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July 4, 2023

Most Profitable Small Business Ideas in India | Low Investment

July 4, 2023

Today, we are more inclined to make money ourselves. We don’t want to work under anyone anymore. We want to be our own bosses. This indeed is a good sign for our country’s economy. This is what our government emphasizes time and again. That’s how we look forward to “ATMANIRBHAR BHARAT”. 

So, when you start to build your businesses, you should start from small businesses. And to start a small business, they first figure out what are the available small business ideas in India, from which you can start. 

Small businesses are paving their way into the economy pretty well. These businesses are considered important for the growth of an economy. They add value to the system. Although they are small in size with time and patience they become huge. 

Also, we already know when we start, we start from small but with time and the right amount of effort, it becomes big. So, what is important is to start and then slowly let it grow. 

It all starts with a business idea. If you have any idea which you can convert into a successful business, then do it now. But if you are struggling to get an idea for your business, then read this guide which has 35 small business ideas with important details regarding each business. This guide will add value to your upcoming business. Let’s start reading. 

starting a new business

Trending and most profitable small business ideas in India

Here we are going to talk about 35 business ideas in India, which a person can choose to start with. These ideas will give you an insight into what would be the best business idea you can hold. I will be going to talk about investment, eligibility, risk, benefits, importance, etc about every business idea. 

01. Solar businesses 

You know, solar power is seeing high growth in last recent years. Due to this, this business is seeking a lot of attention. There is no doubt that this business is one of the profitable businesses. And in coming years, it would incur a huge profit with great publicity. There is a division of solar energy which is expanding exponentially and that is Solar Thermal.

If you want to start with this business idea due to its popularity, you need to have a financial background that means you should be financially strong.

It has many reasons to start this as your business, it reduces electricity costs, promotes green energy, and it gives a faster return on investment, etc.

There are a few types of solar business which are solar contractors, solar equipment manufacturers, solar financing companies, solar consultants, solar farms, etc. Now, if want to know how to start a solar business then these are the few steps you can follow;

  • Creating a great business plan
  • Researching the market about solar energy
  • Getting your business registered under valid acts
  • Taking help of State Government’s electricity department
  • Choosing the right location
  • Investing in the business
  • Hiring the number of workers

These are the main steps you can follow to start this business. Moreover, you can choose to start this business anytime there is no specification as to who should start this business. So, don’t wait and grab the opportunity to run this business to earn an unlimited profit. 

02. Small restaurant

If you are someone, who loves to prepare and serve food to make everyone’s appetite happy and healthy. Then, this would be one of the best small business ideas in India for you. You must have seen a lot of small restaurants in your city or town on every street. You can also be a part of the restaurant industry, by either self-funding or taking a loan as this business demands the right amount of capital. The business examples here can be a café, roadside restaurant, bakery with sitting arrangement, a food corner, etc. These small restaurants are no doubt very prevalent in the market.

Everyone knows them and loves to hang out there. They are getting all the popularity they deserve and becoming more profitable day by day with the increasing demand for good food. TO start this business, you only need a good location, a hardworking staff, a good menu, and the décor you want to have for your business. 

If you are wondering how to start a small restaurant business, then here are the few steps you can follow;

  • Decide the kind of restaurant you want
  • Choose the famous location for your restaurant
  • Calculate the investment and cost you would require
  • Get yourself register and take a valid license 
  • Get the people you need for help
  • Market your business

This is how you can jump into this business by deciding on few points. And you will be set to run your business.

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03. Transportation business

You know, how the transportation is expanding from one state to another and from one country to another. It is only because of the need for rising businesses in a different state which links to each other. Transportation business includes running a truck, car, buses, auto-rikshaws, etc for transporting goods. This business wholly depends on the goods and the passengers.

The different options available under this business form are bus service, taxi service, logistics services, transportation of livestock, etc. You can choose any of them to run this business. Here you need to invest in a vehicle which depends on what kind of transportation business you are running. The benefits of this business are, flexibility, transparency, increase customer satisfaction, etc.

The main and the most important equipment of this business is the vehicle you will purchase. Besides, if you want to know how you can start a transportation business here are the steps you should follow;

  • Choose the kind of transportation business
  • Get your business registered
  • Take the Insurance of your vehicle
  • Calculate and invest the right amount
  • Hire drivers you needed to run the vehicle
  • Advertise your business

These steps can help you to start this business more efficiently. 

04. Start-up

This is the term that everyone knows because it has been very prevalent in the past few years. Every person who wants to start something of his own, start with establishing a start-up in India. When you will start there will be scenarios that may fall hard on you, but that wouldn’t decide its growth. If you choose to run it wisely, there would be an abundance of profit you can attain. Start-ups don’t demand a lot of investment; you can start a start-up with little or no money. You just need to give proper time and space to your idea to build. 

There are multiple benefits of a start-up in India like it is a simple process to start with registration, cost reduction, tax exemption for few years, easy process of winding up, relaxation of few norms, etc. 

As you know, this start-up initiative was started by a Central Government who gave a lot of benefits for start-ups to make their place in the market. You can set your start-up by using few steps which include, decide what you want to start it for, register your business, do your market research, interact with your targeted audience, create a business plan, decide the name, connect with people. This is how you can start a start-up in India. If you are keen to start your start-up, please give attention to the details mentioned above. 

05. NGO

NGO; a non-profit organization, you must have heard about NGOs a lot of time. These are the organization which works for the betterment of society and its people. They don’t earn to fill their pockets rather they invest all the money they have earned into the NGO. 

If you are eager to work for society, you can see what benefits you will be having below;

  • They take risks to implement their innovative ideas
  • They work flexibly to adopt every change
  • The most important factor in an NGO is trust. People trust them with everything they do. 
  • They execute everything fast.

There is this guide as to How to start an NGO in India with simple steps;

  • Decide the cause and motive of your NGO
  • Decide the name of your NGO
  • Get your NGO registered
  • Start raising funds from people
  • Build a network of the right people

Here you will be ready to work for the betterment of humans. 

06. Online clothing business from home

You must have seen a lot of online clothing businesses, where people are running it from the comfort of their home. I have seen a lot of online small business stores on Instagram running by different people. The profit margin in this business depends on the number of sales you made. So, you must make a good number of sales to make a good profit.

The investment in starting an online store depends on a lot of things and varies a lot. It can be huge and low. If we talk about the benefits, they are huge in number like;

  • Flexible business
  • Can work from the comfort of home
  • Pool of customers
  • A lot of space
  • It is available for all the people

The main equipment you will require to run this business is a computer or laptop. Besides, that you will need a proper internet connection. 

You also need to finalize the niche of clothes you want to sell, and besides this, the most important thing is to bring traffic to your business. That’s the answer of your how to start an online business store in India

07. Import Export business in India

Import and Export, a huge part of an economy. You already know the importance of this business if you choose to know how to start an Import and Export business. So, without telling you the importance, I will share the information on this business. First, the benefits of running this business are;

  • Explore the new markets
  • A huge customer base around the world
  • Use of new and better technologies
  • Growing business capabilities

Besides the benefits, here are the few steps you can follow to start this business in India;

  • Decide the business set up you want to start with
  • Acquire a pan card
  • Open an account
  • Take Import-Export code
  • Acquire the registration of the business

And here we will be all set to start your own Import Export business in India with the right amount of investment. 

08. Food business

Food is the foremost necessity of Life. Nowadays, it has evolved into a want. Everyone craves good food. This is the main reason for the growth in the food business. The examples of food businesses you can choose to start with are Catering, bakery, cooking classes, tiffin services, home meal delivery, etc. 

You have so many choices and the most amazing thing is that you don’t need a lot of investment you can start it with less investment and earn a lot of profit. Because you already know how popular this business is in India. You can start it at your own home or at a location which is crowded with people. 

The steps you can follow on How to start a food business will be, choose the type of food business, do market research, select a name, register your business, acquire the license, purchase the equipment like utensils, freezer, Owen, etc. promote your business. That’s how you are going to run successfully. 

food business idea

09. Online boutique

These days people are most likely to search for online boutique than to physically go check themselves. Also, when they know there is online safety and convenience. So, if you want to know how to open an online boutique you can read it here and earn a lot of profits from this business. I am sharing a few steps, which you can consider;

  • Decide the niche of a product
  • Choose the e-commerce platform
  • Create a great business plan
  • Create a website for the online marketing
  • Launch your online boutique at the platform you have chosen
  • Market your business at different social media platforms

There are benefits of running an online boutique like the comfort of home, flexible work, fast customer reviews, and feedbacks. It will take pretty much investment to set up the whole process. 

 10. Garment business

Garment business is one of the most common small business ideas in India. It is because the demand for the garment business is always there, it is never out of fashion. It is constant. If you are interested to be part of this industry and want to know how to start a garment business, here are the things you can consider.

The investment you will put in this business would depend on the size of the business. The benefits of running this business are numerous like Constant demand in the market, multi-sale opportunities, it is a simple business to operate, etc. It has huge importance in the market. Here are the steps you can follow to start this business;

  • Research the market of garment business
  • Calculate the opportunities in the business
  • Select the range of garments you want to sell
  • Choose a location for your shop
  • Hire the manpower you required
  • Register your business

And there you will be set to start your garment business and earn a lot of profit. If you want to dig deep on how you can run a successful garment business, then click here to read our blog on Garment business. 

 11. Blogging

Today, who doesn’t love blogging?

Especially, when people know they can earn good money from blogging.

Yes, you heard it right. People are earning a lot of money through blogging. It is becoming the right career choice for a lot of people. It is profitable and has a lot of benefits like the flexibility of work, shares the knowledge, be your boss, builds your brand, you can learn a lot of things, etc. These are the main reasons why people start blogging. Also, you can start blogging with no money or less investment.

To know more about this business, you can check our blog on how to start a blog with no money. It would help you to know a lot of things about blogging and how you can earn unexceptionally. 

12. Online tuition at home

You know how the world is moving nowadays. Education has found a new way to remain in the life of students. And that new way is none other than online education. This online education includes everything from online classes to online tuition by just sitting at home. 

If you have a keen interest in teaching, you can choose to start this business in the comfort of your home. Online tuition is not only confined to teaching school students about their school lessons. Rather you can choose to teach a lot of other subjects and areas of life. 

There is no doubt you will earn a good profit from this business set. It has a lot of benefits like the comfort of home, flexibility of timings, convenience for both tutor and the students, it is cost-effective, etc. It requires very little investment. You just need a laptop, an internet connection, and sometimes a teaching board. And there you will be set to start your online tuition classes at home

13. Event planning business with no money

Event planning is one of the rising business ideas in India. It is getting the right popularity and market space. If you love to plan the events or you have that creative zeal to decorate and arrange the catering for the event, then you may go for this business.

Because it is a profitable business and you can even start this business with no money. There are few benefits of an event planning business-like, it builds awareness, it is time-saving, it is flexible, it gives a vision, etc. If you want to explore more about the event planning business, you can read here about everything you need to know

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14. Software company

You all know about Microsoft, which is one of the best software companies. We have a lot of bright minds in India, who have developed and been developing great software for a long time. There are a lot more people who are eagerly wanting to start their own software companies.

So, to those people I want to tell you your decision is completely right because this business has a lot of benefits like it is cost-effective, there is low training cost, it is always the latest in trend, there are skilled professionals only, etc. You can start your own software company with very minimal investment and can give you a lot of profits.

The example of its growth of this business is already you know; Microsoft. You just need to create an effective business plan, work on it, research the market, and then market your software company.

15. Radio station

Radio, the all-time favorite means of communication for people. You must be wondering that its demand has been decreased over the period, which is not true.

Still, some people prefer to listen to radio over the other means. If we talk about the investment which you need to bear that can be huge depending on a lot of things.

But if you are keen to start a radio station you can by following few things like getting permission from the Ministry of Information & broadcasting, then apply for a license, buy the required equipment like antenna, transmitter, etc, decorate your studio, hire the required manpower, and make sure everything runs smoothly.

That is how you can make your radio station come into existence in few steps. But if you want to know more about this business idea, you can check our blog on how to start a radio station

16. Data entry business

This is not a new-age business; it is always there but wasn’t much considered by people. But due to the need of saving a lot of important data, this business is getting a lot of limelight. This business is no doubt profitable because of its huge demand right now. Also, you don’t need to invest a lot of money into this business. It is easy to start. You can also start your data entry business from home. 

This business has a few benefits like;

  • It helps a small business to record the important information
  • It helps to save the important records
  • It can be in two forms; online and offline

Besides this, if you want to know how to start your own data entry business, you can read here by clicking on this link How to start a data entry business.

17. Private limited company

Establishing a Private limited company is not a difficult task, you just need to know the technicalities of starting it. If you have any of the business ideas which I have shared above and want to start it in a company form, then you can. You just need a minimum paid-up capital of Rs 1 Lakh.

Once you will be settled there will be endless opportunities to let your business shine. The benefits of running a private company are huge including that there is limited liability, where the owner’s assets will be separate from his business.

You will be earning good money through a private company. The things you have to keep in mind while establishing a private company must be incorporated under the Companies Act. 

So, if you are wondering what else you must know about the private company then you can click here to learn how to start a private company

18. Packaging business

If you are a social media geek, you must have seen people running small packaging businesses on Instagram, where they pack a normal box into something attractive and blemishing. This can only be done by someone who has a creative mind, who can convert a simple thing into an alluring one.

This business is very wide, you can choose to pack anything from a jar to a showpiece just to make sure that it looks good. Also, there are a few benefits of the packaging business which are protection, convenience, presentation, etc. The most important piece of equipment in this business is the decoration material which you buy according to your need.

There is no doubt that this business is going to be profitable because people these days love the outer side of everything. It doesn’t matter who you are, if you have a creative knack, you can start this business anytime. 

If you want to know a bit more about this business, then you can refer to our blog on how to start a packaging business

19. Babysitting business

Who doesn’t love kids? Especially, when they are babies.

Everyone loves them.

So, when it comes to babysitting there comes a lot of things, which you should know before entering into this business. Babysitting consists of a lot of jobs like taking care of an infant, keep a regular watch on kids, leaving them to school, taking them from school, feeding, and a lot more. If you are planning to start a babysitting business, then be ready for a lot of things. First, you will need people who are interested in babysitting besides you, specifying the different ages of kids for your business, giving training to new people, registering the business, and many more. You can also become a certified babysitter to start this business. 

As you know, today families are nuclear, where both the parents work, so they need someone who can take care of their kids behind them.

That’s why this business is profitable, nowadays. If you want to go deep into this business, then I would suggest that you read our blog on how to start a babysitting business

20. Pet care business

Are you a pet lover? Do you have a pet?

If yes, then this is for you a great opportunity to start a business where you have to deal with a lot of pets. You know people these days are very vigilant for the rights of animals and their lives. So, this can be a great time for you to start a pet care business, where you sell pets like dogs or cats, give dog training, do pet animal photography, pet grooming, pet food shop, etc. There are numerous things you can do. But before starting, always remember to take a license under valid acts. 

This business has a lot of benefits like you will deal with pets all the time which can make you happy always, easy to establish, profitable business due to the demands of pests these days, and many more. This business requires a good amount of investment which will give you a high return on investment. 

If you are keen to know more about this business, then you can read our blog on how to start a pet care business.

21. Tiffin service business from home

Remember, how you always love to make food for people? Why not convert into a wealthy business?

If you are wondering what I am exactly saying, then let’s understand the importance of this business. As you know, a lot of students and people stay away from their families due to work and studies, which make them crave a lot of home-made food.

This want of those people is being satisfied by tiffin service business, which provides a home-made meal to them. Coming to its benefit which is so many like, you can cook from your kitchen, you are making people happy, you are delivering healthy food, it is a profitable business, etc. 

You need a very minimum investment to start this business because you already have a kitchen, utensils, stove, and other important equipment. Your investment will be only to hire a staff to deliver the tiffin. If you want to know more about this business, then you can read from our blog on how to start a tiffin service business.

22. Dairy farm business

This is a very traditional and ancient business form in our country to produce milk from cows and make dairy products out of them. Those dairy products go straight into the market for selling. This is the traditional business form that is also being practiced these days. And it is one of the most profitable and money-earning businesses in India. 

People who are working in this business know the importance of this business. As you know, the demand for dairy products is everywhere which leads this business to great importance. You need the right investment to invest in this business. You will require a farm, an animal, people helping with different things, etc. This is not one man’s job; you will need people and to hire people you will need money. There are several benefits like it is environment friendly, the demand for dairy products is high, etc. You can read more about this business at our blog on how to start a dairy farm business

23. Food catering business in India

These days, you know how much people love food. They just crave good food every time. This is the main reason for the spike in the food catering business in India. Because people are just diving to have a lot of food on every occasion.

You must have seen, no party or any function is ever celebrated without food. Starting a food catering business has a lot of benefits like potential growth, a lot of demand, multiple opportunities, etc. To start a food catering business, you need a good investment plan, which will give you a high return on investment in a short span. This business is one out of the most profitable small business ideas in India right now because of the demand for good food everywhere. 

If you want to start this business and keen to know more about it, then read our blog on how to start a food catering business in India. 

24. Plant Nursery

People have finally realized the importance of nature in their lives. Because of this, they are moving towards planting more and more plants around them. This new-age move gives a rise in the business of plant nurseries, where people took care of plants and sold them to people who are buying.

The scope of the plant nursery business is very wide these days. There is no doubt, it is a profitable business. You can open a flower bouquet shop, flower shop, plants shop, etc. There is a huge demand for different plants like indoors and outdoors plant. 

TO make it more profitable, you can sell the most profitable plants like bamboo, Saagwan, herbs, etc. To start this business requires very less investment but the profit margins are high. If you want to start your nursery, then read our blog on how to start a plant nursery business.

25. Photography business

Here comes the most lovable business that people prefer these days. People have developed a keen interest in the photography business over a period. It is one of the most developed and most profitable business ideas if one chooses to start it. It has a lot of benefits like you work on your space, it is mood-lifting, it has a scope, you will earn from your passion, interacting with new people, and many more.

You can start with freelancing and can later turn into a full-time business. You just need to spend money on buying a few costly pieces of equipment like camera, tripod, high-quality lenses, lighting, camera bag, etc. This equipment needs to be there to perform the job of a photographer. 

You can choose a photography niche to get a master in one type of photography like fashion photography, sports photography, wildlife photography, wedding photography, journalism photography, traveling photography, etc. Once you will set with your business and type, you will be going to earn a lot of profit. 

And if you are keen to earn that profit by knowing more about this business, then please check our blog on how to start a photography business

26. Affiliate marketing business

Do you know how the new age youth is earning a lot of money by just sitting at their home? I guess, you don’t. That’s why I am here to let you know the perks of affiliate marketing. Affiliate marketing is the marketing of products and services of others on your website with an affiliate link, which asks for a call to action and makes money when a person takes action. 

This new-age marketing is gaining a lot of attention and people are earning a lot of money. Affiliate marketing is the most inexpensive business you can choose to have. It has benefits like the flexibility of work, greater scope of profit, works on your terms, etc. 

This business can be started with very less investment and gives you a huge income. You just need a website and an internet connection to make money out of this business. If you are ready to start your career with affiliate marketing, then read our blog on how to start an affiliate marketing business

27. Cleaning business

We know that no business is big or small, it’s our perspective towards the few things which can make a difference. So, there is a business which we underestimate a lot but which deserves our attention when it comes to making money. That business is a cleaning business.

A lot of people in this country now prefers to have cleaners at their home due to their busy schedule. And you can make money out of it by just hiring two-three people who need work and are ready to do this job. This business has a very wide scope of earning a good profit. It has a few benefits like no experience is required, work from home, less investment required, etc. 

You don’t need a huge investment to start this business. You just need to spend money on a few types of equipment like rags, gloves, masks, vacuum cleaners, etc. If you find this business attractive, you can read our blog on how to start a cleaning business and start doing it. 

28. Mini supermarket

You already know the need for supermarkets in our lives. We depend on supermarkets to have our daily groceries or things we need. Mini supermarkets are part of super markets, which are not big but have everything we need. These mini supermarkets are started to tackle our daily needs which is why this business is getting in the limelight. This business is very profitable to start your business life. 

You need to do market research and jot down what your customers are looking for. Further, you need to have a great investment plan because this business requires a good investment for taking a place on rent, buying groceries, hiring employees, obtaining a different license, and much more. All these things require money. This business has numerous benefits like 24*7 sales, great scope of earning a good income, a lot of customers, etc. 

If you find this business interesting and ready to go with, you can read our blog on how to start a mini supermarket

29. Taxi business

It is another one of the successful small business ideas, which is being liked by a lot of people. As you know, these days people prefer taxi or cabs over public transport especially in times like this, it keeps people away from the crowd. This is the main reason this business is rising at a high pace. You don’t need to be a taxi owner to start this business, you can be anyone. You just need to hire a cab and a different number of drivers to run those cabs. 

To start this business, you don’t need to think about its scope because that is already very wide. It can earn you a lot of profit even if you have a lot of competitors. Because the demand of this business is very high. The important equipment of this business are Cars, without cars you cannot run this business. This business requires a good investment to buy or rent the cars and hire the drivers. Besides, this business can give you a high return on investment. 

If you have planned to start this business then I will urge you to please read our blog on how to start a taxi business to dig a lot more information. 

30. Vending machine business

How we can forget this business? It is one of the most money-making businesses we have on this list, but we just need to know how we can expand this business. You must have seen vending machines at different places and wondered how this business is being worked. So, we are here to tell you all of that.

A vending machine is not a new-age business, it is always there but we didn’t ever focus on this. This business has a lot of benefits like it can earn you a passive income, there is growth prospect, there is a low investment, there is 24*7 sales, and many more. Now, how you can take advantage of these benefits? So, you just need to buy one or two vending machines, fill them with stocks of your choice and put them in the best location. And there you will see a lot of profits. 

If you want to know more about this business, then please refer to our blog on how to start a vending business

31. Stationary shop

Who doesn’t hear about stationery shops? Our favorite place to be after school, before school, during exams, and anytime we need stationary. This business as you know has been there for ages. But you never have considered this as a business idea. Now, when you know it can be one of the most profitable business ideas for you, why not give it a chance? You know the benefits of having a stationary shop like continuous sales, profitable business, wider scope in the market, etc. 

I must tell you one thing that the profit margin in this business varies with the kind of brand you are selling. You must be equipped with the latest trends. The equipment you can have in your stationery shop can be anything related to stationery like books, notebooks, novels, guides, and many more. 

If you are looking to start this business, then I want you to read our blog on how to start a stationery shop

32. Juice company

Summer’s favorite thing is juice. And who doesn’t love to drink juice? Have you sensed the popularity of this business?

You must, so do I. You must have seen a lot of juice shops in the area of your market, who are working every day and always have customers around them.

Don’t you think it has a lot of popularity?

So, why not use this popularity to earn a great profit from this business. You can open a juice shop or run a juice company. The choice is yours. If you are running a juice company you need to build a brand to compete with your competitors. No doubt, it is a profitable business and has a great scope of earning the right audience. 

To run this company, you need to have equipment from which you can extract juice, a bottle to fill juice in it, juicers, etc. There are several benefits of a juice company like it creates a healthy lifestyle, always saleable, profitable, etc. 

I guess, it can be enough to say how you can get benefit by starting this business. 

33. Courier company

We all know how addicted we are to online shopping. To make our online shopping possible, courier companies play an important role. It is the courier company who brings our packages to us. You will amaze to know that you can start your courier company at home with just a few arrangements. You don’t need to spend too much on starting a courier company that means it requires minimum investment but maximum profit. There are a few types of courier services like standard courier services, overnight courier services, conventional courier services, international courier services, etc. 

There are benefits of a courier company like high return on investment, future growth potential, increasing demand, etc. The things you need to focus on while running this business are knowledge of the geographic area, interpersonal skills, business organization skills, etc. 

The equipment you are going to need in this business is a vehicle, an office space, a computer, an internet connection, and delivery boys. Therefore, you will be ready to start this business. To know more about this business, you can read our guide on how to start a courier company at home

34. Bakery business

I will not lie but I have seen a spike in this business in just the past few years. A lot of people have found their keen interest in baking, which is leading them to start their bakery shops at different places. This business is no doubt one of the profitable businesses because of its popularity and people’s urge to have a different snack. If you want to start this business then, you just need to have an investment plan along with your business plan.

You need a place to open a shop that can be your home, equipment to bake your cake or snacks, and a few people to help you done with all the arrangements. We can say that this is one out of the best small business ideas in India and profitable too.

There are several benefits of owning a bakery business which are, it has a sustainable market, less investment, it is a creative line, it can be open at your home, and many more. 

Now, if you are wondering to know the whole process, then you can read our guide on how to start a bakery business.

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35. Grocery store

Who hasn’t gone to a grocery shop? I guess we all know how a grocery shop looks and works. The question is, can the idea of starting a grocery shop be one of the successful small business ideas? I guess, Yes in every way. It can be a successful business idea with the right investment. You will earn a lot of good profit with a high return on investment. The scope of this business is wide due to the never-ending demand for grocery products. Can we ever forget to cook our meals or wash our clothes? I guess, never. The demand for grocery products will never go off, so this business. 

Anyone can open a grocery store there are no particular criteria for opening a grocery store, you just need to take a valid license and registration for running a grocery store. 

So, are you ready to start your grocery store? If yes, then do it. If you want to know more about the process, then read our blog on how to start a grocery shop in India


After reading all the successful small business ideas in India, you may have got an idea that there is nothing you cannot do and you cannot succeed in. You can do everything if you are wise and determined towards the thing you are doing. These may be small business ideas but you can make them big with your persistent efforts and hard work. 

I hope you have found this guide helpful as I have mentioned everything you should know before jumping into any of the business. You just now need to take action on your favorite business idea and see wonder happens. 

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Frequently asked questions:

Q1. What business can I start with Rs 10000?

You can start the following Small business ideas in India under Rs. 10000;

  1. Affiliate Marketing
  2. Bakery Business
  3. Juice company
  4. Small Restaurant
  5. Online tuition at Home
  6. Blogging
  7. Garment business
  8. Event Planning Business
  9. Photography business
  10. Tiffin service business
  11. Cooking classes

Q2. What business can I start with 5 Lakhs?

You can start the following small business ideas in India with Rs 5 lakhs;

  1. Food catering business
  2. Hotel Cleaning business
  3. Transportation business
  4. Online boutique
  5. Solar business
  6. Software company
  7. Online packaging business
  8. Dairy farm business
  9. Taxi business
  10. Grocery store
  11. Mini supermarket
  12. Stationery shop
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