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March 28, 2023

How to start an Online Travel Agency in India?

March 28, 2023

The travel industry is on the boom in today’s time.

Now, it has become one of the largest industries in the world and is expected to grow more with time. In the current era of digitalization, combining the travel industry with the IT industry is an incredible composition. Investing in an online travel agency in India is a good option for business people.

But do you know how to start an online travel agency in India?

Let’s understand everything about the travel industry.

What is a Travel Agency?

An agency that makes all the necessary arrangements for travelers and fulfills all their requirements is known as a Travel Agency.

A travel agency can be of two types:

  • Franchisee Based
  • Self-established or in-house

1. Franchisee Based Travel Agency

There are many well-known brands in the traveling industry; MakeMyTrip, Goibibo, and more that have established their name in the market and have a huge customer base.

In a franchise-based travel agency, you can acquire their name and enjoy their customer base and services.

Whatever brand you will choose, they will set-up the agency for you in exchange for a premium amount. In this type of agency, you earn a limited profit.

2. Self-Established Agency

This is a form of travel agency in which you do everything on your own. From selecting a name to registering an agency, marketing, and upgrading to a large scale, you have to do everything by yourself and with the help of your team.

It requires lots of energy, skill, right guidance, and patience to establish a well-known name but once it is established, literally no one can stop you to shine.

What are the requirements to start an Online Travel Agency in India?

Till now, we have understood the meaning and the type of travel agencies. Now, let’s discuss the requirements for starting an Online Travel Agency in India.

1. Office Requirement

Not only while starting an online travel agency in India, rather establishing any of the business; there must also be an office.

Because no one can trust your business without having a physical entity. So it is a must to have an office for your travel agency.

2. Website

Website is the essence for every business in this digital business and here we are discussing an online travel agency.

Can you imagine running an online travel agency in India without having an online presence?

You wouldn’t be able to expand your business without having a proper responsive website having all the essential features in it. So, invest some of your savings in designing an attractive website for your agency.

Online Travel Agency

3. Incorporation

You can find a house without having a house number plate outside it?

The answer is No, not possible. Similarly, you cannot run a business without its incorporation.

So, the first thing you have to do is to incorporate your travel agency in India.

4. GST

Having a GST doesn’t seem important but trust me, it is very important for the fair play of your business. Running an online travel agency is not everyone’s cup of tea and requires lots of online transactions. With the growth of the business scale, the transaction also grows.

So, it is beneficial to have a GST for the hassle-free running of the business.

5. Ministry of Tourism Registration

Registering with the ministry of tourism is also an essential factor while starting an online travel agency. It is valid only for 5 years; after that, you need to renew it. It gives more authenticity to your business and builds the trust factor of the customers.

I think that while doing any kind of online business, customers buy trust rather than buying products and services.

And registering yourself with the body of the government is itself a factor of reliability and trust.


IATA acts as a cherry on the cake for your business. It is an acronym for International Air Transportation Association.

It is an association of airline merchants around the globe that is formed for promoting cooperation in assuring the safety, reliability, and security of air services.
It works as an accredited agent that helps the smooth running of your business.

7. Tie-ups with Different Service Providers

Starting an online travel agency in India is a submerge of numerous activities such as booking hotels, checking the availability of rooms, booking a taxi, assuring the quality of services, booking a guide, and many more. You cannot perform every action without collaborating with the service providers.

So, it is required for you to do tie-ups with all the required service providers in advance to avoid the last moment problems.

Now, you all must be thinking about the investment blueprint required to start an online travel agency in India, right?

So, let’s discuss Investment requirements for your business.

1. Security Services

The most important aspect that is required for establishing an online travel agency in India is to provide security services.

As you know that with the increment in technology, there is a chance of hacking too. And insecure services can create issues for the customers that can even damage your goodwill.

So, you should use secure services and keep a regular security check.

2. Choose your Technology Wisely

Technology matters a lot for the smooth running of your site. Using outdated technology can lead to system failure and create an issue for the customers on special tour season.

To avoid this issue, it is necessary to choose your technology wisely.

3. Never Lose Trust in Your Vision

The last and most important requirement to start an online travel agency in India is to understand that no matter how many times you are going to fail, no matter who is there with you in tough times, it doesn’t matter how you manage everything; just don’t lose the trust in your vision.

You will get success for sure!

Interested Topics:-

Investment Requirements for Start an Online Travel Agency in India

1. Office

The very first thing on which you need to invest in setting your office. It is completely your choice;

where you want to set-up your office and what are the requirements for it?

Now, it is completely up to you; how do you want your office to look?

Where should your office be located?

And many things just like it.

Your office investment will be the result of your decisions, so choose wisely. One thing I want to suggest does not select your office area by thinking about the short terms rather go for the decisions that will help you in the long run.

2. Website

As we have already discussed; how much a website is essential for your online travel agency in India.

So, it is important to invest in a well-functioning and responsive website. You can go for the Traffic Tail, helping you to design an incredible site at an affordable price range.

Contact them at https://traffictail.com/contact-us/

digital Marketing for Travel Agencies

3. Marketing

Investment in marketing plays an essential role in the success of the business. You need to invest wisely in the marketing tactics as it can make or break your image. Marketing tactics required for your online travel agency are;

Hire an incredible digital marketing agency for the promotion that serves you with the best of strategies and marketing tools.

4. Miscellaneous Investments

Starting an online travel agency in India requires small miscellaneous investments such as the internet, printer, brochures cost, visiting cards, and more.

They do not require high amounts but are equally beneficial for your business.


Hope you have understood; how to start an online travel agency in India. Initially, it may take a little more time to start an online travel agency that completes your vision but still, it is better than doing nothing and thinking about it frequently.

So, don’t worry and stay calm, concentrated, and relaxed. Devote yourself to learning new techniques to become the best online travel agent.

Now, it’s time to transform your idea into reality. Hope I have covered every single point on how to start an online travel agency in India.

Also, if you have found this article interesting and can help any of your family and friends, then don’t forget to share it with your lovely friends, relatives, colleagues, family, and anyone who needs to know these factors on starting an online travel agency in India.

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