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A web developer is a person who takes web design and required functionalities — as per the client or product team — and turns it into a website.

codes in a computer

A Web Developer holds an important position in a company as he/she has to use a language from the client and convert it into a language that a computer understands i.e. HTML.

As you can imagine, web development requires a lot of effort and time along with an intricate understanding of how various components of web development work to stay ahead of your competitors.

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Why web development?

Here are a few reasons to think of building a career in web development:

1. A great stepping stone

As you start learning the key skills to cement your place in the tech industry, it is important for you to begin small and then build on it. Web development is a perfect skill that you must acquire when you are starting your journey to become a coder.

From deploying a server to tweaking with the design to improve UI/UX, everything helps you to learn things that will help further in your career.

2, Easily expand into other areas

The best part of being a web developer is that there is no need to be tied to one particular area. This field comes with loads of transferable skills needed for other disciplines.

For instance, web developers can easily switch to mobile development. Due to similarity in the interfaces, creating mobile applications can access a different ecosystem. With all the web development skills under your arsenal, you can easily make this happen.

3. Lessons of project management.

Becoming a developer is not the final goal for students, you want to be leading a team and become a project manager. You would surely prefer to be good enough for managing a whole project and a team. To do this successfully, you must be equipped with project management skills first.

Taking up and delivering a couple of web development can help you learn these much-needed skills. Various operations involving design, development, testing and client management, will help you acquire skills that are important to become a project manager.

4. Understanding the digital world.

Seeing the progressive development in web technology, it’s a pretty good place to be. The companies are constantly looking out for new talent that gives the aspiring developers a chance to find their perfect role.

Not only this, as a web developer — you will have better creative control and real ownership of the projects. This will help you develop the skills that are required for your professional growth.

Exciting, isn’t it?

Is There Any Career For Web Developers?

Definitely yes, there is a huge scope for web developers. For becoming a web developer you must educate yourself and you must be passionate towards the work only then you will enjoy your work. As in today’s world everything is getting online and websites are becoming the new trends for online presence of any business so, there is great opportunities ahead for the web developers because of rise in the web development services.

A company cannot just provide a single look template they need to do customizations according to the demand of customers that can be easily done by a web developer. So in this field knowledge in power, if you have a good knowledge and experience you can start your own business or can do freelancing for your work.

Web development is future proof!

As we head towards an even more tech-driven future, the development skills are progressively in demand. Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, the Internet of Things (IoT), quantum computing, etc. are changing the tech world.

And this even comes down to their relationship with the websites. Let’s see how.

Impact of AI on web development.

Artificial Intelligence sounds intimidating at first, but we are finding it in action every day. NLP, autonomous systems, pattern recognition, chatbot interactivity — the list is endless and we could keep going.

artificial intelligence

ADI tools are springing up that can fairly automate the process of designing websites. Artificial design intelligence (ADI) can put together the important building blocks of a website and offer options for customized software to the developers.

Going forward in the future, it can have a big impact on how websites are created.

How Machine Learning will impact the way we interact with the web?

The term ‘Big Data’ has been in buzz for a couple of years now. Web developers need to understand how to harness the data to drive deliverable improvements and better client interactions.

Merging the power of ML on the websites can help enhance business productivity by collecting, assessing, and sharing insights. This, in turn, helps in empowering the business goals, possibilities as well as the bottom line.

How IoT will change web development?

In a very short span, IoT has drastically modified things. You talk to Siri or Alexa to get the updates about everything at your comfort, you manage your thermostat and many more. Though they are not yet brought into a website, it’s only the beginning right now!

Final words

Web development is constantly evolving with advancements in technology. Though we may not be able to see this on a daily basis, it’s easy for us to look back and see how things have been transformed.

But seeing the fast-paced nature of this industry and, of course, the competition, it’s important to stay updated with the latest technology and tools to always stay at your best.

How to become a web developer?

Choose a specialization in which you have to work as a developer, you can also do a certificate course or undergraduate degree.

Salary of a web developer?

Salary depends upon the skills and the experience a web developer holds. The average salary of a web developer is maybe around $37k to $125k annually.

What does it take to be a web developer?

To be a successful web developer you must be dedicated and passionate about your work and learning other wise you will end up hating the process.

What does a web developer do?

Web developer designs the website on coding platforms according to the needs of the customers and technical customizations.

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