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February 12, 2024

10 Best WordPress Calculator Plugins To Use (Free & Paid)

February 12, 2024
Best WordPress Calculator Plugins

Did you want to find the best website calculator tool for your WordPress site? 

Look no further! We are here with the best WordPress calculator plugins

Calculator plugins let you get leads and engage with audiences while performing calculations and measures for fitness, investment, and other purposes. 

From simple arithmetic to complex equations, give your audience the skills they require to make smart choices. 

Let us discover the WordPress calculators and take your website to the next level!

Why Add a WordPress Calculator Plugin to Your Site?

Installing a WordPress calculator plugin on your website improves user engagement and offers helpful functionality.

These plugins will let your visitors do the calculations directly on your site for pricing, savings, measurements, and more.

These plugins provide convenience to your audience and make them want to stay longer on your site and even return in the future.

Calculators also make your site a source of helpful information in your niche.

Additionally, they can be used as lead-generating tools, gathering essential user data.

Calculator plugins for WordPress boast customizable designs and intuitive integration and provide a smooth user experience, versatility, and practicality for your website.

10 Best WordPress Calculator Plugins

1. EZ Form Calculator

WordPress Calculator Plugins - EZ form calculator
WordPress Calculator Plugins

The EZ Form Calculator is one of the most downloaded calculator plugins for WordPress.

It allows you to create different form calculators, advanced cost estimators, or extensive contact forms in just a few minutes.

It also has a user-friendly interface; you don’t need coding experience.

You can also build an LED saving calculator, a mortgage calculator, a loan form calculator, a food table (order) form, etc.

You can also export and import your form. The EZ Form Calculator offers you more than 30 form elements as well.

With a few clicks, you can easily add form elements such as drop-down menus, radio buttons, checkboxes, date pickers, etc.

Top Features:
  • Visual Form Editor
  • Advanced Calculations
  • 30+ Form Editor
  • Email Notifications
  • 5 Form Design
  • GDPR Ready
  • 6 months of premium support
  • 20+ Form Designs (Premium)
  • PDF File Generation (Premium)
  • Mailchimp Integration (Premium)

The plugin is available for $49.

2. Forminator

WordPress Calculator Plugins - forminator
WordPress Calculator Plugins

Forminator is among the best freemium form plugins and has several functionalities for WordPress users.

It has more than 25 fields, including calculation fields, for easy creation of calculation forms.

The plugin lets you do basic and complex calculations based on user data, including addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, etc.

With Forminator, you can create BMIs, ROIs, load calculators, etc.

Top Features:
  • Supports both advanced and basic calculations.
  • 25+ form fields
  • Supports PayPal and Stripe Payment Gateways
  • Drag & Drop Form Builder
  • Multi-Step Form
  • Dedicated Gutenberg Block
  • Conditional Logic
  • Custom CSS support

3. Calculated Fields Form

WordPress Calculator Plugins - Calculated Fields Form
WordPress Calculator Plugins

Calculated Fields Form is also a famous WordPress calculator form builder with more than 60,000+ active installations.

It comes with five pre-written calculator forms you can use. Pick templates such as simple calculator operations, calculations with dates, ideal weight calculators, pregnancy calculators, and lease calculators.

Calculated Fields Form integrates perfectly with the classic WordPress editor, the Gutenberg WordPress block editor, and popular page builder plugins like Elementor, Beaver Builder, etc.

Top Features:
  • Visual Form Builder
  • Conditional Rules
  • Multi-page Forms
  • Multi-page calculated forms
  • Comment Sections
  • Multiple field types
  • Unlimited Calculated Fields
  • Gutenberg Block Integration
  • Major Page Builder Support

4. Measurement Price Calculator

WordPress Calculator Plugins - Measurement Price Calculator
WordPress Calculator Plugins

A measurement price calculator works best when you run a WooCommerce website selling items of different dimensions.

It allows you to add item pricing per measurement chosen by the customer.

There are two different measurement calculation methods, so you can select any that best suits your product.

You may give per-unit pricing based on fixed quantities (like a box of tiles).

Alternatively, you can have the user enter the dimensions and purchase the correct amount for the required length, area, or volume.

A measurement price calculator is also well-compatible with other popular WooCommerce plugins and extensions.

Top Features:
  • Calculator for inventory support
  • Automate product pricing based on measurements.
  • Embed calculators throughout your site.
  • Implement maximum and minimum order limits.
  • Drag-and-drop page builder


5. Responsive Mortgage Calculator

WordPress Calculator Plugins - Responsive Mortgage Calculator
WordPress Calculator Plugins

Responsive Mortgage Calculator is a free mortgage calculator plugin with over 10,000 active installations. You can easily add it to your WordPress website.

The site estimates their mortgage payments when the user enters details such as home cost, down payment, interest rate (fixed), mortgage term, and payment period.

It will show a nice pop-up with the summary and a graph with the amortization schedule.

It includes settings to customize your calculator’s looks, and you can choose between a light and a dark theme.

Alternatively, you can remove the styling and use the styling of your WordPress theme.

Top Features:
  • Calculator for inventory support
  • Automate product pricing based on measurements.
  • Embed calculators throughout your site.
  • Implement maximum and minimum order limits.
  • Drag-and-drop page builder


6. Stylish Cost Calculator

WordPress Calculator Plugins - Stylish cost calculator
WordPress Calculator Plugins

The Stylish Cost Calculator is a perfect tool for providing instant, tailored quotes to potential customers and clients.

You can choose one of the seven built-in seven templates to get started.

The calculator can automatically convert between currencies, identifying the current user’s location to display the right one.

You can fully customize the cost calculator by adding and/or removing features, changing the colors, and more.

Additionally, you can set a bulk discount, create branded invoices, and much more. If you have the Pro version, you can generate coupons.

You can also integrate the Pro version of Propfare with PayPal to process payments.

Top Features:
  • Easy to use
  • Instant price estimates
  • 7+ calculator templates
  • Display itemized detailed lists
  • Create branded email invoices
  • Bulk quantity discounts

7. CC BMI Calculator

WordPress Calculator Plugins - CC BMI calculator
WordPress Calculator Plugins

CC BMI Calculator is an easy-to-use body mass index (BMI) calculator WordPress plugin installed on health and fitness sites.

It lets users enter their height and weight data to see their body mass index (BMI) score. It states whether they have a healthy weight or not.

The plugin enables you to pick various styles using different color choices.

However, using this feature necessitates adding a link to the plugin author’s website.

It comes in both imperial and metric systems; hence, you can select which unit becomes the default.

Top Features:
  • Customizable Units
  • Integration
  • Health Insights
  • Responsive Design


8. Everest Forms

WordPress Calculator Plugins - everest forms
WordPress Calculator Plugins

Everest Forms is a popular WordPress plugin that can create calculator forms easily with its built-in Calculations addon.

The form builder is user-friendly enough that users can enclose fields with math formulas and equations using the drag-and-drop option.

Using the Everest form, you can create forms to calculate the mortgage payment, BMI, shipping cost, etc.

It also has advanced calculations, which include addition, subtraction, division, multiplication, square, square root, and exponent.

It is simple for users to add fields and equations to their forms to do complex calculations, taking user input into account.

There are many personalization options in the plugin to make the form stylish. You can also choose from the built-in templates or create one from scratch.

Top Features:
  • Calculations on the Number Fields
  • Calculations on the Range Slider Fields
  • Perform various types of calculations.
  • Drag & Drop Form Builder
  • Pre-designed Form Templates
  • Unlimited Form Fields
  • Spam Protection
  • Form: Import Export

9. Cost Calculator Builder

WordPress Calculator Plugins - COST CALCULATOR PLUGIN
WordPress Calculator Plugins

Cost Calculator Builder is the smartest and most simple calculator plugins for WordPress that offer the opportunity to create a price estimate form.

This plugin is suitable for people who make cost estimates before giving any service to their customers.

You can also use this plugin as a loan calculator or to create quotes for whatever you want. It is also best if the variants of your services and products are also different.

Moreover, you can easily design an estimation form with their user-friendly drag-and-drop estimation builder.

Additionally, you will personalize adjustments for modifying colors, fonts, background color, paragraph spacing, etc.

Top Features:
  • Intuitive interface
  • Compatible with popular page builders
  • Integrated with Stripe and PayPal
  • Date picker custom element
  • Custom calculator for variable products

10. JetForm Builder

WordPress Calculator Plugins - jetform builder
WordPress Calculator Plugins

JetForm Builder is a significant cost calculator plugin for WordPress that helps you build custom calculators and forms effortlessly.

It has an intuitive drag-and-drop form-builder interface that is friendly to people with no coding skills.

By dragging and dropping, you can add fields to your form, like text boxes, dropdowns, checkboxes, dates, numbers, etc.

The plugin offers analytics on form views, conversions, abandonments, and more. It enables you to understand how to improve your calculators.

Top Features:
  • Add mathematical and logical functions
  • Submission management can be exported
  • 24+ field blocks are available
  • Multi-page form with a progress bar
Site ProAgency pro
$39 for 1 website$79 for unlimited sites

To Sum Up

Choosing the right WordPress calculator plugins can significantly improve the user experience and automate processes on your website.

You have to choose one that meets the requirements. Consider elements such as ease of use, customization possibilities, and whether it is compatible with your website’s theme and other plugins.

You can also hook up a reliable calculator plugin, engaging and helping your visitors make decisions, thus raising the site’s functionality and efficiency.

FAQs on Calculator Plugins for WordPress

How can plugins for WordPress calculators help my website?

Plugins for WordPress calculators improve your website by offering dynamic, interactive tools for calculations that let users create quotes, make well-informed decisions, and interact more successfully.

Is it simple to integrate these calculator plugins into my WordPress website?

Yes, the majority of WordPress plugins for calculators provide easy-to-use interfaces and simple integration procedures.

A few clicks can install many, allowing you to quickly add robust calculation tools to your website.

Are e-commerce websites suitable with these plugins?

Yes, e-commerce is a major consideration in the creation of many calculator plugins.

They are quite useful for online retailers since they can be used to develop product configurators, pricing calculators, and quote generators.

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