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May 16, 2024

List of Companies Owned by Tata Group

May 16, 2024
List of Companies Owned by Tata Group

Have you ever considered the place where some of India’s legendary brands originated? Consider the TATA Group. From steel to software, tea to telecommunications, the range of this group is indeed amazing. Then again, how far does it go?

The Tata name is symbolic of the industrial superiority of India, with its vast empire taking hold of the business world from all corners of the horizon. However, the question is: what amount shall this expanded empire have, and how many sub-branches does it have?

We will explore the epic domain of Tata Group and also reveal a complete list of companies owned by Tata Group. Prepare yourself for the exposure to such a vast range of areas of skill that this phenomenon has influenced.

It ranges from the well-known names that are placed on streets and roads to companies that impact the world. The effect of Tata Group cannot be underestimated.

In a free enterprise the community is not just another stakeholder in the business but in fact the very existence of it.”

About Tata Group

Jamsetji Tata established the Tata Group in 1868, and it is now a multinational corporation with its headquarters in India. It is comprised of thirty firms that operate in ten different verticals.

The Tata Group is an Indian multinational corporation that operates in over 100 countries on 6 continents.

Jamshedji Tata started the Tata Group in 1868. It is also known as one of the biggest and oldest industrial groups of companies. 

Tata is the parent company of several different businesses that vary in their industries. It includes chemistry, consumer products, energy, engineering, information systems, materials, and services.

Tata Group has already taken over Air India. It was one of the biggest of India’s airlines earlier under the ownership of the government of India. 

Tata Son’s special purpose vehicle (SPV) Talace Private Limited bought it. Tata started and developed businesses in almost every sector and is now the world’s best brand in everyone.

Today in this blog, we will cover the List of Companies Owned by Tata Group. So, let’s start!

All of the Tata firms combined brought in a total of $150 billion (INR 12 trillion) in income for the fiscal year 2022-23. The total number of persons employed by these businesses is greater than one million.

Tata Group Overview

Check out the overview of the Tata Groups:

Year Of Foundation1868
Name Of Tata Founder Jamsetji Tata
Market CapitalizationOver $300 billion approx.
No. Of EmployeesMore than 1 million
Number Of Countries Present In100

In October of 2016, Natarajan Chandrasekaran (Chandra) became a member of the Board of Directors of Tata Sons, and in January of 2017, he was appointed Chairman. In the aftermath of his thirty-year business career at Tata Sons, which he began after graduating from university, he was appointed Chairman of Tata Sons. Since joining TCS, Chandra has worked his way up through the ranks to become the Chief Executive Officer and Managing Director of the most successful global IT solution and consulting organization.

In the year 2022, Chandra was honored with the Padma Bhushan, which is considered to be one of the most prestigious civilian awards in India, namely in the sector of trade and industry.

Between the years 1991 and his retirement on December 28, 2012, Ratan N. Tata served as the Chairman of Tata Sons, the holding company of the Tata Group. Mr. Tata has been promoted to the position of Chairman Emeritus of Tata Sons, Tata Industries, Tata Motors, Tata Steel, and Tata Chemicals, which is an honorary title that was bestowed upon him on December 29, 2012.

Tata own 30 companies in different areas

  • IT: Tata Consultancy Service, Tata Elxsi, Tata Digital, Tata Technologies
  • Steel: Tata Steel
  • Auto: Tata Motors, Jaguar Land Rover, Tata Autocomp System
  • Consumer & Retail: Tata Chemicals, Tata Consumer Products, Titan Company, Voltas, Infinity Retail, Trent
  • Infrastructure: Tata Power, Tata Consulting Engineers, Tata Reality & Infrastructure, Tata Housing 
  • Financial Services: Tata Capital , Tata AIA Life, Tata AIG, Tata Asset Management
  • Aerospace & Defence: Tata Advanced Systems
  • Tourism & Travel: Indian Hotels, Tata SIA Airlines, Air India
  • Telecom & Media: Tata Communications, Tata Play, Tata Teleservices
  • Trading & Investment: Tata Internationals, Tata Industries, Tata Investment Corporation

Companies Under Tata Group

Company Name Founder & CEO Founded
Tata communicationGovernment of India, Amur S Lakshminarayanan 1986
Tata SIA Airlines Singapore Airlines, Tata Sons, Vinod Kannan 2013
Indian Hotels Jamsetji Tata, Puneet Chhatwal 1902
Tata AIG Jamsetji Tata, Neelesh Garg 2001
Tata Housing Jamsetji Tata, Sanjay Dutt 1984
Tata Powers Jamsetji Tata, Praveer Sinha 1915
Trent Jamsetji Tata, P. Venkatesalu 1998
VoltasTata Sons and Volkart Brothers, Pradeep Bakshi1954
Titan Xerxes Desai,C. K. Venkataraman 1984
Tata Chemicals John Brunner and Ludwig Mond1939
Land Rover Maurice Wilks, Adrian Mardell 1978
Jaguar William Lyons, William Walmsley, Adrian Mardell1922
Tata Consultancy J. R. D. Tata, Faquir Chand Kohli, K. Krithivasan 1968
Tata TechnologiesJ.R.D Tata , Warren Harris 1989
Tata Interactive SystemSanjaya Sharma 1990
Tata Teleservices Ratan Tata, Harjit Singh 1996
Air IndiaJ. R. D. Tata, Campbell Wilson 1932
Tata 1MGJ. R. D. Tata, Pratik Pal 2015
Tata Industries Jamsetji Tata, Natarajan Chandrasekaran 1868
Tata MotorsJ. R. D. Tata, Marc Llistosella 1945
Tata SteelsJamsetji Tata, T. V. Narendran 1907
Tata ElxsiJoe Rizzi , Thampy Thomas, Manoj Raghavan 1989

Companies Under Tata Group Listed in NSE

No.Company Name Market Cap
1Tata Consultancy Services Limited (532540) 1,459,705.36
2Tata Steel Limited (500470) 179,575.54
3Tata Motors Limited (500570) 337,137.28
4Tata Technologies Limited (544028) 46,897.31
5Tata Coffee Limited (532301) 6,439.84
6Tata Elxsi Limited (500408) 48,210.06
7Nelco Limited (504112) 1,722.91
8Tata Metaliks Limited (513434) 3,508.42
9Tata Investment Corporation Limited (501301) 32,769.31
10Tata Steel Long Products Limited3,740.82
11Titan Company Limited (500114) 324,352.67
12Table DataTata Chemicals Limited (500770) 24,884.96
13The Tata Power Company Limited (500400) 119,953.05
14The Indian Hotels Company Limited (500850) 79,256.71
15Tata Consumer Products Limited (500800) 110,524.07
16Tata Communications Limited (500483) 51,127.58
17Voltas Limited (500575) 36,640.52
18Trent Limited (500251) 138,417.93

List of Companies Owned by Tata Group

Tata Chemicals Limited

Founded In: 1939
Location:  Ahmedabad, Kolkata, Chennai, Mumbai
Website: www.tatachemicals.com 

List of Companies Owned by Tata Group- Tata Chemicals Limited
List of Companies Owned by Tata Group

Tata Agriculture Limited is a holding company implementing the strategy endorsed by the Board of Directors.

The Company operates through two business segments: Commodity Chemistry and Specialty items. It is involved in the basic chemistry product manufacturing business.

It supplies certain inorganic products. It includes glass, detergents, medications, biscuits, and others for different sectors of the industries. Its specialty products involve specialty food ingredients.

It includes prebiotics, formulations for feed, food, and pharma consumers, and specialty silica for the rubber/ tire sector. It also gives farm care and seeds to the industry through its subsidiary, Rallis India Limited.

Check out this blog on How to start a pharmaceutical business in India for more in-depth details to create your own pharmaceutical business and learn more about the license, investment, and scope in this business industry.

Infinity Retail (Chroma)

Founded In: 2006
Location: Mumbai
Website: www.croma.com

List of Companies Owned by Tata Group
List of Companies Owned by Tata Group

Croma Retail is a comprehensive online retail platform in India.
Croma was established in 2006 as the first large format specialist retail store in India that offered a wide range of multi-brand digital devices and home electronic products.

Croma, established over ten years ago, has become synonymous with all electronic requirements due to its knowledgeable team, wide choice of products, online platform, and commitment to assisting consumers. Croma is a brand owned by Infiniti Retail Ltd., a subsidiary of Tata Sons, the parent company of the Tata Group.


Founded In: 1998
Location: Mumbai
Website: www.trentlimited.com

List of Companies Owned by Tata Group
List of Companies Owned by Tata Group

Trent Limited is an Indian retail firm that is a part of the Tata Group and is headquartered in Mumbai. The name “Trent” is derived from “Tata Retail Enterprise.”

Trent was established in 1998 and manages fashion and leisure retail brands like Westside, Zudio, and Utsa. The corporation operates retail chains such as Star Bazaar and Zara through joint ventures.

Tata Coffee Limited

Founded In: 1922
Location: Bengluru
Website: www.tatacoffee.com

List of Companies Owned by Tata Group- Tata Coffee Limited
List of Companies Owned by Tata Group

The Tata Group is an Indian company producing, trading, and distributing coffee, and tea. The company’s operating segments are plantations and value-added products.

The Plantations section includes growing, processing, and selling coffee and other plantation crops.

The segment of value-added products manufactures and sells roasted, ground, and instant coffee products.

Tata Communications Limited

Founded In: 1986
Location: Mumbai
Website: www.tatacommunications.com

List of Companies Owned by Tata- Tata Communications Limited
List of Companies Owned by Tata Group

It is a company based in India. It is in the business of offering international telecommunications services.

The Company is composed of three segments. The segments are VS for Voice Solutions, DMS for Data and Managed Services, and RE for Real Estate.

The company’s subsidiaries are Tata Communications Transformation Services Limited, Tata Communications Collaboration Services Private Limited, Tata Communications Payment Solutions Limited, Tata Communications Lanka Limited, and Tata Communications International Pte.

The management structure is composed of two major units. They are known as TC Limited and TC IOT Managed Solutions Limited.

Tata Play

Founded In: 2006
Location: Mumbai
Website: www.tataplay.com

List of Companies Owned by Tata Group
List of Companies Owned by Tata Group

The most popular direct-to-home (DTH) connection service provider in India is Tata Play, which was originally known as Tata Sky. Through their direct-to-home (DTH) service, they provide more than 600 channels.

It is a joint venture between the Tata Sons and 21st Century Fox that is known as Tata Sky Limited, also known as Tata Sky. Since its founding in 2001 and the launch of its services in 2006, Tata Sky has become India’s most prominent content distribution platform, offering both pay television and over-the-top (OTT) services.

In order to link users to the best information available anywhere, at any time, on any screen, and regardless of their financial situation, we have adopted this goal.

Tata Teleservices

Founded In: 1996
Location: Mumbai
Website: www.tatateleservices.com

List of Companies Owned by Tata Group
List of Companies Owned by Tata Group

In addition to its subsidiary Tata Teleservices (Maharashtra) Limited, Tata Teleservices Limited is an Indian corporation that provides internet services and information technology services.

The firm’s headquarters are located in Mumbai, an Indian city. Not only is it listed on the BSE, but it is also listed on the NSE in India.

TTBS provides the most comprehensive range of information and communications technology (ICT) services to businesses in India.

In addition, TTBS is well prepared to deal with the small, medium, and big business communities in India since it has a fiber optic network that spans 125,000 kilometers, operations in more than sixty cities, more than one thousand partners, and the largest staff with more than one thousand two hundred specialists.

Tata Consultancy service

Founded In: 1968
Location: Mumbai, Gurugram, Delhi, Noida, Kochi, Vadodara, Jamshedpur
Website: www.tcs.com

List of Companies Owned by Tata Group- Tata Consultancy service
List of Companies Owned by Tata Group

It offers IT services along with digital and business solutions coming from India.

The Company’s segments are Banking, Financial Services and Insurance, Manufacturing, Retail and Consumer Business, Communication, Media and Technology, Life Sciences and Healthcare, and Others.

It has IT and assurance services, business intelligence, and performance management. It also offers business process solutions and cloud services.

They also connected marketing products and solutions as their service offerings. It includes industries like insurance, health care, retail, telecom, and others.

Tata Digital

Founded In: 2019
Location: Mumbai
Website: tatadigital.in

List of Companies Owned by Tata Group
List of Companies Owned by Tata Group

Tata Digital is a forward-thinking company that specializes in developing consumer-centric, highly engaging digital goods. We want to establish a comprehensive presence across several touchpoints to become the trusted partner of each consumer and provide them joy by enabling a fulfilling existence.

Tata Neu is the first product launched by the Tata Group, which is a super-app offering omnichannel rewards in consumer categories such as groceries, fashion, electronics, travel, health, fitness, entertainment, and financial services all in one place. Tata Digital Private Limited was established in March 2019 as a fully-owned subsidiary of Tata Sons Private Limited.

Tata Technologies

Founded In: 1989
Location: Chennai, Gurugram, Pune
Website: tatatechnologies.com

List of Companies Owned by Tata Group
List of Companies Owned by Tata Group

Tata Technologies Limited is an Indian multinational company specializing in product engineering services for automotive, aerospace, and industrial machinery manufacturers. Their services include engineering and design, product lifecycle management, manufacturing, product development, and IT service management.

Tata Technologies is headquartered in Pune, India, with regional headquarters in Detroit, Michigan, United States. In 2023, the company employs over 11,000 workers worldwide in its 19 delivery facilities located in India, North America, Europe, and the Asia-Pacific region.

Tata Consumer Products Ltd

Founded In: 1962
Location: Mumbai
Website: www.tataconsumer.com

List of Companies Owned by Tata Group- Tata Consumer Products Ltd
List of Companies Owned by Tata Group

It is an India-based firm in consumer products trading, production, and distribution.

The Company operates through two segments: Brand and Non-Brand. The branded segment is a two-sub-categories Indian beverages, Indian foods, and international beverages.

The business of India Beverages is buying tea, coffee, and water sold under the brand name.

Indian foods are thought of making food products. International beverages have succeeded in branding beverages.

Tata Elxsi Limited

Founded In: 1989
Location: Pune, Chennai, Mumbai, Benglore
Website: www.tataelxsi.com

List of Companies Owned by Tata- Tata Elxsi Limited
List of Companies Owned by Tata Group

It is a world known company manufacturing and providing design and technology services.

The Company operates in two segments: systems integration & support and software development & services.

Its software development and services division entails providing information technology consulting, new product conceptualization, design, testing, and production.

Tata Investment Corporation Limited

Founded In: 1937
Location: Mumbai
Website: www.tatainvestment.com

List of Companies Owned by Tata- Tata Investment Corporation Limited
List of Companies Owned by Tata Group

It is a compound investing entity. The Company implies equity shares of listed and unlisted companies and debt instruments, apart from mutual funds in companies belonging to different industries.

The Company acquires a pool of quoted and unquoted shares of companies. It covers a wide range of businesses.

The revenue is paid by dividends, interest, and gains made from the sale of long-term investments.

The Company also banks on the equity units of mutual funds, bonds, and venture capital government.

Tata International

Founded In: 1962
Location: Kol, Barabanki, Adityapur, Chennai, Indore, Chandigarh
Website: www.tatainternational.com

List of Companies Owned by Tata Group
List of Companies Owned by Tata Group

Tata International Limited is a leading trade and distribution corporation that possesses manufacturing skills in a number of different companies. Additionally, the company has a network of offices and subsidiaries that spans over 29 countries across Africa, Europe, the Middle East, Latin America, and Asia.

Tata Industries

Founded In: 1945
Location: Kol, Barabanki, Adityapur, Chennai, Indore, Chandigarh
Website: www.tataindustries.com

List of Companies Owned by Tata Group
List of Companies Owned by Tata Group

Tata Industries Limited is a Core Investment Company, which means that it is registered with the Reserve Bank of India. In addition to being involved in the process of incubating and promoting new business ideas, the company is acting as an investment holding company and is a member of the promoter group. It also holds shares in other companies that are members of the group.

Tata Metaliks Limited

Founded In: 1990
Location: Kolkata
Website: www.tatametaliks.com

List of Companies Owned by Tata- Tata Metaliks Limited
List of Companies Owned by Tata Group

It is a publicly quoted company registered in India that produces foundry pig iron to be used in the manufacture of iron castings.

The company offers a wide variety of technical services. It includes mix and melts, molding, core making, spheroidal graphite (SG) iron production and development, project-based consultancy, air pollution control, customized training, and test facilities.

It provides solutions with running scripts as high as rolling mill rolls, motor and generator housings, diesel engine blocks, crankshafts, and gears.

Tata Motors Limited

Founded In: 1945
Location: Ahmedabad
Website: www.tatamotors.com

List of Companies Owned by Tata- Tata Motors Limited
List of Companies Owned by Tata Group

It is a worldwide automobile production enterprise. The Corporation owns cars, sports utility vehicles, trucks, and buses, among other defense vehicles.

Its product range extends from a diverse portfolio. It is composed of two sectors: automotive operations and other operations.

Its automotive part consists of four reportable subsegments. It includes Tata Commercial Vehicles, compact commercial vehicles (SCV), and pickup trucks. They also have medium and heavy commercial vehicles.

Real DPF treatments have improved fuel efficiency in both intermediate light CV vehicles and PV passenger vehicles.

Jaguar Land Rover

Founded In: 1922
Location: England
Website: www.jaguarlandrover.com

List of Companies Owned by Tata Group
List of Companies Owned by Tata Group

Jaguar Land Rover Automotive PLC is the parent company of Jaguar Land Rover Limited, commonly referred to as JLR. It is a British multinational carmaker that specializes in luxury automobiles and SUVs.

Since 2008, Jaguar Land Rover has been a wholly-owned subsidiary of Tata Motors, with Tata Sons being the main shareholder.

Tata Steel Limited

Founded In: 1907
Location: Faridabad
Website: Faridabad, Chandigarh, Delhi

List of Companies Owned by Tata- Tata Steel Limited
List of Companies Owned by Tata Group

It is a steelmaking company situated in the country of India. The Company operates an integrated steelmaking process.

It includes raw material and finished operations stages. It manufactures hot-rolled (HR), cold-rolled (CR), coated coils and sheets, coated steel coils and sheets, precision tubes, tyre bead wires, spring wires, bearings, galvanized iron (gi), wires, agricultural and garden tools, conveyance tubes.

These include such industries as Agribusiness, Automotive, Steel, Construction, Consumer Goods, Energy and Power, Engineering, and Material Handling.

Indian Hotels Company Limited (IHCL)

Founded In: 1899
Location: Mumbai
Website: www.ihcltata.com

List of Companies Owned by Tata- Indian Hotels Company Limited (IHCL)
List of Companies Owned by Tata Group

It is a parent company It extends its ownership by purchasing shares in other business entities.

The Company is renting apartments in the short term, operating restaurants, and providing mobile catering services.

The Company has holdings in, manages, and owns hotels, palaces, and resorts under various brands. It includes Taj, SeleQtions, Vivanta, The Gateway, Ginger, Expressions, amaStays & Trails, and TajSats.

The Company does not only run its restaurants and food and beverage businesses. These are under the Golden Dragon, Wasabi by Morimoto, Thai Pavilion, House of Ming and Shamiana brands.

Tata SIA Airlines (Vistara)

Founded In: 2013
Location: Delhi
Website: www.airvistara.com

List of Companies Owned by Tata Group
List of Companies Owned by Tata Group

The Indira Gandhi International Airport serves as the hub for the Indian full-service airline known as Tata SIA Airlines Limited, which operates under the name Vistara. The airline’s headquarters are located in Gurgaon (Gurugram). On January 9, 2015, the airline, which is a joint venture between Tata Sons and Singapore Airlines, began its operations with its first flight, which was a route between Delhi and Mumbai.

Vistara began its operations on January 9, 2015, with the first flight of its kind departing from Delhi and arriving in Mumbai. Over a relatively short period of time, Vistara has made significant progress in expanding its reach, both in terms of its network and the services it offers. Vistara currently operates over 200 flights each day, transporting passengers to 33 different locations. The airline’s fleet consists of 26 Airbus A320 and 9 Boeing 737-800NG aircraft.

Air India

Founded In: 1930
Location: Gurugram, Benglore, Muzaffar Nagar, Patna
Website: www.airindia.com

List of Companies Owned by Tata Group
List of Companies Owned by Tata Group

India’s national airline, Air India, is that nation’s flag carrier. Air India Limited, which is a subsidiary of the Tata Group, is the owner of the company. Air India Limited runs a fleet of aircraft of both Airbus and Boeing, and it serves 102 domestic and international destinations.

There is a headquarters located in Gurgaon. The primary hub of the airline is located at the Indira Gandhi International Airport in Delhi, and the secondary hub is located at the Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj International Airport in Mumbai. Additionally, the airline has other focus cities located around India.

Tata Power Company Limited

Founded In: 1911
Location: Mumbai, Bengluru
Website: www.tatapower.com

List of Companies Owned by Tata- Tata Power Company Limited
List of Companies Owned by Tata Group

It is a large, active, integrated power company located in India.

The Business of the Company involves all three stages of power generation, power transportation, and distribution, products, and services.

The Business consists of Generation, Renewables, Transmission & Distribution, and Other segments.

The Other category includes the provision of project management contracts/infrastructure management service, development of property, and rental of oil tanks.

Tata Consulting Engineers

Founded In: 1962
Location: Mumbai
Website: www.tce.co.in

List of Companies Owned by Tata Group
List of Companies Owned by Tata Group

The company possesses a diverse team of engineers with the skills to oversee intricate projects on a global scale. TCE is one of the few organizations prepared for the Industry 4.0 era, offering technical solutions for the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT).

TCE offers a skilled team of engineers with core technical skills and advanced technological capabilities, providing integrated services to clients.

Tata Consulting Engineers is unique and renowned in the field of engineering consultation services.

Tata Reality & Infrastructure

Founded In: 2017
Location: Mumbai
Website: www.tril.co.in

List of Companies Owned by Tata Group
List of Companies Owned by Tata Group

Tata Realty And Infrastructure Limited was established as a Public company on March 2, 2017. It is categorized as a non-government corporation and is registered with the Registrar of Companies in Mumbai.

The company’s primary focus is on real estate projects, including those of other Tata firms, as well as potential market prospects in infrastructure projects like as airports, urban transit, highways, bridges, and special economic zones.

Tata Housing

Founded In: 1984
Location: Mumbai
Website: www.tatahousing.in

List of Companies Owned by Tata Group
List of Companies Owned by Tata Group

Tata Housing Development Company (THDC) is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Tata Sons, which is a holding company of the Tata Group.

The company was founded in 1984 by the deceased JRD Tata. In 2006, it was revitalized by Brotin Banerjee, who served as the Managing Director and CEO of Tata Housing Development Company Limited. The current Managing Director is Sanjay Dutt.

The company primarily focuses on developing properties in residential, commercial, and retail sectors. Its operations cover various aspects of real estate development, including land identification and acquisition, project planning, design, marketing, sales, project execution, property services, and estate management.

Tata Capital

Founded In: 2007
Location: Mumbai
Website: www.tatacapital.com

List of Companies Owned by Tata Group
List of Companies Owned by Tata Group

Tata Capital Limited is a financial and investment service provider based in India. The company is headquartered in Mumbai and operates over 100 branches nationwide. The company provides consumer loans, wealth management, business finance, and infrastructure finance, among other services.

The company is a Systematically Important Deposit Accepting Non-Banking Financial Company, which means that it is registered with the Reserve Bank of India (RBI).

Tata AIA Life

Founded In: 2001
Location: Mumbai
Website: www.tataaia.com

List of Companies Owned by Tata Group
List of Companies Owned by Tata Group

Tata AIA Life Insurance firm Limited, also known as Tata AIA Life Insurance, is a joint venture firm that was established by AIA Group Ltd. (AIA) and Tata Sons Pvt. Ltd.

The Tata AIA Life Insurance company combines the outstanding leadership position that Tata holds in India with the presence of AIA, which is the largest independent pan-Asian life insurance business in the world and spans 18 markets in the Asia Pacific area.

Venkatachalam H has been selected as the new CEO and MD of Tata AIA Life Insurance Company.

Tata AIG

Founded In: 2000
Location: Mumbai
Website: www.tataaig.com

List of Companies Owned by Tata Group
List of Companies Owned by Tata Group

Indian general insurance company Tata AIG General Insurance Company Limited is a joint venture between the Tata Group and American International Group (AIG). It is a firm that provides general insurance coverage. AIG is the owner of the remaining 49 percent of the insurance venture, while Tata Group is the owner of 51 percent of the overall stake.

Tata AIG General Insurance Company is an insurance provider that caters to both people and corporations. The company began its operations in India on January 22, 2001. The company provides a variety of general insurance products, such as insurance for automobiles, homes, personal accidents, travel, energy, marine, property, and casualty, in addition to specialist financial lines.

Tata Asset Management

Founded In: 1994
Location: Mumbai
Website: www.tatamutualfund.com

List of Companies Owned by Tata Group
List of Companies Owned by Tata Group

TAM, which stands for Tata Asset Management Private Limited, is one of the earlier asset management organizations in India. It has a track record of almost thirty years in the field of investment management.

Managing the investments of Tata Mutual Fund, a mutual fund that is registered with SEBI, is the responsibility of Tata Asset Management. By way of our subsidiary Tata Pension Management Limited, the company also provides Portfolio Management Services, Alternate Investment Funds, Offshore Funds, and Pension funds.

Tata Advanced Systems

Founded In: 2007
Location: Hyderabad
Website: www.tataadvancedsystems.com

List of Companies Owned by Tata Group
List of Companies Owned by Tata Group

Tata Advanced Systems Limited (TASL) is a prominent Indian firm that specializes in the production of aerospace products, military engineering, and defense technologies. According to Tata Sons, which is a holding company for the Tata Group, it is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Tata Sons.

The following are the areas in which it has proved their strengths and capabilities in the past few years: Sub-systems and Missile Operating Systems System components and subsystems for radarMechanisms for Command and ControlStructures for Aerospace and AerospaceRemotely Piloted Aircraft Systems Systems For OptronicsVarious Solutions for Homeland Security.

Titan Company Limited

Founded In: 1984
Location: Nagpur, Noida, Hyderabad, Banglore, Chennai, Gurugram
Website: www.titancompany.in

List of Companies Owned by Tata- Titan Company Limited
List of Companies Owned by Tata Group

It is an Indian-based company that is mainly focused on manufacturing and marketing.

They are also trading jewelry watches, eyewear, and other items of DIY. The company’s business segments include Watches and Wearables, Jewellery, Eyewear and Others.

The category “Watches and Wearables” includes Titan, Titan Clock, Fastrack, Sonata, Zoop, Octane, Xylys, Helios, Titan Raga, Favre-Leuba, Nebula and SF.

The Jewellery segment is a part of the portfolio of brands. It includes Tanishq, Mia, Zoya, and CaratLane. The Eyewear segment covers the Titan EyePlus brand.

Perhaps you’re harboring a dream of starting your own jewelry business? Titan’s success serves as an inspiration, demonstrating the various facets of the industry from manufacturing to retail.

Voltas Limited

Founded In: 1954
Location: Mumbai
Website: www.voltas.com

List of Companies Owned by Tata- Voltas Limited
List of Companies Owned by Tata Group

It is a company based in India. It offers air conditioners and cooling equipment in addition to project engineering and services.

The section of the company is the Unitary cooling products for comfort and commercial use.

It produces, sells, and provides after-sales services for cooling appliances and cold storage products.

Tata AutoComp System

Founded In: 1995
Location: Pune
Website: www.tataautocomp.com

List of Companies Owned by Tata- Tata AutoComp System
List of Companies Owned by Tata Group

Tata AutoComp Systems is one of the leading Tier-I players in the global automotive market.

They produce parts that go into the manufacture of automobiles, trucks, and buses. They work extra hard to ensure that whatever they make is really good quality.

It allows us to keep both vehicles and their equipment intact and in working condition.

Tata AutoComp basically means that only the parts of the car will be made that are reliable and will make the vehicle run smoothly.

They always tend to lead the way by making innovations and by their complete dedication to quality.

Facts About Tata Group

The Tata Group is a major Indian corporation that has invested across numerous various sectors. Here are some surprising facts about India’s iconic Business Tata Group:

  • From Humble Beginnings: Although they were established as a trading company in 1868, but it was obvious that they had a big desire for the future!
  • A Workforce Giant: An estimated 7.5 lakh people work for the Tata Group—more than Toyota, Coca-Cola, Microsoft, and Google put all together!
  • Hotel Hospitality Pioneers: The Tata Group’s first grand project, the Taj Mahal Palace in Mumbai, set the benchmark for luxurious hospitality in India.
  • Steel Powerhouse: They played a major role in the establishment of India’s first steel manufacturing plants and contributed to the industrial development of the nation.
  • A Cup of Tata Tea: When the next time you drink tea, it may have a Tata link because Tata Global Beverages, or Tata Tea, is one of the top 10 strongest tea firms in the world!
  • Connecting the Nation: Tata has been an innovator in connecting India, both domestically and globally, in the sectors of telecommunications and aviation.
  • Cool Comfort: India’s biggest brand of air conditioners, Voltas, is a Tata company that keeps homes and workplaces cool.
  • From Nano to Luxury: The company not only created the popular Nano, which was once the most affordable car in the world, but they also own Jaguar Land Rover, a brand associated with luxurious cars.
  • Lighting Up Lives: With millions of homes and businesses lights up, Tata Power Limited is the most widely built power company in India.
  • Big in IT: A leading participant in the global IT sector, Tata Consultancy Services (TCS) is the leading provider of IT services.

The Tata Group’s success story is a testament to the opportunities that India offers for businesses across various sectors. Whether it’s in the field of technology, automotive, or hospitality, the group has shown that with innovation, strategic planning, and a commitment to excellence, businesses can thrive and achieve remarkable success in India’s dynamic market.

Pro Tip : Aspiring entrepreneurs can draw inspiration from the Tata Group’s entrepreneurial journey and explore these small business ideas to tap into India’s growing market and achieve their entrepreneurial dreams.

To Sum Up

The Tata Group has come a long way from its humble origins to where it’s now a global conglomerate. The journey reflects the visionary leadership and their dedication to their work.

Through its diverse portfolio of companies, the group has made a major contribution to the economic growth of the country. It became known for its innovation, uprightness, and social responsibility.

The Tata Group has become a synonym for the entrepreneurial spirit and the perseverance of the Indian Nation.


1. How many companies does the Tata Group own?

Tata’s a huge conglomerate; it comprises more than 28 companies. They spread themselves over 10 different industries starting from steel to IT (TCS) and further to car industry (Tata Motors) and even to luxury hotels (Taj Hotels). Lowering risk exposure gives them access and a chance for putting money into different markets.(248 characters)

2. How does the Tata Group's business strategy compare to other large Indian conglomerates?

The Tata Group took its roots in the textile industry and diversified into sectors like steel, IT (TCS), hospitality(Taj Hotels) and automobiles(Tata Motors) over a long period of time. The diversification strategy by expanding into unrelated businesses has resulted in a balanced portfolio, diminishing risk and harnessing the growth potentials across all the business fields.

3. Which company was recently owned by Tata?

The Tata Group which is a well known brand attract many skilled people and even buying other companies to be the dominant player. From being a major shareholder in TCS and Tata Motors to its recent purchase of the brand name, Dalda Oils for its company known since it was initially founded as a good provider of vegetable oil. These strategies are yielding results by giving them an entry into the populated consumer market.
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