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Traffic Tail is a Professional web designing and development company that offers a full facility for designing a website at a reasonable price. We are are a growing Business Website Designing Company which have completed almost 2 years in the Web designing industry and is serving flawless services in website designing and development, Website redesigning techniques, and even News Portal Development Services with our web designing expert.

We being the top company with Innovative website design and development are displayed with very smart work and are trusted by many leading brands. Our focus is on work with enterprises throughout the globe. Being a top agency in the field of website designing we tend to deliver an excellent business website, which works effectively for your business.

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Our website designing company engross services such as corporate Websites, PHP Website Designing, Magento Website Designing, and WordPress Website Designing all over the world.

The most eye-catching feature of the websites designed by our Agency is the CMS (Content Management System) or Self-Update Console for your web design. The benefit for you is the huge possibility to make the required changes to your own website whenever needed. The layouts given to your websites will be outstanding which will in turn complement the system. 

By making use of this facility, our thousands of clients keep their websites updated suitably and swiftly. The best part is you are not required to pay overpriced bills to us for making accessible changes on your own website and you are privileged to do it any time. For better experience and comfort in the difficulties you face, the support of our agency is always open for you to assist.

Our SEO specialists design your website on a daily basis which assists you to rank incredibly on Yahoo, Google, and Bing. You will always have a desire to get a brilliant website design and creativity, due to a business organization. However, you also want a website that is easily in your control. We offer websites to our clients, which have inbuilt HTML coding which is popularly known as the most expected and SEO satisfying code. 

Importance of an online presence

  • One of the most important factors that any company can ever want is to have an online presence. This is why every business needs to have a website and a social media presence in order to reach out to a wider audience. However, having an online presence goes beyond just having a website and a social media profile. Here are some of the other reasons why every business needs to have an online presence.
  • The internet is part of this revolution.  This information box to which we all have access, at any time and place, is key for an organization to actively participate in it. That company that is not visible online will not exist offline for the user or for other companies.
  • It is a reality that the consumer buying process has evolved since the user has technological tools to inform themselves, orient themselves and compare when buying a product or service.

Benefits of having online presence

One of the primary benefits of having a business website is building up your online presence. A strong online presence will lead to higher business credibility and ultimately, higher sales. And with the rapid growth of the internet, today’s audience is much more sophisticated than yesterday’s.

 But it is surprising that only 46% of small companies presently have a website, while 12% aren’t likely to develop it in the near future and 10% aren’t even sure if they need one. This means that many small businesses just think they don’t need a website

There are some significant benefits of having a website, especially if you are an online marketer.

Let’s discuss:

1. Online Recognition

The benefit of a website for your business is that it can help you build a credible online reputation. When people interact with a business, whether it is through online forums or social media, they form trust. This trust may come from past experience or it may be established through their personal experiences with a particular business. With a credible and respected online reputation, businesses are able to tap into this resource all over the world. This means having a credible and trusted brand image that can be leveraged for all kinds of marketing strategies.

2.Great Reach

A strong online presence allows you to reach a large number of customers who are located around the world. It allows you to make personal connections with your audience. A credible brand image can help you increase your customer base while at the same time building a personal relationship with each customer. 

It is in this way that just by implementing a website, you can achieve a greater reach of potential customers. A website can have the same reach as the Internet.

3.Increase Sales

Just by making your brand visible on the Internet through a website you can make your sales increase considerably. First, because you give your customers one more way to make your products visible, allowing them to take all the time they need. Second, because a website increases trust in users and allows more sales to be made. Finally, it helps expand sales to places you may never have gone before, expanding your business and making your brand better known.

4. Expand your business 

There is no barrier of time and space if you have an online presence.So if you want to expand your business, there is no better way than to implement a friendly and well-designed website. You can open an online catalog or offer your services virtually. In this way you can expand your brand little by little. You can even reach international levels if you put your mind to it.

5. Getting feedback from your customers

Another advantage of having an online presence is that you will be able to get feedback from your existing customers. Feedback is very important when you are trying to improve your business. By getting feedback from your current customers, you will be able to improve your website, your products and services, and other aspects of your business. Having an online presence will help you achieve all these objectives.

As you can see, there are many benefits of having an online presence. These benefits should be motivation enough for you to get started creating a website for your business. For additional information, you should feel free to contact a business coach who will be able to assist you in determining the best steps that you need to take in order to be successful

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Our Services

eCommerce Website Designing Services

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Traffic Tail serves its clients with premium e-commerce solutions. It has formed a position for itself by serving thousands of clients over the past years and is the leading name in the field of e-commerce solutions. 

We have a highly dedicated team of e-commerce website designers who are industry experts in their particular areas and produce ultramodern e-commerce website solutions and are known worldwide. Our E-commerce Website Development Company facilitates our clients with quality services at effective rates. 

Unique Business Website Development Company


Every decision related to website designing we make improves the experience for your customers and also enhances the usability of your website. Our belief is that every client is different and each project is unique. Our style is uncluttered, clean, and steeped in the principles of website designing.

Our team of professional website designers at Traffic Tail gives the look, feel, and content to your website that is relevant and that assists your users to find you faster in their searches. We provide our clients with a worry-free, turnkey website solution,  right from helping you to search the appropriate domain name, to create and design logos, graphics, and animations, building the right content for your website, that assists you to unravel your brand persona. 

In addition to that, all our websites are bespoke designs in tune with the requirements of our clients, their industry, and their customers. We facilitate them with the flexibility of modifying their website further, either through a simple wireframe drawing or by way of a live example.

Joomla Business Website Designing Agency 

Joomla is basically known for its Content Management System (CMS). Traffictail Business Website Designing Agency has hired professional Joomla website designers who build CMS based web application and unique websites. Our Joomla website designers are extremely expert in Joomla Website Designing Services worldwide. 

Our company is existing as one of the best Joomla Website Designing Company; we propose numerous Joomla based websites designing services to our clients. We are advanced in designing and developing Joomla websites and facilitating with the service 24×7, CMS customization, and fulfill the requirements of our clients.

HTML5 Mobile Website Designing Company


We being the best Business Website Designing Company work with the latest advancement of the standard HTML that is HTML5. HTML5 used to speak for two different conceptions:

Our Responsive Website Designing Company makes use of HTML5 with new attributes, elements, and behavior. It is totally a new form of HTML language and a vast set of technologies, that serves with more powerful and distinct websites applications. It is called HTML5 or often just as friends & HTML5. 

WordPress Website Development 


We Traffictail Business Website Designing Agency design and develop WordPress websites with unique and sizzling features, as well as keep them responsive and sleek at the same time. It is something that every website owner has the desire to get and Traffictail WordPress Designer astutely delivers its clients with the same. By providing WordPress customization services of Traffictail that are carefully made in detail to help you for setting up your website, which is in synchronization with how you portray it to function and look.

Custom web development

web development design

If your business website requires very specific specifications and actions that cannot be achieved with the web development tools that mentioned above , you will need a custom web development. In these cases it is important to have a technology partner, even more so than in the two previous cases, to carry it out and Traffictail provides every type of services that is indeed as per the requirements.

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