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July 17, 2023

How to Start a Candle Making business

July 17, 2023

I know, you may have gone through two, three websites where you have found some amazing candles filled with aroma scent and beautifully designed. Have you found that mesmerizing? Did you think of starting that business, too? If yes, then this blog will be worthy for you.

In this blog, we will talk about how someone can start a candle-making business at home in just a few simple steps. As you know, these days people are very much into such things which looks creative and eye-catching. A lot of people buy such candles for their home décor, cafes, hotel rooms, lounges, and many more. 

The people who have a keen interest in making different types and sized candles can start this business with barely any investment. If we talk practically, one cannot have any better business idea than starting a candle-making business. There is a surge of people buying these fancy candles for different purposes. 


If you know someone who is running this business already, they will tell you how they are growing their business exponentially in different markets. This business tests your creative skills along with your marketing skills, and we will be going to talk about everything in this blog. 

So, if you have an urge to start your venture with something you always love to do then read this whole blog till the end to know how you can start. It includes everything you need to know before jumping into this business. 

What is candle-making?

As its name suggests, candle making is a process of bringing a candle into a life that means a process of making a candle which we use in our houses for different purposes. The candle is always known for showing a way of light, but these days it has changed its purpose and has been used for so many new things. 

The candle symbolizes light and holds a deep meaning in our hearts. If someone is into this business or planning to start this business, then among other motives one can be to light someone’s world. And what can be a better motive than this? At least, we are symbolizing something which people lost so easily. 

The candle-making business is at its peak right now with rising demand for fancy candles at different places for different reasons. People prefer to buy these candles for different occasions. Also, how can someone not buy such pretty things people are making? So, this is the main reason for its high demand.

For making candles you need certain things which are wax, wick, jars, cup, water, large clip, etc. These are some important things you need to make a candle; besides this, you would require some additional things to make it fancier which can be anything you like. 

This what your candle-making business would be going to about. 

Types of candles

This is going to be an interesting point where you will learn about the different types of candles, which you can make. I think this is an advantage of this business, where you can tap on a variety of products. A person has choices to make while starting a candle-making business as to which type of candle he can sell. There are the following types of candles you can start with;

  • Aroma candles– Aroma candles are most famous and very common. These candles are filled with aroma scent to create a serene atmosphere filled with its smell. Also, you must be not aware of this information but you should know that aroma scent has a few health benefits. It reduces stress and gives you a moment of peace.

    Some people like to have aroma candles to lift their mood. These candles are also placed on different occasions to create a healthy and vibrant atmosphere. These candles are made from aroma oils derives from different plants. So, if you are choosing this type then be ready with huge stock because it will be going to sold out very rapidly. 

  • Decorative candles– Decorative candles, as the name suggests are made for decorating places. These candles are generally fancier to attract the attention of customers. Customers buy these candles to decorate their homes, cafes, events, etc.

    People made these candles in different sizes and shapes with different designs to attain the eyes of a customer. They are made with simple ingredients like any other candle. So, if you are choosing to make these kinds of candles then be more creative and target the creativity which people like.

  • Soy candles– Soy candles are another type in the market which is very prevalent. These candles are made from soy wax which is derived from soybeans. The customer buys these candles because they are eco-friendly and don’t pollute the air. Also, the main reason for its preference lies in its wax which comes from soybeans.

    These candles generally burn for longer which keeps the customers coming to them. If you are thinking of this type, then you must be eco-friendly and believes in a healthy environment. 

  • Tea size candle– These types of candles are generally very small in size and easily recognizable among others because of their size. People buy these candles to decorate their homes with these pretty small candles. They are not very long-lasting but they create a healthy environment and imprint an image in the mind of your guests.

    If you are choosing to make these candles then be ready to make them in abundance. Because they are small and people will always be going to buy more than one. 

  • Birthday candles– There is hardly anyone who doesn’t know about this candle. We all do. Because they have our hearts, without these candles are birthdays are incomplete. These candles are generally small but going with the new trends, these candles are started to come in different sizes and shapes for making the cake look more fascinating. These candles are generally always in demand. So, if you are planning to make these candles then your business would not ever go off. 

These are the few types of candles we have talked about but there are so many other types, which you can choose to make. I hope these types have fascinated you enough to try all of these types, which can be possible and also will be profitable. 

How to Start a Candle Making business

Scope of candle making business

This business has gained a lot of popularity in the past few years due to the rising demand for such candles. We used to buy candles but only when there was a power cut. Now, we buy candles for decorating our homes and lightening the place. The candles have changed their meaning, that’s the main reason for its scope getting wider, every day. 

Also, the profits from this business are huge which is another main reason for its scope. Because people know they can earn more than they are spending. When you know, you can start this business very easily and earn a lot of income, and have the creative knack to make candles, then who would not choose to start this business. 

If you are planning on how to start a candle-making business and wondering would it be the right choice? Then let me assure you, Firstly if you are planning this business then you must have interest in it. Secondly, it is going to be your most profitable deal. 

Everything starts with an idea and resources. If you have both, you will get through this. I am sharing few simple points on why people choose this business besides its scope;

  • The customer retention rate is high when you are successful in retaining and attracting customers to your business.
  • You don’t have to do a lot of effort to attract customers, you just need to focus on creating an attractive candle.
  • In this business, you don’t have to work a lot but smart. The work pressure in this business is comparatively low than the others. 
  • If customers will like your product, they certainly going to refer you to others. 
  • Here you don’t have to wait a lot for the results of your efforts. You will get quick results and revenue. 
  • While working on this business you can predict the income. You would not be uncertain about your profits; you will be able to predict.

These are the points that add more value to the scope of this business.

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Can a candle-making business be profitable?

When we start something, most of the focus remains on would this business become out profitable? Would it gain the right profit according to the cost incurred? So, let me precisely give you answers to these questions. Yes, this business would become more profitable than you have imagined. And this business will gain the right profit margins which will cover all the cost you have incurred. 

There is certainly no doubt that starting a candle-making business would be a profitable choice for you due to its demand in the market. So, when you are eager to make money out of your interest just go for it, don’t think much. 

Here are the following points as to why this business is profitable;

  • Low investment– Making a candle doesn’t involve a lot of investment. It only asks for lesser money to buy its raw material, which can give you a double profit on that. Your cost is saved and your profit increases.

    You can make several candles from one-time raw material and gain several profits on the same raw material, isn’t it great? That’s why people prefer to go for this business idea more easily than any other idea. It gives you some real profit.

  • The scope is wide– As we have discussed above its scope, you have got an idea that you are going to enter into a wide world. In that, you will be going to earn a lot of income because of its wide popularity and demand. Its demand has risen because people are coming up with lots of new ideas with these candles. So, if you want to be in that competition, you also have to thrive more. 

  • Easy to sell– You don’t need to put a lot of effort into selling these candles because you can sell them very easily in the market. There are a lot of people asking for these candles, who would approach your business.

    You can either choose to sell offline or online. Both the places have equal demand for these fancy candles. Besides, you can also take your business to the events where you show your craft to the world. 

  • Easily customizable– These homemade candles are very easy to personalize with anything you want. If you will see around, people have their personalized candles for their business. Due to this, there rises a competition of people personalizing their products. It helps you differentiate your product in the market among your competitors. So, try to make your candles more customized. 

These are the few points that will let your business do wonders in the market. So, while starting a candle-making business keep these points in mind and don’t doubt your idea of becoming a millionaire. 

How to increase the sale of candles?

At the end of the day, we strive to get several sales. Our motive is to make as many sales as possible. And who doesn’t want it? Everyone wants to make sales for their business to make great profits.

Making sales under this business is not a tough task, you can easily make sales with smart strategies. Making sales and increasing sales are two different things and you should focus on the latter because the former can be achieved easily. But the task is to increase sales. So, I am going to share a few points on how you can increase the sales of candles;

  • Creating opportunities to sell– How can you grow your customer base? What do you think? Let me tell you. A lot of time, what a lot of people do is to keep trying to tap on more customers without focusing on the people they already have. This creates a sense of distance in the mind of their customers.

    This should not be done if you want to grow as a business. You should focus on those customers who you already have, you should give them relevant coupons and discounts, which creates a sense of belongingness in their mind.

    Also, if they will be happy with your services, they will recommend you to more people. And you will automatically get new customers by just creating selling opportunities for the existing customers. 

  • Take some cool pictures– Your business depends on how it looks, so try to click amazing pictures of your candles and upload them to your website. It will make people derive towards your business and would make a sale.

    The fancier your product will look into the pictures, the more sale you will make. You must have seen people showing the best images of their products because they know images can convince people to take action.

    You can even take the help of a professional photographer for this purpose. But just make sure your images are clear and convincing. It will certainly increase your sales.

  • Expand the product line– When your business is now known for a long time, it is now time to deliver different products. You can expand your product into a few more products which people can buy from you.

    For example, if you are selling candles of different types, you can add aroma oil to your product line for a better consumer base. Likewise, you can also add some fancy accessories to your existing product to make it more purchasable. It will not only grow the sales of candles but also the sales of those products which you have added recently because people already know you for your best services. 

  • Offer discounts– You can offer several discounts to increase your sales. It is one of the most prominent ways of increasing sales of your product. Because you know people always look for discounts. And if you are offering discounts, they will certainly come to you even very often. So, plan for occasional discounts, festival discounts, or monthly as you want for your candle-making business. 

  • Be up-to-date– This is one of the important things when you are running a business. You should always up-to-date with all the new trends going on in the market. It will help you to read the mind of your customers as what they now expect from you.

    As you are starting a candle-making business, which is most trending in the market with different designs, so it becomes important to be in trend. If you will be not up-to-date then you will lose your customers to your competitors.

    So, staying updated with every trend and style is important for increasing your sale. You must be the latest in the market. 

These are the points which will help you increase your sales. 

How to Start a Candle Making business

What are the skills required for starting a candle-making business?

As you know, a business demands some skills to run it properly. If you are not possessing those skills, then you may find it difficult to cope up with a lot of things. So, having the following skills can help you run a candle making business;

  • If you are starting a candle-making business, then do make sure that you have a creative knack for creating amazing candles. Creativity is the key here.
  • Another skill required for this business is to have candle-making techniques. You should know the key techniques which are required to run this business.
  • When you are running a business, then you probably going to deal with customers and other people. For that, you need to have some interpersonal skills to communicate properly with your customers. 
  • Giving attention to each detail plays an important role in this business. You will work on the details of your product. And it is a skill you must possess to make great candles. 

These are the few skills that will help you to make a difference in your business. Keep reminding yourself of these skills. 

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Process of candle making business

Now, the question is how you can make candles? So, here is the complete process of making a candle. Pay attention to each step while making a candle, then only your candle will come out the best. Follow the following steps to make a candle;

  • Step 1: The first step is to measure the wax you needed to make candles. Fill the container with the wax you needed and then double it, that will be the amount you will need. 

  • Step 2: After filling the wax into the container, pour the wax into a bowl where you will melt the wax. Melt it for 10-15 minutes.

  • Step 3: After melting the wax, add aroma oil into your melted wax. See the description for how much oil you should pour and then pour accordingly. Then, stir it for few seconds to get mixed with the wax. It gives your candle a refreshing fragrance.

  • Step 4: After adding the aroma oil, attach a wick to the bottom of the container. Make sure it touches the bottom because it will something which lightens the room. After attaching the wick, spare the wax for 5 minutes to get it hard. 

  • Step 5: It’s now time to pour your ready wax into the container and add the colors you want to add to your candle. This is the step you can add color to your candle. 

  • Step 6: When you have poured the wax into the container and it is now frozen, it’s time to cut down the extra wick you have spared. You have to wait for 4-6 hours until it gets hard.

  • Step 7: Your candle will be ready to lighten up your world. Enjoy the light you have created.

These are the mandatory steps that you have to follow while making a candle. You are the owner and you are the creator of your candle-making business, so be responsible and work accordingly. 

Simple steps to start a candle making business

Now, we are on verge of closing our candle-making discussion, it is important to learn about a few final steps you can follow to start a candle-making business

So, let’s discuss these steps;

Decide the type of candle 

I have already discussed the types of candles you can choose to start with, now it’s time to decide as to which will be a better option. Before going ahead, it is always important to decide few things, and deciding the type of candle you want to make and sell is one of those few things to do.

Selling one type of candle is not necessary that you can only decide on one type, if you want to make multiple types of candles then you can. It only depends on your choice and how you want to make income out of it. The types of candles you can make are birthday candles, aroma candles, soy candles, decorative candles, tea size candles, etc.

Write down a business plan

Writing down a business plan is a wise thing to do. It helps you to stay focus on important things and give the right time and effort to each thing. A business plan may include, calculation of cost and investment, a business name, type of candle, market research, how to make candles, etc.

A business plan takes care of everything you may need while starting a candle-making business. Also, when you write down your needs and activities you have to perform, it helps you to keep track of everything you do. You can mark the things you have done and check out the things you still left with. Isn’t writing a business plan a good idea? 

Do market research

Before jumping into any business, it is always asked that you must be ready with your market research before taking any action. The market research gives you an overall idea of what is going into the market you are planning to join.

If you are not aware of the marketing trends and what your competitors are doing, then it will be hard for you to survive. That’s why you need to do market research before entering the market. Also, it will help you to understand the customer’s phycology towards the product you are going to sell. 

Choose a space for your business

When you are planning to start a business, you will always decide on a place where you can set up your business. Now, in this business to you will decide on a place to start your business. As you know, this business is very easy to establish and doesn’t require a lot of space to set up.

So, you can choose to run this business even at your home. You don’t need to spend money on buying or leasing a place for your business. You can buy a place later when your business has grown and you want to expand it. Otherwise, you can run it from the comfort of your home. 

Plan your investment

Planning investment is an important step. You have to calculate your cost and how much money you will have to invest in your candle-making business. If you will not plan your expenses, you will end up spending much.

You must keep an eye on the cost you are recurring regularly on the raw material you are purchasing. Keeping an accurate accounting of your business is what makes you more successful. I know planning investment is a hard task but it is important as well.

If you are having trouble in accounting, you can hire a professional who can do it for you. It will help your business run smoothly along with keeping proper accounts of your business.

Name your business

Everyone knows you are starting a candle-making business, but no one knows what you have named it. So, making people remember you by your name you must give a unique and simple name to your business. While naming your business you have to make sure that it must be unique, easily spelled, and not used by anyone before.

If your name is something that is already in use, then you must not be allowed to use that name. Also, if you are naming your business make sure to register under valid law because people can use it against you. If you will not register your name, you will not be able to claim your name back. 

Perform legal registration

This is one of the important steps when you are starting a business. You must register your business under a valid act. If you have decided on the form of your business, now it’s time to register it under valid law. You also have to check if you are falling under different registrations, then you also have to register under them, too. 

Make candles

When you are done with all the legal things it’s now time to make candles on which your whole business is dependent. You will start a process of candle making and make the number of different candles you want.

You will make candles according to the demand of the market. The candle-making depends on what your customer wants. What do they want to buy? How will they be convinced to buy? You have to remember all these things. There is the complete process of candle making which I have discussed above. Please go through that before starting. 

Decide on a market place

After you are done with making candles, it’s now time to decide where you want to sell your candles. You have to decide on a marketplace that will give you a huge customer base. Below are the following market places where you can sell your candles;

  • If you want to sell your candles at the retail shop, then you can either open your retail shop or sell them to a wholesaler who will sell them to a retailer. You will earn your income from the wholesaler itself.
  • If you want to sell your candles at gift shops, boutiques, flower shops, etc then you can ask the owner of these shops to sell your candles whose income you will get from the owner of that shop. 
  • If you want to do it alone then you can open an online store of your candles, which I guess is the best idea. You will earn a lot of profit and income because today almost everyone is purchasing online. 

These are the few market places you can target and decide to sell. 

Build your brand

You already know how brand plays an important role in the recognition of a business. If you have built your brand in the early days of your business then it will be going to earn you a lot of profit for a long.

Building a brand earns you fame with wealth. Your business would be easily recognizable by more people and will increase your customer base. So, focus on building a brand if you want to have a name in the market. Only branding will help you in getting that fame.

Create a website

If you want to reach more people without doing much, then creating a website would be a great idea. You cannot have a better idea than this for starting a candle-making business, because you can show people what you are selling.

open uri20210329 4

You can tell them about your business, show them amazing pictures of candles you have made, and add every little detail which will help them to know you better. If you have no idea how to create a website, you take the help of our professional team at Traffic Tail. They will create the best website which will earn huge traffic. 

Market your business

Your business still needs one more thing and that is marketing. Marketing is an important part of any business. Now, you have to focus on how you can market your products to people. You can use marketing tools like words of mouth, advertising, online marketing, and marketing events. You have to do continuous marketing otherwise you will not be able to reach more customers. So, make sure you have a marketing plan to follow before you jump into this. 


Candle making is a very fruitful business. If you have a keen interest in making candles and want to make such fancy candles, then start this business and make profits. This is the right time to start your business and gain profit. I have covered almost everything you should know before starting this business, you just need to taken an action and start working on this.

If you are a quick learner and a hard worker then you will probably be going to succeed in this business. So, take a step ahead and start your venture. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. Is candle making a profitable business?

Yes, it is a very profitable business. You just need to focus on resources and your ability to create beautiful candles and pitching the market. One can always earn a great profit from this business because these days people are attracted towards such fancy candles for different purposes. There are the following points as to why it is a profitable business;

  • Low investment required
  • Easy to sell to many customers
  • Easy to customize
  • Its scope is wide

Q2. What are the skills required to start a candle-making business?

There are the following skills that must be possessed by a person, who is starting a candle making business;

  • The person must be creative 
  • A person must know candle making techniques
  • A person must have interpersonal skills
  • A person must focus on details

Q3. What are the types of candles in the market?

There is a demand for the following types of candles in the market;

  • Aroma candles
  • Soy candles
  • Decorative candles
  • Tea size candles
  • Birthday candles
  • Jar candles

Q4. How can I increase my sales?

You can increase the sales of your candles in following the ways;

  • By creating selling opportunities
  • Taking good pictures of your products
  • Expanding product line
  • By offering different discounts
  • By being updated about different trends

Q5. What are the steps of starting a candle-making business?

I have discussed the following steps in this blog which are as follows;

  • Decide the type of candle
  • Write down a marketing plan
  • Do market research
  • Choose the space for your business
  • Plan your investment
  • Name your business
  • Perform the legal things
  • Make candles
  • Decide on a market place
  • Build your brand
  • Create a website
  • Start marketing your business
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