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January 9, 2024

Best AI Video Generators (Text to Video)

January 9, 2024
Best AI Video Generators

The age of AI is advancing the field of video production. So if you’re tired of spending hours making interesting, high-quality videos, let the AI video generator tools handle the grunt work. These tools make the process of making videos more simple and offer you the creative freedom to quickly test a variety of concepts.

However, the trick is to select the best AI tool for video generation from a wide variety of tools available. Hence, to help you with this we have listed 10 best AI video generators below. These tools provide all types of features required to make an engaging video. So let’s start and check all the tools one by one.

How Does An AI Video Generator Work?

Here are some basic steps which are being followed by an AI video generator tool:

The tool accepts input from the user, it can be anything: a text, an image, or a URL. The input can range in length from a few words to an entire essay. It also describes the subject, style, and target audience of your input.

A video script is created by the software based on your input and competitors analysis tools. Additionally, it chooses pertinent photos or videos from its database or online resources.

The voice-over or music for the video is created by the programme. Your input or script may be translated into voice using text-to-speech technology, or your audio input may be translated into text using speech-to-text technology.

The programme adjusts the screenplay, graphics or footage, voice-over or music, and other aspects of the video.

Once all these processes are done final output is provided to user in the required format.

The Best AI Video Generators In 2023

Looking for an AI-powered video generator to create stunning videos for your business? Look no further! In this article, we’ll explore some of the best AI video generators on the market.

1. Synthesia.io

Best AI Video Generators - Synthesia.io logo
AI Video Generators

A platform called Synthesia.io was created to make it simpler to create and share interactive videos. Synthesia.io’s mission is to make it simpler for anybody to create engaging movies that can be used for a variety of purposes, including product demos, training, and advertising. 

The site asserts A library of ready-made video upgrades, a drag-and-drop video editor, and editable video templates are all available to users of Synthesia.io. Videos may include interactive elements like polls and quizzes, and the platform offers tools for rating and analyzing video performance.

Synthesia can produce captivating videos with accurate backdrops and lighting in addition to producing lifelike faces. This enables the production of videos that appear to have been taken on location. The technology developed by Synthesia is incredibly amazing, and it has the potential to completely change how we produce digital material.


Free Trial to Synthesia: Try It Out Today by Entering Your Email Address

$24.40 Per MonthAvailable On Request

2. Make-A-Video

Best AI Video Generators - Make A Video logo
AI Video Generators

Make-A-Video uses artificial intelligence to produce excellent videos in response to text commands. The most recent advancements in text-to-image generation can be combined with the ability to learn from unlabeled videos to enable users to build personal films with as little as a few words or lines of text. 

Users of Make-A-Video can also apply transitions between still images to create the appearance of movement. Additionally, the platform gives you a variety of options for customizing your video. Make-A-Video has been under internal development and testing for some time, but the general public will soon have access to it.


It is Free to use as of now

3. Pictory.ai

Best AI Video Generators - Pictory.ai Logo
AI Video Generators

 In short, Pictory.ai is a game-changer for marketers looking to improve their workflow and productivity. With Pictory.ai, you can easily find the perfect image or video for your next campaign without wasting hours manually tagging and organizing your assets.

But don’t just take our word for it. According to renowned marketing tools, “Pictory.ai is the future of asset management for marketers. It’s the perfect solution for businesses looking to save time and increase their productivity.


Free Trial plan allows you to create 3 video projects, each of up to 10 mins long.

$19 Per Month$39 Per MonthCustom

4. Dumme

Best AI Video Generators - Dumme logo
AI Video Generator

With Dumme, an AI-powered tool, you can extract your long-form content into quick, upload-ready videos. Dumme can extract 8–12 segments from a 20–minute video, or even more if the video is longer, and it works with videos and podcasts of any length or format. It uses AI to find instances that are worthy of being clips while maintaining the context and organization of the original content marketing through AI-based tools

For optimal effectiveness on all platforms that it supports, this practical application may automatically generate captions, titles, and descriptions. Although there are no avatars here as in Synthesia, its robust features and customization possibilities will offer you everything you need to create videos that stand out for your brand.


This tool is in its beta phase so as of now it is Free to use.

5. Wisecut AI

Best AI Video Generators - Wisecut AI logo
AI Video Generator

Wisecut is a self-contained online video editing tool that speeds up editing by utilizing speech recognition and artificial intelligence. It may be used to create brief, impactful videos that include audio, subtitles, facial detection, auto reframe, and other features. Long gaps are automatically shortened and time is saved when translating and making subtitles.

Additionally, Wisecut can assist you in selecting the right background music for your movies and automatically balance your audio using AI audio ducking.

Additional adjustments can be made using Wisecut’s storyboard-based editing software without having to be an expert in video editing. Shorter films can easily be made from longer ones. For some users, Wisecut has reportedly reduced editing times by as much as four hours.


Trial is Free For One Month

$10 Per Month$29 Per MonthCustom

6. Twelve Labs

Best AI Video Generators - Twelve Labs logo
AI Video Generators

Twelve Labs is an artificial intelligence-driven video search engine that enables developers to construct software that can “see,” “hear,” and “understand” the surroundings in the same manner that people do. 

It provides access to the greatest video search API for programmers. A few of the video aspects that can be extracted utilizing the Twelve Labs platform include action, objects, voice, and people. It is used by programmers to make programmes that can understand and use video completely. 

A few applications for this technology include contextual advertising, content moderation, evidence search, content search, media analytics, digital asset management, brand safety, lecture search, video recommendation, and video editing.


Trial Is Free 

$0.033 Per Minute

7. Yepic AI

Best AI Video Generators - Yepic AI logo
AI Video Generators

Yepic Studio, an AI-powered video production tool, can create and translate interesting talking-head videos. With live dubbing available in five languages, the VidVoice feature provides excellent lip-sync translations in eight languages. The Yepic API makes it possible to produce scalable, real-time videos, increasing the efficiency of automated video workflows.

Yepic Studio can add dynamic information to videos in 68 different languages by using its collection of avatars and a talking photo function that turns images into avatars.

Users can easily overcome language obstacles with VidVoice thanks to the dynamic, real-time dubbing of the video content. Retail, education, and real estate are just a few of the businesses that can benefit from Yepic and VidVoice.


Trial Is Free 

$29 Per Month$79 Per Month$229 Per Month

8. Adobe Firefly

Best AI Video Generators - Adobe Firefly logo
AI Video Generators

You can use Adobe Firefly AI Art Generator to convert words into images, vectors, videos, and 3D models. Included are generative artificial intelligence-based tools that were UI/UX design tools with creators’ needs, use cases, and processes in mind.

The atmosphere, lighting, and weather of a video may all be rapidly and easily changed by producers. Additionally, Firefly enables users to create bespoke marketing and social media content, such as posters, banners, and social media posts, with as little as one line of text.

With the aid of this programme, simple compositions can be turned into lifelike images, and new 3D styles and versions can be quickly produced. Adobe aspires to give artists every advantage imaginable, both creatively and practically. This dedication extends to the creation of imaginative, generative AI, which is the responsibility of Adobe.


As of now Adobe Firefly is Free to use.

9. Dubverse

Best AI Video Generators - Dubverse logo
AI Video Generator

Artificial intelligence is used by the online video dubbing site Dubverse to quickly and accurately subtitle films in 30 different languages. It offers a built-in sharing feature, voices that sound like genuine people, an artificial intelligence-powered script editor, and the option to download subtitles for offline watching.

In a fraction of the time it would take to manually dub a movie, automatic speech recognition (ASR), machine translation (MT), and generative AI all work together to create finished films ready for publication. Additionally, it offers on-demand access to linguists who can assist with quality control.

The professionals and artists who could gain the most from Dubverse’s ability to quickly translate videos into several languages are its target audience.


Trial is Free For One Month

$29 Per Month

10. Elai.io

Best AI Video Generators - Elai.io logo
AI Video Generators

Another well-known AI video generator that lets users produce a variety of video material from text is Elai.io. You can quickly produce videos at scale using Elai.io. 

With just three clicks, you can use the platform to create a polished video from a link to an article or blog post outline generator AI tools.  Users that want to make training videos without actors, voice-overs, or post-production will find Elai.io to be extremely helpful. With the help of AI-powered, captivating product films, you can also enhance your marketing. 

There are more than 25 different avatars and more than 60 different languages. You have the option to request a custom avatar in addition to choosing a presenter from the library.


Trial is Free For One Month

$23 Per Month$80 Per MonthPricing Available On Request

11. Lovo.ai


Lovo.ai can do a lot of things to help your videos reach a wider audience. With a prompt, designers can create video scripts and generate AI art images, but its most impressive outputs are found in its text-to-speech feature. With this magical tool, you can explore realistic voiceovers that express 30+ emotions in 100+ languages. Its AI voice feature includes 150+ human-like voices that you can use in all your videos.

And if those voices don’t suit the tone of your video, you can create your own with its AI voice cloning software. This will ensure you have a custom voice that doesn’t sound like anything else on the web. Once you have your voiceovers, you can use Lovo.ai’s online video editor to time-sync them to your videos properly. With all of Lovo.ai’s features, you’ll have no problem creating a brand-focused video without having to use your own voice.

Pricing: A trial is free for 14 days

$24 Per User Per Month$48 Per User Per Month$149 Per User Per Month

Are AI Video Generators Good For Business?

AI editing software is an excellent resource for business owners, marketers, and anybody else interested in creating their own business films when combined with stock video.

The finest AI video editing tools enable you to create exceptional movies almost automatically and without any specialized knowledge, in contrast to other programmes that require you to acquire challenging skills and devote a lot of time to your video project.

Without any prior knowledge of video editing, you may quickly create a YouTube channel and publish your first video. Making high-quality films for your company while saving time and money is possible by using an AI video editor.


In conclusion As you can see, there are a wide variety of AI video generators available. There are so many ways today for filmmakers and video creators to use AI into their works.

One of your greatest possibilities is to use an AI video generator to produce a professional-looking video with a unique personal touch. You can find the top AI video generators on our list, regardless of whether you want to make a video with animated characters, human faces, or other images.

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1. What are some benefits of using AI video generators?

AI video generators have several benefits, including cost savings, time savings, and increased efficiency. They allow businesses and individuals to create high-quality video content without the need for expensive equipment, video editing software, or specialized skills. They can also help to increase engagement and reach by generating personalized, dynamic content that resonates with audiences.

2. Can AI video generators create unique content?

Yes, AI video generators can create unique content. While the software uses pre-existing content as a starting point, it uses algorithms to combine and edit the content in new and creative ways. This can result in unique, dynamic videos that are personalized to specific audiences or purposes.

3. How can AI video generators be used in marketing and advertising?

AI video generators can be used in marketing and advertising to create personalized, engaging video content for specific audiences. They can be used to create product demonstrations, promotional videos, social media content, and more. By using AI video generators, businesses can create high-quality video content quickly and efficiently, which can help to increase engagement, reach, and ultimately, sales.

4. What are some ethical concerns surrounding the use of AI video generators?

There are several ethical concerns surrounding the use of AI video generators, particularly around issues of authenticity and accuracy. Because the software can create content automatically, it may be difficult to determine the origin of the content or whether it has been manipulated in any way. This can lead to concerns around the accuracy and reliability of the content.

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