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September 13, 2023

15 Best WordPress Countdown Plugins

September 13, 2023

Adding a countdown timer to your WordPress website is a terrific approach to generate leads and maybe grow your business if you want to create excitement for a forthcoming product, event, or limited-time deal. 

The best part is that you can use a WordPress plugin to add them to any WordPress themes you now have or want to use. In this list we will share some of the top WordPress countdown  plugins that you can easily install to your website.

What are some different types of countdown timers?

The majority of people picture a timer as a standard countdown timer, often known as a static or fixed countdown timer. This timer builds up to a certain set time. That could be another occasion, like the debut of a WordPress website or the conclusion of a sale.

An evergreen countdown timer, sometimes called a dynamic countdown timer, is specific to each user. When a visitor comes to your WordPress blog, the countdown starts. They might have four hours, for instance, to take advantage of a limited-time deal.

Only a few WordPress plugins allow you to run evergreen timers; the majority of them are made to run standard countdown timers.

After that, let’s look at some of the top WordPress countdown timer plugins.

15 Best WordPress Countdown Plugins

1. SeedProd

SeedProd - wordpress countdown plugins

The top WordPress landing page and website builder is SeedProd. If you want to add animated countdown timers to your landing pages, this is a perfect choice.

You can quickly create a unique landing page with SeedProd and switch your website to coming soon or maintenance mode. Additionally, it features a potent drag-and-drop website builder. Without altering a single line of code, you can quickly customize your WordPress theme. For your website, you can make a standard and evergreen timer with this plugin. There are several ways to customize it, including pre-made designs for countdown timers.


2. Counter Numbers Pro

Counter Numbers Pro

Any industry that requires animated counters on a website will benefit from Counter Numbers Pro. You can use this fantastic tool to generate countdowns and animation entertaining information about your clients, projects that are finished, awards, etc. 

First off, it has 23 design templates with an endless number of color palettes. Because of this, you may quickly customize it to fit your branding and aesthetic preferences. Additionally, it has a simple drag-and-drop capability that lets you put your counter wherever you like.

Pricing: $12 one time

3. OptinMonster


You can construct a variety of countdown timer campaigns with OptinMonster, including ones with announcement bars, pop ups, fullscreen mats, and more. You may construct an infinite number of timers with OptinMonster to display on various pages and articles on your WordPress website.

Two different countdown timer kinds are available to you. There is a static countdown timer first. An end date is counted down using a static countdown timer. A dynamic or evergreen countdown timer is the second choice.


4. Countdown Timer Ultimate

Countdown Timer Ultimate

You can quickly add the Countdown Timer Ultimate plugin to your website. It is really easy to use. You are able to make an infinite number of timers for nothing! On your website, you can decide whether to show or hide the days, hours, minutes, and seconds. 

For each date and hour, you can also choose a new background and foreground color. You can purchase the pro version as part of a number of annual or lifetime plans that also include other premium plugins and add-ons.

Pricing: $169 per year

5.Thrive Ultimatum

Thrive Ultimatum

Another well-liked countdown timer plugin for WordPress is Thrive Ultimatum. It makes it simple to design limited-time and FOMO countdown campaigns to increase website conversions.

You can add Thrive Ultimatum countdown timers that you can customize to your pages and articles to elicit a sense of urgency and scarcity. The timer may be programmed to countdown to a particular date and time and comes in a number of timer styles and patterns.

Pricing: $299 per year

6. Countdown Timer - Widget Counter

Countdown Timer - Widget Counter

A straightforward countdown timer for your WordPress website is Countdown Timer – Widget Countdown. The day, hour, minute, and second fields are all editable. Additionally, you are free to alter the timer’s color, size, and wording.

You are free to add your timer to any page or post in addition to those bare-bones functions. You may adjust where the timer appears on your page from here. You can quickly add a message to your countdown timer after it has finished with this plugin.

Pricing: Free

7. Countdown Builder

Countdown Builder

A basic countdown timer with a variety of built-in styles is called Countdown Builder. These include coming soon pages, circle countdowns, and flip clock countdowns. By choosing the ‘Countdown’ block or a shortcode, you can include your timer into a post or page in the WordPress block editor. 

You can also decide to have it show up automatically on certain sites or posts. You may fine-tune the appearance of your clock if you wish, altering elements like the font size, the labels, and the animation type. With CSS, you don’t have to do this. The plugin has an integrated editor.

Pricing: Free

8. Evergreen Countdown Timer

Evergreen Countdown Timer

You can generate both normal and evergreen countdown timers with the fantastic plugin Evergreen Countdown Timer. It enables you to create a sense of scarcity in the minds of your visitors, which could increase conversion rates. Black and white colors are included in the plugin’s free edition, along with 24/7 support.

The Evergreen Countdown Timer’s premium edition has several really great features. There are three different packages, and the price varies according to how many websites you want to use the timer on.

Pricing: Personal-$82/yr

9. Hurry Timer

Hurry Timer

You may make both regular and permanent timers using the free countdown timer plugin HurryTimer. The evergreen timer displays the appropriate timer to each user individually using both cookie and IP detection.

Additionally, timers can be set up to perform a countdown between two specific dates. If you want to prepare in advance for a sale, this is helpful. Although WooCommerce is not required to be installed in order to use the timer, it does work with it. If you like, you can show your timer more than once on the same page.

Pricing: Personal-$39/yr

10. Sales Countdown Timer

Sales Countdown Timer

WooCommerce stores are the target market for Sales Countdown Timer. It assists in displaying timers for sales events, advertising specials, and the most recent campaigns. The plugin is simple to connect with your WooCommerce items. Additionally, it provides numerous customization choices. 

You can alter the message, the timer clock’s colors, the timer style, and many other things. In addition, the plugin gives you the option to decide where the countdown timer will appear, whether it will be sticky, and which kinds of product pages will display it.

Pricing: Free

11. Easy Timer

Easy Timer

Easy Timer is a basic WordPress countdown timer. Days, hours, minutes, and seconds are shown. Once that period of time has passed, you can reveal a piece of information.

You may embed your timer in articles, pages, or widgets using this countdown timer. With Easy Timer’s count-up timer, you can also alter the format of the timer to display the amount of time that has passed since a particular date.

Pricing: Free

12. Elementor Qi Addons

Elementor Qi Addons

You can use the countdown widget provided by Qi to show customisable countdowns to dates you enter. Simply enter labels, select the format you want to use, and add any necessary backdrop pictures or colors. As a result, you can make countdowns that incorporate years, months, days, and even hours, as well as minutes and seconds.

The best part is that everything is free thanks to the fantastic plugin that is available without cost. Demo provides you an idea of what your countdown section might look like, but you can play around with the different components until you’re satisfied with the end result.

Pricing: Free

13. T (-) Countdown

T (-) Countdown

Without a doubt, this is among the most widely used countdown timer plugins online. You may decide whether to add it as a widget to your sidebar or as a shortcode to any page or post. You can select the precise time, date, and hour it will count down using the T (-) Countdown plugin. 

The information on how to customize this useful plugin is also available in full online documentation. Additionally, you have the choice to include some unique HTML that will be shown in place of the timer once it expires.

Pricing: Free

14. Ultimate Addons for Elementor

Ultimate Addons for Elementor

There are three different counter types: an evergreen timer that is different for every visitor, a fixed timer for under construction or other events, and a recurring timer for sales and FOMO offers.

Each comes with Ultimate Addons for Elementor and has complete configuration options. Everything about them may be changed, including the typefaces, colors, and overall design. Timer and repeating timers can also be established.


15. Woocommerce Coupons Countdown

Woocommerce Coupons Countdown

The WordPress countdown plugin WooCommerce Coupons Countdown integrates WooCommerce.

It enables the creation of coupons with live countdown timers. Customers can view the coupon’s expiration date. The customer’s most recent order date can be used to link the coupon expiration date. To customize the voucher, you must modify the shortcode.

Pricing: $29.00 – $99.00


In conclusion the finest WordPress countdown timer plugins for 2023 are summarized in this list. A countdown timer can be quite helpful if you manage an online store, a sizable corporate website, or any other kind of online business. especially if you want to create excitement for a forthcoming release or give a feeling of urgency to increase purchases.


Can I display multiple countdown timers on my WordPress site?

Yes, most WordPress Countdown Plugins allow you to create and display multiple countdown timers on different pages or posts of your website. This feature is particularly useful if you have multiple time-sensitive events or offers running simultaneously. You can customize each timer’s settings, such as the target date, time zone, style, and location on the page.

Are WordPress Countdown Plugins mobile-friendly?

Yes, reputable WordPress Countdown Plugins are designed to be fully responsive and mobile-friendly. They automatically adjust their appearance and functionality to suit various devices, including smartphones and tablets. This ensures that your countdown timers will display correctly and function seamlessly on all screen sizes, providing a consistent user experience.

Do I need coding skills to use a WordPress Countdown Plugin?

No, you don’t need any coding skills to use a WordPress Countdown Plugin. These plugins are generally user-friendly and come with intuitive interfaces. Most of them operate on a “drag-and-drop” or point-and-click basis, making it easy to customize your countdown timers without writing a single line of code. However, more advanced users can still take advantage of additional customization options through custom CSS if desired.

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