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April 12, 2024

How to Earn Money from YouTube Short Video

April 12, 2024
How to Earn Money from YouTube Short Video

Do you create YouTube short video? If not, then you will start making after knowing that you can earn money from YouTube shorts. We all are aware of the YouTube shorts feature, which YouTube has launched to create short content, just like Instagram reels. You can take advantage of YouTube shorts for making teaser, entertainment content, to give an overview of something. YouTube shorts are completely different from YouTube’s main videos; it goes for 60 seconds and can drive more traffic to your channel.

Making shorts are more accessible than creating a complete video. YouTube short video are the ultimate fun; you can also share important information with your valuable audience. These shorts are also excellent for driving traffic to your YouTube channel and you can do more video marketing through these videos. Moreover, here we will discuss various ways of getting more income through YouTube shorts.

In this article, we will discuss how to get money from YouTube shorts and the ways. Apart from that, you will get queries like whether you can earn through monetization or ad revenue sharing. Let’s read more about it in detail.

Can we earn through YouTube shorts Monetization and Ads?

YouTube Short Video

Your YouTube channel should be monetized on an excellent income. As of now, you can’t earn through monetization of YouTube shorts. Most of you want to know why? Although monetization is not a new word for you. We all know that you can earn money through monetization, but yes, it could be constrained in the case of YouTube shorts. These short videos are only 60sec; hence, placing ads in YouTube shorts is challenging. You can earn through monetization only if your luck works here or if it is a sponsored topic. There are chances that in future, it is possible, and you can earn through monetization.

Steps to earn money from YouTube Shorts

Here we will explain how you can make money from YouTube short video. All you need to do is be consistent in video content creation and wait till the outcome. Consistency is a crucial element; this is highly important to be consistent in posting reels and making original content. Don’t use copy-pasted stolen content to make a profit quickly. 

Here we have listed three ways of earning which are genuine and authentic. These methods are- YouTube short fund, second sponsorship or brand deals and last and most interesting is a coming soon feature by which creators can unlock more earning as per their views and engagement.

1. Earn Through Sponsorship

This is another way to earn money through YouTube shorts. You must have valuable content on your YouTube shorts to get money. For example: if you are creating education-related content, informative or tutorials, some brands sponsor their products like apps, books, e-books, courses etc.

There is no rocket science in brand sponsorship. It is quite simple that a brand pays you to promote its service or product. You have to create good content and promote their brand. They will pay you for this.

You can create content from them and earn through sponsorship. In this way, you will get a new topic for your video and get money as well. Brands prefer to promote their products or services on YouTube shorts as they have more reach and higher chances that people see this instead of skipping. You can also post these short videos to other platforms like reels to get more traffic. This method deserves your time and effort. Indeed, a fair and genuine way to earn money.

2. Coming Soon Feature

YouTube short video are not a part of YPP, which is known as a formal monetizing program. YouTube has decided to change its rule, where YouTube shorts will be a part of YPP, and creators can earn through revenue sharing.

This news for creators will be effective, per reports. With the application of this rule, creators can earn through views and ads. New and existing users can both take advantage of this upcoming change. So, if you are about making YouTube shorts, you can start asap to benefit from this upcoming change.

YouTube has stated that from the total earnings, they will keep 45% of the revenue and distribute the rest with creators based on views and engagement of videos. So more earning opportunities are waiting for creators in the coming year. New and existing creators can both take advantage of this feature.

3. Earn through YouTube Shorts fund

YouTube has decided to spend a good amount each year on top creators. These creators will be decided based on engagement and viewership of shorts. So if your content can set a benchmark with good views and engagement, you can earn money through YouTube short video. Therefore, your content should be valuable and meaningful to get good reach and views. Let’s talk about another side: if you are a new creator, you need a lot of patience to break the existing creator’s milestone.

Let’s talk about YouTube shorts fund

YouTube shorts fund is a fund scheme announced for creators with the motive of encouraging creators and providing them with an opportunity to earn money through YouTube. 

How to earn through YouTube Shorts fund?

You can easily earn up to $100 with YouTube shorts if you post good-quality content and have good user engagement. Now there is one more thing to think about, What does It mean- Eligible creator and good engagement? You can visit the YouTube help website for details about the shorts fund.

Moreover, we are mentioning some of the critical points which are essential to make money through YouTube shorts fund and being an eligible creator-

  • Be consistent in posting videos, post at least one video in 180 days.
  • Your channel must abide by YouTube policies, copyright rules and other terms and conditions.
  • YouTube videos should be original, channels with third-party logos of social media; watermarks are not allowed (you can use your brand logo). Videos from other creators are also not acceptable.
  • Creators must be above 13 in the US, and other countries have different slabs for the age of maturity for creators.
  • Creators must have at least 1,00,000 followers and 1,00,000 views in the past months.
  • For those below maturity age, their parents must accept the terms and set up an AdSense account for payment.

There is an update that this feature will be live for a short time. It will not be in existence, as per some reports. YouTube has announced that they are replacing this model with a new one; till Jan you can earn.

Possible ways to create eligible shorts for earning

Above mentioned ways are only effective if you are creating valuable content. What is valuable content? We understand that several tips and more than thousands of videos on shorts are available on the internet. Still, most of them are sharing misleading information with unrealistic figures.

It takes time to earn instantly from YouTube short video. You have to be consistent and committed to your content. Pick a niche in high demand and post genuine original content. Your content should be based on facts so users can implement it in real life and promote your content on social media platforms.


Everyone has a hidden talent or extra abilities to do something in which he has expertise. Find your talent and create YouTube short video. Once you have good followers, views and engagement, you can approach brands for sponsorship. Brand deals and sponsorship are evergreen methods of earning while revenue sharing will be live and it will completely illuminate the process of fund sharing. There are higher chances that brands will communicate themselves to collaborate with you. Results are good, and you can earn a decent income if you are committed to giving your total effort and improving yourself.

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