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March 23, 2024

12 Best Product Roadmap Tools (Free & Paid)

March 23, 2024
Best Product Roadmap Tools

Do you want to use outdated methods and spreadsheets to manage your product roadmap?

Are you looking for a way to display better and explain your product strategy? Look no further! Today’s business world is changing at a rapid speed, and using the right tools can be so important.

That’s why we put together a list of 12 top-rated product roadmap tools. These will help you shorten the product development process. These tools give you everything you may need to plan, rank, and communicate your product roadmap.

Let’s move ahead to discover the best solutions to ensure your product management is at its peak!

What is a Product Roadmap?

A product roadmap represents a product plan that involves product development and marketing.

It is a picture of the product idea and the way toward it. It usually shows detailed dialogues and tasks that are allocated to particular product team members.

A product roadmap helps the product team be systematized. It is an important focus point for optimizing the product’s development and delivery.

It shows the job that was done, the schedule, how long it can take, and what has to be done now.

How To Choose Product Roadmap Tools?

  • Features: Ensure that the tool has essential features such as timeline visualization, collaboration, and integrations.
  • User Interface (UI): Choose the tools with a user interface that would be understood and adopted as fast as possible.
  • Customization: Make sure that the tool is customizable so that it is flexible enough to allow the roadmap to be designed according to the needs of your team.
  • Integration: Choose instrumentation that integrates with existing project management and development tools.
  • Scalability: It is advisable to choose tools that can be upgraded to support your team’s expansions and changing circumstances.
  • Cost: Check the pricing plans and opt for the tool that gives the best value for your money.
  • Customer Support: Make sure of the availability of dependable customer support to resolve problems and answer any questions.

12 Best Product Roadmap Tools

1. Aha

Product Roadmap Tools- Aha
Product Roadmap Tools

Aha! is a tool that has a variety of software products offered, such as a roadmap that allows strategic planning with regard to idea recruitment, product plan creation, and so on.

Teams can gather the thoughts of their mature customer base and then decide what to add to the product. The strategy development tool enables teams to formulate their value proposition, identify their target audience, and position themselves in the marketplace.

Templating is offered so users can start with a generalized plan and customize it to suit their product’s specifics. Initiatives can be color-coded so as to have visual representations.


  • Strategy
  • Ideation
  • Customer research
  • Whiteboarding
  • Roadmapping
  • Release management
  • Development
  • Go-to-market
  • Analytics


Monthly$74/month$124/monthAnually Only

2. Creately

Product Roadmap Tools- Creately
Product Roadmap Tools

Creately is a streamlined outlining solution for all your planning needs that provides you with much flexibility in choosing what to plan.

These are a few of the things you may need in the software for Gantt charts, milestone charts, work breakdown structures, or roadmaps.

Moreover, you can work with your teammates, even to the smallest detail, face-to-face, in that virtual context. The Creately interface is friendly and straightforward, and it also has many data view modes for promptness.


  • Brainstorm & Ideate
  • Diagram & Visualize
  • Plan & Strategize
  • Run Workshops & Meetings
  • Manage Projects
  • Research & Analysis


Monthly$0/month$8/month$149/monthCustom Pricing
Yearly$0/month$5/month$89/monthCustom Pricing

3. Harvestr

Product Roadmap Tools- Aha
Product Roadmap Tools

Harvestr is a product management platform that is meant to support B2B SaaS companies in building their roadmaps that lead to growth.

Through customer feedback and data utilization, Harvestr equips teams to work in unison, including dealing with customer problems and producing actual business outcomes.

The main goal is to lay the groundwork for cross-functional collaboration throughout the whole organization. Leadership ensures that customer needs are always first.


  • Timeline View
  • Idea Management
  • Prioritization Matrix
  • Collaboration Tools
  • Customizable Roadmaps
  • Integration Capabilities
  • Reporting and Analytics
  • Feedback Collection
  • Goal Setting
  • Resource Management


PlansLaunch PlanScale PlanElite PlanEnterprise Plan
Monthly$0/month$79/month$139/monthCustom Pricing
Yearly$0/month$65/month$139/monthCustom Pricing

4. Roadmunk

Product Roadmap Tools- Roadmunk
Product Roadmap Tools

Roadmunk can help users display the processes of work in an effort-free manner.

It has several perspectives, a Jira integration option, and the ability to export data very easily in common formats that make it easy to use by any organization.

Roadmunk enables you to create roadmaps, which can then be seamlessly exported to presentations, printed out when needed, and shared with others.

The advanced security features address the high needs of global enterprise customers and comply with various standards.


  • Import and export options
  • Capturing feedback
  • Prioritizing ideas
  • Customer feedback management
  • Task organization
  • Project timelines
  • App integrations


$19/month$49/month$99/monthCustom Pricing

5. Airfocus

Product Roadmap Tools-Airfocus
Product Roadmap Tools

Airfocus is the best product roadmap software. It is designed to prioritize and streamline the workflow.

The application can link up with preferred project planning apps. The advanced service makes it possible for you to handle multiple products and complex flows of work simultaneously.

Airfocus is a great tool for building roadmaps where the level of complexity and the number of items are considerable.

The roadmap humanizes all the elementary functionalities that are needed for visualizing the workflow.


  • Kanban roadmap
  • Integration with Jira Cloud, Trello, Asana, GitHub, Zapier, MS Planner, Clubhouse
  • Enterprise security
  • Azure DevOps
  • Prioritization matrix


Monthly$83/monthCustom PricingCustom Pricing
Yearly$69/monthCustom PricingCustom Pricing

6. Craft.io

Product Roadmap Tools- Craft.io
Product Roadmap Tools

Craft.io removes the need to have separate files and different data types in different files. Using the product roadmap planning tool you can contextually understand and have the insights.

Through using the roadmap tool, one will be able to develop product decisions that lead to the timely completion of tasks. It has templates, frameworks, and collaboration options.

Whether it is personas or OKRs, product deliverables are connected with every strategic element through this system.

Use the data insights to come up with the context of all product decisions.


  • Prioritization engine
  • Product spec management
  • Capacity planning
  • Software integrations


Monthly$24/editor/month$99/editor/monthCustom Pricing
Yearly$19/editor/month$79/editor/monthCustom Pricing

7. Productboard

Product Roadmap Tools- Productboard
Product Roadmap Tools

A productboard empowers teams to arrange feedback, prioritize jobs, and draw a visual roadmap.

Customer tips prove beneficial in that they allow the product team to key in the relevant things. It also helps in planning for sprints, customer experience, and, consequently, sales.

The product is the feature that allows the collection and organization of customer feedback.

Listening to your customers’ needs and desires is the key to successfully prioritizing your product tasks.


  • Visual work planning
  • Prioritization
  • Team collaboration
  • Customer feedback repository


$19maker/month$59maker/monthCustom Pricing


Product Roadmap Tools
Product Roadmap Tools

This planning roadmap tool by ITONICS contains all you need to think through your projects, compose a detailed schedule, and strategize wisely.

The software is developed according to agile project management principles and offers many useful functions for teamwork, data analysis, and visualization.

The pinnacle of Roadmap`s effectiveness is the undisputed integration of other pole products.

The road map is constructed with certainty to give your stage of planning a new dimension that will make it neat and data-based.


  • Agile project roadmaps
  • Graphical features
  • Data analysis
  • Collaboration


Custom pricing and request a demo.

9. Casual

Product Roadmap Tools- Casual
Product Roadmap Tools

Casual is a versatile road map tool for projects that enables both planning and execution.

The tool is very easy to use since it has a user interface that guides in creating workflows and assigning tasks.

It gives the users a snapshot view of the tasks needed for every product launch and the team members responsible for completing the tasks, respectively.

Casual offers an eye-catching visual and task-oriented identification of what should be done to hit the market. The tool is actually fantastic for visualizing and, additionally, optimizing the workflow.


  • Unlimited products
  • Free guest accounts
  • Free templates
  • Attachment from OneDrive, Google Drive, Dropbox, and Box


Monthly$12/month$30/month$60/monthCustom Pricing
Yearly$10/month$25/month$50/monthCustom Pricing

10. Toggl Plan

Product Roadmap Tools-
Product Roadmap Tools

Toggl Plan is a software tool for diagramming project planning. It has an interface that enables you to drag and drop to design a timeline.

Also, you can arrange tasks on the Kanban board and then check their status progression.

The tool also provides a commenting feature that is greatly helpful in team collaboration. It enables you to track the activities of others without great effort.


  • Project timeline
  • Task management
  • In-task comments
  • Drag-and-drop interface



11. Asana

Product Roadmap Tools- Asana
Product Roadmap Tools

Asana is an all-inclusive tool that is well-known for work and project management.

Their wide range of products covers almost the whole work management spectrum, and, all in all, they show very good performance.

It’s very quick, and indeed, it doesn’t require a lot of time to create the platform. Additionally, Asana has good documentation.

There is a lot of content published about various project management issues, which I find super useful during my product development.


  • Task Management
  • Project Planning
  • Team Collaboration
  • Deadline Tracking
  • File Attachments
  • Commenting and Feedback
  • Subtasks
  • Progress Tracking


Monthly$0/month$13.49/month$30.49/monthCustom Pricing
Yearly$0/month$10.99/month$24.99/monthCustom Pricing

12. Coda

Product Roadmap Tools- Coda
Product Roadmap Tools

Coda is a comprehensive project planning platform that integrates spreadsheets, documents, and items to be delivered into a single system.

It takes away the requirement for a series of Excel, PowerPoint, and Word documents.

The features of the product roadmap are just basic and were created to ensure you stay focused on the important parts of the work.

Coda also holds various application templates for Agile teams in project management, human resources, event organization, and sales.


  • Team Collaboration
  • Deadline Tracking
  • File Attachments
  • Calendar Integration
  • Progress Tracking


Monthly$0/month$12/month$36/monthCustom Pricing
Yearly$0/month$10/month$30/monthCustom Pricing

To Sum Up

Through the process of selecting the right free product roadmap tool, small businesses can streamline the product development process. It also enhances communication and helps them achieve their goals.

Now is the right time to gear your business to new levels with the help of a cutting-edge product roadmap tool. It includes everything required for roadmap functionality and more. So, why are you waiting? Choose the right product roadmap tool for your business.

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