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September 26, 2023

7 Best WordPress AI Image Generators

September 26, 2023
Best WordPress AI Image Generators

Text-to-image algorithms have created over 15 billion images just this year alone, and 87% of businesses think AI will provide them a competitive advantage. With that being said it is a great advantage to use these Image generators for your WordPress website.

Now if you are wondering which AI image should be used for your WordPress website then this article is just for you. In this article we have listed 7 best WordPress AI Image Generators that will surely help you to make your WordPress website more attractive.

So without any further delay let us look at them one by one.

Features to look for while selecting the best WordPress AI Image Generator

Ensure the AI image generators you select comes with reliable customer support and regular updates. AI technology evolves rapidly, so having access to ongoing improvements and assistance can help you maintain the best image generation performance on your WordPress site.

Consider your content needs and choose a generator that can produce various types of images, such as portraits, landscapes, or product shots. Versatility is crucial to cater to different visual elements on your website.

Opt for WordPress AI image generators that offer a range of customization options. This includes the ability to adjust image styles, sizes, and content to fit your website’s design and branding requirements.

Ensure the AI image generator can produce high-quality, realistic images that match your specific needs. Look for generators with advanced algorithms that create images with sharp details and accurate colors.

7 Best WordPress AI Image Generators

1. Branded Social Images

WordPress AI Image Generators -Branded Social Images
WordPress AI Image Generators

Branded Social Images is a free plugin that creates an image with your logo and supporting text in just a few clicks to add to your posts. You have the choice to upload a font or choose fonts from a menu, upload a font, scale your text and logo, and change the colors using the plugin.

Additionally, you can have a fallback picture, which is a standard image that will be used when a post is uploaded without an accompanying image.

Pricing: Free


WordPress AI Image Generators - Divi ai
WordPress AI Image Generators

The powerful AI tool Divi AI boosts the well-liked Divi WordPress theme. It can analyze the context of your entire website and create content and pictures automatically using that knowledge.

You won’t need to look for stock photos on websites like Shutterstock. You can quickly and easily build the ideal image for your website with Divi AI within the Divi Builder.

Pricing: $26/yr

3. Mugshotbot

WordPress AI Image Generators -mugshot bot
WordPress AI Image Generators

Mugshotbot generates an infinite number of photos with text and graphics in its free version by using the information present in your URL. You only need to submit a link to get a preview image, albeit it will be branded with Mugshotbot and have minimal customization choices.

However, the commercial edition provides automation, branding removal from Mugshotbot, sophisticated customization options, and more.

Pricing: $9/month

4. Elementor AI

WordPress AI Image Generators - elementor ai
WordPress AI Image Generators

Within the Elementor builder, Elementor AI generates images using text prompts and styles. Elementor AI will be able to create any form of image you can describe. wherever they are in the Editor, create visuals.

Elementor AI is capable of producing eye-catching and unique digital images for our WordPress website, whether it be for the image widget, call-to-action widget, image widgets, background images, and more.



5. Bannerbear

WordPress AI Image Generators - bannerbear
WordPress AI Image Generators

Based on user input, Bannerbear is a premium solution that uses AI and automation to produce social media-friendly images and videos.

Although it performs a larger range of tasks, its major objective is to automate straightforward, user-generated step-by-step processes in order to streamline workflows.

All you have to do to create social images is set up a template; Bannerbear will do the rest. There are a tonne of options and numerous pre-made, modifiable templates.



6. AI Power

WordPress AI Image Generators - ai power
WordPress AI Image Generators

A good selection of AI tools, including an AI image creator, are included with the WordPress plugin AI Power. The enormous variety of parameters available to you when using AI Power’s picture generator makes digital art stand out as a special feature.

A few of the parameters you can combine to make your digital art in WordPress include choosing a style, defining the color mode of your generated image, choosing a source of inspiration from well-known painters, and more.



7. Placid

WordPress AI Image Generators - Placid
WordPress AI Image Generators

Placid automates the creation of several photos for social media and other marketing purposes. It includes a number of pre-built templates as well as a visual drag-and-drop editor you can use to alter pre-built templates.

Placid interacts with WordPress as well, providing social media photos for your content without any manual effort. Of course, the pricing plan you select will determine how much you can use Placid’s features.




As you can see, social image generators include a wide range of options. Whether you need precise customization options, a full AI suite of tools, or want native image editing, a plugin on our list can meet your needs. Also let us know which WordPress plugin you found the best.


What types of websites benefit from using AI Image Generators in WordPress?

AI Image Generators can benefit a wide range of websites, including e-commerce stores, blogs, news websites, and more.

They are particularly useful for sites that require a large volume of visual content, such as product images, article illustrations, or user-generated content enhancements..

Are there any performance considerations when using AI Image Generators with WordPress?

Yes, performance can be a concern. Generating images using AI algorithms can be resource-intensive. It’s essential to choose a well-optimized AI image generator, ensure your hosting environment can handle the workload, and monitor the impact on website loading times to maintain a smooth user experience.

Are these generated images copyright-free?

Generated images are usually not inherently copyright-free. The copyright status depends on the specific AI image generator and its terms of use.

It’s essential to review the terms and ensure you have the appropriate rights to use the generated images, especially if you plan to use them for commercial purposes.

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