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July 20, 2023

How to start a clothing business in India?

July 20, 2023

Hello, future millionaire!

Yes, I titled you with future millionaire just because you are thinking about starting a clothing business in India. Why am I saying that? Be with me for few more minutes and you are going to find how impressive your thought is!

Starting a clothing business is one of the smartest business ideas in India as it has a lot of scopes and a lovely potential to grow big and you should know how to start a clothing business in India? Clothes are one of the basic needs of the human and every human being on earth wears them.

Not just basic needs, but clothes are also connected to our personality and emotions. People choose clothes according to different occasions and culture. People wear different clothes for office and different for home also different for parties or get together. People shop for clothes on every single occasion and celebration in India.

How to start a clothing business in india

If there is a wedding in the family, all family members buy new clothes and relatives and people attending the wedding also buy new clothes. Also on birthdays and festivals, people in India buy new clothes. In India, people also gift clothes to their friends and family. People also buy clothes for following trends or copying their favorite movie stars.

Most important of all, people buy clothes for their good looks and hobbies. So we can clearly see that the clothing market is a very big and lucrative market in India and growing bigger day by day. The clothing business has a very good scope and growth potential in India. All the person starting the business has to do is good research and preparing a good business plan also the right implementation of the plan and he can be a millionaire in very less time.

Now here is a question, How to start a Clothing Business in India?

How to start a clothing business in India?

There are certain steps by following them a person can start a clothing business in India very smoothly and successfully. Let’s see the important steps to start a clothing business in India:

1. Collect money to invest

For starting a clothing business in India a person has to collect five to fifteen lakh rupees to invest. The investment can be money saved by the person starting the business or it can be borrowed from some family members or relatives. The owner can also borrow money as a loan from banks. It’s important to collect the money for the investment as you will need for rent and merchandise and also for getting the store ready by painting, lighting, and furnishing, etc.

2. Choosing a good location

While opening a clothing store the location of the store matters a lot. You should be smart while choosing the location of the store. You should choose a location where people come for their shopping purposes, it can be a known market or a place where the foot traffic is high. It should be a place where a lot of people come on a daily basis for their shopping purposes.

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3. Getting the store ready

Clothing and fashion are related to looks and for attracting customers we have focused especially on the design and looks of the store. The store should well be designed and painted with eye-catching colors. It can be a small store but still, the looks of the store should be good. For design purposes, we can take the help of google. You can search for clothing store designs on google and find ideas for your own store design.

The store should be designed in a way that it catches the eyes of the customers by just watching towards the store. The store name should be simple but creative. It should be easy to pronounce and catchy. The name of the store should not be copied from anywhere, it should be an original name.

4. Finding suppliers

You should do some research and find out things and information about the market and industry. You should find a supplier who supplies you with good quality at a decent price. Before placing your first order you should consider the latest fashion and trends along with evergreen fashion. You should be very specific on what you want to sell, men’s clothing, women’s clothing or children’s clothing or all of them or two of them and you should place your order according to the specifications you choose.

5. Be calm and polite while selling

Remember the golden rule of sales that nobody buys something from the people they don’t like. You should be very polite and calm while selling and try to find the needs of the customer and prescribe the clothes according to their needs. Politeness and good behavior also help in retaining the customers for future visits.

6. Invest in marketing

As a new business owner, you should definitely invest a little in marketing to increase your customers and sales and grow faster. You can invest in posters and banners showing your specialties. You can also invest a little in digital marketing, SEO, Social Media Marketing.

7. Be a price leader

For attracting more customers, you should be special in something or should be better in something compared to your competition. One of the easiest ways to be special is to be a price leader. You should keep the price in your store lower than others if possible by keeping a little less margin for yourself.

8. Learning good things from the competition

You should always learn the new and good things that your competition is doing for getting better and avoid the things that they are doing wrong. For example, you can learn how good they treat their customers and avoid the process of charging premium prices for products that are not premium.

9. Hire additional staff if needed

Everyone’s time is as important as ours. So it’s not a good idea to keep our customers waiting when the crowd is more or workload is high. It impacts our business in a negative way. For avoiding these things you should hire some staff if it’s needed from Naukri, 4jobz, or LinkedIn, etc

10. Give a discount to attract customers

For attracting more customers and making a customer base in the starting of the business you can give a discount of a certain percentage. It will attract more customers and gives a chance to business for being known in customers. You can also put some items on sale which are not very popular and are a little difficult to sell.

11. You can also sell online

If you decide to sell online also as well as offline, you should choose a good, user-friendly, and popular eCommerce website which fits your requirements. It can be very beneficial for your business as it has a lot of advantages which help your business to grow faster. It gives your business more reach and finds more customers for your business. The overall sales increases and your overall business. You can also get your own eCommerce website ready at a very minimal cost by getting help from website designing companies.

12. Keep searching for new opportunities

Consistency is the key to success and growth. You should always try to find new ways of selling and new ways of marketing and growth of your business. You should always try new and creative designs for your store and stock also. Always be consistent and hardworking.

India is a country of more than 130 crores of people. Each and every person is different from one another and it can be seen in their language, tradition, emotion, reaction, and clothing. So, what is a better business to start than a clothing business? The clothing business has a lot of scope and customers in India. The clothing business is also very lucrative here. So, be a part of India’s unity in differentiation and give more ways to express India its emotions, culture, and good looks by your clothing store.

These were the main steps which everyone should keep in mind whenever a question arises like How to start a clothing business in India.

After setting up your business you have to keep in mind that you can get the audience online which will boost your sales and can provide clients globally. So it is mandatory to have presence on social media from there you can engage with your audiences and can provide value to them, this thing will connect your business with your audiences emotionally as well.

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