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February 29, 2024

10 Best KPI Dashboard Software & Tools

February 29, 2024
best KPI Dashboard Software and Tools

Are you ready for your business to take the next level of success?

Get into the core of key performance indicators (KPI) dashboards with the best KPI dashboard software and tools to help you with data-driven decision-making.

The real-time analytics, the dashboards you can analyze, and the capability to track, measure, and visualize your KPIs all come in handy.

Whether you are a small startup or a multinational company, find the right fit for your business and watch your key performance indicators skyrocket.

Let us start with the journey of development and effectiveness as a team!

What is a KPI Dashboard?

A KPI dashboard is a visual tool that presents KPIs in a manner that is easy to understand.

It also allows individuals and organizations to monitor progress against predefined goals or objectives.

It often includes KPIs like sales metrics, customer satisfaction scores, or operational efficiency data in graphs, charts, and other visual elements.

KPI dashboards show performance trends and allow users to quickly detect winning parts and places where they should work harder.

The KPI dashboards enable informed decision-making and the ability to focus on achieving strategic objectives by presenting data clearly and concisely.

How to Choose the Right KPI Dashboard Software?

User-Friendly Interface

Choose a dashboard with a user-friendly interface that is flexible in adjusting and navigating.

Users should get quick insights with little time for extensive training.

Integration Capabilities

Choose software that connects to current systems and data sources smoothly. Compatibility with Salesforce, Google Analytics, and Excel can help accelerate data collection.

Data Visualization Options

Find software that supports diverse visualization options, including charts, graphs, and widgets.

Higher visual clarity allows for better data interpretation and decision-making.

Real-Time Updates

Ensure that the software offers real-time or near real-time updates to reflect the most recent data trends and thus make prompt decisions.

Mobile Accessibility

Check that the dashboard is available on mobile phones so stakeholders can monitor the KPIs remotely.

Security Measures

Enhance security features such as data encryption, role-based access controls, and compliance with industry regulations to protect sensitive information.


Analyze the pricing model, including the subscription fees, implementation costs, and other charges for other features or user licenses, to fit the budgetary needs.

Why Should You Track KPIs?

Measure Progress

KPIs give users measurable criteria for evaluating the success or failure of specified objectives, which lets users monitor progress over time.

Identify Areas for Improvement

Through KPIs tracking, users can pinpoint organizational areas that do not generate expected results, thus allowing them to take remedial measures to improve operations.

Align Goals

KPIs help to bring individual and organizational goals together. Every employee will work according to the same key priorities and objectives.

Make Informed Decisions

Data on KPIs gives invaluable insights that can feed decision-making processes. Users can use budgets wisely and focus on elements that ensure success.

10 Best KPI Dashboard Software And Tools

1. Google Analytics

KPI Dashboard Software - Google Analytics
KPI Dashboard Software

The Google Analytics platform is the best KPI software for the integration and visualization of data.

They have several interactive dashboards for data visualization, such as ad reports, behavior reports, acquisition reports, and conversion reports.

As Google Analytics is the simplest tool to integrate with other Google products, you can manage your data in one place.

The data import choices, tag management support, custom variables, calculated metrics, custom metrics, and custom dimensions make collecting and managing data with Google Analytics so simple.

Top Features:
  • Realtime data
  • Powerful drill-down capabilities
  • Automated Insights
  • Predictive Metrics
  • Users can create custom dashboards


2. Klipfolio

KPI Dashboard Software- Klipfolio
KPI Dashboard Software

Klipfolio Dashboard is scalable and affordable. All-inclusive solution that integrates with thousands of data services to deliver powerful business dashboards.

Klipfolio is changing the mode of utilizing data on one dashboard at a time. It is a cloud-based tool that many companies use whenever they want to create and share real-time business dashboards.

The best thing about Klipfolio is that it functions in the cloud, so users can access their data anywhere.

Top Features:
  • Unlimited Users
  • Klip Editor
  • Unlimited Data Refreshes
  • Private Links
  • Download Reports
  • Client Management
  • SSO
$0 $250 per month$800 per month

3. SimpleKPI

KPI Dashboard Software- SimpleKPI
KPI Dashboard Software

SimpleKPI is the platform that makes tracking and reporting KPIs for businesses simple.

This software aims to be a user-friendly alternative and will be a good choice for technophobes and small organizations that don’t have data experts to work with their reports.

The priority of Software for KPI dashboards is simplicity and colourful visuals. You can get the value of your data without a steep learning curve.

Simplekpi provides users with all the tools they need in a single package to measure their key performance indicators. 

Top Features:
  • Powerful and flexible KPI dashboards
  • Standard and customizable KPI Reports
  • Shareable reports, dashboards, and analytics
  • Streamlined KPI analytics
  • Intuitive user interface


4. Tableau

KPI Dashboard Software- Tableau
KPI Dashboard Software

The tableau is required for the companies that are in the center of Microsoft Excel.

It is a high-performance BI and KPI dashboard tool that enables the business to make data-based decisions by discovering insights from different sources.

Its interface allows drag-and-drop operation, which lets business users create visualizations using Tableau’s strong analytic tools.

Top Features:
  • Convenient collaboration and sharing options
  • Advanced chart types
  • Mobile Accessibility
  • Predictive analysis
  • Query translation into analytics
  • Role-based permissions

Contact sales for pricing

5. Power BI

KPI Dashboard Software- power BI
KPI Dashboard Software

Power BI is an advanced business intelligence (BI) program from Microsoft.

It will enable you to create interactives like visuals, reports, and dashboards to understand your company’s data. Power BI comes with a powerful set of visualizations that enable stakeholders to quickly recognize the most critical information.

Top Features:
  • Cloud-based
  • Time-saving
  • Excel integration
  • Integration with Cascade
  • Easy sharing features
  • Excellent data visualization
  • Simple integration with Microsoft Office apps
FreePower BI ProPower BI Premium
$0$15 user/mo $29.90 user/mo

6. Zoho Analytics

KPI Dashboard Software- Zoho Analytics
KPI Dashboard Software

Zoho Analytics is an excellent pick for anyone looking for a cheaper alternative.

It allows teams to make useful business decisions and enhance business performance.

It is the perfect option for those professionals. Those are looking for budget-friendly analytics tools to scale up their businesses.

You can integrate from over 250 data sources or use the “Ask Zia” feature, which acts like an AI data analyst.

It also helps you turn raw data into simple and easy-to-understand dashboards.

Top Features:
  • Features Overview
  • Data Integration
  • Data Preparation
  • Visual Analysis
  • Augmented Analytics
  • Unified Business Insights
  • Collaborative Analytics
  • Data Storytelling

monthly pricing (billed annually)

free trial ₹96o₹1,900₹4,200₹15,850

7. Dataddo

KPI Dashboard Software- Dataddo
KPI Dashboard Software

Dataddo is the  Software for KPI dashboards and tool that allows users to draw inferences from their data quickly.

It will enable them to monitor the performance metrics accurately. They also build custom reports and dashboards and share the results with others.

Also, the interface is easy to use and simplifies getting the needed information in just one place.

The users can create alerts when set conditions are met and gain the ability to make quick responses in the event of a variation. 

Top Features:
  • Contact Management
  • Performance Metrics
  • Ad hoc Analysis
  • Ad Hoc Reports
  • Dashboard
  • Pipeline Management
  • Campaign Management
  • Prospecting Tools
Freepaid version starts
$0 $129/ per month

8. PerformanceUp

KPI Dashboard Software- PerformanceUp
KPI Dashboard Software

PerformanceUp is a cloud-based program that makes it easier for organizations to visualize their business performance through KPI dashboards.

It enables users to develop real-time, customized dashboards with minimal effort and time.

PerformanceUp possesses such strong features that it is the best fit for businesses looking for a complete dashboard tool.

PerformanceUp provides a rich set of features suitable for creating comprehensive KPI dashboards for tracking and analyzing essential data figures.

Top Features:
  • A wide range of data sources, from Google Analytics to Salesforce 
  • An intuitive drag-and-drop interface
  • Automated reports 
  • Predefined widgets 
$12.05/ month $60.22/ per month

9. Mixpanel

KPI Dashboard Software - Mixpanel
KPI Dashboard Software

Mixpanel is a KPI dashboard that is meant for product analytics exclusively.

It offers a free version, which allows you to track, analyze, and even improve your business’s website.

One of the main pros of Mixpanel is that you get a lot of usage from the free basic version.

Mixpanel offers a free option with 100k monthly tracked users. Mixpanel provides a predictive analytics approach as well as website analytics and geotargeting.

These additional features set Mixpanel apart and are worth checking out.

Top Features:
  • Activity Dashboard
  • Alerts/Notifications
  • Audience Targeting
  • Campaign Management
  • Campaign Segmentation
  • Cohort Analysis
  • Collaboration Tools
  • Communication Management
FreeGrowth Enterprise
$0 $20/ per monthCustom

10. Databox

KPI Dashboard Software- Databox
KPI Dashboard Software

Databox is a cloud-based business analytics platform that recently attracted people’s attention.

This tool allows companies to analyze all their KPI reports using just one interface to assess performance and make strategic decisions.

The presence of Databox on your premises enables your team to concentrate on the business metrics that produce decision-making driven by solid data insights.

The strategy and its components are, therefore, based on it.

Top Features:
  • Integrated dashboard
  • Customizable dashboards
  • Integrations
  • Clear, easy-to-use interface
  • Easy to send and share reports
  • Can update data in real-time
$0 $47/month$135/month$319/month$799/month

To Sum Up

Finally, selecting the right  KPI dashboard software and tools can be a key factor in the success of your business.

Whether this is visualizing sales data, monitoring website traffic, or tracking customer satisfaction, these tools offer invaluable insights that will drive growth and success.

There is something for every business of any size and industry.

Discover all your options, and turn your data into standard actions.

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