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How to start an NGO?

Have you ever felt that we have everything in our life, and still we are not doing something well?

For this society, for the world, and especially for the needy one, who doesn’t have all the things, they deserve. We often hear this phrase that it is better to bring the change yourself rather than just waiting for it.

Likewise, when we are talking about so many changes that are needed within the society or how much we are degrading as a human race, we can just get up on our limbs and do something for society by ourselves.

How to start an NGO?

To do this effectively, NGOs (non-governmental organizations) are one of the best options we can go for, for a positive contribution towards the welfare, growth, and development of society in a legal way.

Even if you work, it is a good idea to start your own NGO as your part-time Hobby.

In this article, we are going to tell you; How to start an NGO in a right way?

1. What is an NGO?

NGO or non-governmental organizations, non-profit and non-governmental groups that usually work for solving any particular issue and engage in the welfare of society in one or another way.

1.1 Types Of NGO

There are mainly two types of NGOs

  • Operational NGOs
  • Advocacy NGOs

1.1.1 Operational NGOs

An operational NGO is the type of NGO that focuses on development projects. All the NGOs engaged in the development projects and functions are generally fall under this category.

2.1.2 Advocacy NGOs

Advocacy NGO is the type of NGO whose main focus is on promoting certain issues such as child labor, save girl child and many more.


1.2Some Other Types of NGOs

1.2.1 BINGO

BINGO stands for Big International NGOs. These are generally business-friendly.

1.2.2 ENGO

ENGO stands for Environmental NGOs. These generally work for solving environmental issues.

1.2.3 RINGO

RINGO stands for Religious NGOs.

1.2.4 CSO

CSO stands for Civil Society Organizations.

1.2.5 GONGO

GONGO stands for Government Organized Organizations.

Are you also willing to do something incredible to help your society and searching for a way; how to start an NGO?

1. Know Your Why💪

We believe that there is a reason behind every action of a person and one does anything without a motive. Starting an NGO isn’t a small thing and can’t be established without any purpose.

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So, the first step while starting an NGO is to know your why; you should know why you wanted to start an NGO.

How would your NGO be going to benefit society?

What would you get in return?

#FactsforNGO – With over 3.3 million non-governmental organizations, India has approximately one NGO for every 400 people.
Source: Infochange

2. You need to ask all these questions before starting an NGO-

Summary 8

3. Find the Right Team

Team sharing the same vision as you become the blessing for starting an NGO. Usually, a person meets numerous people in his whole life but not everyone shares the same vision.
If you are willing to start an NGO, you must find the right team which works to complete your vision.

4. Work on Your WHAT

After clarifying your why and choosing the right team, it is essential to work on your WHAT. This step is for planning the exact road map stating what is required to do for the completion of your dream. In this notch, you have to plan everything step by step carefully.

5. Select the Perfect Name for Your NGO

We heard many times that a name defines the individuality of a person. It applies to organizations too. Choose an attractive and inspiring name for your NGO that suited well to your objective. We know this is another toughest task to decide a good name that describes your goal.

For example; if you want to start an NGO for orphan children, that name should be according to that.

Similarly, if you want to contribute to society to save the girl child; then your NGO name should relate to it.

We can help you to give some Ideas – 10 Tips: Choosing A Great NGO Name

6. Registration of NGO

Now, the most important step of the whole process is to do the registration of the NGO.

Registering an NGO makes it a legal entity that ensures the smooth flow of your NGO. It requires various documentation and information such as the name of your NGO, Board of Directors, its purpose, etc. Registration requirements vary from country to country.

Have patience and take your time for fulfilling all the requirements.

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7. Design a Proper LOGO of Your NGO

The logo is the identity icon of your NGO. During the research, it was found that the audience resembles a brand with its logo.

For example- people resemble Facebook instantly with its logo, the same happens with Twitter also and also with other brands.

You should design an attractive and decent logo for your NGO that compliments your vision. Choose Traffic Tail for incredible logo designing services.

8. Hope you have prepared your Digital Presence

Do you want to spread your message of social awareness with more people?

Are you also wondering how to increase the reach of your NGO on a digital platform?

In this era of digitalization, digital presence is a must for the success of your NGO. Hope you have already planned a digital strategy.

Designing a creative and responsive website is a must for your NGO to rule on the digital platform. Choose the most reliable agency for designing your website and keep updating content on daily basis.

9. Conduct Proper Research

Research makes the study confident and authentic. Devote your time properly for the research. Note down every issue that people are facing and what your NGO can do to finish it from society. Search on the internet, design survey forms, talk to people, cover big masses for it.

By doing so, you can make your NGO effective.

10. Plan a Budget and Start Fundraising

Starting an NGO requires a budget and you have to set it wisely. It is a complicated step; you and your team should have a complete plan of how to use it, what are the means of collection, how to divide the team etc.

There are many ways to collect funds for the NGOs such as private contributions, grants, membership dues and loans, and more.

Discuss your fundraising plan with the team and you should start raising funds with your personal network.

11. Marketing As Much As You Could Do

Nothing is completed without marketing. Marketing can cherish your NGO and help in growing it in a much lesser time. You can achieve your target easily in less time without any hassle.

Marketing can help your NGO to come in front of people and might be helpful for you. Taking the help of the right marketing agency can ease your task. Choose Traffic Tail for the best marketing services.

12. Start Working on Your Projects

Now, the last step is to start working on projects to start an NGO. Start with small steps and distribute your work properly in your team.

Don’t forget TOGETHER EVERYONE ACHIEVES MORE. Don’t fear failure. You are about to make a change in the world.


Hope you have understood; how to start an NGO. Initially, it may take a little more time to start an NGO that completes your vision but still, it is better than doing nothing and thinking about it frequently.

So, don’t worry and stay calm, focused, and relaxed. Devote yourself to discovering new techniques to start the best NGO. Research a lot, perform every task with dedication, connect to as many people as you can.

Now, it’s time to transform your idea into truth. Hope I have covered every single point on how to start an NGO.

Also, if you have found this article thrilling and can help any of your family and friends, then don’t forget to share it with your lovely friends, relatives, colleagues, family, and anyone who needs to know these factors on starting an NGO.

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