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Budget-Friendly E-commerce Platforms For Your Online Store

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August 27, 2023

Today’s technology has advanced greatly and is incredibly empowering. Online platforms are used by almost half of the world’s population. A growing number of businesses are also interacting with clients on these platforms and promoting their products. However, if you want to be truly successful with a digital platform to make your online store work, you have to work to gain success.

So are you prepared to start now?

What is an e-commerce platform?

E-commerce Platforms
E-commerce Platforms

The e-commerce platform is a piece of software that allows both the buyer and the supplier to share and carry out their respective functions. A consumer should be able to browse products on an e-commerce point.

 Conditioning similar to buying and dealing takes place online in modern days on online platforms. Among the various forms of e-commerce are :

  • B2B (business to Business)
  • B2C (Business to Consumer)
  • C2C (Consumer to Consumer)
  • C2B (Consumer to Business)

The major features of e-commerce platforms

  • The capability to search the shop is one of the features that e-commerce software needs to have so that consumers can find products.


  • An e-commerce platform must have a payment gateway in order for users to buy goods.


  • The e-commerce website ought to feature a shopping cart where customers or interested parties may put items they want to buy and see them before checking out.

Benefits of eCommerce platforms

E-commerce Platforms
E-commerce Platforms

The fact that creating a website is always less expensive than opening a physical store is one of the major advantages of e-commerce. You’re not required to supply your business, pay rent, or engage numerous staff members to operate there. Additionally, marketing and promotion tactics are inexpensive.

An essential requirement for e commerce websites is SEO. Your product will rank higher and reach your potential clients in the appropriate way so they can find the things they need on the search engine results page or (SERP).

No matter how big or little tor business is when done effectively, SEO e commerce tactics can help your website rank highly and your website pages will offer the finest answer to users search queries. A continual, free stream of organic traffic to your website with excellent conversion rates might result from optimising e commerce sites.

You can simply start an online store within a few days, but opening a physical outlet requires space, a commercial leasing process, as well as enough time for building and decor.

In contrast to physical stores, where this requires careful planning, lots of people, e-commerce sites allow displays and product offerings to be changed in a matter of minutes.

Before even if a buyer wanted to purchase a specific item, they had to arrange their shopping exclusion in advance. He would need to reschedule his day and travel to the outlet to make the purchase. E-commerce has many advantages, one of which is that it makes shopping faster.

Moreover, it is no longer essential to travel to the store, which would take two or three hours and be very far from your home. Simply you can relax in the convenience of your home or office, conduct a product search, and make the purchase.

One of the main advantages of e-commerce is that consumers are looking for a thorough explanation of the things they want to purchase.

An online storefront provides its condensers with a product catalogue that includes data sheets with all the pertinent details about US goods and services.

How to choose the best e commerce platform

You can utilise the method in this section to select the ideal platform for your e-commerce business requirement. You can select your ideal e commerce by talling various factors like pricing schemes, essential features and other factors.

Platforms for online sales might be cloud-based or self hosted. In the former you are responsible for finding the hosting, handling three installations and managing the updates . This might occasionally get pricey. Better security management and more control over the internet platform are benefits. Additionally, you data is more clearly visible.

One of the factors to take into account when evaluating each e-commerce platform is pricing. You need to be aware of the whole cost of the platform, whether you’re a tiny firm just started or an established physical store coming online.

When determining if your platform is among the finest e-commerce platforms, integration plugins are an additional important consideration. Not all systems support every integration so make sure you comprehend your business needs before evaluating the features and functions that are offered.

The style of your online store is determined by a theme, and the majority of e-commerce systems provide a choice of possibilities. Some themes come with the subscription for free, while others are premium and cost extra to use. 

Being different from the competition is worth the cost because a great user experience is essential to converting visitors into customers.

Therefore to facilitate your search we have put together a short list of the best eCommerce platforms that are affordable so you may launch your online store without spending a fortune to help you in your search. So let’s take a look.

Best E-Commerce Platforms

12 best e-commerce platforms that will aid you regarding your online store

1. Magento

E-commerce Platforms
E-commerce Platforms Magento

Magento is known as one of the most well-known eCommerce platforms that will prove to be very beneficial for your online store. Magento provides a wide range of features and functions to assist online businesses in setting up and maintaining their online store. Magento, therefore, is a potent e-commerce platform that is ideal for companies that require extensive customization and control over all their store.

  • Compared to other e-commerce platforms, Magento has a higher learning curve and may need technical expertise and resources for setting up customization. And also provides a varied range of lessons and user guides in addition to a user-friendly backend interface for operating the store.

  • Tui alert style and feel of the online business Magento provides a huge selection between both free and premium features.

  • It is popular for organizations that require a fully customized app design because it also shows considerable customization with HTML, CSS, AND JAVASCRIPT.

 $22,000 per year

2. Shopify

E-commerce Platforms
E-commerce Platforms - Shopify

Leading e-commerce platform Shopify offers companies a website builder and hosting service for online good sales. Shopify moreover proves to be a wise choice for companies of all sizes searching for a user-friendly and feature-rich online store platform

  • For businesses to create and manage their online stores, Shopify offers a great selection of features and capabilities, including a configurable storefront, payment processing, shipping, and tax calculation, order management, and product management.

  • This e-commerce platform is renowned for its intuitive user interface and functional features. Shopify can be used to create a professional-looking online store even if you’ve never built a website or worked with code before.

  • With opportunities to change the look and feel of your store, it offers you a wide range of free and premium themes to pick from. The platform also offers a visual theme editor that makes it simpler and easier to alter the appearance and feel of your store.

$29 per month

3. Squarespace

E-commerce Platforms
E-commerce Platforms - Squarespace

For individuals who want a professional-looking website without having to learn how to code, Squarespace has a wonderful option. It is ideal for both individuals and small enterprises which possess many features like user-friendly design and extensive feature set. Without any prior coding experience, customers may construct a professional-looking website using the famous platform Squarespace. 

  • Squarespace offers a selection of design features and themes that may be used to build a number of websites, including e-commerce websites, blogs, and personal portfolios. It is a complete website-building solution with features like custom domains, email campaigns, and statics.

  • Without any prior coding experience, you can easily create a website with Squarespace’s drag-and-drop interface and user-friendly layout. The few customizing choices offered nevertheless can be a downside for some people.

  • Squarespace provides a wide range of contemporary templates that are simple to adapt to your needs. It also offers a variety of design components, including fonts, colors, and background images, enabling you to make a one-of-a-kind and eye-catching website.

$16 per month

4. WooCommerce

E-commerce Platforms
E-commerce Platforms - WooCommerce

When deciding what to create an online store on WordPress, many people voted for the well-linked and adaptable WooCommerce. Many businesses find it to be an affordable alternative due to its open-source design and the abundance of plunging and extensions. To create complex solutions you might think of getting in touch with some of WooCommerce’s best developers.

  • Woocommerce is a platform with several customization options that let customers sell both real and digital goods, handle others, shipping, and taxes, and even progress payments.

  • WooCommerce features a simple UI and is completely simple to use. It can still be somewhat technical to set up and customize a store, so customers may need to be familiar with some fundamental coding concepts or be ready to employ a developer.

  • It is also made to integrate with any WordPress theme, although numerous WooCommerce-specific themes that are geared toward online stores are also readily accessible. A store’s layout can be completely customized to reflect the unique style and feel of a given brand.

$29 to $299 per year

5. Opencart

E-commerce Platforms
E-commerce Platforms - Opencart

One of the first open-source eCommerce platforms, OpenCart, was introduced in the year of 1999. For small to medium-sized businesses looking for a no-cost, user-friendly platform for setting up and running an online store, OpenCart is a fantastic choice. There might be better choices available for large businesses or businesses that require a highly customized and scalable platform.

  • OpenCart offers a large selection of features for setting up and running an online store. It contains built-in SEO tools, supports numerous languages, currencies, and tax rates, and offers a variety of payment and shipping alternatives.


  • It offers an easy-to-use interface that is simple and intuitive making it simple for beginners.


  • A sizable user and development community on the platform offers assistance and resources for getting the software up and running.

$149 per purchase

6. BigCommerce

E-commerce Platforms
E-commerce Platforms - Big Commerce

A cloud-based eCommerce platform called BigCommerce was initially introduced in 2009. The platform additionally offers customization options that let you make more alterations to the look of your store without having any prior knowledge of HTML, CSS, or other computer languages.

  • BigCommerce offers a large selection of tools and functions for setting up and running an online business. It contains built-in SEO tools, supports numerous languages, currencies, and tax rates, and offers a variety of payment and shipping alternatives.

  • BigCommerce offers an intuitive user interface that makes using it reasonably simple for new users. 

  • You can utilize a variety of templates and themes from BigCommerce to alter the appearance and feel of your score. A lot of third-party themes and templates are also available.

$29.95 per month

7. Big cartel

E-commerce Platforms
E-commerce Platforms - Big Cartel

Big Cartel promotes itself as a platform for makers and artists. If you’re a creative entrepreneur keep that in mind. Big Cartel was designed with five photos or products and multi-channel selling options to support the type of business you run, so your site travels with you to every art show and the features of the vendors.

  • Unike most e-commerce platforms, it offers you a free alternative. In contrast to the majority of the other options b on our list of best e-commerce platforms.

  • You receive a fundamental setup with it.

  • Allowing predefined themes, shipment tracking sales tax calculations, and the company for both online and offline sales

$9.99 per month

8. Wix

E-commerce Platforms
E-commerce Platforms - Wix

Wix is most recognized for being a free website builder or even for being incredibly user-friendly. That also applied to Wix’s e-commerce site builder which is stocked full of ready-made layouts, graphics, and backgrounds. Additionally, Wix e-commerce has a partnership with the dropshipping platform Modalyst, making it incredibly easy to set up dropshipping.

  • Wix’s online store builder offers capabilities that are designed for particular business kinds.

  • Have a very user-friendly interface that will further help you to maintain organic traffic on your site.

  • Has a really adorable price for the Business houses.

$23 per month

9. SalesForce

E-commerce Platforms
E-commerce Platforms - SalesForce

SalesForce is a well-known e-commerce platform that provides you with a customer relationship management (CRM) platform in addition to marketing and sales applications, just like Adobe Commerce.

  • One aspect that sets Salesforce cloud commerce apart is its pricing strategy.

  • Firms like Salesforce don’t just provide one store-building platform, but numerous licensed e-commerce products.

  • The e-commerce platform SalesForce is called Salesforce commerce cloud as it provides mainly two types of products – B2B companies and the other one is products for B2C companies.

Depends upon the store’s gross merchandise volume (GMV).

10. Volusion

E-commerce Platforms
E-commerce Platforms - Volusion

Another hosted platform that allows for customization of shop themes, add ons, and interaction with services and goods from outside vendors is Volusion.

  • Services that are reasonably priced to help you open, generate and operate profit-maximise your store.

  • Google analytic service, Facebook, pixel setup, SEO-friendly USLs, and PPC ad copywriting are just a few of the things that Volusion provides to you.

  • It also provides more extensive professional services such as customized b brand kits and logos.

$26 per month

11. PrestaShop

E-commerce Platforms
E-commerce Platforms - PrestaShop

PrestaShop and WordPress share a lot of similarities. PrestaShop is an open-source, cost-free application, similar to WordPress. Therefore the PrestaShop community is rife with specially created templates and plugins that may be used to enhance the functionality of your online store.

  • The online e-commerce platform is absolutely free to use.

  • PrestaShop offers its clients an intuitive user interface that makes using it reasonably simple for new users. 

  • The platform also offers a visual theme editor that makes it simpler and easier to alter the appearance and feel of your store.

Free of costs

12. Ecwid

E-commerce Platforms
E-commerce Platforms - Ecwid

Ecwid, a seasoned veteran of ten years, places a premium on multi-channel selling. While you may find this option in services like Shopify, Ecwid has managed to increase its level of customization. This is the cost-effective option you should go with for your online store. 

  • The free bundle from Ecwid includes everything needed to build and customize an e-commerce website.

  • You can go ahead with Ecwid and create other social media selling channel sites hosted by third parties and powered by platforms like Weebly, Wix, and WordPress.

  • It is largely well known for its extraordinary flexibility in transforming already-existing websites into complete online business

$12.50 per month


Whatever inexpensive e-commerce platform you ultimately decide on, it would be advisable to stick with DIY on all the phases of web design and customization. This will no not only save your expenses but it will also help you to handle your web store better than you comprehend its architecture. So now feel free to choose from these various tools and let your business be successful today instantly. So you ready to be the business tycoon of your childhood dreams?


  • What is an eCommerce platform?

    The e-commerce platform is a piece of software that allows both the buyer and the supplier to participate and carry out their respective functions.

  • Why are e-commerce platforms important?

    E-commerce now serves as the main engine for sales and profitability, replacing conventional commerce. The COVID-19 epidemic hastened the expansion of online shopping.

  • What are the budget-friendly eCommerce platforms?

    Our list contains various budget-friendly platforms like Magneto, Shopify, and SquareSpace.

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