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Traffic tail- The Most Affordable Digital Marketing Company In Meerut

Traffic tail , a Digital Marketing company in Meerut, helps to increase visibility of business by operating the growth of brand and managing your digital marketing needs, with the help of industry experts with the latest market knowledge.

How we work

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Result Oriented

We help digital companies to volume their self-interest and get a space with live results.

Affordable for all

Affordable yet qualitative is our first preference for all. We also have special discounts for small businesses.

Dedicated support

Everyone needs a helping hand, so we provide one to help in handling digital products.

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Engage Audiences With An Increased Online Presence

Best Digital marketing company in Meerut

Traffic tail , a Digital Marketing company in Meerut, helps to increase visibility of business by operating the growth of brand and managing your digital marketing needs, with the help of industry experts with the latest market knowledge.

The most interesting and exciting industry for digital marketing is no doubt, E-commerce. The sole reason for the industry to be the favourite out of all is simple as its online structure of doing business. The existence of the business is online, so as the transactions.


First and foremost start a digital marketing Traffictail Analyze the project we take to find out what is the current stage of it and what can be done to improve it. With that, we also analyze competitors what are their strategies, and how they work so as to cover our project more above it.

Now after analyzing the whole project we prepare ourselves in such a way that what techniques we can use to beat our competitors and help our clients to rank themselves high by targeting genuine customers by thinking about unique ideas and advertisements to promote the business. We have tried to plan the ideas which help our clients to build their reputation at low cost.

After deciding what is to be done and how it is to be done we start implementing all the ideas and plans in order to get optimized results which help to build the customers relationship with our clients and also to build their trust by delivering the project at as lowest cost as possible.

Why Traffic tail?

Creative Strategy

To gain the overall look and feel of the brand we work on creative strategies where the message that has to be communicated digitally is always creative and depends upon the customers’ need to engage them. The main areas through which we identify creative strategies are:

Experienced Team

We provide a team of experts who work on both soft and hard skills. We have the marketing minds, the metric interpreter, the wordSmith, the relationship builder, the creative mind, the project manager, etc. They all work for the promotion of the business with brand value.

Guaranteed Results

Investing in digital marketing is a big decision for any kind of business. We helped many businesses to achieve the goals they see. We are confident enough that we will provide 100% satisfaction to our clients in the future with our team of experts.

Strategic Control

With strategic control, we manage to evaluate the company’s current marketing program and then we improve that by making our own strategies to gain a long-term perspective.

Best Digital Marketing Company In Meerut Helping With Your SEO Needs

We collaborate with influencers to promote brands on different social media platforms so to gain high exposure to brand

We use different social media platforms to market our brand and to gain long-term results. Marketing is in the form of Audio, text, video, posters,s, etc.

The website is open to the world about your work therefore its importance is much so we provide you with the strategic approaches to develop the world by putting in customer’s shoes thus developing a site that is easy to navigate for them.

Keyword research includes the whole process of researching relevant terms that users will use to search for a particular product or service. The main function of SEO is to increase the visibility of your website by embedding relevant and ample keywords on the website.

A website is the first step to making your potential customers. Thus we in our website designing company in Meerut provide user-friendly website designing services to optimize search engines and rank the website.

After this, we give content writing based on SEO i.e. the content is dependent on the keywords to use to increase the ranking of the website and the original content is provided. SEO build a solid foundation for your business.

We also use guest posting for the website in which we share the post, links, and text, of our website to link it with other websites. With this, we built a bridge between you and your customers.

we perform all the best techniques to provide you and your business with the best growth and profit through the best Digital marketing company in Meerut.

The best Digital Marketing Company in Meerut provides

1. Link Building- Link building is the important part for the company to lead in digital marketing . We provide this service to build relationships of your website to other websites and so as to promote the website for organic sources.

  2. Guest Post Outreach- Traffictail also provides services of writing the blog for the other websites and linking them with your own website to outrage the ranking of your website.

  3. Digital Advertising- To gain traffic on the clients website we use different social media platforms to promote the website and to gain the high ranking. The promotion is in the form of text , Audio, video, poster etc.

  4. Search Engine Advertising- For the cheap digital marketing company search engine advertising is one of the important method so we use this to advertise website on search engines in the form of text or images

  5. Application Development- App development also plays a vital role in digital marketing as it has an ability to aid a company from a search engine optimization point of view.

  6. Landing Page Creation- For the top digital marketing company in Meerut it is important to have a landing page creation as these pages are created only to promote the website and to generate the traffic to the website.

  7. Web Designing and Development- At traffictail we provide web designing and development  with the highly experienced team so that it can be customised according to the clients requirements thus we can get an accurate position of our website by the customers.

  8. Online Reputation Management- As our company is customer centric we focus on how business is viewed online and what can be done to improve it according to the customers of clients.

  9. Social Media Marketing- After this, we give content writing based on SEO i.e. the content is dependent on the keywords to use to increase the ranking of the website and the original content is provided

Our Clients

What Do We Offer At The Top Digital Marketing Company In Meerut?

1. Link Building- Link building is the process in which we try to get other websites to our website to get more traffic and rank higher. We provide this kind of genuine traffic to your website through this process. For this we keep 2 things in mind :

We create the things which can come to notice. And try to link it to the people who are related to it. this I one of the best services we provide as the best Digital Marketing Company in Meerut.

2. On-site SEO- We provide this service in which the website page that will be seen by customers is maintained so as to. It is basically done through:

  1. Using your keywords as required.
  2. Using HTML code and all tags.

3. Content Marketing- Content marketing is in which we create content for clients’ websites and distribute it to other websites to increase brand awareness and to improve rank on search engines. Traffictail uses content marketing to get leads and enable sales by using site analytics, keyword research, and targeted strategy recommendations.

4. Advertising Solutions- Digital advertising solutions are an important choice to become the best Digital marketing company to take the challenges to reach more potential customers, generate more business opportunities, and provide cost-effective business growth.

5. Email Marketing- Email marketing is a powerful marketing channel, in which emails are sent to promote the products and services of the business. We help customers to make them aware of your latest items or offers to build brand awareness, lead generation, to build relationships, etc. Digital marketing Companies in Meerut use this technique to grow your business up to 10x times.

6. Press Release Submission- Press release submission refers to writing about new events, products, or services of the company and submitting it to PR sites. We give this service to popularize your event, products, or services and to build your ranking on search engines through keyword optimization.

7. Landing Page Creation- In landing page creation traffic tail. companies build relationships with other websites and advertise your website to other websites to gain more traffic by landing on the homepage of your website.

8. Local SEO- A local citation is that in which you can describe your business on the web to the local market; it is the combination of company name, phone number, address, zip or postal code, and website address.

Citations in SEO are a key factor that improves your local search results. our  Digital Marketing Company in Meerut offers this service to increase your sales in local and nearby areas digitally.

Local citations come in various forms, for example:

  • Company name.
  • Company name & phone number.
  • Company name, phone number, & address.
  • Company name, phone number, address, & website.

What we do as in digital marketing agency

  1. Facebook Ads
    Facebook Ads are important for the best Digital marketing company in Meerut because 96% of people  are on FB. So to target genuine customers we use FB advertisements. Mostly in FB  Ads people are targeted on the basis of their interest in the contents.

  2. Google Ads
    Every second in the world almost 2.3 millions of searches are done on Google search engine. Thus we offer the advertisement for your website in the Google search results through Google Ads to rank your website higher.

  3. Linkedin Ads
    As LinkedIn is the professional website it includes almost 80% of B2B . Thus we provide these paid ads to gain the market value and to get the original customers for your product and services.

  4. SEO
    We offer you guaranteed SEO friendly and mobile-first website designing for your business. With so numerous individuals clicking on natural look postings, it’s imperative that you simply utilize look motor optimization (SEO) to assist your location rank higher within the look comes about.

  5. SMO
    All the social media platforms are also being used by us to advertise the website and to get a hike in the ranking so as to bring brand value.

  6. SMM
    In the modern world social media has become the hype where every consumer is engaged thus to provide organic and paid marketing is done through SMM. We encompass all this activity to make marketing easy and worthwhile.

  7. YouTube Promotion
    With the help of sources its been declared that YouTube is the second most visited site on the internet. Therefore we also provide YouTube promotion in which we advertise your product and service on YouTube channel through links.

  8. Lead Generation
    To captivate your website with new or existing targeted audience lead generation is used to make them informed about the product and services you provide with there features.

  9. E-Commerce
    E commerce is one of the important part when it comes to digital marketing as now a days customers are smart enough to check the review of products and services online before buying any thus through E-commerce we can provide you the platform to give reviews to increase revenue and brand value.

  10. Content Marketing
    Content marketing is wholly depends upon what your content is we provide the content which is , useful for your website to rank and to attract, retain, engage customers through strategies and tactics that are useful for your business.

  11. Web Development
    For a successful business web development and digital marketing needs to go hand in hand thus our experts team with latest technology create customized website for our clients to attract customers and generate sales lead.

  12. Mobile Application
    In today’s world mobile is becoming an important part of everyone’s life. Thus, targeting the target audience directly can be done through Mobile apps. Also, its notification allows you to tell about the new features about the product and services directly to customers.

  13. Lead Automation
    To automate repetitive marketing the softwares is made to help the lead to nurture with the integration of customer relationship management and customer data platform. This also provides a platform for personalized marketing content.

  14. 2FA
    It is known as 2 factor authentication in which users identity is verified when they are trying to access an application thus the security increases and it increases awareness about the product that who liked and who didn’t.

  15. Campaign Management
    With the campaign management we open the line for the communication between the customers and the business with the help of latest technology. It is done through planning, execution , tracking and analyzing of all the marketing strategies. 

these all startegies we offer as the best Digital marketing Company in Meerut cause each of these has provided the proven results and growth in all digital business.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Yes ,you should invest in Pay-per-click advertising because these  services are based on the phenomenon that once the desired ranking is achieved for your top keywords, then only you should pay for the results attained. Thus it is a cost effective service for every kind of business.

Social media Ads are more effective because:

  1. It helps to nurture leads and transform the customers into the real and loyal customers.
  2. Money is also saved as it is online so the cost is low as compared to offline .
  3. We can target upon the right kind of customers through social media.
  4. The results are always measurable.


Yes, affiliated Marketing is a viable marketing stream because it provides additional value to your customers and builds the reputation of your business which provides a good relationship with them.

According to the sources 99% of people check their email every day. That’s why it is important to build strong eMail marketing strategies. The reasons it can be an effective marketing avenue because:

  1. In email marketing you can create all your email campaigns according to the targeted customers.
  2. You can even get personalized customer satisfaction from every single customer.
  3. Through email marketing you can make a hike in your sales by encouraging purchasers to purchase products that they like.
  4. If your email is good and it feels like you are talking to your customers then your brand loyalty will increase as every customer wants good communication that satisfies them.
  5. E-Mail marketing helps to generate traffic by sending your customers to your site and making them engaged with your site and brand.
  6. This is the cost effective digital campaign in which no fees for Photoshoot or for location, placements or printing campaign is needed.
  7. Self promotion can be done efficiently through email marketing as you have your own list of contacts and media.
  8. As u email is not required to take a long time to plan thus it saves your time and you can send your email from anywhere at the right time.

Yes, video Marketing is the future because through it we will be able to define our products and services in a much better way to customers thus will help to gain the reputation and brand value of our business .

Almost 54% of the market find ORM to be an important investment for a company’s success because it helps to build a positive brand image of the company in the eyes of customers.

If SEO is done at the right time with the right resources it will help your business to grow with ease and build your brand reputation but if it is not done you will lose all the opportunities available as the world now has all online factors.