Why Google My Business is important in SEO?

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January 30, 2023
why Google My Business is important in SEO

Google My Business allows a business to get listed in Google search. Google My business has a big heart as it is free. It allows you to put your business on Google maps and local search results.
You can display other relevant information like opening/ closing timings and other relevant details of the business.

You can provide your contact details and recently it has added a new feature.

The new feature allows you to post links to articles or upcoming events.

Google My Business is a simple and effective way of getting your business listed in a local search. The whole world is on the internet. People prefer to hunt everything online.

When someone types “places to eat near me” on Google, the business with Google My Business page become visible. The businesses that do not have Goggle My Business can lose the opportunity of getting customers.

Marking your presence on the Google My Business page isn’t enough. You need to optimize your page regularly to keep the customers updated.

You should try to provide maximum information on your Google My Business page.

How does It work?

You need to provide maximum information on the Google My Business page. People prefer to gather information instantly.

So, your Google My Business page should be optimized in a manner that it should provide relevant information like contact details and address instantly.

google my business and SEO

If the searcher does not get the required information easily, he is likely to switch to the business providing these details clearly and instantly. This helps you to build an edge over your competitors and enables you to attract new customers.

1. Significance of Right Description

The right description is the key to win the trust of customers. Do spare the necessary time to produce the best description for your Google My Business page.

Your description should be understandable for local people. The description serves as an overview of your business. It allows 750 characters but you should try to update the most relevant information in the first few sentences. As many people avoid reading the whole story.

2. Benefits of Google My Business

Google My Business supplies several benefits to your business. It extracts information from the listings and enables your business to get the required place.

All you need to do is set up a Google My Business page and you will be featured accordingly.

3. Helps Your Business rank better

why Google My Business is important in SEO

Google My Business enables your business to rank better. It enables your business to get listed in the local search results.

4. Control your information

Thinking on a basic level, you can add details like contact information, address on the Google My Business page. But it has much more to offer.

You can add other details like accepted payment methods, special offers, product details, a brief idea of the price of the product.

5. Manage Reviews

why Google My Business is important in SEO

The customer review is one of the most important factors of a business.

The maximum number of positive reviews bags more customers. Recently, Google has started rewarding customers who rate and review businesses. You can manage and adjust the arrangements of reviews.

6. Customer Details

why Google My Business is important in SEO

Google My Business allows you to collect maximum information about the customers.

As Google My Business is linked with Google Maps it allows you to know the area from which you can fetch maximum customers. It apprises you of the behavior of your customers.

What is SEO?

Search Engine Optimization is a technique of digital marketing that enables your business to rank better. It allows your business to rank higher than others in the same field. It increases the visibility of your business.

SEO text

As the visibility of your business rises, you are more likely to get the attention of the searchers.

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Importance of SEO in Google My Business

Google My Business contributes to SEO services locally. It allows your website to bag a place in the local three-pack. It also allows your website to rank higher than other websites. It increases your online reputation locally.

How does it work?

If you wish to earn benefits from Local-SEO, then consider these tips.

1. Verify Your Business

You need to prove the legitimacy of your business to Google my business. You have to verify your business with Google. You will receive a PIN within 14 days of application and after entering that PIN your business will get verified.

2. Complete the Profile

After getting your business verified, the next step is to complete the information. You need to add important details like contact details, address.

This step is considered the easiest step and people have a lenient attitude towards this step and skip filling in many relevant details.

Along with the basic information, you can also add other details like working hours, description of products, payment methods, services, etc. This enables you to bag more customers.

You can fetch more customers by providing more details. Use the Correct Business name and try to mention more precisely the products and services you provide. People believe in what they see. You can upload catchy images and videos of your business.

For an instance, if you run a restaurant you can upload the pictures of dishes you provide or you can upload your specialties.

3. Accuracy is a must

The information you update must be accurate. The sentence seems basic and obvious. But the businesses retort to practices like uploading fake information to attract customers.

Your information should be accurate and reliable. This increases your reputation and helps you to win the trust of your customers. It creates a fondness for your brand.

4. Choice of Category

While updating your information on Google My Business, make sure you are choosing the most relevant category for your business. You can choose from as many as 4000 categories.

The tact is to make one primary and the nine secondaries. The choice of the primary category should be done cautiously. The choice of your category determines the eligibility of your rankings.

5. Upload Semi-professional Pictures

Having a digital presence is easy but proving its legitimacy is tricky.

You can prove your legitimacy to Google through a PIN, but for the customers, you need to upload professional and semi-professional pictures. This helps you in building the trust of your customers. It can also boost your ranking on Google.

You need to upload pictures regularly to show enthusiasm and win the trust of customers. Do not forget to monitor the stats of the engagement of photos you upload. This helps you in deciding future uploads. You can upload the kind that gained maximum engagement.

6. Get Reviews

Focus on getting the maximum number of reviews. Google has labeled customers as a “local guide”. The reviews allow you to get more customers.

People decide their visits based on the quality of reviews your business has. Another tact is responding. Keep responding to the reviews you get.

This makes the customer feel important and confirms his next visit. This develops a fondness for your business and happy customers don’t mind recommending your business. This would help you in bagging the maximum number of customers.

7. Add more posts

Google My Business allows you to add a post. Adding relevant and catchy posts can help you in creating engagement. It also affects search rankings and helps with SEO.

Following these steps can earn the benefits of Local SEO. Regularly optimizing your Google My Business page, adding relevant posts can help you in generating numerous benefits.

Final words

Google My Business has been ranked as the second most valuable platform for businesses. It allows you to maximize your reach and enhances your customer engagement.

It increases the sales and traffic on your website. It increases the visibility of your business and improves your search rankings. It increases brand awareness and recognition.

So, if you haven’t marked your presence on Google My Business– Do it now.

You are losing customers to your competitors by not making an account on Google My Business.

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