For those well-versed in WordPress, the struggle of updating your website without disrupting user experience is all too familiar. Enter WordPress plugins for under-construction pages, your secret weapons for maintaining professionalism during site renovations. In this blog, we’re exploring the realm of the Best WordPress Under Construction Plugins

Whether you’re an experienced webmaster or a WordPress specialist, these plugins are indispensable. From sleek countdown timers to engaging coming-soon pages, we’ve curated a list of must-have tools. Stay tuned for a quick rundown and improve your website management game!

Types of Under Construction Website Pages

These website pages serve as placeholders to inform visitors about the temporary unavailability of a website. Two common types of under construction pages are “Maintenance” and “Coming Soon.”

Maintenance pages are typically displayed when a website is undergoing essential updates, improvements, or repairs. They convey a message to visitors that the site is temporarily down for maintenance and will be back soon. These pages often include a brief explanation of the maintenance work being done and an estimated time for when the site will be accessible again.

On the other hand, “Coming Soon” pages are used when a website is in the pre-launch phase, creating anticipation and excitement among potential visitors. These pages provide a teaser of what the website will offer and encourage visitors to subscribe, follow, or sign up for updates.

12+ Best WordPress Under Construction Plugins

1. WP Maintenance

Website Under Construction WordPress Plugins - WP maintenance
Website Under Construction WordPress Plugins

This fully customizable WordPress plugin is a well-liked option for under construction pages. A simple contact form and a subscription form to gather emails from your visitors are both provided by WP Maintenance Mode.

You can select from numerous lovely landing page themes, and everything is responsive, so you don’t need to worry about users on mobile devices. You can exclude particular URLs from maintenance with the plugin’s multisite functionality, which is a wonderful feature.

Pricing: Free

2. UnderConstructionPage

Website Under Construction WordPress Plugins - underconstructionpage
Website Under Construction WordPress Plugins

Even though UnderConstructionPage is as straightforward as it comes, it provides you with everything you need to make your website ready for maintenance mode. After several months of inactivity, Web Factory took over the development of this free WordPress plugin, and usage has already begun to soar. 

The plugin is currently one of the most popular with 300,000 active installs, and the number of users (and five-star reviews) keeps increasing.



3. Maintenance

Website Under Construction WordPress Plugins - maintenance
Website Under Construction WordPress Plugins

Use the popular plugin maintenance to set your website as under construction. The plugin enables you to simply designate and implement a maintenance page that visitors will see in place of your primary website.

Even so, you can display a plain icon that will let you sign in to the website. You can alter background photos, adjust the content, and produce a stunning website that your visitors will like with the help of this free plugin.

Pricing: Free

4. Elementor Maintenance Mode

elementor maintenance mode 1
Website Under Construction WordPress Plugins

Elementor offers a drag-and-drop interface packed with many features to create your site. The most helpful mode is the maintenance mode. In fact, Elementor makes it simple to establish a site in maintenance mode. You can designate responsibilities to anyone who will be able to access the site during that time, and templates are available to make the process quicker.



5. SeedProd

Website Under Construction WordPress Plugins - seedprod
Website Under Construction WordPress Plugins

One of the top Website Under Construction WordPress Plugins is SeedProd. Using a front-end editor, you may create a maintenance page with virtually infinite design options. You can decide what you would like to set it up for throughout the simple setup process.

Once the initial setup is finished, you may choose to use the 15 provided free pieces to build a coming soon, maintenance, or landing page.

Pricing: Free


6. Lightstart

Website Under Construction WordPress Plugins - lightstart
Website Under Construction WordPress Plugins

LightStart by Themeisle, one of the best WordPress under construction plugins, provides an intuitive setup process. While your site is in maintenance mode, CMP also provides some sophisticated capabilities that let you get around search bots if you want search engines to keep indexing it.

You can tell search engines that your site is momentarily unavailable while still allowing them to crawl and index it by using the robots meta tag.

Pricing: Free

7. Smart Maintenance Mode

smart maintenance mode 2
Website Under Construction WordPress Plugins

Installing and configuring the Smart Maintenance Mode plugin takes very little time. It has a personalized progress bar that lets visitors know when your website will be ready.

You can alter a number of features on your maintenance page with this open-source plugin. You can add or remove messages, images, the countdown timer, and custom HTML content.

Pricing: Free

8. CMP for WordPress

Website Under Construction WordPress Plugins - CMP for wordpress
Website Under Construction WordPress Plugins

CMP provides many design choices so you can personalize your maintenance page. Select your desired color scheme, add your social media profiles, and then edit the text and photos using your media library or Unsplash.

Additionally, CMP enables you to add a countdown timer, subscription form, picture sliders, and footer content to your page provided your theme is compatible. Simply flip a toggle switch to enable your coming soon page. Depending on your requirements, you can then select one of three modes: coming soon, maintenance, or redirect.

Pricing: Free

9. Coming Soon and Maintenance Mode

Website Under Construction WordPress Plugins - coming soon and maintenance mode
Website Under Construction WordPress Plugins

Wpdevart’s “Coming Soon and Maintenance Mode” is a simple plugin that’s straightforward to install. Configuration is simple thanks to the one screen that contains all the settings. The free version’s selection, however, is constrained.

You can add your logo, text, photographs, and social media icons, but you won’t have access to more sophisticated features like the ability to change the color of the font, include a countdown timer, offer an email opt-in form, or make other customizations.

Pricing: Free

10. Maintenance Mode by Supsystic

Website Under Construction WordPress Plugins - maintenance mode by supsystic
Website Under Construction WordPress Plugins

A customized WordPress maintenance mode page can be easily created using Supsystic’s straightforward drag-and-drop interface. It also provides a wide variety of pre-designed themes, allowing you to quickly and easily construct a stunning, personalized coming soon page.

The plugin works with the majority of WordPress themes and the major browsers, and it is beautifully designed and mobile-ready.

Pricing: Free

11. Minimal Coming soon

Website Under Construction WordPress Plugins - minimal coming soon
Website Under Construction WordPress Plugins

Because of its simple options screens, Minimal Coming Soon is very easy to configure. You may quickly add a unique logo, favicon, and background pictures using these panels.

You have full control over the appearance and feel of your coming soon page since you can specify the content width, background colors, and positioning for the content.

You can design a unique page to welcome visitors to your website by replacing the maintenance mode screen that appears by default in WordPress.

Pricing: $39/yr

12. Slim Maintenance

Website Under Construction WordPress Plugins - slim maintenance
Website Under Construction WordPress Plugins

Another straightforward maintenance mode plugin is slim maintenance mode. When you want to make any modifications, you simply need to activate the plugin. Since it is free to use, it is an open-source piece of software.

You, as the site administrator, can still view the entire website and make any changes you want even when your front-end visitors see the maintenance mode screen. A notification will be sent to you when the plugin is active.

Pricing: Free

13. DIVI

Website Under Construction WordPress Plugins - DIVI
Website Under Construction WordPress Plugins

You can work on your website while displaying a coming soon page to visitors by using the Theme Builder to design a template that will be displayed in place of the original content. When you’re finished making your changes, just disable the template, and your website will go back to how it was before.

This tool allows you to experiment without affecting your actual website, which is especially helpful when you wish to make big changes to your website’s design or layout.

Pricing: $89/yr


This concludes our review of some of the top WordPress under construction plugins, both free and paid. With your next client job, any of these are excellent places to start. Spend some time researching and choosing the ideal plugin for your needs.


Will search engines index my under construction page, affecting SEO?

No, most Under Construction plugins include an option to prevent search engines from indexing your under construction page. This ensures that your SEO ranking remains unaffected during the temporary downtime.

Can I restrict access to certain users or roles while the under construction page is active?

Yes, many plugins allow you to set user-specific or role-specific access rules. You can grant access to administrators or specific user roles while the rest of the users see the under construction page.

Is it possible to collect email addresses from visitors during the under construction phase?

Yes, most WordPress Under Construction Plugins offer email subscription forms. This feature lets you gather email addresses from interested visitors, helping you build a list of potential users or customers for your website.