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February 29, 2024

10 Best WordPress Contact Form Plugins

February 29, 2024
Best WordPress Contact Form Plugins

Tired of losing potential leads to an inadequate contact form on your website?

Well, fret no more! In a world where proper communication matters, having a remarkable contact form plugin on your WordPress website can make a significant difference. 

But, with the multitude of options out there, how do you know which one is the best for you? Fear not, we’re going to explain it all to you.

Come with us on this journey to WordPress contact form plugins that have appeared as the best.

So, are you ready to change the way you communicate over the Internet? Let’s dive in!

What Is a WordPress Contact Form?

A WordPress contact form is a feature that helps website owners provide a simple means for visitors and clients to get in touch with them.

It includes fields like the name of the sender, their email address, subject, and message.

It also allows users to send a message without even using their email. 

These forms are easy to add to WordPress websites using plugins or built-in features. They provide an easy mechanism for users to ask questions.

It also provides their opinions on what was written or obtains answers to their questions.

The owners of a website can get the message in their mailbox.

It makes it easy to maintain a connection with the visitors and meet their needs. In general, contact forms on WordPress help site owners improve communication with their target audience.

10 Best WordPress Contact Form Plugins

1. WPForms

WordPress Contact Form Plugins- WPforms
WordPress Contact Form Plugins

WPForms is the highest-quality contact form plugin available for WordPress.

It features an easy-to-use drag-and-drop form builder that enables one to build smart forms, including contact forms, effortlessly with no touch of code.

Not only is it the most user-friendly interface, but it also has the most powerful features you need to be successful with them.

It also includes submitting simple contact forms and easy-to-advanced online forms such as survey forms, poll forms, donation forms, order forms, subscription forms, and so forth, all within five minutes.

Top Features
  • A free version is available
  • Expert Support


$49.50/ year$99.50/ year $199.50/ year $299.50/ year

2. weForms

WordPress Contact Form Plugins- WeForms
WordPress Contact Form Plugins

WeForms offers a simplified form builder with a live preview page.

The other pre-built form template options are also provided by this WordPress contact form plugin in order to diminish the detailed design process.

They are all dynamic, which means that they will look good on various screen sizes.

WeForms provides more than 20 custom fields and endless customization opportunities to create a contact form.

The users also get the opportunity to create a multi-step interactive form with the help of the webforms tool to engage audience far better than a single-step form.

It also has an import feature, which you can easily import from other WordPress form plugins.

Top Features
  • Add weForms anywhere                          
  • Google Maps integration
  • Anti-spam features
  • Conditional logic


WeFormsWeForms Pro
free start from $89- 399/year

3. Formidable Forms

WordPress Contact Form Plugins- Formidable Forms
WordPress Contact Form Plugins

It is the best WordPress form plugin that features advanced contact forms. It has not only powerful plugins for choice but also premium add-ons that allow you to create highly skilled forms like reviews, payments, registrations, and profile signups.

It provides an easy way to create either basic or advanced contact forms. It will be possible for you to save much time since you can utilize the pre-built form templates and make professional WordPress contact forms within a few minutes.

Formidable Forms makes it possible to create an unlimited number of forms of various degrees of complexity.

It also has an interface with a visual form stylizer where you can place a style on everything.

It also includes your field labels, floating labels, colors, settings, etc.

Top Features
  • Formidable views                               
  • Email autoresponders
  • Custom calculator
  • Polls and surveys


$79$199 $399 $499

4. Ninja Forms

WordPress Contact Form Plugins- Ninja Forms
WordPress Contact Form Plugins

Ninja Forms is also one of the best contact form plugins in WordPress.

It uses an intuitive and user-friendly drag-and-drop form creator.

It also makes it possible for everyone to create simple to complex online forms, all with efficacy.

Another benefit is that if you’re a developer, you can also create your custom functionality because there are so many functions and action hooks that you can use.

When you use Ninja Forms, you have access to unlimited forms, fields, emails, and submissions.

It is time to use a shortcode, widget, or template function in order to include your forms on your site after you have made them.

Using Ninja Forms, you won’t have direct access to the Add Form option in the post editor that WPForms provides.

Top Features
  • Payment Integration
  • Forms Schillings


free$99/year $199/year $499/year

5. Contact Form 7

WordPress Contact Form Plugins- Contact Form 7
WordPress Contact Form Plugins

It is undeniably the oldest and most popular contact form plugin ever created.

It boasts as much a tradition of more than ten years as the best in touch with WordPress contact forms.

There are simple tools available to enable you to build contact forms and include them on your site. 

However, making contact forms is not as simple as with other tutorials presented in this set because it uses an HTML interface.

This plugin will require some basic knowledge of HTML.

Contact Form 7 is a free plugin that does not have any paid alternatives. On the other hand, many new plugins can be considered add-ons for Contact Form 7.

Top Features
  • Easy to Add a Contact Form
  • A Rich Collection of Form Fields
  • Individual Form Editing Interface for Emails
  • Advanced Form Building Opportunities



6. Calculated Fields Form

WordPress Contact Form Plugins- Calculated Fields Form
WordPress Contact Form Plugins

It is a WordPress plugin with features to develop a contact form that is either a complex one or a basic contact form for beginners and even more advanced users.

They have a visual form builder, which allows users to quickly add, edit, and delete fields.

It has various calculated fields such as prices of all types of goods and services, weight, the distance between addresses, and periods.

Moreover, the plugin includes a variety of built-in designs so that you can apply its predefined styles to your WordPress forms.

Multi-page fields such as survey forms and information summaries are also available on Calculated Fields Forms.

Top Features
  • Visual Form Builder
  • Formula Editor
  • Responsive Design
  • Database Submission and Storage



7. Gravity Forms

WordPress Contact Form Plugins - gravityforms
WordPress Contact Form Plugins

Then Gravity Forms is a premium contact form plugin for WordPress that helps manage your marketing efforts more effectively.

This plugin includes a set of high-level functions and options that provide you with the opportunity to create complex contact forms on your WordPress website.

It is fairly simple to include them in your posts and web pages since all you have to do is click the Add Form icon in the Post Editor Toolbar, which is quite close to WPForm.

Alternatively, you can use shortcodes and function calls to arms on your website directly.

Its other significant aspects are conditional logic, email notifications, spam protection, responsive design, etc.

And it has a large number of add-ons and integrations with web applications and email marketing services.

Top Features
  • Form Builder
  • Data Collection
  • Ecommerce Integration
  • Developer Friendly


Basic License Pro License Elite License
$59$159/year $259/year

8. Happyforms

WordPress Contact Form Plugins - happyforms
WordPress Contact Form Plugins

Happyforms is another simple-to-use form construction plugin for WordPress.

However, as with Contact Form 7, this form builder does not come with a custom visual interface.

If not, it simply makes use of the WordPress customizer’s default preview, which surfaces as you build the form.

It facilitates the ease of duplicating and creating multi-page forms by users using this WordPress form builder plugin.

However, you can also read details such as IP, referer pages, and the dates and statuses of submissions right there.

Top Features
  • Drag-and-Drop Form Builder
  • Live Preview
  • Unlimited Forms and Fields
  • Scrollable terms field


$89/year$159/year $399/year

9. FormCraft

WordPress Contact Form Plugins - formcraft
WordPress Contact Form Plugins

Fluent Forms It is one of the freely available WordPress plugins out there. It is a drag-and-drop form builder plugin.

The plugin allows you to create beautiful forms and easily insert them onto your site.

It has fewer field types than the form plugins above, and it supports custom HTML.

Therefore, this plugin is good for those websites that require basic contact forms with fields such as name, email, and message.

Top Features
  • Drag-and-drop form builder
  • Responsive forms
  • Support for 8 field types, including custom HTML
  • Embed forms using shortcodes on your site.
  • Scalability and responsiveness


 Regular License: $30

10. Visual Form Builder

WordPress Contact Form Plugins- Visual Form Builder
WordPress Contact Form Plugins

Visual Form Builder is an easy-to-use form builder that is convenient to use with WordPress.

The drag-and-drop modules provide you with an easy opportunity to add fields and sort them.

The plugin also has embedded anti-spam logic for protection against spam messages.

This plugin allows you to send email message submissions to multiple email addresses.

It would be beneficial if more than one person were managing your site.

You can also send users to any post or page upon sending the message to ensure that they do not get bored and leave the website.

Top Features
  • SPAM Verification
  • Rules Builder
  • Drag-and-drop builder
  • File uploads
  • Free-version features



Ending Note

In summary, using the best WordPress contact form plugin that is suitable for your website will help improve communication and interaction on your site.

No matter which aspects you emphasize, simplicity, functionality, or freedom to customize.

Each of these plugins has its advantages, from the ease of use of WPForms to the powerful functionality of Contact Form 7.

By installing one of these top 10 best WordPress contact form plugins, you can make sure that interactions run smoothly, generate useful leads, and nurture lasting relationships with your visitors.

Therefore, choose your favorite plugin and watch the web engagement of your site lift off.


Are plugins for contact forms premium or free?

Contact form plugins for WordPress can be purchased or downloaded for free.

Free plugins typically only have the most basic functions, whereas premium plugins might offer more advanced features, excellent support, and regular updates.

Which WordPress plugin is the best for contact forms?

The ideal WordPress contact form plugin for you will depend on your personal needs and preferences. Several well-liked options are WPForms, Ninja Forms, Gravity Forms, Contact Form 7, and Formidable Forms.

It is advisable to evaluate features, client reviews, and price before making a decision.

Are contact form plugins secure?

Reputable contact form plugins prioritize security and use features like data encryption, spam protection, and CAPTCHA to safeguard user information. It’s essential to keep your plugin updated.

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