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February 29, 2024

10 Best WordPress Banner Plugins

February 29, 2024
Best WordPress Banner Plugins

Are you fascinated by improving the visual look of your WordPress website with attention-grabbing banners?

Look no further! With a wide range of WordPress plugins to choose from, finding the perfect banner plugin can be overwhelming.

But don’t worry, for we’ve got your back.

In this blog, we will be looking into the realm of WordPress banner plugins, known for their ability to create eye-catching aesthetics and improve user experiences.

Whether you are a blogger, an e-commerce entrepreneur, or a business owner, these plugins will take your website to a higher level.

Let’s have a look at the list of banner plugins and see what it has to offer your WordPress website!

What is a WordPress Banner Plugin?

A WordPress banner plugin is a tool that you can install on a WordPress website to create banners or advertisements that are visually appealing.

These plugins usually have characteristics like flexible designs, animation effects, and scheduling features.

It also helps you design pull-up banners conveniently without coding knowledge.

A banner plugin will allow you to share your special offers, inform your visitors about important updates, or visually enhance your website.

They are user-friendly and can help you improve your website’s look and feel by highlighting crucial data and promotions.

Whether you are running an e-commerce shop, a blog, or a business website, a banner plugin in WordPress can be a meaningful addition to your website.

Why Use a WordPress Banner Plugin?

  • Promotion: It is easy to highlight promotions, discounts, or sales to draw attention and boost conversion rates.
  • Announcements: Quickly notify your visitors of significant developments, events, or news about your website or business.
  • Engagement: Make an impression on your visitors by using beautiful banners that will attract their attention and encourage them to continue exploring the site.
  • Call to Action: Lead people to particular pages or actions by linking to banners, such as subscribing to newsletters or following social media accounts.
  • Customization: Customize your banners with your website’s branding to create a cohesive look and feel.
  • User Experience: Increase the overall user experience by offering appropriate content noticeably and attractively.

10 Best WordPress Banner Plugins

1. Simple Banner

WordPress Banner Plugins - simple banner
WordPress Banner Plugins

A simple banner is the easiest and fastest way to display a banner or an announcement bar on your website.

This plugin is free to use, and you can edit any aspect of your plugin however you want.

This banner WordPress plugin allows you to personalize the colors of the link, background, typography, and so on.

If you want to go further with the customization, you can write custom CSS code.

While adding a close button to close the top banner is a possibility, you can also use auto-expiration, which will make the banner disappear.

The plugin includes a sleek preview section, which allows you to see a sample of your banner before applying it to your site.

Top Features:

  • Fancy Preview
  • Custom CSS Support
  • Typography Adjustment
  • Banner Background Customization
  • Easy to Use
  • Close-Button with Auto Expiration

Pricing: free

2. Banner Management For WooCommerce

WordPress Banner Plugins - Banner Management For WooCommerce
WordPress Banner Plugins

Banner Management for WooCommerce is the appropriate plugin. This plugin provides a way to activate or deactivate banners for your page and category.

The plugin slider is also responsive enough to accommodate any screen on the most modern device.

The plugin also allows you to pre-schedule the posts of banners for a particular time.

You can use several brands or just random ones. How many banners are going to be displayed at the same time is up to you.

It also brings a banner/slider preview that enables you to check the preview before going live.

Top Features:

  • Carousel Slider and Banner
  • Add Banner Link for a Particular Banner
  • Banner for Specific Pages and Categories
  • Banner and Slider Preview 
  • Banner Navigation 
  • Schedule Banner Staring and Ending Time
  • Show a Specific Category or Page in the Slider
  • Banner Positioning 
  • Random or Multiple Banner Slider


$0$99/yr (1 site)$299/yr (5 site)$349/yr (30 site)

3. Bulletin

WordPress Banner Plugins - bulletin
WordPress Banner Plugins

A bulletin is a lightweight banner plugin for WordPress that lets you add a countdown to your announcement or special event banner.

There is also an option to add multiple messages to your banner and have them displayed one after the other.

It helps you guide your customers to specific landing pages and includes “calls to action.”

You have complete freedom to customize your banner with the background color, sans fonts, icon, content width, alignment, countdown background color, placement, CTA, etc.

Top Features:

  • Showing Important Notice for Logged-in Members
  • Show banners on particular pages
  • Display and rotate multiple messages in a single banner. 
  • Highly Customizable Plugin
  • Add unique device-specific notifications.
  • Custom icons and Google Fonts 
  • Allow Dismissing the Banner 
  • Custom CSS support



4. Advanced Ads

WordPress Banner Plugins - advanced Ads
WordPress Banner Plugins

Advanced Ads is a plugin that can be used to manage various advertising types and networks.

It includes Google AdSense, Amazon Ads, and Google Ad Manager. The plugin allows you to place unlimited banner ads on your WordPress website.

It is important to mention that large banners can block screens on devices with smaller views.

You may also control whether or not your banner will be displayed depending on the user’s user role or if they’re logged into your membership site.

It is a convenient but effective tool for presenting personalized banners and increasing your conversion rates.

Top Features:

  • Unlimited ads and ad placements
  • Schedule ads
  • A/B testing
  • Sell ad space
  • Tracking & reports


Free1 site5 sites20 sites

5. Ad Inserter

WordPress Banner Plugins - Ad inserter
WordPress Banner Plugins

Ad Inserter helps you insert banners or ads on your website in many ways.

It supports all types of ads, Google AdSense and Google Ad Manager, Amazon Native Shopping Ads, or any other ad format you may want to use.

Ad Inserter allows for more advanced options when displaying ads, like custom codes and PHP function calls.

Top Features:

  • Automatically inserts ads on posts and pages
  • You can insert ads before or after the post, content, paragraphs, images, comments, and excerpts.
  • Insertion at relative positions in posts and between posts on blog pages
  • Insert ads at custom hook positions.
  • Visual HTML element selector (DOM explorer)
  • Disable ads on individual posts or pages.
  • Insert Google Analytics, Matomo, or any other tracking code.



6. WPFront Notification Bar

WordPress Banner Plugins - wp notification bar
WordPress Banner Plugins

WPFront Notification Bar is a straightforward and powerful tool for embedding a notification bar on your website.

This feature is perfect for letting your visitors know about any current special offers, ongoing promotions, important news, or any other events you would like to bring to their attention.

Using the WPFront Notification Bar, you can easily customize the text, colors, display time, and call-to-action button of the banner.

You can do it so fast with all these devices that you can put up a reminder banner.

Top Features:

  • Ability to display messages with buttons
  • Shortcode support
  • Functional buttons on banners
  • Several positioning options
  • Sticky bar support
  • Ability to display banners on a scroll
  • Delay configurations are available

Pricing: free

7. Hero Banner Ultimate

WordPress Banner Plugins - hero banner ultimate
WordPress Banner Plugins

The ‘Hero Banner Ultimate’ WordPress plugin is a strong plugin meant to improve not only your website’s looks but also user engagement.

It has a user-friendly interface and a variety of customization options, so you can quickly design beautiful hero banners that catch the eye and deliver your message efficiently.

The plugin comes with customizable layouts, background options, animation effects, and call-to-action buttons, so it can help your website stand out.

It will take your site to the next level and stick in your visitors’ minds.

Top Features:

  • Background Image, Video, Text, Color
  • Typography Adjustment
  • CTA Settings
  • Banner inner and overlay padding
  • User-Friendly
  • Responsive Banners
  • Gradient Background
  • 10 Extra Designs and 5+ Layouts 
  • Set Button URL, Text, and Class
  • Mobile Extra Settings

Pricing: Starts at $199 per year for five sites

8. CM Pop-Up

WordPress Banner Plugins - CM popup
WordPress Banner Plugins

CM Popup offers you a simple solution to personalize your banner.

The plugin lets you place the popup banner at the top, middle, or bottom of your website.

You can choose an image, video, or solid color for your banner background.

You may track the clicks and impressions of the banner, create violated ad campaigns, grow email lists, and much more.

The plugin is flexible enough to configure popup trigger options, popup placement, popup management, and so on.

Moreover, it allows you to show multiple popups on one page after some time.

Top Features:

  • Popup Banner Triggers
  • Popup Banner Placements
  • Numerous banner customizations
  • Popup banners for specific pages
  • Ad Designer 
  • Use HTML or an image banner



9. Random Banner

WordPress Banner Plugins - random banner
WordPress Banner Plugins

Random Banners gives you the ultimate flexibility to display three types of banners randomly: image banners, SWF banners, and script ads.

The banner plugin gives you a widget that enables you to feature a nice banner slider.

You can also arrange your banners so that you can look for them in the various places and positions you have defined.

You can also select banners for your selected posts and pages.

Additionally, it enables you to display your banner using a pop-up and to link your image and SWF banner on an individual basis.

Top Features:

  • Three banner types
  • Shortcode and widget support
  • Banner Categories
  • Filter the ads by their categories.
  • Banner Customization
  • Display the banner as a slider.
  • Popup Banner and Define Banner Location 
  • Ad Campaign



10. AdSanity

WordPress Banner Plugins - Adsanity
WordPress Banner Plugins

AdSanity is another banner ad plugin for WordPress that can aid you in displaying ads in various places on your site.

The plugin was designed to be lightweight, so installing the add-on only gets the features you need.

Use AdSanity to place ads anywhere on your website using widgets, shortcodes, and template tags. Moreover, both ad networks and custom ads can run!

Top Features:

  • Lightweight plugin
  • Graphical stats to easily understand how ads are doing
  • Set beginning and end dates for individual ads
  • Rotating ad widget
  • Custom ad sizes
  • Awesome support



Ending Note

In summary, selecting the best WordPress banner plugins will have a positive impact on the aesthetic appeal and efficiency of your website.

You can interactively use banner ads to grab your audience’s attention, promote your products or services, and, in the end, generate more conversions.

With so many options, you should try different things and choose the best one to make your site special in WordPress. Therefore, invest in a banner plugin, and you will make your website reach new heights.


Can the plugins create banners with custom appearances?

Yes, most of the plugins offer a high level of configurability which enables you to design your banners in terms of their sizes, colors, content, and other features thus aligning with your website’s design and branding.

Are these plugins going to be friendly with various WordPress themes?

Indeed, the best WordPress Banner Plugins are created so that they would work well with a variety of WordPress themes and themes providing compatibility and functionality without fail.

Do these plugins affect website speed?

The website’s speed may be affected, however, most trusted plugins have been optimized for performance. The right choice of the plugin coded well and thinking of the cache options will help to avoid negative impact.

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