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July 17, 2023

How To Start A Content Writing Career

July 17, 2023

Content writing has the word “writing” in it which itself means that hard and smart work, both combine to kick-start your expressions.

To start a career in content writing means you already need to start writing all by yourself! An art career is not a cakewalk, so you need to have utter patience, educate yourself, take criticisms positively and make your words worth it. Because, in the wake of dreams, you will need to meld yourself into the market demands in writing, yet keeping your creativity intact.

Since most content writing jobs pay a flat rate versus by the hour, wasted time means earning less money overall. Ideally, you want to complete the highest number of projects possible without sacrificing quality.

If you cringe at the thought of generating loads of content on a tight schedule, then becoming a freelance content writer may not be your cup of tea. A good content piece is based on a fine balance of diligent research, wordplay, sound expertise, and of course, good vocabulary and grammar.

How To Start A Content Writing Career

Not just that, high-quality content is never created in the first go but requires incisive editing, rewording, and fine-tuning to ensure that every single word is on point.


Content writing services have a lot of scope as every business in India hires content writers like MNCs, startups, institutions, and even individuals. content writers are hired as full-time part-time or as a freelancer. Thus India has a great opportunity available for content writers which are:

  • Content Creators/ Developers
  • Content Strategists
  • SEO Content Writers
  • Copywriters
  • Proofreaders
  • Editors
  • Brand Journalists
  • Bloggers
  • Social Media Specialists
  • Curriculum Designer
  • Instructional Designers
  • Academic Writers or Researchers
  • Technical Writers
  • Subject Matter Experts
  • Video Content Creators

All these opportunities are available in India where content writers can show their skills and grow their careers.


The great thing about content writing as a field is that there are no defined paths or qualifications necessary to enter it. It does give you a lot of flexibility since you can take up content writing at any stage of your professional life, through any path, and in different capacities (freelance, full-time or part-time).

It’s not like that you can not do a professional content writing course. To join a professional content writing course and sure your smooth entry into the field you can have a degree in literature, journalism, and mass communication are preferred, while for technical and research writing you may need a master’s degree in a specialized field (for example, life sciences, physics, engineering, psychology, etc.).

In either case, good writing skills and an analytical mind are two things you cannot do without.

Here are a few recommended ways to start your career as a content writer:

1. Freelancing 

Freelancing is a business where a person is self-employed and independent to work on more than one project at the same time and paid for all. It is the best way to Dip your toe in content writing because as a freelancer you build your expertise and portfolio over time and set your own pace of work. Here you have an opportunity to write in every aspect like blogs, website writing, newspaper writing, story writing, etc.

2. Internships

Internships are those part of Jobs fair where you try to learn about a particular aspect so if you are still in college and school and you want to try your hand for content writing NGO for internship in any organization it could be online or offline both you even can write the columns for magazines and newspapers to try your hand in content writing this can also be a paid writing or unpaid depending upon your company’s policy.

3. Blogging

Nowadays it’s beginning to see 12-13 years of age are blogging which seems the first step that anyone can put towards writing. The setting up of your blog is free. You only need to find the topic on which you have to blog.

You can write at your own pace and there is no need for qualification. You just need a writing style and a voice that can target your audience so it is just a win-win situation to start blogging. You even can experiment out with your writings rather than monetizing them there is no compulsory style to write in blogging

4. Added Qualifications

For writing as a subject matter expert, added qualifications are required. Higher qualifications add to your ability to process information and add your expertise to it, and as you grow older, you can complement your writing skills with them.

Technical data can only be well-analyzed and presented by a person technically qualified for it. An automobile manufacturing industry would require engineers to do the content writing for most of their parts and a medical college book would require proofreading done by a qualified subject matter expert it.

5. Certification Programs

Nowadays everybody wants to top up their graduate or postgraduate degree with the help of different certificates of different courses to improve their skills and knowledge so a content writer is also been provided with the help of this certificate where the course include improving the skills associated with writing content marketing and digital marketing there are various courses available in the market for blogging technical writing copywriting Search engine optimization content management system WordPress keyword research social media marketing etc. These courses not only give you a professional market by improving your writing skills but they also add as a benefit to your profile in your career.

Content writing services provided by the businesses 

Different types of content writing:-

There are different types of content writing services that are provided by different businesses in the commercial field so if a person wants to start a content writing services career then they can go with all these content writing services in a commercial field. The services are shown below:

 1. Website Content

To gain and maintain the rank of the website web content is needed for both individuals and businesses. To be in the eyes of search engines is the best way to deal with it.

2. Blog Writing

 Blog writing services are done to understand the targeted audience to engage organic audiences for the promotion of the website. This is done by the experts to put their talent on the website product and services.

3. Reviews Writing

To maintain the customer’s satisfaction and trust, the review writing of the product is done with the help of professional content writers to explain exactly the product features.

4. FAQ Writing

With this, the content writer answers all the questions of the clients in the best manner. The answers are always from the point of view of customers so that they can find information quickly about you.

5. Content Rewriting

The professional content rewriting services are there to provide all the readable content, what the website is providing and what it can offer to its potential customers. So a professional content writer is needed for this purpose.

6. SEO Content Writing

SEO content writing is services provided by content writers to make the company ranked authentically on the first page of search engines. This is done by dynamic social media content creation. In this, a professional content writer needs to do keyword research, keyword optimization, content organization, content promotion to do SEO content writing.
In another way:
Unique content + solid on-page SEO = SEO writing.

7. Product Description

As one of the best content writers, you provide professionals and the right information about the products and services features that a company provides to the customers. So the features of the product are described by the content writer with their creative skills.

8. Newsletter Writing

The proposal on the product and services on a weekly/monthly and quarterly basis is provided by the company so for which there is the requirement of a professional content writer who can provide the latest information about the product and services and the offers on them with some creative writing.

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To start content writing services in India one needs to understand the field completely and then try to put its feet into it. For understanding the needs of content writer you need to follow the following steps:

Step 0: Go Niche

Content writing niche

The first and foremost thing before starting a content writing business is that you need to know about the Niche that is required in the market and target your audience accordingly. To find a point that is required in the market and match it with your content writing.

Because When you put two very random things together it suddenly starts becoming more appealing and interesting. So, When you combine a skill like content writing, with a specific niche, then not only do you become an expert content writer but also an expert in the industry.

This can be a very attractive proposition because now, not only do you have subject matter expertise but also a specific skill around this subject matter. But make sure the niche You choose should have enough opportunity in the market.

Step 1: Build a portfolio

Content Writing Portfolio

After finding the Niche in the market you need to go by building credibility before earning anything but in this stage, you will not get any monetary feedback because of which many people give up in this stage but you must do this step to gain knowledge about the market and to build your reputation in the market.

Because as the new content writer nobody is going to trust you so you have to work on this element to build your trust because a port for you is that which showcases your capabilities.

You have a lot of opportunities to build your portfolio by picking an industry and coming up with different content ideas and creating and contacting that industry. Also, you can create a few blog posts, write a small ebook or go for article writing.

A good portfolio will give you a great platform to grow from. But that alone is not going to help you. You need social proof.

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Step 2: Start creating social proof

Content services social proof

Now the world has become an internet world. Everything which is on the internet has proof and Whenever it comes to doing something risky, we always look at what other people are doing. And how we can get proof of it so we start doing it on social media. As a content writer, you can tap into this and create your social proof by blogging for writing an article writing for websites, etc.

One of the great places to do this is Quora. it is that which not only allows you to flex your content writing skills but also gives social proof and helps to attract necessary e engagements and know how people are consuming it.

Not only this, but Quora can also help you attract more gigs in the future. Like once comment on quora is watched plenty of times and he or she can become a famous writer. Again, having a niche helps in positioning yourself as a subject matter expert.

Step 3: Build authority with a blog

Build authority blog

Authority is one of the parameters that lead to credibility because if you give a sense of authority to your clients they will get attracted towards you and we’ll help you to fetch other clients. Also, you can convert your clients for a higher price.

And a much easier way to do this is by creating a blog. You also will use our blogs as a tool to showcase our talent capabilities skills authority by using the resources online which shows how you can do that. So set up a blog already.

Step 4: Create a pitch

Freelance content writing pitch

A great pitch is simple, clear, to the point and articulate. You have to pitch like a writer because you are pitching for or the content writing services so don’t pitch like a gig pitch like a professional writer.

These are the elements of a clear and effective pitch, 

  • A clean, customized subject line
  • Address the recipient by name 
  • Reference to where you saw their requirement (or why you think they need content)
  • Why you think you are a good fit for the requirement or company
  • References to your work and portfolio
  • Links to your blog and other platforms (like quora, Upwork, etc)
  • Links to your social media handles
  • A good email signature
  • And mind you the riches lie in the follow-ups. Don’t forget to follow up after you pitch.
  • Also, keep testing your pitch until you get your highest converting pitch.

Step 5: Find the platform

Different platforms have been the flag bearers of the gig economy.

You can use different platforms to work in such a way that you can provide free work in exchange for the reviews. You can also use this content as a portfolio so it is a Win-Win situation. Because once you have reached a lot higher in ranking with the help of enough reviews you will have a better chance to get the projects on the platforms you are choosing to work on.

Also, ensure that you use these platforms as a way to attract qualified clients which you can then convert into long-term commitments. When you deliver a project always make sure you upsell a long-term commitment. It never hurts to upsell. 

Step 6: Join Facebook groups and communities

Content writing services Facebook group

Facebook is one of the social media which is growing dramatically because it is the largest social media marketing platform so by performing with groups on Facebook you can reach many of the targeted audience. 

These groups are made especially for content writers where people usually post requirements for constant so keep following them and when they post some requirements send them a pitch that you have created to attract them. Again, don’t forget to follow up but at the same time don’t be annoying.

Step 7: Set up and optimize your LinkedIn Profile

Setting up a professional profile LinkedIn

If you want to be part of the gig economy, it will make sense for you to take LinkedIn more seriously and use it more deliberately. The first obvious thing to do is set up a decent and professional profile with every possible information that you can put to attract professionals on LinkedIn.

Also, the profile picture should be memorable enough to get attracted because it is not the Instagram profile where you can put out pictures, weird-looking eyebrows, and fake eye squints on your profile picture. To be on the safer side, upload a nice headshot and you should be good to go.

Once that is done, it’s time to optimize your profile. Yes, you read it right; optimize. LinkedIn is also a search engine, so when companies are looking for people with specific skill sets, you have to make sure you show up. To do this, make sure you have put keywords in the title and your description. Please don’t go overboard and stuff it with keywords here.

Now, it’s time to keep an eye out for the opportunities on LinkedIn, which brings us to the next point.

Step 8: Apply for companies with openings

Keep an eye out on the job portals for companies looking for full-time content writers. It is incredibly hard to get a full-time content writer. Even if companies do find content writers, it is even harder to keep them around.

Again, reach out to them and pitch that they might want to consider you as a freelance content writer until they find a full-time writer. If you are lucky, you might become their “full-time content writer” but as a freelancer.

This also includes digital marketing agencies and advertising agencies. They are almost always looking for writers. Even if they have full-time writers, agency life is such that you might never know when your requirement might increase overnight.

So reach out to the right person in these agencies and pitch them your services.

Step 9: Join content platforms

Content platforms

I have listed content platforms as the last option because you don’t have the flexibility of choosing your clients but it’s a great option if you are starting.

There are plenty of platforms that can be a great place for you to start. they have extremely great opportunities for payouts or orders coming in or both. These platforms have very strict policies when they onboard new writers. It’s worth a shot.



Nowadays due to the increase in social media platforms businesses and online business services the scope of content writers has increased in India. As every business has to impulsively have a website and many businesses are online on different platforms which leads to the increase in the demand for content writers.

So if you are looking for a job in content writing in a Tier 1 city, expect your salary to start around Rs.15,000 per month, and it can go up to Rs. 25,000 per month depending on various factors like your location, your content viability, your work done, etc.

After having a couple of years of experience in the content writing field you can get a salary from rupees 35000 to rupees 40000 after having the experience you can move up The ladder of becoming a content manager or editor or even a better content market so by climbing the letter you can earn the salary of more than 50000 but for that, you need to you put your time effort and patience to get there.

Nowadays even you can go for a freelancing business which eventually starts with setting rates for the word you turned out.

Before taking up your interest as a content writer you need to build a portfolio as mentioned above in this article before you decide your price. If you have a decent portfolio you can even charge rupees 1 per word as a starter. So you will get a minimum of rupees 1000 for each article without spending much time working on smaller articles and still paid good money for the walk You do.

After a little experience in the field, you can charge higher for the same work and the best way to do that is by first changing your pricing with existing clients. Because they never understand your value and it’s time for you to know your worth.

So move and charge rupees 2 instead of rupees 1 for every word even in a little experience you can charge rupees 5 per word but more than that if not a what of charge until and unless you have a lot more experience and credibility for the same.

But I would like to add something to it that content writing should not be taken as a job but should be taken as skills and abilities that you have to deliver to your clients even though where you are and who you are

It is also said that monthly salary addiction is difficult to get rid of and sometimes a lot of people have a job because of their necessity rather than a choice. So if you are interested and comfortable in doing a content writing job as a choice and not a burden then only you should go for content writing because with this skill it requires patience to think and research before giving your time.


It’s always been said that the job of a content writer is as easy and simple as _ Every content writer not just in a single instance starts writing the content as soon as they come across the idea but For writing a single article content writer has to do a lot of things before just writing it. So here is the breakdown in percentage of the time as a content writer is is given below:

  • 20% Research: first and foremost thing after deciding the topic the content writer has to do a lot of research Not just about the topic writing about but also keyword research, customer research needs to be done with that a similar block ok is also to be read mainly those that are ranked on the first page of Google. 
  • 20% Strategy: after doing research now planning is required about the block that how all the blogs will work together what are the documents required for writing purpose what will be the subheading heading of the blog what will be the number of words to be written that can make the audience interested in reading the blog with that what unique things can be done to attract an audience.
  • 10% Learning: also for writing a blog you need to know all the things about your topic which come from learning from the other blogs or influencers on LinkedIn. Even for or taking more knowledge about the concept you need to take some courses and put it in a short attention span and commitment so that you can stick to the blog.
  • 10% Networking: spent almost one hour a day in making networks by conversing the people so that you can promote your content and can get new clients all this conversation should be related to your writing to make them get interested in your writing 
  • 40% Writing: after all this step writing comes into play. Now spend your time wisely on actual writing by thinking twice before writing. Also, write unique things that attract your audience and spend your time going back to your old post and updating them so that you can improve your matrics. Because in the end, your writing is what matters.


Content writer qualifications

Content writing is both art and science because as science you need to understand everything about the topic before writing it and as art, you need to put creativity in the article before writing it. So while doing content writing there is no need for qualification but you need to understand the work of content writers. 

 Also, when it comes to content writing, it is very crucial to understand how the marketing of the content works. And this can be done by basic knowledge about SEO so to craft content that not only works but also spreads in the digital world

But this doesn’t mean that 

there is no need of course or certificate to become a content writer. To become a pro content writer there are different courses in certificates that are provided by different institutes mentioned below.


There are different kinds of short-term courses in a certificate to get an add-on to your skills and knowledge and to provide you a guideline on how to work in a digital world. Courses like SEO content, Press Release, Creative writing, Business writing, Editorial writing, Report, and Research Writing, Instructional Design, Ghostwriting, and Copywriting These courses are provided online and offline by different institutes. These are just a few courses Tera many more interesting courses that you may find online if you have an interest in the other fields of content writing.

There are several courses available in India and abroad which are both online and offline some of the main courses are mentioned below:

  • TBS The Brand Salon, Mumbai
  • IIEDM, Mumbai
  • Content Knock Out, Bangalore
  • Invented, Bangalore
  • Digital Academy 360, Bangalore
  • Leads Academy, Multiple Locations
  • Udemy Content Writing Course (Online)


To start your career in content writing one should know that content writing is not just a usual temporary work but a work where things are reliable. so to start a service as a content writer you need to keep some crucial things in mind which are as follows: –

  •  Read, Read and Read- yes it is a content writing service but more than writing use you need to concentrate on reading so to know how you can build up and influence your content. If you are a well-read person you will be able to give your content and you look which is the most important aspect of content writing service.

  •  Improve your Networking– one another tip is to get more relevance in your professional market by attending seminars and workshops to know about the latest trend in the industry.

  •  Keep Your Research Base Strong- Research about articles is the most important aspect of content writing because everybody wants well-researched, fresh and logical articles. So spend more time researching the topic before writing it, especially in the case of technical writings.

  • Maintain a Social Media Presence- as today’s world is a social world and content writing job is for social media to gain networks is one of nature major aspect of content writing so build your network on all major social media Just as Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn, Medium (social network for writers), Twitter, etc. Social media helps you build your brand and get eyeballs for your content.

  • Broaden Your Horizons- 1 needs to write on every aspect To make yourself a brand and that writing should be based upon the niche of your targeted audience. So what can the spear and take up every new assignment as a new challenge; the internet is a great tutor!

  •  Keep Evolving- also the content needs to evolve according to the social media trends the content should be shifted in every aspect from planning to reading to writing. so always be prepared for changing your thoughts and he puts them in words according to the trends. 

  • Studying other writers – if you want to create solid content you need to be fair about what other writers have written and what are their bonus points, what are their skills to write it, and why they are on the top of the search engines.

    So try to get inspired from the other writer’s articles and try to find out out what is are their ways of writing pay attention to their voice and style do the structure of their article and what is the way of structuring it how did they present their articles how do they start their articles and how do they and it because reading and analyzing the work of other writers can give you valuable insight. 

  •  Researching without overdoing it – as I said above research needs to be done before writing any article but this research should never be done over because readers are going to look into your in-depth coverage but they will be looking at the discoveries and creative thinking yours which Can attract them to read more of your articles. 

  • Finding your voice – the one thing that you should be e knowing about is that you should have your voice because other writers are not your voice so you should have the writing styles that you have build from your experience wherever you can try to put your experience by sharing your own stories that are related to your reader and that can influence them to read your articles instead of writing just a normal article make it in interesting with the help of cool stuff your conversation should be such that you are talking naturally directly to your audience.

  • The creative perspective of content writing – If you are writing a content piece, which is already on the internet, what difference are you making? Every content has three major factors involved: TopicIdea, and View.

    While the topic and idea are already decided before starting the content, as you know what you are going to write on. But, the view matters. Giving a new makeover to your content piece is what makes your article or blog different from others. That unique angle is necessary to gain a reliable audience.

  •  Improve your writing skills – yes it is true that you started to write and set your career in content writing because you have good writing skills a good writing skills but you need to keep your skills razor-sharp because now and then the trend changes and because of which your research needs to be get updated to create a creative content always ensure that the write-ups are meaningful, accurate, error-free and makes sense.

    Utilize trending topics, associated high-ranking keywords, backlinks, etc. A lag-free, informative and rich content can surely work wonders.

  •  Self-promotion and marketing:  as a content writer you should know about the importance of promoting your content thus the social media platform should be used in building and promoting your continent. To promote your articles on the website which are well synchronized with your topic and also start building the follower base and get them attracted to watch your content.

  • Jack of all trades and master of ‘one’- you need to know about all the trends and put your writing into it and interlink them with the social media Search engine optimization growth hacking coding etc with the marketing skills to go with the industry needs.

  • Maintain a Blog or Website- you as a blogger needs to maintain a website where you can showcase your talent skills can summarise your services and can encourage your customers to give their reviews. Also, you should have an online resume, business card, and portfolio so that every client can see them and can contact you easily.

  • Be Consistent-Always try to be consistent while maintaining your block page and write freely on the interesting and trendy topic also so be consistent in posting your blogs with the quality. post 2 blogs a week so that you can give the same quality to the readers.

  •  Know the industry inside out Before you start your career as a content writer it is advised that you should have a hand-free knowledge about the industry bye-bye learning about the different content writing business their principles there branding communication promotion engagement advertisement research etc.

    If you do not find it you will not last for long in this vicious competition of the digital marketing industry so before starting your career you need to analyze your audience demand and do a SWOT analysis before offering anything to your client to attract them.


Listed below are some of the benefits which content writers enjoy because of their job nature – 

  • Content writing provide Exposure to deal with diversity in terms of industries, countries, sectors, etc
  • No physical efforts are required to write content.
  • With the help of time, you get a remarkable improvement in writing skills 
  • Also, your money increases after a minimum effort as your experience increases.
  • Freedom to work from anywhere in the world
  • you can work with multiple clients at the same time.
Benefits of content marketing


Every coin has two facets and so does the job of content writing. Given below are some cons of being a content writer – 

  • You need to think a lot before writing and follow a pattern that is more business-oriented.
  • Some organizations require you to write a certain number of words every day thus capping your research time and your ability to connect on a personal level with the target audience
  • Even after taking a vacation, you need to do some work because you are working from home.
  • You put in extra hours of research now and then because of the fear of missing out on something important.
  • You are glued to your seat and computer screen for most of your daily work routine.


Due to the increase in the social media world the new trend of content writing is increasing day by day. This even provides you with tons of material to read and to make a lot more creative writing into it. You can find freelance content writing jobs online content writing jobs or part-time content writing jobs.

Also, a writer does not have to worry about the fact that you are a writer or not you just need to have the skills and knowledge about the topic to write about it. And all this knowledge can be taken by researching that topic before writing about it.it is also important for the content writer to have the flair for the written words as a piece of the puzzle.

Content writing opportunities do not have any limit in today’s world but with that, there are some negative aspects to the job as it does not have any shortcuts. Also, you need to have an ease of knowledge adaptability and staying current to ensure that you can get success as a content writer. For which many people right day night to polish their skills of writing. also, your content should be creative enough to not fall into the trap of plagiarism.

You can also take different courses or certificates to come up with the idea of how to write an article and how to make it a trending one.

So take a proper time to write an article and to develop your skills to craft an article that is both easy for readers to find compelling to read and is in demand

So, start writing, and no matter what, never give up!!

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