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September 29, 2023

Best 10 AI photo editors to enhance your images

September 29, 2023
AI Photo Editors

AI Photo Editors: With the help of current digital technology, it is possible to record and store anything. Photographs are the best way to permanently capture priceless experiences. Modern editing methods enable us to alter our memories to suit our needs. They improve their quality. Today, photography offers a creative outlet for honing visual effects. 

AI has transformed the industry of photo editing. AI photo editors tool provide fresh concepts to improve creativity. Numerous AI photo editors are available online. These editors quickly unleash creativity without requiring any technical knowledge. 

In this article, we will discuss some of the best AI photo editors. If you’re an editor and struggling with enhancing your photo quality, this is just for you! 

Let’s dive in! 

What is an AI photo editor?

It is a piece of software made out of AI algorithms. Its job is to edit, enhance, and modify photos. AI editors use advanced machine learning techniques. These techniques precisely recognize the traits and content. It uses an effective decision-making procedure. It is based on the attributes of the given picture. It is important to make the necessary adjustments. The technology also expedites editing and improves the aesthetics of photos.

Artificial intelligence (AI) photo editors are useful to specifically enhance a variety of properties of the photographs. Including object detection, color correction, exposure adjustment. It also takes care of filter and effect addition, background correction. As well as, typography image library, and so forth. These tools improve photo editing by assisting innovators and creative types. Let’s look at the benefits of using AI editors for your photo editing works! 

Benefits of using AI Photo editors

The use of AI in the workflow for photo editing often causes anxiety and concerns among photographers. Photography is a constantly changing field. Many people fear that their abilities may be replaced by AI software. But it’s important to realize that AI software is there to help. Its job is not to replace photographers.

Increases work efficiency

AI dramatically shortens the time spent on tedious activities. It accelerates your photo editing process. This time-saving benefits you in many ways. It enables you to schedule more photo shoot time, draw in more clients, and get paid more quickly. Most importantly, it helps you to maintain the efficiency of your company.

Manual changes for exposure, color grading, and retouching are a necessary part of editing. But it is a time-consuming part too. AI softwares do these tasks automatically. It streamlines and speeds up your editing routine. The intriguing element is that AI software is constantly evolving, promising future efficiency benefits which will be much bigger.

Minimizes Technical Tasks

Artificial intelligence software removes the need for laborious manual technical work. AI is an automatic culling software. You can go through your images and find duplicates, fuzzy photos, and photos of people with their eyes closed. AI eliminates the need for these repeated processes. 

It speeds the picking process by highlighting the top group photos from a collection. But it doesn’t provide opinions on who looks best. You don’t need to zoom into every picture to make sure the eyes are awake and in focus anymore. AI Softwares handle most of the laborious work. It gives you smaller batches of final picks to examine and change. 

Adapts to your style

AI editing software is user-friendly and context-aware. It contrasts editing presets. It makes use of pattern recognition to faithfully imitate your individual editing style. It continuously learns from your previous edits and corrections. And edit your works according to your style. The AI editing tool intelligently makes edits to several photographs. 

They cut out several stages from your manual editing process. You may produce consistent and accurate outcomes by utilizing AI throughout your photo editing process. AI’s pattern recognition abilities and precise modifications are phenomenal. With a track record of 90%+ accuracy, AI can successfully mimic a photographer’s editing technique. It adjusts to your adjustments with each use. 

Increases consistency

For professional photographers, consistency in post-processing is essential. Your editing approach distinguishes you from other photographers. It is entwined with your business identity. AI provides dependable methods for obtaining consistent outcomes across numerous projects and photographs. 

AI-powered algorithms provide a consistent visual aesthetic by applying adjustments to previously edited photos or fresh ones. It reduces the need for manual tweaking. There are many individualized AI Profiles. They serve as smart presets and help achieve this consistency. When you upload enough of your previously modified photos, the AI learns your favorite editing approach. Later it applies those to unedited photos.

Benefits personally

AI software is an effective tool which helps photographers both professionally and personally. It offers quick and easy access to creative freedom. It enables you to stretch your imagination and investigate novel possibilities.

Using fast methods help you in many ways. Including screen time reducing, maintaining eye, preventing back and neck pain. As well as controlling blood pressure, and lessening mental tiredness. You’ll have more time to devote as you wish. You can use the time for personal endeavors or to cultivate your relationships and well-being. AI makes a photographer’s life easier. 

List of 10 best AI photo editors

1. Luminar

AI Photo Editors
AI Photo Editors - lUMINAR

The first image editor with AI at its core is Luminar AI. Luminar Ai radically reimagines the conventional editing process by putting a strong emphasis on result. And makes the pictures editing simple, accessible and powerful. Find useful one-click professionally designed templates. Now you can also find the user friendly interface and cutting edge artificial intelligence powered capabilities.

Features :

  • Remarkable control: The remarkable next generation technology in Luminar AI. It enables you to quickly deliver your creative ideas.


  • Instant enhancing pictures: one slider movement now can make dozens of important modifications. With accent AI you can quickly edit a photo and produce realistic and natural results.


  • Intelligent template suggestions: to assist your photo with a new vibe, this tool offers you content aware template ideas.


  • Change the sky: Without using masks or layers, replace the sky with a single click. To make your new sky increasingly realistic and beautiful, Sky AI takes care of even the slightest aspects.

  • Easy handling : now you can let AI handle the task. It basically streamlines complicated workflows and automates the most frequent editing chores.
  • Price $128

2. Jasper

AI Photo Editors
AI Photo Editors - Jasper

An AI image generator is Jasper. It’s art could be the solution to your issues. It transforms common words and phrases into breathtaking visuals. It is swift and simple to use. It also produces graphics in any desired artistic style. With this tool now you can choose the medium type and choose the mood. Acrylic, charcoal or watercolor are your options.

Features :

  • The interface: the user interface of Jasper art is simple. There is no risk of getting lost because the software is not very large. The tools are easily accessible. 

  • Free form mode: you have the most options when creating graphics in Free form mode. Additionally, the simplest way to use Jasper to create AI art.

  • Design and medium: now you can create images using more suggestions in Free form mode. Style is the next input. A drop-down menu with an available style section is there for you.

  • Inspiration: Initially you can now pick from eight different performers. They are Vincent Van Gogh, Pablo Picasso, Norman Rockwell, Salvador Dali and Andy Warhol.

  • Themes and moods: using this AI art generator, you can now choose the image’s mood. You’re now provided with stages of calm, exciting, fun, depressing, happy, and whimsical.
  • Creator Plan $39

3. Fotor

AI Photo Editors
AI Photo Editors -Fotor

Fotor is a revolutionary program. This AI Image Generator employs artificial intelligence to produce beautiful images. You have two straightforward alternatives to get started. You have to type in some text or upload a picture. This AI will use your input to create a brand-new image. When developing images from text, giving the AI a specific and thorough cue might help it create the image. This way it’ll be able to communicate your ideas properly. 

Features :

  • Prompts : This generates photos using text. Putting the specified font will help the AI to generate the picture you need. 

  • Different variants of art : This AI provides many different variants of arts. Such as concept art, photography, anime illustrations, 3D art, Line drawing and more. 

  • Different variants of styles : With Fotor, you can find a handful of styles to match your liking. Such as isometric ribosome, cyberpunk, Alberto Seveso art and more. 

  • Portrait Generation : you can generate portraits using only photos. This AI Software provides that feature. 

  • Sketch into art work : Fotor transforms your sketch into artwork. The AI also can make it colorized. It can add more details and generate a suitable graphic for you. 

  • Customizing : It lets you customize the outcomes. It goes beyond the preset outcomes. 
  • Creator Plan Free
  • Fotor Pro $3.33 / month
  • Fotor Pro + $7.49 / month

4. Leawo PhotoIns

AI Photo Editors
AI Photo Editors - Leawo Photolns

Leawo Photolns is a top rated AI photo editor. Leawo PhotoIns wants to provide the most user-friendly photo editor with AI technology. It has a Photo Enhancer and Photo BG Remover. It also offers batch photo enhancing and batch background removal. PhotoIns is a trustworthy tool and useful for millions of photographs. You may put all your trust in it. If you’re looking for a fully AI powered photo editor to enhance your pictures, you may totally rely on it.

Features :

  • Photo enhancer : This tool can improve your portrait photographs by the Photo Enhancer module. It is based on cutting-edge AI technology. 

  • Landscape editing : It may also improve the comfort and vividness of landscape images. It can increase the dynamic range and sharpness, alter the white balance and exposure, enhance the colors and contrast etc. 

  • Art from raw photos : raw photos will also help you if you’re a professional. It can correct lens problems such as chromatic distortion, aberration, and vignetting.

  • Background fixer : you can swiftly remove backgrounds from a lot of different photographs using Photo BG Remover. It uses the loading of the source images to intelligently assess them and automatically erases the backgrounds from the images.

  • Effects : it provides a number of preset effects. Such as pixelate, fuzzy, coloring, and shadow. You can change the background and foreground of a photograph. 
  • Price $79.95.

5. Lensa

AI Photo Editors
AI Photo Editors - Lensa

Lensa is an all-in-one photo editing program. It takes your images’ features to the next level. Both Android and iPhone users can download the app. Prisma Labs created Lensa. It offers a variety of AI-powered tools for artistic image transformation. 

There are both free and paid versions of Lensa. The Lensa AI App transforms your selfies into fantastical pieces of art. You can edit photos effectively and produce beautiful artwork. Lensa helps you to create various contents and to share them.

Features :

  • Facial management : There is a feature for facial editing to enhance attractiveness. There are tools available to fix facial flaws.

  • Customisable background ; Backgrounds may be simply faded out or deleted sometimes. But backgrounds and foregrounds can be perfectly customized separately.

  • Filters : There are many different filters, styles, and effects available. The photographs can have custom borders added to them.
  • Price Free version is offered.
  • Premium $3.49
  • Ultra $139.99

6. Topaz

AI Photo Editors
AI Photo Editors - Topaz

Topaz photo AI utilizes artificial intelligence to assist you in saving stills that would otherwise be thrown out. It promises to eliminate noise, upscale photographs, sharpen blurry shots. It also convincingly reconstructs the faces of your subjects. It is accessible as a standalone program for MAC and PC as well as plug-in for Adobe Lightroom Classic and Adobe Photoshop.

Features :

  • Constant Experimenting: their team is always experimenting with new and better techniques. They are motivated by the most recent advancement in AI.

  • Develop AI model: in order to give the machine a better understanding of what “image quality” is, they next collect millions of input photographs. 

  • Repeat: since 2018, there have been more than 100 new or significantly improved AI models for image quality available to Topaz software users.

  • Evaluate the image quality: they mainly depend on both quantitative quality measures and subjective evaluation with actual professional photographers and video editors. 
  • Price Free version is offered.
  • Premium Version $9.99

7. Canva

AI Photo Editors
AI Photo Editors - Canva

Canva is a well-known online graphic design tool. It is useful to create a variety of content. Such as social media graphics, video content, posters and presentations, flyers, and more. Due to the use of artificial intelligence, it has become one of the best photo enhancement tools available today. Everyone can use it for free. However to access extra features, you must have the Pro or Teams subscription tier of Canva.

Features :

  • User friendly UI : Canva makes the UI user-friendly. That makes it easy for novice editors to use and understand it. 

  • Customisable templates : You can always modify the templates for a variety of design needs. Design elements have access to a sizable workspace and library.

  • Fonts and styles : You can apply Text and typography using a variety of fonts and styles.

  • Drag and Drop features : Features for adding elements using drag and drop can improve the design process. Text, photos, and forms are all examples of elements.

  • Basic options : There are basic image editing options available, such as resize, saturation, crop, and others.

  • There is a mobile app available.
  • Price Free version is offered.
  • Premium Version 3999/-
  • Team Plan 9980/-

8. Pixlr

AI Photo Editors
AI Photo Editors - Pixlr

Pixlr is for amateur and professional photographers who wish to add creativity and innovation to their photos. Pixlr is an AI photo editor, image generator, and design tool. The program provides one-click visual creation and high-quality image editing with Photomash Studio. 

You can change your clicks on YouTube thumbnails, merchandise, profile pictures, and other images. It has graphics with a professional appearance. Such as brochures, business cards, YouTube banners, and other materials. Both a free and a premium version of Pixlr are accessible.

Features :

  • Background enhancer : Provides background erasure using AI. You may simply create collages of various designs.

  • Filters and body management : There are many different effects, styles, and filters available. provides tools for retouching to improve the aesthetic and general look. 

  • Fonts and layers : There are text and typography options for captions. Layer-based editing is available to enable the most exciting and imaginative alterations. 

  • Friendly UI : Provides a pleasant user interface. Easy to understand and easy to use. 

  • Web browser : Installation is optional, and using a web browser to access it is simple.
  • Price Free version is offered.
  • Advance Plan $1.99
  • Premium Version $7.99
  • Team Plan $12.99

9. Movavi Picverse

AI Photo Editors
AI Photo Editors - Movavi Picverse

Movavi Picverse is a tool made for photographers of all skill levels. With Movavi Picverse, you can count on nothing but perfect outcomes. It includes an easy-to-use user interface and a wide range of tools. These can be used to edit your photos, take out the background, add a new one. You can also add color to B&W images. This tool allows you to open RAW files and instantly convert them into JPEG. You can also add text, alter the font. 

Features :

  • Accessibility : Movavi Picverse is accessible in German, Spanish, Turkish, Japanese, and other languages. 

  • Background removal : This tool allows you to perform exact elimination of undesirable objects. Including the background. 

  • Adjustments: you can individually adjust sharpness, contrast, colors. 

  • Realistic photo editing : Movavi edits photos using raw images. It’s speciality is editing photos that are realistic. 

  • Noise and light : it provides noise abatement along with light and color correction. 
  • Annual PLan 1799/-
  • Lifetime 2399/-

10. Lunacy

AI Photo Editors
AI Photo Editors - Lunacy

There is never enough need for AI-powered technologies! Lunacy is a remarkable name in the chart. It has four softwares. The best design software, for both amateur photographers and design lovers. It is free. Lunacy is a fully functional program that runs on Windows, macOS, and Linux. It is accessible in 18 different languages across the globe. Additionally, you can share all of the tabs with your team and collaborate on them in real time with up to 100 teammates. 

Features :

Best resolution : With just one click, Image Upscaler can increase photographs and improve their resolution. It processes the image automatically without losing quality in 10 to 15 seconds. 

Background editor : Any photograph can have a transparent background with the aid of a background remover. Lunacy quickly removes the background from the image and pastes it. 

Avatar generator : User avatars are instantaneously generated by an avatar generator. It is useful for contact lists or testimonials. The avatar’s gender, age, appearance, and even emotions are all customizable. 

Text Generator : Another thing to consider is the text generator. For your interfaces, it automatically generates placeholder texts.

  • Price Free of Cost


For photographers, integrating AI software into their photo editing workflow can be a game-changer. It’s important to realize that AI is a tool meant to complement rather than replace your existing talents. There is no denying the benefits of AI photo editing software. AI software is revolutionizing the way photographers operate, from accelerating workflow and avoiding tiresome technical duties. 

It helps to adjust to your own aesthetic and guarantee consistency in post-processing. It helps you to concentrate on the areas of photography that really matter. It helps to capture lovely moments and express your creativity – while also saving you significant time and boosting productivity. Utilizing AI software to its full potential can expand the scope of your photo editing process. It’s time to take use of technology’s potential and advance your photography. 


  • Can AI editors be used without cost?

    It could be difficult to choose the best AI tool for your images. However, free AI video editors with a range of AI-powered editing features are available. Users of these tools can add components to their films. as video generation, subtitle creation, and noise reduction.

  • What is the procedure for using free AI photo editors?

    Use the free plans provided by third-party applications like Canva and Pixlr Or Lunacy. This way you can use AI picture editors without paying any money.

  • When could it be appropriate to move to AI picture editors?

    AI tools make it easier to organize time and effort spent on photo editing. It's time to switch to AI photo editors if you have health problems or struggle to improve the characteristics of your pictures. 

  • How long does it take for AI to edit a photo?

    AI acts really quickly. The functionality will take less than five minutes to add objects, remove objects, and change backdrops. All simply a few simple clicks. To get started using these tools on your own, sign up for a free trial of any software.

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