mobile phone; if it is not compatible with a mobile phone, you will bear a huge loss.

2. Payment Gateway Integration

Nowadays, everyone prefers to make online payments. You might have noticed that top ecommerce like Amazon or Flipkart have easy-to-pay online payment methods, and you can pay the amount online, even in cash, on delivery orders. This approach makes your ecommerce transactions faster and more user-friendly. Users can pay instantly using a mobile phone.

Therefore, you must include multiple authentic payment gateways like Google pay, Paypal and Paytm. This is important to make transactions smoother and more convenient.

3. Security and Privacy

Within a day a number of visitors visit your online store. They enter their details like phone number, email id or other information. It is majorly important that you provide security and privacy to your customers. Any information or detail they enter should not be misused or visible to any unauthorised person. Let your visitors know that your platform is safe and secure, and they can buy the product from your website without hassle.

4. Make cost-effective, trustworthy and user-friendly strategies

There are many e-commerce websites on the internet, so make sure that you are offering reliable products and using a cost-effective strategy to attract buyers. You need to apply your business mind, create strategies in that manner, and implement the same on your website. For example: let them know about your offers, membership benefits etc. and reflect those on your website.

5. Unlimited Data Storage

The database of your website has the same value as your memory has for you. In the case of an ecommerce website, the number of users will increase consistently; therefore, be sure that you have enough database storage space; unlimited data storage space is highly recommended for an ecommerce website. You can also utilize this data in your email campaigns or other important surveys.

6. Shopping Cart

Many of you are surely thinking that what is new in this? Shopping carts always exist on an ecommerce website. Yes, It always exists on number one features for ecommerce website, but your shopping cart should be flexible so users can easily checkout from the cart. Amount, quantity, mode of payment, everything should be easily visible to your customer. This is an extremely important feature for your ecommerce website; any complexity can result in losing a customer. Don’t hesitate to implement your idea or design a custom shopping cart.

7. Easy to Customize

Consistency is good in performance, but if you consistently represent the same ideas, concepts and design for decades or years, your audience will be bored easily. Apart from that, a customizable website is easy to manage for taking advantage of special occasions or festivals. You can flash seasonal or festive offers or ideas to attract your audience. This is why it is important to make it easy to customize so that you can update it as per your need or market demand.

8. Well-Functioning Online Store

Your online store has more responsibilities in comparison to your physical store. This acts like a face in your body. The online store is that segment of your website where all your products will be displayed. A well functioned online store positively impacts your visitors and boosts their interest in your products. Ensure that products are easy to understand and that customers can easily navigate to other products or any other detail or information regarding that product. Take expert advice and put your extra efforts into this section, especially.

9. Appealing Catalogues

Your catalogues are invisible marketing pitches for your website but remember this is one of the important features for ecommerce website so create attractive and appealing catalogues that can display everything about your product. People want to know and check everything about the product before buying it. Catalogues tell them about specifications, usefulness and other details, which help them decide whether it is the same thing they are looking for. For more information you can scroll down to the Traffic Tail website. 

10. Online Chatbots

Chatbots help your customers chat with other customers or your customer support team. In the lack of staff, you can also integrate AI-enabled chatbots, which will lessen your workload, and users will get the answer to their queries in no time. Chatbots are highly recommended to make your site more trustworthy and user friendly.

11. Related Product Suggestion

This is another important element for an ecommerce website. Always show other suggestions to your customers. This trick is highly effective for conversion and also improves your website performance. People will love to shop for products from your website, and there are higher chances to buy multiple products. It helps them filter their choice and find a more suitable fit.

12. Shipping and Tax calculation

Be clear to your audience regarding tax and shipping price calculation. Make it visible to them what charges are included and excluded from the price. It is easier to analyze whether that product is within their budget.

13. User Reviews

The user review section is useful for both the owner and the customer. Users share their real-time reviews and product experience on the website, which shows the product’s authenticity. It shows that your website is trustworthy for buying products. At the same time, website owners need more investment appreciation or feedback for products and suggestions for improvement. It has been observed that more than 90% of people check reviews before buying any product. It is hard for people to trust those websites that don’t have a Review section.

14. Inbuilt Analytics and Reporting tools

These inbuilt tools help to analyse your site and sales performance. It shows clear records of your business performance. You can analyse the loopholes in the process and take proper action to resolve those issues. You can easily check and track important records like sales, growth, traffic and orders.

15 .Product Status Report

This feature allows you to share product status notifications with your customers. With the help of this feature, your customers will receive an update that their product has been shipped.

Let’s Wind Up

These must have features for ecommerce website if you really want to earn good revenue. These days competition is at its peak in every sector. Therefore, it is important to be ready to beat the heat of competition. All these features will not only improve your website performance but also deliver a positive user experience which is the strongest pillar to earning more revenue and winning the trust of your users for a lifetime.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Which is the top Indian e-commerce website?

In India, according to Statista, Amazon is claimed to have an 89% group reach. The site has been operating in India since 2010, and as of this writing, it is predicted to generate 322.54 million monthly visitors, making it by far the best-performing website in the nation.

What ecommerce business will resemble in 2025?

By 2025, internet business will finally become client driven. It will be adjusted to the way of life and propensities for the ongoing period of buyers life yet not overwhelmed by these.

Will Internet business or e-commerce continue to develop?

The development of computerized business addresses a long-lasting change in how individuals shop. As a matter of fact, Morgan Stanley’s industry model, alongside different information, proposes that web based business will keep on getting some decent forward momentum, even in nations where web based shopping is as of now famous.

What will online commerce look like in the future?

In the upcoming years, it is predicted that there will be several billion total advanced buyers, and that figure is expected to grow. That represents close to 27% of the world’s total population.

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