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August 27, 2023

7 Digital Marketing Tools You Need to Know to Grow Your Online Business

August 27, 2023
Digital Marketing Tools You Need to Know to Grow Your Online Business

You have arrived in the right place if you intend to launch or expand your online business.

We will tell you about the top digital marketing tools in this guide that will enable you to grow your brand expertly.

There is a lot of competition in the digital world, so running a digital business is more challenging than it was in the past.

To defeat your competition, you must devise fresh tactics and plans regularly.

As manually boosting your campaigns is almost difficult, we advise using online tools instead.

There are hundreds of online tools accessible, but it’s crucial to pick the most dependable, helpful, and the ones which are reasonably priced.

Choosing the best online tools can be challenging because of the rush in this league.

You don’t have to worry about this problem anymore, as here in this guide; we have handpicked the most reliable utilities for you.

The tools that we have selected from hundreds of different options can help you:

  • Collaborate with your team without physical limitations
  • Improve productivity and efficiency in the workplace
  • Manage your files, projects, and daily tasks in a better way
  • Provide valuable that would help you improve your business
  • Collect data from customers and get payments on time
  • Improvise your presence on different social media platforms

Let us dig into the details of these digital tools individually and see how they can help you grow your online business in significantly less time!

1. – Ultimate Rephrasing Partner

Digital Marketing Tools - home page
Digital Marketing Tools

The first digital utility in this list is the rephraser online free tool. This online tool is considered best for crafting your content marketing campaigns.

You can use this AI rephraser for two different purposes. You can either use it to rephrase already written content in better quality, or you can also use it to remove plagiarism checker tools from your drafts.

This online word rephraser is easy to use; anyone with no prior experience can utilize it like an expert.

To rephrase content with this rephraser, you would have to follow these steps:

  • Open the rephraser on your browser
  • Upload the text that you want to revise/repurpose
  • Select the rewriting mode which fulfills your requirements
  • Click on the “Rephrase” button and export the output content

It is easy to use this online tool on any device you want.

As this is an online-based rephraser, you can use it on all devices and all operating systems without worrying about any limitations or restrictions.

There are two rephrase-free modes and three paid ones. The details of these modes have been mentioned as under:

  • General
  • Fluency
  • Blog
  • Academic
  • Formal

To grow your online business, you must acquire more customers than your competitors.

The easiest way to get organic traffic and customers is by regularly publishing high-quality content.

This rephraser online free tool can help you repurpose old content differently.

This way, you can save time on manual content paraphrasing/repurposing.

The general and blog mode are best for digital marketers for repurposing old content.

2. Google Analytics – For Detailed Insights and Analysis

Digital Marketing Tools - Google Analytics home page
Digital Marketing Tools

Google Analytics is one of the most popular tools for online businesses.

This tool is considered best because it helps you get automatic answers to otherwise impossible questions.

With this online tool, you can easily find out the following:

  • Keywords that are driving the most traffic to your website
  • Your success rate on different social media platforms
  • Part of the world where you are getting most visits from
  • Engagement rate of users coming to your website
  • Web Pages that are getting maximum retention

This information is much needed to customize and improve your online business.

You can use this tool for free on any device you want without any limitations.

If you’re going to get maximum organic traffic to your site, you must ensure that you take help from Google Analytics.

Once you know what keywords get you more traffic, you can easily use them on your website.

Also, when you know where most of your customers are coming from, you can create customized marketing campaigns, promotions, and other shenanigans for them!

3. – For Easy File Saving

Digital Marketing Tools -
Digital Marketing Tools is another well-reputed web based tool which can help digital marketers.

As the tool’s name tells us, it is used to merge PDF files online. With the help of this merge PDF tool, you can quickly join as many files as you want together.

Manually merging PDF files is impossible, so you would need to take help from the online PDF binder.

You will share and receive hundreds of files monthly when you run or manage your online business.

These include invoices, bills, estimates, blog files, guest posts, and legal files.

It can be tough for you to manage all these files manually on any of your devices.

This is where you can take help from the merge PDF tool.

To merge PDF files online with this tool, you have to follow these steps:

  • Open the PDF joiner on your browser on any device you want
  • Click on the input box and drop the PDF files you want to join
  • Arrange the order of the files in which you want them to be bound in
  • Click on the ‘Merge PDF’ button
  • Download the merged file

It is easy to merge files with this PDF combiner tool.

You can easily eliminate document clutter in your storage space, combine all relevant files and enjoy easy sharing/uploading without any limitations.

4. Keyword Explorer by Ahrefs – For Easy Keyword Targeting

Digital Marketing Tools - Keyword Explorer by Ahrefs home page
Digital Marketing Tools

The keyword explorer by Ahrefs is also one of the most popular tools for improving your online business.

This digital tool would help you find the difficulty score for every keyword you are using, check clicks for every keyword, and collect other information, including paid clicks, clicks per search, and return rate.

You must know that keywords are important in promoting your online business.

Keywords help searchers find relevant content they are looking for and help the search engine rank your content against certain keywords you are using.

This keyword research tool is one of the best ones in the market.

Some of the special features of this tool include the following:

  • Thousands of keyword suggestions
  • More than 170 countries supported
  • Get keyword insights for ten different search engines
  • Get the most accurate search volume
  • Check the exact keyword difficulty score
  • Find out parent topics for target keywords
  • Get advanced SEO audit tools metrics for free
  • Check position history
  • Save keyword lists

If you want to get the best keywords for targeting, check out this website tool!

5. Online-Notepad.Net – For Taking & Saving Notes

Digital Marketing Tools - Online-Notepad.Net home page
Digital Marketing Tools

The online word pad is another helpful tool that can help you with business management.

You can use this online pad to create plain and rich text notes.

You can also create task lists with the help of this online word pad.

You can easily create and save as many notes as you want without any limitations and restrictions with the tool.

Aside from creating notes, you can also use this tool to count sentences, characters, and words.

You can use the notepad online free tool for:

  • Creating quick notes
  • Modify text and change formatting
  • Create and edit daily tasks
  • Preserve new ideas and keywords
  • Protect your notes with passwords
  • Write and save social media posts
  • Write well-formatted blogs

The free online notepad tool is extremely easy to use and can be used on any device you want.

Once you use this notepad online editor tool, you will no longer need to rely on paper notes!

6. Canva – Design Suite for Visual Content

digital marketing tools -Canva home page
Digital Marketing Tools

Canva is a very popular design tool where users worldwide can design and publish anything they want without having any technical design experience.

On Canva, you will find thousands of templates and commercially-licensed images that can be used anywhere without restrictions.

Some features of this site cum tool include:

  • Thousands of predesigned templates
  • High-quality visual content available for free
  • Collaborate with the team for visual content creation
  • Create and schedule visual content for social media
  • A quick guide to help new users learn

You can use Canva for free on any device you want because of its universal compatibility and Canva Alternatives for Graphics Design.

The tool is available for free but with some limitations. To enjoy unrestricted use, you have to get a paid monthly subscription!

7. HubSpot – Solution for Email Marketing

digital marketing tools - HubSpot home page
Digital Marketing Tools

HubSpot, a well-known CRM and inbound marketing software provider, unveiled an email marketing tool.

In addition to being simple to use and having an excellent deliverability rate, HubSpot email marketing is natively linked with all other HubSpot products, including the free-for-life CRM apps and hundreds of other well-liked marketing tools.

You would also find the drag-and-drop email builder, contact lists, a free plan with up to 2,000 monthly email sends, and pre-made templates to help you grow your email marketing campaigns without hassle.

What we like about this tool is that it reduces all kinds of restrictions and complexities one can face while manually writing and sending emails.

You can use this email marketing tools with your team to create, track and manage your emails easily.


We have seen many online businesses fail in the past because they had spent most of their resources on manual management of their business.

Today you can save a lot of time, energy, effort, and resources by taking help from online tools.

This post discusses the top-rated tools to help your business grow and beat your competitors!

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